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12OCT2018 | Vol 10 Issue 30

insurance that has
Sikh Children’s Day National Alia Bhatt
Aishwarya Rai real benefits
organised by Kabaddi Cup Sharmila Tagore
"#MeToo movement
Supreme Sikh Society World Kabaddi Council says Alia gaining
is a momentum
organises the National is
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at Redoubt Ridge

Inflated fuel prices throughout New Zealand

are starting to hit home as taxes increase,
the Kiwi dollar weakens and crude oil costs
jump. We examine the issue inside

LAND FROM $850,000


13 Adamson Road, Flat Bush
NEW ZEALAND • Fijian Language Week: What it means EDITORIAL......................................Pg 15 Thursday & Friday 12pm - 3pm
for Fiji-Indian community.............Pg 13 INDIA ..............................................Pg 20 Saturday & Sunday 11am - 3pm
• Government targets loan sharks ..........Pg 06 • International Day of Older Persons WORLD ...........................................Pg 21
• International students, new migrants hosted by Shanti Niwas ..............Pg 14 GARDENING....................................Pg 21 ENQUIRE TODAY
warned of hardselling salespeople......Pg 07 NAVRATRI 2018 ............................Pg 22
• What is Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and KARISHMA SINGH
• Auckland Diwali Festival......................Pg 10 Blockchain technology................Pg 14 ZODIOLOGY ...................................Pg 22
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• Kabaddi gaining popularity in NZ........Pg 12 FUN IN THE KITCHEN.....................Pg 24
• Indian Wardens in Papatoetoe....Pg 15
BOLLYWOOD...................................Pg 28

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2 NEW ZEALAND Friday, October 12, 2018 The Indian Weekender
The Indian Weekender Friday, October 12, 2018 NEW ZEALAND 3

Rising Petrol prices: “It does not

feel right,” Prime Minister!
¡¡ SANDEEP SINGH has very carefully deflected the fury coming

her way. Whether it is successful or not, will
leecing or no fleecing, an unchecked and be seen later. For now let’s worry on rising
uncontrolled rising of petrol prices, in a petrol prices, in a relatively short span, which is
relatively short span of time does not causing pain and forcing Kiwis to change their
‘feel right’, Prime Minister. lifestyles.
Little would Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Anurag Kashyap, who recently bought a new
have expected that one of her popular lines that home in Henderson and works in Ellerslie as
she and her party had used so effectively in the sales adviser told The Indian Weekender that
election campaign last year would come back the seeming quick rise in petrol prices was
to haunt her within the first year of being in hurting his family’s tight budget.
government. “We have recently bought our first home in
It is noteworthy to recall that during the last Henderson, which obviously needs some strict
election campaign Ms Ardern had persuasively budgeting to be able to service the mortgage.
used the lines – “it does not feel right” – to “However, the rise in petrol prices in recent
attack National’s much-touted “Rockstar”
months has affected our lifestyle.
“About a few months ago, I used to get the
During the election campaign, “Rockstar”
full tank for $110, which has now risen to
and “it does not feel right,” gained much
popularity in the debate between National and around $140.
Labour around economic performance. growing public fury, if not resentment, against Inflated fuel prices “I am trying to cut down on my lunches
While National was flaunting on its success the rapid rise of petrol prices in the last twelve during weekdays to be able to cope with it,” Mr
months, especially coinciding with the news of
throughout New Kashyap said.
of keeping books in good shape with a
reasonable growth rate, especially during the government’s boasting of a massive $5.5 billion Zealand are starting Inflated fuel prices throughout New Zealand
Global Financial Crisis years, Labour, then in surplus and falling net debt. are starting to hit home as taxes increase, the
opposition, were busy in taking away the sheen Now it is National’s turn to question the to hit home as taxes Kiwi dollar weakens and crude oil costs jump.
off that economic performance, by arguing that significance of that surplus if people have to Meanwhile, the Prime Minister has refused
any rock-star economic performance does not live with unabated rising petrol prices. increase, the Kiwi to budge on easing the excise tax on petrol.
matter much, as long as average Kiwis feel Welcome to the vagaries of politics Ms dollar weakens and Instead, she has indicated that her government
otherwise. Ardern. To her credit though, Ms Ardern has would prioritise passing of the Commerce
Interestingly, the wheel has turned full circle fully demonstrated glimpses of a smart, tactful crude oil costs jump. Amendment Bill, which would amend the
now with roles swapped, Labour flourishing politician that she is, and that people often
Commerce Act to enable the Commission to
in government and National lamenting in tend to lose sight of, behind the more popular
imagery of being a mother while at the office, undertake market studies.
opposition, and so has their own political While the government seeks to find ways to
whereby she tried deflecting the resentment When Prime Minister tells us that we are
positioning. coming her way to someone else, and even tried deal with the impact of rising petrol prices, it is
National is trying to strike fortune out of being fleeced by the petrol companies, then she
to ride on that resentment. apt to say that “it does not feel right.”


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Just footsteps to the vibrant beachside township, along with sought-after

Beachlands School, newly built Countdown supermarket, Pine Harbour
Marina and Formosa Golf Resort are both just a 6 minutes’ drive away from
this wonderful community. CBD is just a ferry ride away and there is great
connectivity with Airport, Manukau City, Botany, East Tamaki etc.
This truly is a rare chance to live a life of luxury and leisure, and the most
amazing blank canvas to build an elegant bespoke abode of the highest
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4 NEW ZEALAND Friday, October 12, 2018 The Indian Weekender

Fiji General Elections 2018: What you need to know

¡¡ SANDEEP SINGH Prime Minister Bainimarama
The current political

Biman Prasad
iji is gearing up for its second landscape in Fiji
national-election since returning
to the parliamentary-democracy
four years ago in 2014 on November 14
A ccording to many observers of Fiji-
politics, the current Prime Minister Mr
Bainimarama, who formed the first post-coup
next month. democratically elected government, after
In the last general election held in taking 60 per cent of the vote in the 2014
September 2014, Fiji First, led by general election continues to lead opinion polls
current Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe since then.
Bainimarama won with 32 seats, The closest political challenger to Mr
followed by the Social Democratic Bainimarama’s Fiji First is Sitiveni Rabuka’s
Liberal Party (SODELPA) (15) and the SODELPA, which has 15 seats in the current
National Federation Party (3). Sitiveni Rabuka parliament.
Earlier Prime Minister Bainimarama
Interestingly both leaders are coup
had met President Major-General ¡¡ IN THE LAST GENERAL instigators.
(Retired) Jioji Konusi Konrote on ELECTION HELD IN SEPTEMBER
Sunday, September 30, immediately after
Political Party registration While Mr Rabuka instigated the first coup in

2014, FIJI FIRST, LED BY 1987, which according to many observers had
returning from the United Nations Summit, ight political parties have been registered
by the Fijian Elections Office (FEO) and
CURRENT PRIME MINISTER destabilised the progress of democracy when
who further issued an order dissolving the JOSAIA VOREQE BAINIMARAMA
are eligible to contest in the 2018 general it was still in its infancy in the South island
current Parliament. WON WITH 32 SEATS, FOLLOWED
election. This was confirmed by Suresh nation.
“His Excellency the president of the Republic BY THE SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC
Chandra, the chairman of the Electoral Mr Bainimarama on the other hand first
of Fiji, on the advice of the Honourable Prime LIBERAL PARTY (SODELPA) seized power in 2006 before being elected as
Minister, has dissolved parliament on 30 Commission, in a press conference at the Fijian
Elections Office on Monday, October 1. (15) AND THE NATIONAL first post-coup leader in elections in 2014.
September 2018,” the South Pacific Island’s FEDERATION PARTY (3) National Federation Party (NFP), which has
government said in a statement. The eight political parties are Fiji First,
a small presence in the last parliament with
Social Democratic Liberal Party, (SODELPA)
The government of Fiji has invited India • October 19, 2018, National candidate ball three seats, is Fiji’s oldest political party. The
National Federation Party (NFP), Peoples
to co-lead the Multinational Observer Group draw or earlier as determined by the Fijian leader of the party is Biman Prasad, a professor
Democratic Party (PDP), Fiji Labour Party
along with Australia and Indonesia. of economics at the University of the South
(FLP), Unity Fiji Party (UFP), Hope Party and Elections Office
Pacific, who had resigned to pursue a political
Voter registration Freedom Alliance Party. • October 24, 2018, postal voting

Important Dates applications close by 5pm
oter registration has been closed at 6 pm, A peek into Fiji’s socio-political
• October 2 – 15: The candidate nominations • November 5, 2018, pre-poll voting begins
Monday, October 1, on the day of issue of history
opened on October 2 and will continue till • November 10, 2018, pre-poll voting ends

the writ, calling for elections. The total number ne remarkable fact about Fiji’s socio-
12 p.m. Monday, October 15. • November 12, 2018, media blackout on
of registered voters as at September 17, 2018 political history is that for outsiders,
• October 16, 2018, candidate nominations campaigning commences at 7.30am
stands at 634,120 out of which 314,686 are • November 14, 2018, is the Election Day there appears to be racial strife between two
withdrawals by 12pm
female and 319,434 are male. and voting will be from 7.30am to 6pm major ethnicities – native Fijians and Indo-
• October 16, 2018, candidate nominations Fijians – something that is strongly refuted and
In 2014, there was 84 per cent voter turnout and in the night the provisional results
objections and appeals close by 4pm challenged by people from Fiji.
and 0.75 per cent of invalid votes. will be progressively released from 6pm

Revolution | Each office independently owned and operated ADDRESS 328 Great South Road, Papatoetoe, AUCKLAND 2025
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The Indian Weekender Friday, October 12, 2018 NEW ZEALAND 5
Almost every Fijian spoken to by this reporter 60,000 workers were
for this story had imported from India
strongly refuted to Fiji in the period
the commonly of 35 years by 88
p e r c e i v e d voyages made by 42
outsider’s view ships).
about the existence This was a
of some kind of considerable
Responsible business with lasting
racial strife in Fiji. number for a relationship in the community
In their worldview, remote island in
everything is serene South Pacific,
in Fiji, especially and since then Home Loans*
in the countryside the racial tension • Less than 20% deposit?
where people co- between Indians Rakesh Bansal
• Residential first home or Investment property? Ph: 021 030 8135
exists amicably in life and their Ex Bank Manager with over 30 years
• Building/Extending/Renovating? experience in New Zealand and overseas
around farms. descendants,
Despite this who made Fiji
• Commercial property?
repeated claim, many as their new • Looking to refinance?
observers note that home, and the • Business loan?
inter-race relations and native Fijians • Self employed but no financials?
their struggle for the have always
capture of power was been existent
at the centre of at least in the island
Insurances Era Bansal
one coup, if not all the nation.
• Sole bread winner? Ph: 021 066 7598
Ex Banker for years
four coups dominating However,
• Young children?

