J u st $ 7 ,0 0 0 C a sh a t C lo s e
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St. Robert, Missouri
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• • • • • • • • • • • Positive Cash-Flow Even With No Down Payment! New- and Pre-Construction Duplexes Rent Ready (Washer, Dryer, Blinds, Refrigerator, Microwave, and Stove) Approx. 1,300 Square Feet (Per Side) $925 Per Side Expected Rent ($1,850 total) 3 Bedroom, 2 Full Baths 1 Car Garage Plus 2 Cars In Driveway Brick Front Community Center Fitness Center Playground Area

Investment Strategy: Location: Property Type: Transaction Type: Market Value: Purchase Price: Instant Equity: Cash Flow: Capitalization Rate:
Buy & Hold St. Robert, Missouri Duplex (3 bed, 2 bt) Pre-Construction $230,000 $205,000 $25,000 (11.0%) $2,689 (year 1) 8.3% (year 1) Zero Down! Only $7,000 total cash at close. 2 years FREE management and HOA. No mortgage payments during construction. Over $2,700 per year positive cash flow! Large rental demand due to base expansion. 100% turn-key tenant-ready homes. New playground, fitness & community center. Just a $2,500 refundable deposit required. Quantities are limited. Reserve today!

The DealGrader™ Score measures the investment quality of a real estate investment. It is designed to give you an overall snapshot of the profitability and investment risk in the form of an easy to understand score (out of 10). DealGrader™ is a proprietary algorithm that uses a blend of over 15 different variables including cash-flow, existing equity, internal rates of return (IRR), job growth, market stability, market absorption, macro economic factors, and others.

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Gross Rental Income Initial Vacancy Rental Impact Vacancy Allowance Total Operating Income Property Taxes Insurance Property Management Other: Lawn Care Other: PMI Other: Water/Sewer/Trash Other: HOA Dues Total Operating Expense
Loan Payments (Principle & Interest)

0% Down Payment Model
St. Robert, MO - Duplexes

YEAR 1 $22,200 $0 ($666) $21,534 $1,500 $720 $0 $240 $2,132 $0 $0 ($4,592) (1,296) ($14,253)

YEAR 2 $22,755 ($683) $22,072 $1,515 $727 $0 $245 $1,845 $0 $0 ($4,332) ($15,549)

YEAR 3 $23,324 ($700) $22,624 $1,530 $734 $1,357 $250 $1,845 $0 $240 ($5,957) ($15,549)

YEAR 4 $23,907 ($717) $23,190 $1,545 $742 $1,391 $255 $0 $0 $245 ($4,178) ($15,549)

YEAR 5 $24,505 ($735) $23,770 $1,561 $749 $1,426 $260 $0 $0 $250 ($4,246) ($15,549)

YEAR 10 $27,725 ($832) $26,893 $1,641 $787 $1,614 $287 $0 $0 $276 ($4,604) $0 ($15,549)

YEAR 10 $27,725 ($832) $26,893 $1,641 $787 $1,614 $287 $0 $0 $276 ($4,604) ($15,549)

YEAR 15 $31,368 ($941) $30,427 $1,724 $828 $1,826 $317 $0 $0 $304 ($4,999) ($15,549)

YEAR 20 $35,490 ($1,065) $34,425 $1,812 $870 $2,066 $350 $0 $0 $336 ($5,433) ($15,549)

CASH FLOW (Before Tax)
Value of negative operating cash flows Depreciation Loan Interest Subtotal Taxable Income Tax Bracket Savings

0 $5,964 $14,253 $20,217 ($3,275) $1,179

0 $5,964 $15,549 $21,513 ($3,772) $1,358

0 $5,964 $15,549 $21,513 ($4,845) $1,744

0 $5,964 $15,549 $21,513 ($2,501) $900

0 $5,964 $15,549 $21,513 ($1,989) $716

$5,964 $15,549 $21,513 $776 $0

0 $5,964 $15,549 $21,513 $776 $0

0 $5,964 $15,549 $21,513 $3,916 $0

0 $5,964 $15,549 $21,513 $7,480 $0


CASH FLOW (After Tax)










