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The Tours and Travel Management System is a web based

application. The main purpose of “Tours and travels management

is to provide a convenient way for a customer to book hotels, flight,

train and bus for tour purposes. The objective of this project is to
develop a
system that automates the processes and activities of a travel agency.
In this project, We will make an easier task of searching places and
for booking train, flight or bus. . In the present system a customer has
to approach various agencies to find details of places and to book

This often requires a lot of time and effort. We provide approach

skills to critically examine how a tourist visits and its ability to
operate in an appropriate way when dealing with the consequences of
tourism, locally, regionally, and nationally including visitor security
and ecological influences.

It is tedious for a customer to plan a particular journey and have it

executed properly.

Current Scenario in Travel agency business is the lack of

precious information, at right time to the right person. The system
must maintain the information regarding the customer and their
booking detail loyal to the firm, since in the present system
everything is a manual written statement where the fraudulent
activity of the employee’s cannot be found. Expansion decisions, such
as buying new cars/buses, communicating

with other agencies if a regular customer requires a ticket urgent

or renting others cars cannot be made by the firm. Information about
Consolidated Collection of amount by a employee and the amount
given by the customer cannot be calculated at any given point of

This prevailing scenario makes difficult to cope up in making

strategic and tactical decisions. More over it also affects over all
resource utilization. Scheduling of the trip or arrangement for travel
being made prior might be wrong scheduled or committed to some
other customer and to other employee of the concern. Assigning of
trip to customer,

who has been allotted for the customer is not known, where
wrong person may misuse the situation.

Disadvantages of present system:

 Everything is manual work noted on the booklet.

 Regular Customer details are not kept as records.
 Time consuming.
 Amount details of the trip are maintained in ledger, where wrong
calculation might be made.
 Reports are not generated.
 Employee details are kept as records.
 Travels related information can be saved and proxy cannot be made.
Problem statement:

The tourism industry faces a great challenge in the age of the

information technology development. The traditional tourism
distribution channel faces a threat of the emerging IT environment.
Throughout years the tourism industry was dependent on the
intermediaries, who enabled the interaction between the suppliers and
the customers. Nowadays, however, the suppliers can reach the
customer directly via internet having the geographical distance
barriers and costs associated to them, disappeared. The internet age
changed the complexity of the tourism distribution, enabling the
entry of the new virtual intermediaries characterized by a strong
competitive advantage towards other players of the sector. The
internet allows a wide range of benefits for the companies and the
customers, making the information widely available, reducing the
difficulties in purchasing, marketing and distribution, allowing the
sellers and the buyers to direct transact with each other. However
companies still face the difficulties on how to capture the benefits in
order to position themselves in the digital reality. The entry of the
new tourism intermediaries, known as the online travel agencies,
introduced an innovative approach to the integration platform,
collecting the suppliers and integrating them into a one stop shopping
place for the customers. The success of the platform depends however
On the participation level of the tourism products‘ suppliers. This
raises the question of how to attract the various tourism suppliers to
join the platform. The thesis presents a cost/benefit analysis of the
joining the platform for every participant. The analysis considers the
financial aspects of the decision, but also the intangibles which should
influence the long-term strategy for every tourism supplier
Scope and objective project

Scope :-

There is scope for future development of this project. The world of

computer fields is not static; it is always subject to be dynamic. The
technology which is famous today becomes outdated the very next
day. To keep abstract of technical improvements, the system may be
further refined. So, it is not concluded. Yet it will improve with
further enhancements.

Enhancements can be done in an efficient manner. We can even

update the same with further modification establishment and can be
integrated with minimal modification. Thus the project is flexible and
can be enhanced at anytime with more advanced features.


The aim of our project is to computerize and manage the activities

handled in a Travels agency. This enable us to keep track of the daily
reports which includes the employees availability, vehicle
availability, passenger details, collection amount and the condition of
vehicles etc, This can be implemented with all type of travels agency
which will help to reduce the manual tasks.
The project entitled as “Travel and Tourism Management System” is
done in visual studio .Net 2005 and the language used here is
ASP.Net as a front-end and SQL Server 2000 as Back-end. This
software offers an effective and easy way for managing Travels
business. It provides Comprehensive details about the Travel booking
like bus and taxi, type of vehicle which the user wants to take as to
their wish among available, for taxi booking the pickup areas, status
(i.e. Parked, Pickup, and Repair. Etc,) and daily based collection and
Vehicle based collection. Longer trips can be accommodated, if
booked in advance prior to travel by the customer.

In this project, we will maintain the details of our employee like their
unique id, name, license number, place of contact, date of joining,
contact address and their salary amount are stored, Along with these
details we can also manage the data like the vehicle they used to drive
frequently and the details about that car can be fed into the database.
The customer can book the travels by providing the details of the
customer which is saved as records into our system for future

Motivation − For many people, tourism is a way of satisfying their

psychological needs such as travelling, performing leisure activities,
exploring novelty and capabilities, self-expression and self-assurance,
creativity, competition, need for relaxation, and belongingness. The
intrinsic motivations pertain to assuring one’s capabilities on
different emotional fronts. Intrinsic motivation drives the tourists to
opt for tourism for intangible rewards such as fun, assurance, and
other emotional needs. The other intrinsic factors of motivation are

In the proposed system, the drawbacks of the existing systems are

overcome. The system serves most appropriate information to
suitable person at any given time. Automation of the Travel
management makes the firm to know what is going on in the office
and the firm can view all the details being carried out in the
company. The customer can make booking prior to travel and get the
details of employee who will come to pick up them or seat number,
bus number they travel, and date of travel, what type of car the
customer needs and so on, this avoids the fraudulent activity like
kidnapping and so on.

If the customer is regular one then his details can be obtained using
the former customer id generated. The car details can be maintained
as records, what type of car, who is the employee allotted to that
particular car, his license number for authentication.
The customer detail, employee detail and assigning of trip detail is
generated as reports which can be used for future reference by the
concern. The vehicle detail like the travel bus detail and their permit
valued period information can also be saved and used for further
reference. Extensive Information that require for business decisions is
the highlight in the Trip Automation.
Through this software we can allot available vehicles to a specific
Advantages of proposed system:

o Regular customer detail is kept as records.

o Redundancy is avoided.

o Report generation.

o Prior to travel the customer gets all information like driver

name, license number and so on.

o Travelling booking and their seat number and their date of

travel are maintained.

o All employee detail is stored, which avoid fraudulent activities

happening in concern.

o This system is loyal to firm.


Environment : Microsoft Visual studio .Net

Operating System : Windows 7

Language : ASP.NET

Application : Web Application

Front End : ASP.Net



Processor : Pentium dual core

RAM : 1 GB

Hard Disk Drive : 80 GB

Monitor : 17 Color Monitor