the short political history surprisingly, • Huge Mortgage?

of Fiji after gaining the racial tension was • Want to have adequate insurance
independence. There seemingly not prevalent in the socio-economic cover within budget?
has been a huge exodus of Indians from Fiji, fabric of the nation, where people to people
especially after the coups of 1987 and 2000, relations in everyday life is relatively serene.
fearing loss of life and persecution. It is the politics, and the struggle to capture
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Fiji got independence from the British to exploit the seeming disquiet around the
colonial rule in 1970, at least after hundred relations between the two ethnic communities.
years of colonial rule, and not before the Politics in Fiji, like everywhere else in the FREE PHONE: 0508 33 22 11
existing social fabric of the remote South world, is complex. However, it is the speed of (P) 09 9033 602
Pacific Island was irreversibly changed, in a change or the swing instability to stability and (F) 09 9033 601
relatively short span of time for the magnitude the vice versa that makes politics in Fiji more Mob 021 030 8135
of change imposed. fascinating.
The colonial British had imported a large The Indian Weekender will strive to bring Manisha Kumar
number of indentured labourers from India more coverage and in-depth analysis in the lead

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6 NEW ZEALAND Friday, October 12, 2018 The Indian Weekender

Govt targets loan sharks, truck

shops and door-to-door sellers
T he changes will lift the level

of professionalism across the
he Government is introducing industry, by requiring directors and chief
tough new measures to protect
executives of lenders offering consumer
people from loan sharks, truck
credit contracts to pass a ‘fit and proper
shops, and door-to-door sellers who
person’ test in order to register as a
sell on deferred payment methods,
Financial Service Provider.
to safeguard vulnerable people from
Any lenders breaching the responsible
entering into spiralling debt-trap.
lender principles will face stiff new
This was announced by Prime
penalties of fines up to $600,000 under
Minister Jacinda Ardern and Commerce
the strengthened enforcement provisions
and Consumer Affairs Minister Kris
in the CCCFA.
Faafoi on Wednesday, October 10.
“We listened to consumer advocates
“This Government is committed to
and the finance sector’s feedback and
making New Zealand the best place to
raise a child,” Ms Ardern said. “To do will also be seeking increased resources
that we must stop families becoming for enforcement and monitoring to
trapped in the appalling debt spirals and ensure lenders who break the law are
poverty that result from onerous lending detected and stopped,” Mr Faafoi said.
and payback terms.” These new measures The Government is also targeting
budget and financial advice providers. predatory behaviour by truck shops
These new measures will halt the very worst will halt the very worst
“The 2015 amendments to the Credit and others who sell door-to-door on credit or
of those preying on vulnerable and desperate
Contracts and Consumer Finance Act (CCCFA) of those preying
people while enabling borrowing that meets other deferred payment, by requiring all mobile
did not go far enough in protecting our most
their needs in an affordable way. on vulnerable and traders to pass the ‘fit and proper person’ test.
vulnerable consumers from loan sharks,” Kris
“They will protect families through capping Consumers to get more power
Faafoi said. desperate people while
the total interest and fees charged loans,
“The introduction of an interest and fees cap he government has said the law will also
introducing tougher penalties for irresponsible enabling borrowing
on high-cost loans will prevent people from be strengthened to give consumers clearer
lending, and raising the bar for consumer
accumulating large debt from a single small that meets their needs powers when asking uninvited salespeople to
lenders to register as a Financial Service
loan. For example, if you borrow $500 you will leave their premises, including by strengthening
Provider,” Ms Ardern said. in an affordable way.
never have to pay back more than $1,000 in the legal status of ‘do not knock’ stickers, Mr
The announcement was made at the Vaiola
total, including all fees and interest. Faafoi said.
Pl Budgeting Service in Mangere, where the
Lenders to take more The new measures will come into effect from
Prime Minister and Minister Faafoi met with
responsibility 2020, subject to Parliamentary timeframes.
people affected by predatory lending as well as

Untitled-1 1 11/10/18 1:45 PM

The Indian Weekender Friday, October 12, 2018 NEW ZEALAND 7

International students, new

migrants, warned of hard-
selling in door-to-door sales
¡¡ SANDEEP SINGH adequately sensitised about
Chartered Accountants

the impending changes.
t is high time that new
Often international
migrants, especially the
students are least aware of the
international students We provide the right solutions at very reasonable price!
local rules and regulations,
who take up door-to-door
especially when working in
sales jobs as their first
moneymaking opportunity in
New Zealand, are educated
a work environment, which is
out and about, especially on Accounting and Taxes
and sensitised about the the doorsteps of residential • End of year Accounts
implications of the recent houses.
government crackdown on
Recalling similar • Income Tax & GST Returns
loan sharks, mobile truck
shops and door-to-door experience faced by • Book–keeping & Financial Accounts
salespeople. international students
in an unregulated work
• Small Business / Rental Property Accounts
The government has made
clear in an announcement on environment of door-to-door • LTC & Trust Accounts
Wednesday, October 10, its intentions to bring sales, Dushyant Sharma, an Auckland based IT • Tax Advisory
more accountability amongst mobile traders professional, who first studied in Dunedin, told
and door-to-door sales person who often ends The Indian Weekender, “In door-to-door sales, • Business Valuations Due Diligence
up preying upon vulnerable people on their new migrants could also be equally vulnerable • MYOB & Xero Software Accounting
doorsteps. in a work environment, which is not always
While a welcome and much-needed step, it is safe and secure.
also vital to sensitise and educate new migrants “In most cases, there is not enough training
and international students who often end up and sensitisation about what is appropriate and
door knocking in the suburbs in metropolitan what is not when asking for a sale from the Call me
Auckland and far off regions very early after customer. for a
their arrival in New Zealand.
More often than not, these new migrants,
“I had a similar experience in Dunedin
FonRsuE E
especially international students are in an
suburbs while working for a charity when I was
C ltation
equally desperate situation, if not more than
their potential customers in residential homes.
chased and cornered by the family of a middle-
aged woman who had happily agreed to sign Mukesh Arora
with me for a charity. FCCA (UK) CA (NZ)
While the government is rightly taking action “Her family thought otherwise and cornered Macro Accounting & Tax Advisors Limited
to safeguard vulnerable customers from the me, threatening to call the police and jeopardise
predatory practices of loan-sharks and mobile my visa situation, which is scary for someone Mobile: 021 129 0810 116B, Cavendish Drive,
traders, it is equally important to find ways to who is fairly new in the country and not Office Ph: 09 263 00 00 Manukau, Auckland 2104,
ensure that the new migrants and international adequately sensitised for what is appropriate Free Ph: 0800 82 55 99 New Zealand
students who find themselves door-knocking when asking for a sale from customers,” Mr Email: Website:
in their very early days in the country are also Sharma said.

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8 NEW ZEALAND Friday, October 12, 2018 The Indian Weekender

Auckland Diwali Festival lights up the region

¡¡ IWK BUREAU Street Zone performances (corner of features a dedicated audio stream

he vivid colours of Diwali Queen and Wakefield). synced to the light show. The show
take over the heart of Direct from India, performers from is also live-streamed online at the
Auckland this month, ahead the Kalehri Art & Culture Academy website and the Vector Facebook
of the 17th Auckland Diwali Festival. will present entertainment in range page. Share your experience
The free, family-friendly festival of styles including bhangra, gidha, on Instagram and Twitter with
takes place in Aotea Square and jindua, malwai gidha and jhumar. As #vectorlights and #diwaliAKL18.
Queen St on Saturday, 20 and well as appearing at the Auckland Auckland Diwali Festival is
Sunday, 21 October, from midday Diwali Festival, the Kalehri Art & one of the region’s most popular
until 9pm each day, culminating in Culture Academy members will cultural festivals, with 55,000
a spectacular fireworks display on perform at the Wellington Diwali people attending the 2017 festival.
Sunday night. Festival and visit local schools. It is delivered Auckland Tourism,
Before and during the festival, In addition to the touring Events and Economic Development
Vector Lights brings a light show international performers, hundreds (ATEED), on behalf of Auckland
inspired by traditional art form of local performers and performance Council, in conjunction with
of rangoli to Auckland Harbour groups take part in the Auckland founding partner Asia New Zealand
Bridge from Thursday, 18 October Diwali Festival, collectively Foundation.
to Sunday, 21 October. The lights for 2018, with the light show on centre can get a taste of the festival presenting a programme with more
will operate from 7pm until midnight Auckland Harbour Bridge taking its with the Chalk It Up rangoli-drawing than 45 hours of live entertainment,
cue from the beautiful colours and competition in Freyberg Place across more than 240 different ¡¡ SUMMARY:
each evening.
Rangoli is a centuries-old Indian designs of rangoli.” and free, all ages Diwali-themed performances. • Vector Lights brings the
art form, where designs are drawn Vector spokesperson Elissa activities in Ellen Melville Centre. As well as showcasing and colours of Diwali to the
onto the ground, traditionally using Downey says, “Vector Lights is fast Inside Ellen Melville Centre, celebrating traditional and Auckland Harbour Bridge
coloured powders and embellished becoming a much-loved cultural visitors can have a go at DIY henna contemporary Indian dance and to mark the 17th Auckland
with sand, rice, candles or flower asset for Aucklanders and we can’t or mehndi, learn how to wrap or music, the Auckland Diwali Festival Diwali Festival
petals. The designs can be simple wait to see how Auckland Diwali drape a sari, creating rangoli patterns is also New Zealand’s largest
• Auckland Diwali Festival is
geometric shapes, depict deities or Festival goers will respond to the to take home and play interactive vegetarian festival, with dozens of
in Aotea Square and Queen
flowers or they can be more elaborate. rangoli-inspired show we have digital Hindi language games. There food stalls operating.
St, Saturday, 20 and Sunday,
They are closely associated with in store for them. As always, we will also be snacks to sample – sweet Come enjoy the colours, flavours,
21 October.
special occasions and celebrations. encourage everyone watching the mithai treats and savoury namkeen sights and sounds of New Zealand’s
• Pre-festival activities and
“Diwali is also known as the show to share their pictures and nibbles. premier Indian cultural festival that
videos far and wide on their social The festival proper kicks off on a rangoli art competition
festival of lights and we want to that offers traditional tastes and
media platforms, so we can show the Saturday, 20 October with mix of flavours and the best modern fusion take place at Ellen Melville
expand this element the Auckland Centre, Freyberg Place, on
Diwali Festival,” says festival rest of New Zealand and the world performances, from Bollywood to of India and 21st century Auckland.
how we celebrate Diwali in style Punjabi, Gujarati to Bharat Natyam, Vector Lights: For suggestions Friday, 19 October, the day
producer Leilana Meredith. “It’s
right here in Tāmaki Makaurau!” Rajasthani to Hindustani and more, of viewing points, see before the festival proper
exciting to have Vector Lights
On Friday, 19 October, workers, across three areas – the Aotea Square lights. Bring a mobile device and starts in Aotea Square
bringing a new facet to the festival
shoppers and visitors to the city Stage, the Queen St Stage and the speaker with you – the website also

