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User Manual for the iTouch 3260



Thank you for choosing the iTOUCH

SmartWatch. Please read the manual
before you begin using your iTOUCH.
This manual will help you to
understand the full functionality and
simple operation of your device. The
main function of this SmartWatch is
as a notifier for your email, text
messages and social media apps. It
can synchronize your phonebook
and offers a variety of practical
services to make work and leisure
activities that much more enjoyable.

menu>>Bluetooth>>make sure it is switched on.

- Once you have confirmed that Bluetooth is on, you should see
your smart watch in your Devices list. It should show as iTouch.
Select this device to connect. You will see a Blue Bluetooth icon
on the watch to let you know that you are connected to your
Power / Home - Once the device is connected, open the iTOUCH SW2 app you
downloaded and open it.
- Select the plus sign and then select the Bluetooth icon. A
new window will pop up. Tap the Start Search button and a list
OK / Answer Back of visible Bluetooth devices will appear. Select your iTouch
from the list. A window may pop up if you have already been
Dial / Keypad connected to the iTouch previously asking if you want to Ignore
Device or Connection. Select Ignore Device and the hit ok on
the next screen. Select the Bluetooth icon again and you
should be taken to the Start Search screen again.
iTOUCH Configuration: - A window should pop up saying “Bluetooth Pairing Request”.
• LED: Bright LED backlit screen Select “Pair” and the phone will pair again with your iTOUCH.
• Power/HOME key: hold down to power device on or off. You will now see a Bluetooth icon that is half Green and half
Press once to return to the home interface and to activate LED Blue on your watch letting you know that your device is fully
backlight. connected.
• Back: Tap once to move back to previous menu. - Your notifications will begin to load on the watch.
• Dial/Keypad: Tap to bring up dial pad while in standby. ANDROID™:
• Ok/Answer: Tap to bring up the menu while in standby, - Before you begin, download the iTOUCH SW2 app from the
confirm key while in the main menu, and answer key when Google Play store.
receiving a call. - Select main menu by hitting the enter key which is the left
• Microphone most icon on the lower part of your watch (Ok/Answer in the
• Micro USB plug: for charging your device using the included diagram above).
micro USB cable. - Once you have downloaded the app, go to your ANDROID
• Speaker device’s settings menu and make sure that your Bluetooth is
turned on and that you check the box to make your smart
Connecting via Bluetooth phone visible to other devices.
iPhone™: - Go to the ITOUCH SW2 app you downloaded and open it.
- Before you begin, download the iTOUCH SW2 app from the - Select the plus sign and then select the Bluetooth icon. A
App store. new window will pop up. Tap the Start Search button and a list
- To enable Bluetooth on your phone, go to your Settings
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of visible Bluetooth devices will appear. Select your iTOUCH Music: When completely connected (half-blue, half-green
from the list. Bluetooth icon) you can use your watch as a remote and
- A window should pop up saying “Bluetooth Pairing Request”. control the music playback on your phone.
Select “Pair” and the phone will pair with your ITOUCH. You Notifier: Click on this icon to see your 10 most recent
will now see a Bluetooth icon that is half Green and half Blue incoming notifications including your iOS messages.
on your watch letting you know that your device is fully Camera Remote:
connected via the app. To use your iTOUCH as a camera remote with your phone
- Your notifications will begin to load on the watch. (this works the same for both iOS and Android phones):
Please be sure that you have connected your phone to
Functions requiring iTOUCH SW2 app the iTOUCH via Bluetooth.
ANDROID: Camera Remote, Music Remote, Find Phone, SMS, Open up your phone’s camera app.
Mail, and Social Media Notifications, Pedometer/Sleep Monitor Go to the main menu on your iTOUCH and navigate to the
Sync. Camera icon and select it.
iOS: Camera Remote, Music Remote, Find Phone, SMS, Mail, The iTOUCH will then connect directly to the phone’s
and Social Media Notifications (only supports notification, camera and you can tap the ‘Capture’ button in the
cannot reply to texts or mail), Pedometer/Sleep Monitor Sync. center of the screen to take photos and to start and stop
video from your phone’s camera.
iTOUCH Watch Menu Functions and Instructions Lost Alert: iTOUCH will sound an alarm after you have
Bluetooth: moved approx 33 feet away from your Bluetooth
Search BT: search and pair with other Bluetooth enabled connected phone.
devices. Settings: Open this function to see the following menu
Phonebook: When the iTOUCH is fully connected with 1. BT Settings: Set Bluetooth Power On/Off and set
the smart phone (half-blue, half-green Bluetooth icon), Bluetooth Visibility On/Off.
the contacts stored on your phone are visible here and 2. Clock Type: Select between 3 Digital and 1 Analog clock
can be synced when updated (can display up to 1,000 styles, Time sync: turn automatic Time Sync with phone
contacts) On/Off, Date: Set date (when Time Sync is off), Time: Set
Messaging: You must have the iTOUCH SW2 application time (when Time Sync is off), Time Format: Select
installed and be fully connected to use this function. Also, between 12hr and 24hr format (when Time Sync is off)
for iOS, this menu is not applicable. For iOS all of your 3. Sound: Select your ringtones, alert types and
notifications are shown under the Notifier menu. notification tones.
Phone Dialer: When your phone and iTOUCH are 4. Volume: Increase or decrease the volume for your
connected you can pull up the dial pad to make phone Multimedia, Ringtone and Notification sounds
calls from your iTOUCH. 5. Display: Make adjustments to your Main Menu Style,
Call Logs: Opening this function will show all calls. Green adjust Brightness of the screen and adjust Screen
Arrow – incoming calls, Orange Arrow – outgoing calls, Timeout time.
Blue Question Mark – missed calls. 6. International: Auto Sync allows you to sync whatever

