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\Watecford Township Historical Society Neato ty Role ary vA ea, 2) 000 Heights Heritage Lea Metath Par Gre S Holen Bit} (ao sum Haddon Heights Historical Society Met at ton Hs ae iby {Stone Hatem HnsbN) 56) 46065, Woiters House at Ruigers Camden 3s coapr samen ota eager ot ‘elingon rd Lawns Sn) (6-980 Merchantville Historical Society ‘eet erchanile Community Cente iE Some aac (6 25275 Clementon Historical Muscum 195Cosbro ey Chmsaten 85) TATE “The Center at Camden County College Basond Campus 20 Colgan) Nate Comat io () 207 60,0018 Belin Township Historical Assn. "Bote 3 South, Wet Bein, (50) 4-2 ea Civil War Round Table SEASONS ay Ra md Mid-Atlantic Regional Center for the Humenities estat Cpe Set Caden N59 25.678 West Jeney Chapter, National Railway Historical Soci aban aon gh 935 -A-Coming Hiorical Sociery Meets) GmealosR, eti, 50) 60082 ps trites stems tta i Glover Fulling Mill Pask (Frende of the Glover Pulling Nil) Endo ling Le ae Hing Mh 8052 09 Battleship New Jersey Muscan Neiboed Shh rae concn. sn sesese Peter Mott House & Underground ranch lamacen see Bsther Raab Holocaust Museum & Goodwin Education Center SaJO0 OL ele Ce HN 4) 751-250 ‘Whitman stafford Farm House Committee 315 Maple Ave ara Spring NY (85) 70-040 Stratford Quaker Store (Stzaford Hixaial Preservation Commision) TPN White Hore Sard Nh 5) 85-470 Walt Whitman House Historic Site SoM Bl Coen) 66) 5605385 Barclay Fazmstead Museum 29 Lae Cry HAN.) 95-825 Burrough-Dover House Penrsmkien Hioseal Society) ‘pot noah ovr Femi N65) 6622002 Camden County Historical Society 1S) Md, Cond 56) 9043535 Camden & Maritime Museum. 1912 Boy Caden (655) 417457 Gabreil Daveis Tavern (Glovester Twp Hit Senc Preservation Coen) Sur Rendps Ra Chore M80) 49159 Gloucester City Historical Societ SEiitagss ouch tp ce ae? Griffith Morgan House @enesarken Fiore Society) {15 Gh Merge, ener (68) 486.9561 Haddon Township Historical Society Met aden Towa Fal ernment SSE Omood Ae Hes Tosp MF, 90) 597291 Historic Beelin Train. Depot Gong: coming Hera Soseyp fis noua os eon Historical Society of Haddonfield ibang gay 2 Hadden NT (88 9.725 Indian King Tavern Museum Zp Rinp Hie) fang 8) go Magnolia Trin Srtion & Prk i Hira Sock SSW oebta doe Sega Saint Josephs History Society of Souri?Carnden no 20 TOL ibe Camden, (33-2988 ‘The Vault at Victor Records is08 Whe Hee Be Nf) 8022557 Winslow Township History Center Aap Bch Wate Wek (69) 58298 Collings Knight House Giinde ofthe Cotings Kaige Hous) Scaling Ave Cling 20) 24 70 Newton Friends Mestinghouse {08 cooper Candee), (0) eae oO nila Friendly Sea specil exit inthe aby ofthe ‘Waterford Township Pa Library during ‘ominhour of opperston Explore this Hevlstionry Warencampment ‘nching x pinning Sly lkng tur of "tere ses rol roth woods “An Anniversay Ceiebration of th Gest Was Armistice a presatation by Mak Moles, oeuy wodksbop o explre you Fersoal, {eyo meighborood history: Fel eo ‘ing aly pots orate that ngpresyou Comm se cl Hel Scout, Zachary Moore pret hi ideo othe oy of erehanle td eney risen Dilys & photocopy greamay ofhisore photos of Gementon. “The ied Wi Kaw Pen postion te Wat ‘Soh alas Karn eat PD, pat ithes"96h Ie Yer at ged Ant