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The Indian Weekender Friday, October 12, 2018 NEW ZEALAND 9



25 OCTOBER 2018
Participating Airlines, Cruises & Suppliers

Eco Travels' Travel Expo

promises cheapest fares
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he tours and travel market of New and be in to win a free
Zealand have grown exponentially ticket to Indian Subcontinent and a whopping
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this fierce competition, one of the biggest
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an expo that will give an opportunity to stall at the ATEED Diwali (Auckland Diwali)
travellers to get the best tickets to numerous on Queen Street on Saturday and Sunday,
destinations around the globe at cheapest October 20 & 21 from noon till late evening.
possible rates. “We have a 24x7 helpline to support
Eco Travels is the leading travel and our valued customers, and we have been
tours operator for the Indian subcontinent
recognised by the airline industry every year.
community that has around 21 branches in
over eight cities and two mobile managers in Come to our stall at Auckland Diwali festival
New Zealand including 12 stores in greater to win one more ticket to India,” Mr Saha
Auckland alone. added.
The firm in the last few years expanded
to almost every corner of Auckland, North
and South Island catering to the demand
Eco Travels'
in the market not just from the Kiwi Indian
communities but also from the Kiwi, Fiji
Indian and other ethnic communities.
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amazing travel deals!

WHEN: Thursday, 25 October 2018
Eco Travels Expo is first of its kind for the
community that will be held at Mt Roskill War WHERE: Mt Roskill War Memorial Hall
Memorial Hall on Thursday, October 25 from 13 May Road, Mt Roskill, Auckland
4 p.m. to 7 p.m.
“There will be package deals for Pacific The major airlines catering the Indian TIME: 4 pm to 7 pm
“Eco Travels Expo will bring the
opportunity for our clients to grab a deal just Islands, Australia, South East Asia, Europe, subcontinent participating in the Eco Travels
available on the day; all major airlines and United States and especially India. GEM Expo are Singapore Airlines, Malaysia
cruise companies and finance companies are Visa is giving 12 Months Interest-Free deals, Airlines, Emirates, Air New Zealand, Thai
participating in striking ‘Extra Special’ deals all major cruises companies bring incredible Airways, Qantas, Air India, Cathay Pacific,
for our communities,” Managing Director deals for the day, and we will help our Jet Airways, China Eastern, China Airlines,
of Eco Travels, Amit Saha told The Indian clients to customise their packages too,” Mr Hong Kong Airlines, China Southern, Air
Weekender. Saha added. China and all major Cruises companies.
10 NEW ZEALAND Friday, October 12, 2018 The Indian Weekender

Revolution | Each office independently owned and operated ADDRESS 328 Great South Road, Papatoetoe, AUCKLAND 2025

Top One Real Estate 2015 Limited | Licensed REAA 2008 OFFICE 09 261 2555
The Indian Weekender Friday, October 12, 2018 NEW ZEALAND 11

Why tax hard-working Kiwis? Further, there is no doubt that as the economic
cycle progresses consumers will see prices rise
even for basic commodities such as a bread and
milk. Governments are there for the welfare
Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi of their people. This appears to be a peculiar
National Party List MP Government which has more money than its

he National Party campaigned to Hardworking New Zealanders cannot afford
provide hard working New Zealanders to see their money being spent on wasteful and
with $1000 tax cuts on the average untargeted spending.
wage. It is a result of the National party’s prudent
This Labour led coalition cancelled our tax economic management that this Government
cuts so that it can spend more. inherited a growing economy.
Unfortunately for Kiwis the results show that
this Government made and continues to make
The latest figures show Crown’s net debt
falling is a testament to our historic prudent Win an Apple
Watch this Dussehra
the wrong policy and spending choices economic management.
The latest operating surplus figures stand at Of course the net result could have even
$5.5 billion. better had this Labour led coalition not waster
This figure provides evidence that there is
no need for the Government to impose further
taxes on hard working New Zealanders who are
money on poor policy decision such as free
tertiary education.
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All that this Labour led coalition has done is them.
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price of fuel for us Kiwi families. opportunity to tax and spend. MTF Finance Botany offers personal and business
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12 NEW ZEALAND Friday, October 12, 2018 The Indian Weekender

Kabaddi gaining popularity in New Zealand


abaddi, the touch sport is becoming
a new hit with sports lovers in New
Zealand. The game in recent years
has caught the attention of the Kiwis and is
becoming immensely popular in the country.
World Kabaddi Council on Saturday October
6 organised the National Kabaddi Cup at the
Ellerslie Sports Ground that saw five men’s
and three women’s teams competing for the
national title.
The five men’s teams were Australia, Bay of
Plenty Tauranga, Malwa Sports Club, Punjab
Kesri Sports Club and the Auckland Maori Kabaddi has with its origins
team. Each team competed with the other
four teams, and Australia emerged champions
in India and has seen multiple
“It is such a game where Maori players can
defeating Malwa Sports Club in a very thrilling excel in as they are quite verse in touch games tournaments organised
finale. by the numerous Punjabi
like rugby,” a community member inviting
NZ Women’s Kabaddi, South Auckland and
more Maoris into the sport said. communities in different parts
West Auckland teams played from the women’s
side, and South Auckland team came victorious Riripeti Motu has been playing for the NZ of the country, especially
against West Auckland in the final match. Women’s team since 2014 and envisions
in Auckland, Tauranga, and
Over the past few years, the touch sports the sport to grow more amongst the Maori
Kabaddi has become quite popular amongst the community, both men and women.
Christchurch to varying
Kiwis in New Zealand with a surge in Maori “There’s been a call for more Māori to take intervals of the year.
players in NZ teams. The game has seen more up the challenge and they are doing just that.
Kiwis participating with maximum numbers of Former NZ touch player Conal Grant is one of
female players from the Maori community. many new players who has put down the ball to
Kabaddi has with its origins in India and has New Zealand Kabaddi Federation hosts its
take part in this Indian sport,” Maori Television
seen multiple tournaments organised by the annual tournament every year with at least ten
numerous Punjabi communities in different reported.
local teams participating and over 20 players
parts of the country, especially in Auckland, “I wanted to try something else because I’ve
and two umpires who are flown from India
Tauranga, and Christchurch to varying intervals been involved in touch for so long, like 17 years to experience the game on an international
of the year. it was my life which I loved, but it’s time to give level. Most of these tournaments are held at
Kabaddi has received global recognition something else a go, and I found something that different venues across the country such as Te
and is played at major competitions such as suits the skills that I learnt in touch,” former Puke, Takanini Sports Complex under Takanini
Asia Kabaddi Cup, Kabaddi World Cup, Pro- touch player and current Kabaddi player Conal Gurudwara, Papatoetoe, in Bay of Plenty,
Kabaddi League and at Asian Games where Grant told Maori Television. Waikato sports grounds etc.
India has won all seven Gold medals since “The NZ Women’s Kabaddi National team
Grant describes Kabaddi as transferable,
1990. is gearing up for the Women’s Kabaddi League
The game is referred to as more of a strategy needing a bit of footwork, with bits of netball,
and as an opportunity to meet new people and to be held in Punjab, India from November
based contact sport quite similar to bullrush, 18 till December 5 and then for the World
and rugby but with no equipment. also travel the world.
Championship in Malaysia in April next year.

Fruit & Vegetable Assistant Manager Required
• $20.00 per hour
• Experience Important
• Must be hard worker
• Must have working permit
Contact Michael on Ph: 021-527679
Tai Ping Flatbush Manukau
Address: 16 Bishop Dunn Place
Flat Bush, Manukau 2013
Auckland, New Zealand

Makes the Difference

Consented childcare opportunity WITH A 10% DEPOSIT FREE

you can own a home of charges for
1 Thomas Road, Mangere For Sale by Deadline Private Treaty
(unless sold prior)
2pm, Thu 8 Nov 2018
29 years NZ experience all our work
*Conditions Apply
• 1,098m2 (more or less) freehold corner site
• Consented childcare catering for 65 children 2 Harris Road, East Tamaki
• In close proximity to Mangere Town Centre,
Mangere Central School (Primary and
Tony Chaudhary 021 995 121
We offer:
Intermediate), motorway
lHome Loans lCommercial Loans lInsurance services
Amy Weng 021 177 3422
• Zoned Terrace House and Apartment Buildings
Nathan Saminathan
• Developers, childcare operators, investors must
Janak Darji 021 047 1290 Jolly Tiwari Araad Hanif MBA, CFP, AFP
Ph: 021 1775145 Ph: 021 424218
Personal Diclosure is available on request

Mob: 021 707 540 Email:

Ph: 09 630 7171 / 630 7176 www:
A/Hrs: 09 630 0970 1/619 Dominion Rd, Balmoral, Auckland
The Indian Weekender Friday, October 12, 2018 NEW ZEALAND 13

Fijian Language Week: What does

it mean for Fiji-Indian community?
¡¡ SANDEEP SINGH Kiwi-Fiji-Indians speak the native Fijian language for basic

hat does the ongoing and emotional existential needs,” said Viren Lal, one of the
founding members of Fiji Girmit Foundation
sixth Fijian Language connection with New Zealand said.
Week mean for a the Fijian language “However, unfortunately, people of my age