Property Value minus Loan Amount plus Reserve Account Balance YEAR 1 $241,500 $205,000 $0 YEAR 2 $253,575 $205,000 $0 YEAR 3 $266,254 $205,000 $0 YEAR 4 $279,566 $205,000 $0 YEAR 5 $293,545 $205,000 $0 YEAR 10 $374,646 $205,000 $0 YEAR 10 $374,646 $205,000 $0 YEAR 15 $478,153 $205,000 $0 YEAR 20 $610,258 $205,000 $0











Capitalization (Cap) Rate Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Return on Investment (ROI)

8.3% 3,403% 524%

8.7% 525% 697%

8.1% 254% 879%

9.3% 167% 1,070%

9.5% 125% 1,270%

10.9% 63% 2,434%

10.9% 63% 2,434%

12.4% 61% 3,919%
v 4.1

14.1% 59% 5,814%
Updated: 7.07.08

* See detailed Purchase Parameters and Assumptions on next page.

(10 Year)
600% 3,000%

0% Down Payment Model
St. Robert, MO - Duplexes

(10 Year)

500% 2,500%

2,434% 2,178%



1,934% 1,702% 1,481% 1,270% 1,070% 879% 697% 524%


254% 167% 125% 102% 87% 76%










(10 Year)
$8,000 $180,000

(10 Year)
$169,646 $151,805 $134,815 $118,633 $103,222
$100,000 $80,000


$6,740 $6,159 $5,726 $5,372 $5,027 $4,691

$160,000 $140,000 $120,000





$88,545 $74,566 $61,254

$3,549 $2,863


$48,575 $36,500


$40,000 $20,000 $0 YEAR 1 YEAR 2 YEAR 3 YEAR 4 YEAR 5 YEAR 6 YEAR 7 YEAR 8 YEAR 9 YEAR 10













Summary Acquisition Information
Current Market Value: Purchase Price: Total Loan Amount: $230,000 $205,000 $205,000

Purchase Parameters and Assumptions
Current Market Value: Purchase Price: Down Payment: First Loan: Loan Interest Rate: Second Loan: Loan Interest Rate (2nd): Closing Costs: PMI Mortgage Insurance: $230,000 $205,000 0.0% $205,000 6.500% $0 0.000% 3.4% $153.75 Gross Monthly Rent: Vacancy Allowance: Initial Vacancy (months): Monthly Property Tax: Monthly Insurance: Monthly HOA: Monthly Lawn Care: Monthly Water/Sewer/Trash: Property Management: $1,850 3.0% 0 $125 $60 $20 $20 $0 6%

Annual Increases (%)
Appreciation: Rent Increase: 5.0% 2.5%

Down Payment: Closing Costs (est.): Reserve Account: Buyer Credits: Total Investment:

$0 $6,970 $0 $0 $6,970

Property Tax: Insurance: HOA: Lawn Care: Water/Sewer: Depreciation:

1.0% 1.0% 2.0% 2.0% 2.0% 27.5

DISCLAIMER: The information in this "Cash Flow and Equity Accumulation" worksheet is for estimation purposes only. All information should be independently verified. Consult a licensed tax advisor and/or attorney before making any purchase or sale decision. All figures are projections unless otherwise indicated. No guarantee is made as to its accuracy or reflection of performance.

St. Robert is known as the “business hub” of Pulaski County. The city is relatively young but it has achieved more than most cities since its birth, living up to its motto “Grow With Us.” St. Robert business district continues to grow and is the home of many national chain stores, hotels and restaurants in addition to many specialty small businesses. The City owns and operates all of its utilities, including natural gas and runs a model solid waste transfer station. St. Robert has recently constructed a new city hall and police complex. Come see what we mean when we say, “Grow With Us”.

• • • • • Located on Interstate 44. Military Based community (Fort Leonard Wood). Less than 1 hour away from Missouri wine country and Lake of the Ozarks 1 ½ hour from St. Louis, and 2 ½ hours from Branson. 4 Regional Hospitals.

The City of St. Robert has experienced rapid growth, which has primarily occurred in the last five years. The population has increased from 1,730 (1990 Census) to an official population of 2,760 (2000 Census), an increase of over 59%. We project that this population trend will continue for the next 5-10 years. The City serves a far greater population base which includes: Fort Leonard Wood (Population=28,937) and Waynesville (Population=3,507). In addition to the city’s population increase, there has been a corresponding increase in commercial construction as St. Robert is becoming the commercial and retail hub of our region.