Profesional genslg, Shemale Jordon, wll show you how to use poplar websesto research your ancestors ul dey symposium cn the Navy athe Gi Wa Naval logins & pliges of peed mse Register at eownpaperieiascom/even/397360 Join MARCH for walking oa at rf, op ap exit related to stocc Cooper Ser, View hitoncraoad polographs and woe wath pede wadbl anor quire Te "Bxddon Height Raeed Saton lao be =n ‘Sxersining Bein Camtery Tour with e-encirs porting colo oa vsdans, Activity Informations sgn show he dnacaated ste the Glover Fllng ML Experiences tour of our naon’ met decomted baesip the Bateship Stew Jey. 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Sunday Tour eum Halloween ais wen ‘Yew ply ncadg cyt mld 2008 (Century inages Smears of Maddon ‘Towne nelading spc WT exhib. toc Brin Raton Staton open to he public forewing ‘Artisan demonstatins a pop-up exdbl, ocen als at hile Grae tal “ours both dey end on Sturday, "The Seience cf frurkessten"s presentation about cence {Shisory by Dean Howarth. Displays about urent recarch projets, ceample houses popu rcet names pst braces ‘Toure 1914 Lot deg Baroque church see ‘ig triton simote: Posh sangerscese ‘Visitor il explorethe Va, geting an exchave Tosa the egacy a sound econ Oficial opening ofthe Winslow Township History Genter ‘ours ofthis 190-eu-ld historic house, Sour af the Newton Friend Mestinghoue afer Meeting or Wes, (CGA omen County History Alene FREE FREE FREE FREE 1500 REE FREE, soda ‘seChren RE ceased Ree FREE REE drone Seopa FREE ‘rations Sues Taedey 10AM APMC Faye LOAM 3PM, Satrday, OAM = 1PM, atrday October 13, 194M 326 ‘Walling Tour a 38M, Rai or Shine (Cannot mores fied at IAM & 22M Monday, October 15,7PM-830 PM "Tuesday, Octobe 16, 6PM - PM ‘Wednesday, Oetber 17, 82M. ‘ednesday, Octobe 12, ‘Wedncay Octber 17. 7PM 8300 Friday October 18, 7PM - SPB Saturday, October 20, 9AM ~ a0 Satrday. Ocber 28, 104M 4PM. Sanday, Ocoer 20, 1LAM = 4PM. Satay, Otaber2, 1PM APA ‘Away Ope, Year Round ‘october 13-21, 9504 -3PM, Suturday, ober 13, 12PM 3PM Sunday, Qerber 14 LAM 42 ‘Wedauday, October 1, 7PM $2. Sunny, Geiser 3, HAN PA Wdaesdey, October 2, 7PM < BPM. Setaany, Ober 2, 1PM 3PM¢ Sindy Ocaber2i, 2PM 3PM “Thursday, October, 62M 2PM. Oatber 19-21 45 min tore ‘Sartngat SOP & S100¥ dally, ‘Satay, eer 29, 10AM = 42M. Sunday, Geter 2, 120M 4PM ‘Saturday, eter 29, 104M -22N. ‘Sindy, eter, {2PM = 4P84 ‘Satay, Ocaber20, 108% «29M Ree ‘tons eure Ree REE REE {$atuday, October 20, 1084-2. Sunday; Gelber, 12PM= 4PM Satuday, Ocober20, 1084-29. ‘Sinday Deter, (2PM aR Saturday, October 20, 10834-30004 ‘Sanday Geter 2, 1OAM = 02M Setarday. Oeober 20, 108M 20M. Sunday: October, L2PM = aeMt Saturday, Ocober20, 0A 22M Sunday; Oetober 2, 12PM = aPRt Satara, Oeber 2, 108M 4084 Sunday, Oetber 2, 2PM aD ‘Sataday, October 20, LOAM 22M Sunday Deter 2 12PM 4PM ‘Saturday, Ober 28, 104M — 4PM Negara 2010 Suna, Geter 2, 12PM— 2PM ‘Setaday, Ocoer28, 104-22. Sunday Oetser 23, 2PM APM Satay, Oeobe 28, 104-20. Sunday Geter, 12PM- 4PM Satay, Ocoher29, 104 «22M Sunday, October 2, 12PM- 4PM Sutaday, Oeher20, 108-22. Sunday Getober2, 2PM 4PM $etuday, Ocaber29, 12M Po Sunday October, 2PM APM Sunday, Oetober 2, 1L30AM-1POC oe oe © © Or ) ee cs) © oe Q Handicapped Accessible