Fijian of Indian-descent living in
o start with, The Indian were never given the opportunity to learn either
Aotearoa-New Zealand?
Weekender’s questions the native Fijian language or Hindi language
The New Zealand government
to a selected sample of in our schools in Fiji, so limiting our ability to
is celebrating the sixth Fijian
members of the Kiwi-
Language Week from October understand and speak native Fijian language,”
Fiji-Indian community
7 -13, thereby seeking to grow an exasperated Viren Lal further added.
was met with an element
interest in revitalising the “It would be nice to speak and
of surprise, for no one
language in Aotearoa-New
thought themselves to be understand the Fijian language.”
an essential constituent, or any Kiwi-Fiji-Indians appeared
While NZ government has
recipient, of the messaging amenable to the idea of being able to
multiple motivations to preserve
around the sixth Fijian live and breathe ‘Noqu Vosa Me’u Bula Taka’
and promote Fijian language, it
Language week. – the theme of ongoing Fijian language week
will also be interesting to take a
However, on slight which means – My language, Learn it, Speak
periscopic view of what it means
probing, almost everyone
for Kiwi-Fiji-Indian community it, Live it.
spoken to had an unspoken,
– a community which still calls Fiji as their Yashmin Chand – an Auckland based
imports from Fiji were $474 million,” Mr Sio and undefined, connection with the Fijian
original home (India being their spiritual home) graphic-designer who first arrived in New
and regularly travels back to Fiji to keep their said on Friday, October 5. language.
Zealand about four years ago and had settled
interactions with the Fiji-culture alive. “There is a general trend that the proportion of A majority of those spoken to, especially
in Auckland since then said, “It would be nice
Minister for Pacific Peoples Aupito William Pacific people speaking their heritage language seniors who have lived for a considerable part of
to speak and understand the Fijian language.”
Sio sighted reasons like the flourishing trade of is declining and it’s really important that we their lives in Fiji, and experienced the happiness
“Every time I go back to my home, I still
worth $693 million between two countries, to support the Fijian and Pacific community in and the tribulations of an evolving nation with
visit native Fijian families in our village
NZ’s overall leadership in Pacific region and a doing what we can to keep these languages well two main ethnicities – indigenous Fijians and
neighbourhood. I am sure I will be able to
sense of commitment in safeguarding elements supported and in active use throughout daily Girmit-Indians – the emotional connect with
connect with them better if I can speak their
of the Pacific culture, as a principal motivator life,” Mr Sio further emphasised. the Fijian language was all pervasive.
language,” Ms Chand said.
for supporting Fijian Language week. However, it would also be interesting to “My parents, who first came about 140 years
“Knowing native language is a key-
“New Zealand businesses tell me reflect upon what does this mean to an average ago in Fiji, though not educated in schools, were
embellishment to the entire experience of our
understanding the Fijian language and culture Fijian of Indian descent living in Aotearoa- quite confident speaking the Fijian language.
“Probably the fact that they were uprooted Fijian-culture,” Ms Chand said.
helps to build strong personal and business New Zealand – for they are also the people
thousands of miles away from their original “My husband and family in Fiji are better
relationships. This is important given Fiji is a who are connected with the Fijian language – a
home back in India into a remote South-Pacific speakers of Fiji language, I wish I could be as
major trading partner with New Zealand. As of language of the land which they cherish as their
island necessitated them to quickly learn and well,” Ms Chand said.
June 2018 exports to Fiji were $693 million and original home.

Kanwaljit Singh
National List MP based
in Manukau East

A 1/131 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland
P 09 278 9302
F 09 278 2143

Funded by the Parliamentary Service.

Authorised by Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi MP,
1/131 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe.
14 NEW ZEALAND Friday, October 12, 2018 The Indian Weekender

Trust Saffron Finance for ‘You are the role models for
the younger generation…’
expert Mortgage/ Insurance
advice backed by years
of experience ¡¡ RIZWAN MOHAMMAD live musicians

and mentors
Mortgages: Risk Insurances: hanti Niwas Charitable Trust, preparing them
a non-profit community
• Home loans • Life & Trauma organisation, hosted the for the grand
• Commercial Property loans • Key Person Cover International Day of Older Persons finale conducted
• Business Loans • Medical / Health (IDOP) on Saturday, October 6 at its at the IDOP event
• Top up & Debt consolidation • TPD and Income Protection on Saturday.
centre in Onehunga.
• Re-Finance and Refixing • Mortgage Repayment cover “The 12
The event acknowledged the
• Investment Property loans • New to Business & contestants
presence of more than 250 senior
• Restructuring of loan • Business Continuity Cover gave a stellar
members of the community and performance at
• Construction & Renovation • Redundancy Cover dignitaries, community leaders and the finale, and the
Members of Parliament who lauded the spectators were
spirit and work of the senior members spellbound seeing such talents amongst
toward the community. representing the Labour Party, Honorary the senior members,” Ms Venkat said.
“You are a role model for the younger Consul of India Bhav Dhillon, Bhiku Abdul Nasir Baig was declared as
generation of people who look up to you Bhana from NZICA, Liaison Officers of the winner and Mrs Neela Kadakia as
for guidance and insight,” Ms Nilima NZ Police, Rakesh Naidoo representing the first runner up, Mr Girijan Menon
Venkat said at the event. the NZ Human Rights Commission and was second runner up and Mrs Meena
Shanti Niwas conducts several Shail Kaushal representing Puketapapa Phondge was selected as third runner up.
activities in a week at its main centre Local Board were present at the event. “The top 12 contestants had put
Nimish Parikh in Onehunga, North Shore branch, its Shanti Niwas also conducted its immense effort and devoted their times
Registered Financial Adviser 18B Kirby Street, Glendene,
newly established centre in Manurewa, finale event ‘NZ Senior Indian Idol’, for the competition, and other seniors
M. 021 236 7070 Auckland 0602
P O Box - 69263 , Glendene, and at Bhartiya Mandir in Balmoral for a signature singing-talent hunt for the were always there to cheer them and provide them with moral support. This
Auckland 0645 its senior members. senior members of Shanti Niwas. The activities include dance classes, NZ Senior Idol was first conducted in shows an undying spirit of the seniors
meditation, learning and practising the 2017 and the second season witnessed who are ready to take new challenges
English language, fun events, cooking much bigger participation in the given to them,” Ms Venkat added.

competition with over 50 seniors lining The event was supported by
classes and other activities not only to
up for the audition in September. Maungakeikei-Tamaki Local Board
engage but to learn and contribute to the
“We had a huge response for the and Mercury Energy, representatives of

deals in
second season of NZ Senior Idol- as we which were also present at the event.
“These activities help the seniors to “We also acknowledge the efforts and
conducted the audition for 56 seniors
work together as a team and learn new contributions of Naved Ahmed, who was
for the competition over three days
things and put their time into something

earlier last month. It was very tough an integral part of Shanti Niwas and has
useful and productive,” Ms Venkat for the judges to select a final set of 12 bid adieu to Shanti Niwas to pursue his
added. participants for the grand finale,” Ms career into a different organisation and
Members of Parliament from National Venkat added. we wish him . He is going to be missed
Party Denise Lee, Kanwalijit Bakshi, Dr Parmejeet Parmar, Michael Wood
Shanti Niwas conducted several
rehearsals and trained them under
immensely by every one of us,” Ms
Venkat told The Indian Weekender.

What exactly
Are you looking to Buy
or Sell a Business? I n the light of various scams being attributed to
bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, it is crucial that
we learn and understand these complex new
technologies. Blockchain has been touted to be is bitcoin,
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25 years and is a specialist in selling businesses such as Service Stations, Lotto to disrupt various industries, but before we can
Stores, Dairies, Supermarkets and Liquor Stores. He also has vast exposure in

and blockchain
the hospitality sector. Shaun has sold many businesses and has helped hundreds understand blockchain we need to understand
of buyers and sellers of petrol stations and convenience stores throughout New where it came from and the difference between
Zealand. Shaun understands both sides of the transaction from the perspective
bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain. I am

of both the buyer and the seller as he is a former successful business owner as
he had owned and successfully run a big BP Service Station & thoroughly sure you have all heard about bitcoin, the first and
understands how it works.
most famous digital cryptocurrency that has been
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buyers and sellers together to experience successful and desirable outcomes.
Shaun has a nationwide network of contacts and a track record of success, fluctuation in value. verified. In the case of bitcoin, the information or data
receiving many referrals from satisfied buyers and sellers. But the Bitcoin story has so much more to it than in these blocks would be the transactions that have
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give me a call on 029 770 9767 or send an email to technology, currency, math, economics, and social the time they occurred. These blocks of transactions
dynamics. Bitcoin was first created in 2009, following are permanently recorded and anyone can check them
201 2017 2015/2
01 201
Shaun Khanna the global financial crisis, by an unknown person or at any time. This means the records are public and
N HI-VIZ IC OF TH N group, known as Satoshi Nakamoto. Nakamoto’s verifiable. Since there’s no central location, it harder
STAR 029 770 9767

mission was to create “a new electronic cash system”

P P to hack since the information exists simultaneously

that was “completely decentralized with no server or in millions of places. The information in these
029 770 9767
Licensed REAA 2008
central authority.” Bitcoin is a digital currency, that blocks can be anything from where a medicine was
does not have a physical form and is not issued or manufactured to the registration of your car.
controlled by any central bank or government. Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies are a product of blockchain
is issued by a process called “mining”, where “miners” technology, blockchain and cryptocurrencies go hand
Accelerating success.
Reach more people - better results faster. using powerful computers that are connected to the in hand. Cryptocurrencies are used within blockchain
internet solve complex math problems. If a “miner”
TROPHY INVESTMENT WITH HIGH PROFILE TENANT succeeds in solving the problem, they are rewarded
networks to send value and pay for transactions.
Moreover, you can see them as a tool on the
with new bitcoin. The mining process is also how
blockchain, in some cases serving a utility function,
FOR SALE BY DEADLINE PRIVATE TREATY transactions made with bitcoin are approved. Like
other times they are used to digitize the value of
closing at 4pm Thu 25 October 2018 (unless sold prior) gold and silver, bitcoin retains its value because there
2/2 DUNROBIN, HALF MOON BAY an asset. There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies
is a limited supply, there will only be 21 million bitcoin
currently on the market with Bitcoin being the number
COMMERCIAL INVESTMENT that will ever exist.
one cryptocurrency in use and value, followed by
The technology bitcoin is built on is known as
Ether. Different cryptocurrencies and blockchains
blockchain. You can think of the blockchain as an
have different functionalities, for example, the Bitcoin
unchangeable Google Sheet that everyone owns
Returning High Profile Tenant blockchain is used as a payment system, where bitcoin

$274,000 + GST and has access to, which keeps a tally of everyone’s
is the cryptocurrency, while the Ethereum blockchain
bitcoin. This Google Sheet is distributed throughout
is a platform which allows other cryptocurrencies to
the world on thousands of different computers and
automatically updates when a new transaction is built using it, and uses the Ether cryptocurrency to
recorded. Blockchain, in effect, hard-wires trust into make transactions.
460m² GFA Excellent Location
in Growth Suburb transactions or data that we might otherwise be Blockchain is touted to be a revolutionary
more cautious about. Trust is extremely important technology capable of disrupting industries like
Matthew Barnes
021 828 563 when it comes to blockchain because it can be used finance, healthcare, and supply chain. Using the
Charlie Oscroft to remove trusted third parties from transactions. blockchain we can potentially ease doubts and
021 824 564 A blockchain records information in a “chain uncertainties such as buying a used car from a Colliers International Limited,
Licensed under the REAA 2008 of blocks”, where each of these blocks contains stranger, having faith that a vegetable really is organic
information or data that is bundled together and or knowing that a prescription drug isn’t counterfeit.
The Indian Weekender Friday, October 12, 2018 NEW ZEALAND 15