• • • • Average officer rank is Major ($65-75k/year). Average enlisted rank is Staff Sergeant ($33-35k/year) plus housing. Gold Star awarded school district (only one of three in state). 3 year old High School is being expanded already. 20 minutes from University of Missouri-Rolla (top engineering and mining school).

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• • • • • • • • Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force. Army Officer and Enlisted Corp of Engineers School for entire United States. Over 60,000 service members graduate from Fort Leonard Wood every year. Training base is over 100,000 acres. Fort Leonard Wood is a training base. Fort Leonard Wood ranked 35 out of 97 based on value to Department of Defense and ability to support the future military IAW 2005 BRAC Commission. 50% of retirees stay in this area. 2005 house value increase = 9%.

Fort Leonard Wood is home to the U.S. Army MANSCEN or Maneuver Support Center, which hosts the Army Engineer, Military Police and Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Schools. Fort Leonard Wood is a state of the art training facility on 100 square miles of rugged Ozark wilderness. Fort Leonard Wood trains over 55,000 military and civilian people each year. Throughout its growth, Fort Leonard Wood’s soldiers and their family members have enjoyed an outstanding quality of life, A new multi-million Davidson Fitness Center, state of the art Child Development Center, superb hospital and many other key facilities and amenities, help maintain a outstanding quality of life for the residents of the Fort Leonard Wood. MANSCEN Center. Fort Leonard Wood, originally the home of the Army engineers has been expanded with the addition of the Military Police and Chemical schools to form the Maneuver Support Center (MANSCEN). MANSCEN develops concepts, doctrine, force structure, material requirements and experiments to ensure the vitality of the chemical, engineer and military police organizations. Growth Potential. Fort Leonard Wood as one of the premier military bases in the country, has excellent growth potential to attract additional military and homeland security missions. Fort Leonard Wood has also been designated as a center for homeland security excellence. The post is also well positioned to take advantage of future BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure) moves and to attract additional Department of the Army and Department of Defense missions to the base. Joint Service Post. Not only does Fort Leonard Wood train Army soldiers, it trains all branches of our Nation’s military to include: Navy, Marines and the Air Force. Fort Leonard Wood is home to the largest Marine detachment not stationed on a Marine base. It also trains Navy and Air force soldiers and provides training to the civilian law enforcement community. Science and Technology Industrial Park. One new concept featuring a partnership between the military and the University of Missouri system is the new Science and Technology Industrial park located on the Fort Leonard Wood military installation.

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(800) 611-3060

Builder Specification Sheet
Specificities for 3 Bedroom Duplexes Location: Hunter’s Ridge Sub-division, St. Robert, MO
Dated 7/8/08

Section 1: Concrete a. All footings to be dug 18” deep with 4000 psi concrete poured. All footings will have 2 rows of ½” rebar installed in them. With ½” rebar placed in footings to tie into slaps. There will be 2 concrete test pulled on each footing to be broke in 7 days as well as 28 days. The test at 7 days will have to be a break of no less than 2000 psi, the test at 28 days will have to break at 4000 psi. Slabs formed with 2x12 on top of footings There will be a thicken edge footing poured no less than 6” from the edge 8” of 1” clean rock to be placed in the slap 6 mil poly will be placed on top of 1” clean rock ½” rebar will be placed on top of 6 mil poly on 2’ centers There will be 4 concrete test pulled on each slap. The test at 7 days will have to test no less than 2000 psi, the test at 28 days will have to test 4000 psi. Concrete to be no less than 4” thick with a saw joint separating every unit

b. c. d. e. f. g. h.

