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RAND PAUL, Anited States Senate October 10, 2018 ‘The Honorable Secretary Mnuchin Secretary of the Treasury Washington, DC 20220 Dear Mr. Secretary | ite to express my concems regarding the attempt by Broadcom, a Chinese-controlled corporation, to acquire CA “Technologies and urge the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) to conduct a review of the transaction. CA Technologies provides support services to American critical infrastructure systems. For example, CA ‘Technologies offers mainframe software and maintenance to American utilities, healthcare companies, and financial institutions, Additionally, the company provides network services tothe U.S. Army, the Defense Information Systems Agency, and the Social Security Administration, among others. Clearly, CA Technologies is relied upon to handle and protect extremely sensitive information. Earlier this year, CFIUS cited national security concems to block Broadcom from aequiring Qualcomm, a developer and provider of communication technologies. Specifically, CFIUS commented that a weakening of Qualcomm’s technological leadership would result in a scenario in which “China would likely compete robustly to fill any void left by Qualcomm.” CFIUS further stated, “[gliven well-known U.S. national security concems about ... Chinese telecommunications companies, a shift to Chinese dominance in 5G would have substantial negative national security concerns for the United States.” Simply because Broadcom recently moved its domicile to the United States does not mean that itis no longer a Chinese-controlled company or thatthe national security concems previously expressed by CFIUS no longer persist. Given the circumstances surrounding the proposed takeover of CA ‘Technologies by Broadcom, a CFIUS review is entirely appropriate. understand that fling with CFIUS is a voluntary action, however, CFIUS may act ifit believes a deal would ‘threaten national security. Only a CFIUS review of this proposed takeover can ensure that American national security is protected, | respectfully urge CFIUS to review the proposed acquisition of CA Technologies by Broadcom. Thank you for your consideration and | look forward to working with you on this matter. ond Gow Rand Paul, MD. United States Senator CC: President Donald J. Trump ‘Attorney General Jeff Sessions Secretary of Homeland Security Kirsten Nielsen Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross Secretary of Defense James Matts Seoretry of State Mike Pompeo Seeretary of Enerny Richard Perry ‘Ambassador Robert Lighthizer Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy John P. Holdren