Children display invigorating Indian Wardens to tackle

crime in Papatoetoe
spirit at Sikh Children’s Day IWK BUREAU

RIZWAN MOHAMMAD voluntary community patrol

called the Indian Wardens is
ikh Children’s Day, an annual setting out to keep the streets
event hosted by Supreme of Papatoetoe safe and to support
Sikh Society at the Takanini local businesses.
Gurudwara, witnessed a spike in the Founded by Rana Judge, manager
number of performers at the religious of Ōtara Business Association and
recitals and gatka and other sports Papatoetoe Mainstreet, the group has
performers. received support and funding from
The annual children’s day sees Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board.
over hundreds children, both male Rana says running the
and female participating in the group is about giving
competition such as Kavishri, Gatka, "When
back to an area that
Dastar-bandi (turban tying), poetry, we started
Gurbani, poetry and do kirtan,” Bakshi along with NZ Police he dearly loves. there were a lot of
speech, Gurbani singing, Sikh art and lot of issues in Papatoetoe,
Daljit Singh said. came forward and interacted with “I’ve been issues in Papatoetoe,
essay writing. particularly with many
Mr Singh also lauded the the community members and attached to this particularly with many cars
Young children aged as young cars being broken in to or
participation spirit of the children acknowledged their work for the c o m m u n i t y being broken in to or stolen.
as four years old participated in stolen. But since we’ve
who put a lot of effort trying to learn, greater community. for a while But since we’ve been doing
the competition and not just from been doing this we haven’t
practice and spread the knowledge NZ Police also came out with a now and I love this we haven’t heard
Auckland, but people travelled heard of any cars being
amongst each other. fancy tractor with NZ Police signage working with the of any cars being
with their children from Hastings, stolen.”
“These children use their spare which garnered a massive attraction community. It is a stolen."
Palmerston North, Bay of Plenty and Rana saidanother positive
time besides the school hours to for the visitors, especially the very multicultural area
different parts of Auckland for the aspect from the establishment of the
come forward and learn more about children who posed for pictures with and I see a lot of people who
annual event. wardens has been the opportunity for
the culture. We especially applaud the tractor. really need help and so I like doing
“The purpose of this event is to Papatoeote’s diverse cultural groups
the efforts of the parents who take the The annual children’s day what I can for the people here.”
get our children more connected to work together.
initiative and challenge to get their celebration ended with the prize Having worked closely with police
to the Gurudwara, our culture and “We worked together with the
children towards truth and religion,” giving ceremony of the children and to help reduce crime around the
history. Events like these create a Māori Wardens at the Santa Parade
Mr Singh added. langar for the visitors at the event. Ōtara Town Centre, Rana turned his
new benchmark for these children and the Culture Diversity Festival,”
To support the event, Honorary attention to Papatoetoe late last year,
to come forward and read, learn and he said.
Consul Bhav Dhillon, MP Kanwaljit starting the Indian Wardens.
understand the Gurugranth, perform “The feedback has been that
The group, which receives funding
they loved working together. We
Message to our tourists from all New Zealanders; from the Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local
Board, is currently made up of
have some issues in this area with
different groups fighting together,
Stay safe in the outdoors 12 individuals who patrol during
business hours, assisting business
but the beauty of this is that it has
helped different cultural groups to
IWK BUREAU owners and shoppers in the area
work together.”

as well as reporting suspicious
ight days have passed since the tragic death of Rana saidthe motivation for the
behaviour to Police.
Sateesh Babu Halehally-Chikkanna of Bangalore, wardens, like him, is primarily their
India on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. Rana says it has already reaped
pride for the area.
Department of Conservation Tongariro community results.
“We are just doing this from our
relations senior supervisor Stacey Faire said the spiritual “The feedback we’ve got is that
heart because of our pride in the area
rahui has been lifted, but the memory of the search the community is so happy with
and our pride in being able to help
and rescue, then body recovery, lingers with all those this,” he said.
and talking to our visitors, to our guests, our customers someone.”
who were involved - LandSAR, Police, Department “When we started there were a
and people you meet on your travels.
of Conservation, Ruapehu Alpine Lifts and Hillary “Intervene. Talk to visitors who are in your shops,
Outdoors. petrol stations or hotels. Ask them their plans, tell them
“At the entrance to the track, karakia and waiata about the New Zealand weather - what cold really means
shrouded the rescuers, grieving family and friends in a here, what rain really means here.
protective blanket of aroha. However, the sadness of “Tell them that jeans are not acceptable in any hiking
the tragedy has resonated deeply with rescuers and the
burden feels heavier as this fatality could have likely
situation. Let them know a torch can help save their
lives,” Barry says. The most visited Indian news
website in New Zealand*
been prevented. “If we all take the time to reach out, tell them at
“After such a tragedy we ask what can we do prevent different points in time, at difference places, then maybe
this happening again? People talk about duty of care or safety messages will get through. We have a collective
more warning signs or gates, but it’s well known that
people listen to recommendations from other people.
responsibility to help care for our visitors. “We need
our visitors to thrive in our country not just survive.” For online advertising options, email at
Senior Constable Barry Shepherd of Taupo Police is
encouraging all Kiwis to “step up, help by reaching out
Joint release by New Zealand Police and Department
of Conservation

Diwali celebration mesmerises community

RIZWAN MOHAMMAD was the Dragon Dance presented a stand-up comedian from Punjab
by the Chinese community- an act Parvinder Singh who entertained the

number of celebrations are immensely popular amongst small audience with his immaculate comic
on the cards across Auckland children and a ceremonial Hakka timing and jokes.
starting the Diwali fever in presented by the Maori group. “We had one of the best turnouts in
the community. More than 5000 people dropped years for the Multi-Cultural Diwali
The first of many to come this in at the event venue between 2 festival.
month was organised by the Auckland p.m. and 7 p.m. enjoying not only "The performances as expected
Indian Retailers Association ‘Multi- the dance performances on the were great, families had a great time
Cultural Diwali Festival’ at Charles stage but also making the most of spending quality time enjoying the
Street in Papatoetoe on Saturday, other activities at the venue such as event, and we have had great feedback
October 6. face painting, henna, and bouncy from both the dignitaries and the
The event was more of a castles for children, lip-smacking public,” Dr Preet from Auckland
culmination of different communities food, ornament and cloth stalls for Indian Retailers Association told The
in groups and solo showcasing dance Brown, Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi,
and community organisations shopping etc. The event was truly Indian Weekender.
coming together both to attend the and culture of different parts of India. Dr Parmjeet Parmar and Priyanca multicultural given performers from The event was supported by
event as a spectator and to perform Present at the event were Auckland Radhakrishnan from the Labour different Indian communities, Maori Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board and
and mesmerise the music lovers. Mayor Phil Goff, Members of Party and Hon Consul of India Haka, Fiji Indian dance performances Hunters Corner, Papatoetoe and local
The show started with a number Parliament from National Party Bhav Dhillon. Chinese folk dance etc. at the event. retailers from different suburbs of
of performances by young children Judith Collins, Mellissa Lee, Simeon A big surprise from the spectators Adding spice to the festival was Auckland city.
Thought of the week
"Hardships of ten prepare ordinary
people for an extraordinary
– C.S. Lewis
Auckland Weather forecast for the week
World Mental October 12 – October 18, 2018
Fri Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu
Health Day:
What is
An A.M Partly Clouds Cloudy Partly Partial Sun
shower sunny and sunny sunshine and
partly sunny sun some


15° 16° 17° 17° 14° 17° 17°

10° 9° 11° 10° 10° 11° 11°

oday’s world is full of an unprecedented number of distractions and anxieties. This week in New Zealand’s history
The cities we work in are denser than ever. Our workplaces move at a faster
pace than before. The devices we own and use for work and leisure are always
15 October 1877
awake and always hungry for more of our attention and time. Former Governor Grey becomes Premier
Is it any surprise then, that our stress levels are rising and are expected to rise in the
near future? Not really, just as it is no surprise that we are increasingly more anxious.
S ir George Grey was a dominant figure in 19th-century New Zealand politics, serving two
terms as governor before becoming premier on 15 October 1877. He was the first person to
hold both positions – an achievement that has been matched only by Keith Holyoake, who was
Sleep quality has gone down in the past few decades. prime minister for 11 years and later became governor-general.
And our subjective enjoyment of the little pleasures of our day, be it a beautiful
sunrise or the simple gratification of a good meal, seems to have evaporated, little by 15 October 1942
little, without us noticing.
New Zealand coast watchers executed by the Japanese
While we know that our minds are constantly rushed, and that this push and pull is eventeen New Zealand coast watchers and five civilians captured in the Gilbert Islands
not very conducive to a healthy life, it might seem like the problem is too difficult and (now Kiribati) during the Second World War were beheaded at Betio, Tarawa.
intractable to solve.
Not so. Mindfulness is what we should look to for permanent, holistic solutions to 16 October 1936
our modern malady. Mindfulness is an old technique, developed by the Buddha in the
Jean Batten reaches Auckland after epic solo flight
6th century BCE. But it is not for just the spiritual or the ascetic among us. Everyone ean Batten left for New Zealand from Kent, England, at 4.20 a.m. on 5 October 1936.
can adopt and benefit from it. Despite the early hour, a large media contingent gathered to see her off; Batten was already
Before describing the technique and its benefits, one must understand what famous for her successful solo flights from England to Australia in May 1934, and to South
mindfulness really is. Mindfulness is the process of bringing our attention to what we America in November 1935.
are experiencing in the current moment.
This definition may seem banal when read for the first time. But when we stop to 17 October 1877
think about the moment-to-moment turmoil of the mind, the utter uproar we experience Chief Justice declares treaty 'worthless' and a 'simple
within our minds every second, we realise that the practice can bring about a powerful nullity'
change in our daily experiences. hief Justice Sir James Prendergast’s statements when delivering judgment in the case of Wi
To focus on the current moment, to stay attentive in the present, means that instead Parata v The Bishop of Wellington would influence decision-making on Treaty of Waitangi
of thinking about the problems of the future or the disappointments of the past we stay issues for decades.
calm and responsive to the current moment. 18 October 1924
All of this -- the calm responsiveness, the stress-reduction -- sounds quite attractive, First trans-global radio transmission to London
doesn’t it? rom the family sheep station in Shag Valley, East Otago, amateur radio operator Frank Bell
You would be quite right to wonder if the technique is very difficult to learn or to sent a groundbreaking Morse code transmission received and replied to by London-based
practice. But as it happens, the trick to beginning with mindfulness is to start slow. amateur operator Cecil Goyder.
One way to learn to centre yourself in the present is to begin observing your breath. Indian Weekender : Volume 10 Issue 30
Nothing complicated, just observe the inhale and exhale of the breath. The mind will
Publisher: Kiwi Media Publishing Limited
always try to escape the confines of the present.
Content Editor: Sandeep Singh |
It will get bored or agitated and move away from the breath. But all one has to
Chief Reporter: Swati Sharma |
do, when the mind moves away, is to bring it back to observing the inhalation and
exhalation of the breath. Start with only five minutes of this practice. Reporter: Rizwan Mohammad |