Sidewalks and Driveways a. b. All sidewalks to be 4” thick with 2 rows of ½” rebar installed, There will be a thicken edge where concrete meets sidewalk Concrete to be 4000 psi

Section 2: Culverts and water control a. b. Culverts will be installed where needed to shed water off parking lot as well as keeping it away from buildings All downspout drains to be installed in a way to get water away from building

Section 3: Termite Treatment a. b. All buildings to be treated before concrete is installed Termite treatment to carry a 5 year warranty

Section 4: Plumbing a. b. All underground plumbing to be dug in below concrete level to prevent freezing All plumbing to carry a 5 warranty on parts as well as labor

Section 5: Framing a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. All exterior walls to be #2, 2x4 studs with ACQ plate meeting the concrete. Walls to be framed 16” on center Interior walls to be 16” on center Upper unit floor to be constructed with TGI floor system with ¾ OSB decking All decking to be glued and nailed Roof system to be made of yellow pine trusses with 7/16 OSB decking Trusses to be placed 2’ on center Overhangs on back and sides to be 16”, Front porch to be min of 2’


Sheeting to consist of 7/16 OSB

Section 6: Windows / Doors a. b. c. d. e. All windows to be maintenance free vinyl single hung to meet excess Entry doors to be 6 panel insulated steel doors with peep holes Entry doors to have knob and dead bolt locks, keyed alike Front and garage door to be keyed alike Windows to have mini blinds installed on the inside

Section 7: Roofing, flashing and gutter a. b. c. d. e. All shingles to be 30 year series Drip edge to be installed on all fascia boards Gutter to be 5” with 3x4 downspout placed to drain roof area 15 lb felt will be placed on sheeting before shingles All roof penetrations to be flashed

Section 8: Electrical a. b. All electrical work to meet code Switches and plugs to located for ease of use

Section 9: HVAC a. b. c. All units to be 1 ½ ton, manufacturer will be Goodman series All units to carry a 5 year warranty Registers to be placed for best air flow

Section 10: Drywall a. b. c. d. e. Walls to be ½ “ hung to prevent as many joints as possible Garage ceiling to be hung with 5/8 sheet rock Sheetrock in garage taped with one coat (no texture) All drywall to meet code All sheetrock to be textured (see c)

Section 11: Paint and finishes a. b. c. d. e. Wall and ceiling paint to be shell white by Pittsburg Paint Company Trim to be a off white semi gloss (for ease of cleaning) Check floor plans for brick placement Vinyl siding to be installed above brick to soffit Soffit to be alum. series to match gutter

Section 12: Flooring a. b. All areas that require flooring (rooms with water): kitchen, bathrooms, utility room are to be vinyl All areas that require carpet: living room and bedroom to be carpet of 30 oz

Section 13: Cabinets a. Cabinets to be manufactured by Kitchen Kraft or equal.

b. c.

Cabinets to be installed in kitchen area with counter tops to be colored to best accent units colors Vanities installed in bathroom

Section 14: Appliances a. b. c. All appliances to be manufactured by Whirlpool and to consist of the follow: Refrigerator, dishwater, garbage disposal, microwave, ceramic top stove. Units to have washer and dryers

Section 15: Light fixtures and shelving a. b. c. Light fixtures to be brushed nickel finish Ceiling fans in living room and master bedroom Shelving installed in all closets to be maintenance free

Section 16: Insulation a. b. c. d. All walls to be insulated with R13 batts Bathroom walls to be insulated with R11 to prevent noise going from unit to unit Ceilings on top floor R30 Vents installed for proper ventilation

Section 17: Landscaping a. b. c. Top soil to be hauled in and spread to insure grass to grow Sod to be installed on front of buildings with seed and straw on sides and backs Shrubs and trees installed along fronts of building

Section 18: Management of project a. Management team to consist of the following Construction Manager Construction Foreman Construction Labor Office Staff All material and shipments to tracked to project All invoices approved and submitted for payment Waste control Quality control Cost tracking to budget

b. c. d. e. f.

Fax or mail the Reservation Form attached.

Phone: Fax: Email:

(800) 611-3060 (866) 611-3060

Reservation does not guarantee final unit selection which is subject to availability at time of pre-approval.

For those investors interested in flying down to visit the project site and “kick the tires”, we are offering you a Fly-and-Buy rebate of up to $1,000 to help cover the cost of your flight and accommodations for your trip. Your rebate will be paid by check upon close of escrow. This incentive is offered to you exclusively by Norada Real Estate Investments!

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Revised: April 1, 2008

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