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language you are using on your phone to the iTOUCH. your watch. Android – When connected to an Android
Language allows the user to manually choose their powered phone, you can use OK Google (Google App) or
preferred language (when Auto Sync is off). Name Display S Voice. Just select the Voice Assist icon on your watch
allows you to select the format that names are shown in and wait for the audio prompt. You can now speak your
your Contacts list. voice command into your watch.
7. Motion: Turn the following motion sensitive functions Calculator: Use your iTOUCH’s built-in calculator for basic
on/off - Mute incoming: flip your wrist to mute your calculations.
incoming calls, Mute Alarm: flip your wrist to stop your
alarms, Wake: Flip your wrist to wake your phone from Note: Your iTOUCH’s battery is not removable. If the watch is idle for
more than a month, it may not be able to power on because the
sleep, Shake For Main Menu: shake your wrist to return battery has fully drained. Please connect your watch to the charger.
to the main menu, Shake to Answer Call: Shake your wrist It should power up after a few seconds of charging.
to answer incoming calls.
8. Reset: Erase all the data from your iTOUCH For any further questions please contact us at: or visit our
9. About: General information about your iTOUCH. website at
Pedometer: Keeps track of steps taken throughout your
day and syncs with your iTOUCH SW2 app. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a
Alarm: Set up to 5 individual alarms, one for every day of Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are
the work week. designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in
a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate
Movement Reminder: Keep yourself from being too radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with
inactive by reminding yourself every few minutes to get the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.
up and move around. Set the timer to let you know when However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a
it’s time to get some activity going! particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to
radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the
Sleep Monitor: Monitors the quality of your sleep. Swipe equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the
up to turn the sleep monitor On and Off and to see your interference by one or more of the following measures:
Sleep history. • Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.
Calendar: Use your iTOUCH’s built-in Calendar function. • Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to
which the receiver is connected.
You can see today’s date and by tapping on the round • Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.
icon on the bottom, you will see the entire month and Caution: Any changes or modifications to this device not explicitly
scroll up and down to past or future dates. approved by manufacturer could void your authority to operate this
equipment. This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation
Stopwatch: Use your iTOUCH’s built-in Stopwatch, with is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause
included lap timer functionality.. harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference
Voice Assist: iOS – When connected to an iOS powered received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. This
phone, you can access Siri and your Hey Siri functions. equipment complies with FCC RF radiation exposure limits set forth for an
uncontrolled environment. This device and its antenna must not be located
Just select the Voice Assist icon on your watch and tap the or operated in conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter.
screen to activate Siri or Hey Siri and wait for the audio FCC ID#: 2AJXA32602502
prompt. You can now speak your voice command into
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