Mindfulness during the day will come much easier to you once you have established Chief Technical Officer: Rohan Desouza |

a routine that includes a few minute sessions. Sr Graphics and Layout Designer: Mahesh Kumar |

A work day brings several recesses where a small session can be fitted in. After l Graphic Designer: Yashmin Chand |

unch, perhaps. Or in the evening. Accounts and Admin.: 09-2173623 |

And the amount of time spent focusing on the breath can be increased as one Sales and Distribution: 021 952218 |

becomes more fluent with the practice. Views expressed in the publication are not necessarily of the publisher and the publisher
Once begun, the practice of mindfulness brings several benefits. Being really present is not responsible for advertisers’ claims as appearing in the publication
is a great one, but there are many others.
Several recent studies have found significant stress reduction among the practitioners Views expressed in the articles are solely of the authors and do not in any way represent
of mindfulness. the views of the team at the Indian Weekender
They also sleep better. And better sleep has long been correlated with longer and Kiwi Media Publishing Limited - 133A, Level 1, Onehunga Mall, Onehunga, Auckland.
healthier lives. Printed at Horton Media, Auckland
The practice has even been shown to help in weight-loss and long-term weight Copyright 2017. Kiwi Media Publishing Limited. All Rights Reserved.
maintenance. It does not seem like an exaggeration to say that a distracted world could
benefit greatly from practicing this wonderful technique.
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Free, family friendly activities inside Ellen Melville Centre

• 10am – 3pm, Friday, 19 October, Helen Clark and Marilyn Waring Rooms, free
• Have a go at DIY henna or mehndi, learn how to wrap or drape a sari, create rangoli patterns and play interactive digital Hindi
language games.
• Plus snacks to sample – sweet mithai treats and savoury namkeen nibbles.
Getting to the festival:
• The Auckland Diwali Festival is located right in the centre of the city, and is an 8-10 minute
walk from downtown Auckland (Britomart Station).

• Leave your car at home and try cycling to the Auckland Diwali Festival!
• Auckland Transport and Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development are working
together to make the Auckland Diwali Festival more cycle-friendly. This year there will be
extra bike racks available to supplement existing permanent racks.

Public Transport
• Avoid the traffic and hop on a train, bus or ferry.
• Public transport is the best way to get to the festival, whether it’s a bus, train or ferry. It’s often easier and quicker – and it helps
make Auckland Diwali Festival a more sustainable event.
• Regular buses and trains will drop you off within a short walk of Aotea Square. Plan your journey or download a timetable from
Auckland Transport.

• For those with pushchairs and wheelchairs, the easiest place to be dropped off to get to the celebrations is via Lorne Street,
Wakefield Street, Greys Ave, and Myers Street.
• There is also allocated event parking for those in wheelchairs, which will be located on Wakefield Street, in addition to Auckland
Transport’s mobility parking on Myers Street and inside the Civic Car Park.
A few helpful tips for those with limited mobility:
• There will be accessible parking and drop-off areas, the locations will be confirmed in early October on the festival map
• Crowds tends to be their biggest from 6.30pm onwards at the food stalls and 7.30-9pm in front of the main stage
• Accessible toilets are available on Rutland St
20 INDIA Friday, October 12, 2018 The Indian Weekender


Nearly 3
evacuated in
s many as 3 lakh people have
The BJP governments will “drive each and every infiltrator out of the been evacuated in Odisha
on Wednesday in view of
country” after winning elections in 2018 and 2019, Amit Shah said severe cyclonic storm Titli, which

JP president Amit Shah on is likely to hit the Odisha-Andhra
Tuesday said that “illegal Pradesh coast.

infiltrators” took away jobs he people have been
of youths in the country, and alleged evacuated from vulnerable
that Congress chief Rahul Gandhi areas in Ganjam, Puri,
and other opposition parties had Jagatsinghpur, Kendrapara and
opposed the National Register of Khordha districts.
Citizens  (NRC) when 40 lakh such Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik
settlers were identified under the reviewed the preparedness at Special
exercise. Relief Commissioner (SRC) office as
The BJP governments will cyclone Titli races towards Odisha-
“drive each and every infiltrator
Andhra coast.
out of the country” after winning
"Till now 3 lakh people have been
elections in 2018 and 2019, Shah
evacuated as cyclone Titli is likely
said. Calling Rahul “Shaikh Chilli”
to make landfall at 5 am tomorrow,"
(a simpleton), Shah said he should
“stop daydreaming” about forming said a statement from the Chief
a government in Madhya Pradesh, Minister's Office.
where the BJP has taken root. The Chief Minister also reviewed
Shah was addressing a convention the position of the reservoir and
in Shivpuri, part of the erstwhile asked the authorities to closely
Scindia kingdom. monitor the situation.
BJP chief Amit Shah with Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan during a roadshow in Guna
He later took out a road show SRC Bishnupada Sethi has asked
in Guna, which is represented by ordered security forces to enter opposed the exercise,” Shah said. Recalling the contribution of collectors of affected districts to
Congress campaign committee Pakistan boundary and carry out “These migrants took away jobs party stalwart and a founder member ensure that 836 numbers of multi-
chief Jyotiraditya Scindia in the surgical strikes to avenge the of our youths. They (opposition of the BJP, Rajmata Vijayaraje
"These purpose shelters are kept ready to
Lok Sabha. The BJP chief said that soldiers’ death,’’ he said. parties) lacked concern Scindia, who is the grandmother
elections will accommodate maximum people.
besides development, the most Shah said the BJP for our youths and the of Jyotiraditya, Shah said massive
decide if democracy 13 NDRF and 9 ODRAF teams
important aspect of the Narendra government would hunger of the people of victories in the Assembly and Lok
and the great people have been deployed in Ganjam,
Modigovernment was creating an drive out “illegal this country. We will Sabha elections would be a great
of this country choose Gajapati, Puri, Kendrapada,
atmosphere of security. He said infiltrators” as the drive each infiltrator out tribute to her.
parties driven by Nayagarh, Bhadrak, Jagatsinghpur,
it was common for Pakistanis to party stands for after winning elections “These elections will decide if
individuals or parties Jajpur, Khordha, Cuttack, Balasore,
behead soldiers before the Modi security and rights in 2018 and 2019.” democracy and the great people of
that follow and Mayurbhanj, Kalahandi, Boudh and
government came to power. of Indians. “When the “Rahul Baba should stop this country choose parties driven
ideology." Sambalpur districts. Besides, fire
“After 12 soldiers were burnt NRC identified 40 lakh daydreaming. The Congress’s by individuals or parties that follow
illegal migrants in Assam, Rahul condition is that it would (soon) be and ideology,” he said. MP will go to service teams across Odisha have
alive, the country was angry and
baba and parties like SP, BSP and difficult to find them even with the polls in November. been asked to remain in the alert, said
frustrated. Within 10 days, the PM
TMC raised a hue and cry and help of binoculars,” Shah said. the SRC office.

India, Australia discuss Indo-Pacific cooperation Sushma to attend SCO meeting

I in Tajikistan
ndia and Australia on Wednesday
discussed cooperation in the

Indo-Pacific region at the second xternal Affairs Minister
2+2 Dialogue between the two Sushma Swaraj will attend
countries. the 17th Council of Heads of
“India and Australia share warm Government meeting of the Shanghai
Cooperation Organization (SCO) to
and multi-faceted relations based
be held in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, on
on shared democratic values and
October 11-12, it was announced.
pluralism,” the Indian External Indian Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale and Defence Secretary Sanjay Mitra meet
According to a statement issued by
Affairs Ministry said in a statement. their Australian counterparts Frances Adamson and Greg Moriarty on the sidelines
of 2nd "2+2" Dialogue in Canberra, Australia on Oct 10, 2018. the External Affairs Ministry, Sushma The SCO is a Eurasian inter-
“At the meeting, both sides Swaraj will participate in the SCO governmental organisation, the
underlined the growing convergence to work for peace and prosperity in Sanjay Mitra held the second 2+2 Council of Heads of Government creation of which was announced
on a number of strategic perspectives the Indo-Pacific. Foreign Secretaries and Defence meeting, both in the restricted as well in 2001 in Shanghai by Kazakhstan,
including the need for a free, open The Indo-Pacific has been growing Secretaries Dialogue with their as extended formats. China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan
and inclusive Indo-Pacific region,” in geopolitical importance in the face Australian counterparts, Secretary "The leaders will be discussing and Uzbekistan. It was preceded by
it said. of China’s growing influence in the of Department of Foreign Affairs prospects for further development the Shanghai Five mechanism. India,
"India and Australia are part of a region. and Trade Frances Adamson and of SCO and will exchange in-depth along with Pakistan, was granted
quad revived last year, which also Indian Foreign Secretary Vijay Secretary of Department of Defence views on current international and full membership of the bloc in June
includes the US and Japan, that seeks Gokhale and Defence Secretary Greg Moriarty. regional issues," the statement said. last year.

Modi unveils Chhotu Ram's statue, lauds his fight for farmers' cause
rime Minister Narendra Modi tall statue. Sir Chhotu Ram (1881- Devvrat, their Jammu and Kashmir
on Tuesday unveiled a statue 1945) was a well-known farmer counterpart Satya Pal Malik, Union
of Sir Chhotu Ram in Rohtak leader of the pre-independence era. Minister of State Krishan Pal Gurjar
district of Haryana and lauded his Modi said his government had and Chief Minister Manohar Lal
progressive thinking and relentless increased the MSP for wheat by Rs Khattar were also present.
work for securing the rights of the 200 per quintal and was trying to Modi visited a museum dedicated
poor and farmers. fulfil other demands of the farming to Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram.
Addressing a gathering after community. He later laid the foundation stone
unveiling the statue in Sampla town, "Our government is working on of a Rs 500 crore Rail Coach Factory
around 65 km from Delhi, the Prime He said that it was due to the vision many years. providing a platform for 'seed to (RCF) at Barhi in Sonipat district.
Minister said the peasant leader of Sir Chhotu Ram, who initiated the Union Minister for Steel Birender market' concept that will benefit The Prime Minister will unveil a
was the first to fight for securing Bhakra Dam hydroelectric project in Singh, a Jat leader from Haryana and farmers," the Prime Minister said. statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel,
minimum support price (MSP) for the 1940s, that farmers of Punjab, grandson of Sir Chhotu Ram, was Haryana and Himachal Governors said to be the tallest in the world, on
crops during the British rule. Haryana and Rajasthan benefitted for present at the unveiling of the 64 feet Satyadeo Narain Arya and Acharya October 31 near Vadodara in Gujarat.
The Indian Weekender Friday, October 12, 2018 WORLD 21


s many as 5,000 people are believed For
missing from the quake and tsunami details, call
that struck Indonesia’s Palu city, an 09 2173623 /
official said Sunday, an indication that far more 021952246 or
email at swati@
may have perished in the twin disaster than the
current toll suggests.
Indonesia’s disaster agency say they have
recovered 1,763 bodies so far from the
7.5-magnitude and subsequent tsunami that
struck Sulawesi on September 28.
But there are fears that two of the hardest-hit
neighbourhoods in Palu -- Petobo and Balaroa
-- could contain thousands more victims, Medical team members help patients outside a
swallowed up by the ground as it engulfed hospital after an earthquake and a tsunami hit Palu,
on Sulawesi island on September 29, 2018.
whole communities.
“Based on reports from the (village) heads of of the worst-hit by the powerful quake and wall
Balaroa and Petobo, there are about 5,000 people of water that devastated the coastal city.
who have not been found,” agency spokesman Much of it was sucked whole into the ground
Sutopo Purwo Nugroho told reporters Sunday. as the vibrations from the quake turned soil to Huawei
“Nevertheless, officials there are still trying to quicksand in a process known as liquefaction. Nova
confirm this and are gathering data. It is not easy
It was feared that beneath the crumbled 3 Phones, Gift
to obtain the exact number of those trapped by
rooftops and twisted rebar, a vast number of Vouchers,
landslides, or liquefaction, or mud.”
Nugroho said the search for the unaccounted bodies remain entombed.
In Balaroa, a massive government housing
Watches and
would continue until October 11, at which point
they would be listed as missing, presumed dead. complex was also subsumed by mud and more!!!
The figure drastically increases the estimates rescuers have struggled to extract bodies from
for missing people since the disaster struck 10 the tangled mess in the aftermath of the disaster.
days ago. Hopes of finding survivors have all but faded,
Officials had initially predicted that some as authorities moved closer to calling off the Prizes sponsored by
1,000 people were buried beneath the ruins of
search for the dead and declare the devastated
areas as mass graves.
But the latest tally speaks to the considerable
destruction in the worst-hit areas of Petobo and “This is Day 10. It would be a miracle to
Balaroa as the picture on the ground has become actually find someone still alive,” Muhammad
clearer. Syaugi, the head of Indonesia’s search and
Petobo, a cluster of villages in Palu, was one rescue agency told the media.

Gardening season – October and November is upon us sweet potato cuttings is good choice irrigation, plant protection measures
to plant having bulk and high calorie and maintaining proper sanitation
vegetable. within and around beds.
Creepers have to be properly
DR Small gardeners’assets
trained and diverted to trellis and
UPENDRA The best option is to startraising
SAKLANI other support systems.
nursery of vegetables in September

ctober so that October may be used for Plant protection
a n d transplanting. Mid and late spring period is
Any delay thereafter may cut short congenial time for pest outburst. The
November are mid and late spring the span of picking and produce sucking and chewing insects like
in New Zealand in contrast to the as whole. Small gardeners can snailsandslugs, white fly, aphids,
northern hemisphere, where these get seedlings of their choice from beetles, weevils are more active
months are gate way to winter as mid reputed nurseries. due to favourable breeding season.
and late autumn. Cucurbits seedlings, unlikely Similarly late and early blights,
The October and November in other vegetables are very sensitive, powdery and downy mildew are few
New Zealand are considered as most when soil balls are get crack or splits fatal diseases prevailing during this
ideal months for sowing and planting while pulling out from nursery for period.
of summer vegetables, keeping aside transplanting and may cause sudden Follow integrated pest
some regional climatic variation and mortality soon after transplanting. management to keep pest population
differences of crops timing. We should take proper care while under threshold level like proper
All favourable factors like mild uplifting seedling balls intact until sanitation, weed free condition,
warm weather, closeness of day and transplanted. well drained beds, using true to
night temperatures, longer day light, Cucurbits are creepers, need type treated seeds, rotations and
receding winter rains with calm and horizontal and vertical support for companioncropping besides using
quiet conditions are some positive smooth growth and development. light traps, bug scans and other
factors favour sowing and planting Gardeners should start making trellis biological preventive measures on
of sowing and planting. and some support systems by first expert advice.
I clubbed October and November half of November for getting desired Some mild insecticides like
grouped in two categories. One seedlings attain 4 to 5 leaves stage.
together considering uniformity result. Metaldehyde or Mesurul pellets
isdirect sown vegetables such as They are tomatoes, egg plants,
of weather conditions for kitchen Similarly, tomato plants need against snails and slugs, Rotenone
garden peas, beans, green vegetables chillies, peppersand few others.
gardeners to take up pre sowing and staking to grow properly but at the or Carbaryal dust against chewing
like spinach, silver beets, fenugreeks The most important vegetables
planting operations such as manuring same time all side buds have to be insects, Maldison or Mineral
and amaranths, coriander, potatoes, other than above are cucurbits
and bed preparation, procuring true- removed to allow main stem to grow oil against sucking insects and
beet roots, radishes and some other grown successfully only in summers.
to-type healthy seeds and sanitising to avoid bushy structure. Mancozeb or Copper oxychloride
minor vegetables. Gardeners can They are gourds like bottle gourd,
kitchen garden and beds area and This operation not only gives against powdery and downy mildew
select according to family choice and bitter gourds, snake gourds, smooth
arranging regular water supply for larger and attractive fruits but also are some common chemicals
space limitations. and ridge gourds, squashes like
irrigation. allows plants to get proper air and available in the market. They are
The second category of vegetables pumpkins, butternuts, courgettes and
light which minimises pest buildup. only to be used as preventive rather
are first raised in nursery and then cucumbers.
Sowing and planting November is a month for after as control measures.
The summer vegetables are transplanted in main beds when If gardeners have larger space then
care of plants like weeding, hoeing,
22 FEATURES Friday, October 12, 2018 The Indian Weekender

Navratri colours and celebration
12 October to 18 October | By Manisha Koushik
Manisha Koushik is a practicing astrologer, tarot card reader, numerologist, vastu and fengshui
consultant based in India with a global presence through the online channels. She is available for

dates: how and why they are chosen

consultations online as well. E-mail her at or contact
at +91-11-26449898 Mobile/Whatsapp: +91-9716145644 •
ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 20)
AYou may seek out someone special on the romantic front. Some of you can
plan a short break just to enjoy the season. This is a good period to take a step
forward on the professional front. Best course to achieve your aim would be to
hire expertise and delegate responsibilities. Someone in the family may desire
to pursue some course or hobby that you are not exactly in favour of, but it will
be in your interest to give in. Lucky Number : 2 / Lucky Colour : Sky Blue
TAURUS (Apr 21-May 20)
Your style of functioning is likely to impress those who matter. You may find
it difficult to shed old grudges against people, even if you have taken them on
someone’s behalf! Someone can force you to accompany him or her to a place
you are reluctant to go. A property is likely to come into your name. A malady
that had posed problems for you on the health front is likely to disappear for
good. Lucky Number : 11 / Lucky Colour : Orange
GEMINI (May 21-Jun 21)
This is a lucky week for you. Love life proves most satisfying as you
enjoy a better understanding with partner. A situation causing worry on
the professional front is likely to be resolved without any difficulty. You
are likely to achieve something big on the social front through family
support. You will be able to enjoy the same quality of life that you used
to as money comes to you. Lucky Number : 1 / Lucky Colour : Magenta

he Navratri festival started on which is the form of Goddess Pavrati that CANCER (Jun 22-Jul 20)
Wednesday 10 October 2018 and ends morphs into to fight and destroy the buffalo You are likely to find yourself more energetic as the week progresses. Good
on Thursday 18 October this year. demon Mahishasura and this day represents intentions in accomplishing something at work will make higher ups overlook
Navratri is a nine-night festival that ends with the warrior form of the goddess. The colour to your mistakes. A spot of bad health that had been troubling you lately is likely to
become a thing of the past. An active social life is likely to keep you busy. Love
Dussehra, or Vijayadashami, which celebrates be worn is white.
can come knocking at your door, so be prompt in letting it in! Lucky Number :
the victory of good over evil. 18 / Lucky Colour : Peach
Day 7: Saptami (16 October 2018)
During Navratri, the Goddess Durga, or the
The goddess is worshipped in the Kalaratri LEO (Jul 21-Aug 22)
mother goddess, is worshipped in each of her
form, or the dark night. She is the form of Tough competition at work can dishearten you and make you lose self-confidence.
nine forms, with each day having a different
the goddess that is fierce and represents the Some event that you had organised can prove a drain on your finances. Thawing
ritual associated with it. People will dress in
protection from all troubles, and the colour for of strained relations with someone is likely to give hope for the future. Something
a different colour each day of Navratri, which you want to accomplish on the academic front appears possible. A good break in
this day is red.
is decided based on what day of the week the a prestigious organization is likely for those in media or allied services. Lucky
festival starts and then it follows a fixed cycle. Day 8: Ashtami (17 October 2018) Number : 3 / Lucky Colour : Crimson
The 10 days of Navratri: what colour you The form of the goddess worshipped on
should wear each day and why VIRGO (Aug 23-Sep 23)
this day of Navratri is Mahagauri which is the
Efforts on the work front are likely to bring praise and appreciation for you.
younger version of Shailputri who had fair and Someone can go back on his or her word at work and put you in an embarrassing
perfect complexion. She represents beauty, situation. Your health doesn’t appear all hunky-dory, so take care. If love has
grace and the cleansing of sins. The colour to eluded you up till now, don’t despair as your perfect mate is waiting to begin
wear to worship this day is sky blue. a romantic journey together! Money will not pose any problems as you spend
judiciously. Lucky Number : 17 / Lucky Colour : Light Gray
Day 9: Navami (18 October 2018)
Goddess Durga is worshipped as Siddhidatri LIBRA (Sep 24-Oct 23)
who embodies all eight siddhis – the Spouse will be more than eager to please you and get you in an upbeat mood.
supernatural powers. She granted Lord Shiva Health may have its ups and downs, but you will be able to overcome it. You
the powers when he worshipped her and it is may be hard put to find time to discharge a social commitment pending for long.
Money you have been trying to recover from someone may take some more time
believed that she will also bestow them onto
to materialise. Don’t disclose all your cards on the professional front as someone
Day 1: Pratipada (10 October 2018) her devotees. The colour people wear for this is out to take advantage of you. Lucky Number :8 / Lucky Colour : White
The day Navratri begins is marked by the day is pink.
ritual Ghatasthapana which is performed to SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 22)
invoke the energy of the Goddess Durga.
Dussehra: Day 10 (19 October 2018) You are likely to achieve much on the academic front this week. A professional
The victory of good over evil. On the final matter will be resolved in your favour. You may find spouse off mood due to
The goddess is worshipped on this day as
day of Navratri people wear any bright and some misunderstanding, so try to clear the air. A windfall can be expected by
Shailputri is an incarnation of the Goddess some on the financial front. You feel nice with people around you, but don’t do
colourful clothing. Navratri is celebrated
Pravati, her name meaning ‘Daughter of the enough to make this happen! Delays are foreseen for those undertaking a long
differently in different regions, for example, in
Mountain’ which represents nature and purity. journey. Lucky Number : 9 / Lucky Colour : Bottle Green
the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra people
As Navratri starts on a Wednesday this year the
wear different colours of dress on each day. In
colour to wear for this day is royal blue. SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23-Dec 21)
South India, the Goddess Durga is worshipped Keeping the fires of passion alive on the romantic front may seem an onerous
Day 2: Dwitiya (11 October 2018) for the first three days of Navratri, followed by task for some. You can get envious of someone’s success on the social front. Your
The goddess is worshipped as Brahmacharini Goddess Lakshmi for the next three days and professional expertise is likely to be sought by someone from another department
who is the unmarried form of the Goddess ending with Goddess Saraswati on the final on the professional front. Those aiming for greener pastures will need to judge
Pavrati. She undertook great penance to get three days of Navratri. things correctly as plans can go wrong. Financial gains are indicated for those
Lord Shiva to marry her and she is associated In Western India, the festival is celebrated playing the stocks. Lucky Number : 22 / Lucky Colour : Red
with pious strictness. The colour for this day with nine nights of dancing – the traditional CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 21)
is yellow. dances of Gujarat (garba and dandiya raas) are Love life may need rekindling to bring back the magic in your life. Dropping
performed in circles with dancers dressed in someone off to his or her place may be entrusted to you. You may be kept
Day 3: Tritiya (12 October 2018)
colourful clothes. busy on the work front by seniors in a time consuming project. Good monetary
On this day the goddess is worshipped
management will leave you enough to splurge on yourself. Ailments like cough
as the married form of Goddess Pavrati: and cold that had been troubling you for some time are set to disappear. Lucky
Chandraghanta. The name is derived from the Number : 7 / Lucky Colour : Rosy Brown
half-moon on her forehead, which looks like a
bell. The colour for this day is green. AQUARIUS (Jan 22-Feb 19)
Financially, you may find yourself in a most favourable situation this week.
Day 4: Chaturthi (13 October 2018) This is a good time to request the boss for a raise or an increment at work.
The goddess is worshipped as Kushmanda, Businesspersons will find business picking up. Don’t get tempted to invest in
who lived in side the sun and is believed to get-rich-quick schemes as you stand to lose your hard-earned money. Feeling
have created the universe, giving it light and that someone is working against your interests may not be true.
Huge effigies of the demon Ravan are burned Lucky Number : 3 / Lucky Colour : Crimson
energy. The colour to wear on this day is grey.
on Dussehra as according to Hindu mythology PISCES (Feb 20-Mar 20)
Day 5: Panchami (14 October 2018) So much had been planned for implementing in the past few weeks but now you
in the Ramayana, at the beginning of Navrarti,
The goddess is worshipped on this day in the can start to have second thoughts because of the difficulties involved. Someone
Rama prayed to the Goddess Durga to grant
form Skandamta the mother of Kartikey. The may be instrumental in opening new avenues for earning for you. Love and
him the power to slay Ravan. Over the course
colour is orange. romance may pale if kept out in the cold for long, so do something about it!
of Navratri people worship by fasting in the
Efforts will be required, if you want to make your mark on the academic front.
Day 6: Shasthi (15 October 2018) mornings, and in the evenings there is feasting
Lucky Number : 11 / Lucky Colour : Orange
The goddess is worshipped as Katyayani, and dancing.
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24 FEATURES Friday, October 12, 2018 The Indian Weekender

Happy Navratri 2018: Delicious

food you can enjoy while fasting
appiness galore is right here knocking on our door as it is Navratri
time. Our very own Gujarati Sunburn is around the corner, a time
when everyone puts on their best foot forward. Dance, music, fashion
and a lot of holinesses are what makes this festival so special.
The word “Navratri”  means “9 days” in Sanskrit and is dedicated to Goddess
Durga. However, what really makes this 9-day event all the more special is that
devotees actually fast through the day and celebrate the spirit of the festival by
playing garba and dandiya in the night. Everyone who follows this pure and
pious festival knows that it involves fasting.
However, what makes the fasting so exciting is all the “vrat food” (fasting
food). Yes, this holy period also offers us some lip-smacking food dishes.
The perk of these is that they are super delicious and also involves limited
ingredients which are used to make the “vrat ka khana”. Listed below are few
food items which are the perfect picks for the Navratri fast.

Sabudana Khichdi  Dairy products
A section of devotees like to
stick to a liquid diet throughout the

9 days avoiding any sort of solid
food. Some of the healthy and filling
dairy product dish options are cut
vegetables in curd, chaas/buttermilk,
A dry-style curry of crunchy okra cooked with authentic Indian spices roasted almond in milk. We are so

kra (or bhindi) is a gift from the tropics to the world, and is grown in abundance across Africa and India. This sure that it will soothe the heart.
dish is made year-round in Indian homes because okra is easily available. In fact, India is the largest producer of  Aloo ki kadhi
okra in the world. Tender, young and fresh okra is best suited for this stir-fry as it adds crunch and flavour. The
spices bring out the sweetness of the okra while the dry mango powder (amchur) lends a slight tangy touch.
Preparation Time: 10 min
Cooking Time: 35 min

Serves: 4 / Tastes: Medium



• 250g bhindi
• 2Tbsp oil
• 1 lemon, to squeeze over
• 1 medium onion, chopped 1 tsp ginger paste
• 1 tsp garlic paste
• 1 medium tomato, chopped The most popular dish during
• 1 tsp coriander powder fasting is sabudana as it is rich in
• 1/2 tsp red chilli powder carbohydrates and starch and keeps
• 1/2 tsp turmeric powder our food cravings at bay. Sabudana
• 1/2 tsp garam masala powder 1/4 tsp amchur powder khichdi or sago khichdi as it is
• Salt, to taste known in the Southern state of the
METHOD country is made up of tapioca pearls.
• Rinse bhindi well in water, then dry each pod Use your otherwise boring aloo
The khichdi is prepared with peanuts,
completely before cooking: this prevents the bhindi and give it a tasteful twist. Use the
70 | India’s Most Wanted Recipies Ruby Dhillon

mild spices, potatoes, sendha namak

from becoming sticky and stringy. • Turn the heat to low and add all the powders to the boiled potatoes with the curd gravy
(fast salt) and fresh coriander.
• You can leave the damp bhindi on a plate to air-dry, or onion masala, one by one and stirring in between, (kadhi) and temper it with mustard
alternatively, gently wipe each pod with a paper towel. taking care not to burn them. Mix well and sauté for  Kuttu aata ki puri sleeves and curry leaves. It is healthy,
Once dry, chop off and discard the base, then cut into a minute. filling and yes, lip-smacking.
5cm pieces. • Add the sautéed bhindi and salt to taste, mix well
 Singhare aate ka halva
• Heat 2 Tbsp of oil in a heavy-bottomed pan on a so that the bhindi is evenly coated. Cook for a few
medium heat. Add the chopped bhindi to the oil, sauté minutes, stirring occasionally, until teh bhindi is soft.
for 3–4 minutes, squeeze over the lemon juice, stir • Serve hot with Tandoori Roti.
again for 3–4 minutes or until the bhindi is halfway Ruby's Tip: This is a dry dish (rather than a liquid gravy)
cooked. Remove, place on a plate and keep aside. so do not cover the bhindi once it has been added to the
• Add 2 Tbsp of oil to the same hot pan, add chopped onion tomato masala. This way it stays nice and dry, yet
onions and sauté until they become translucent. Add well coated with masala. Try to keep it on a high flame
the ginger and garlic paste, stir and sauté for a minute, when mixing it together, and stir often to prevent it
then add the chopped tomatoes and sauté until the sticking yet to the bottom of the pan.
tomatoes become soft. Singhare aate ka halva is made up
Buckwheat flour or kuttu ka aata
of water-chestnut flour, jaggery and

Makhana Kheer
is extremely healthy and instantly
dry fruits. The procedure of the dish
boosts up the energy level. The
is the same as of any halva. This one
puris made with kuttu ka aata are a

will definitely make your taste buds
akhana Kheer is a delicious dessert recipe with favourite during fasts and is eaten
super happy.
the goodness of dry fruits. This is one of the either with curd or aloo ki sabzi.
favourite recipes in every Hindu household and
is a loved dish on fasting festivals like Navratri.
• 250 gm lotus seed pops
• 500 ml milk
• 4 tablespoon ghee
• 8 almonds
• 120 gm sugar
• 8 cashew
• 1 pinch saffron a blender jar and grind until it is powdered.
METHOD • Add sugar to the boiled milk according to your taste.
 Fruits and vegetables
• Take a pan, add ghee and heat it on low flame. Add 1 Now, add cardamom powder, saffron, powdered lotus
The best option always whenever
cup lotus seed pops and cashews to the pan along with seed pops mixture to the milk and stir properly for a
you’re feeling your health go down.
almonds and roast on low flame until the seed pops minute.
Our celebrities swear by makhana Fresh fruits or fruit juices are both
turn crunchy and cashews turn golden. Keep aside for • Then, add reserved 1/4 of the lotus seed pops, cashews
and it is a great snack when one is filling and keeps us fresh throughout
a while. and almonds mixture and mix properly. Keep stirring
fasting too. Makhanas or lotus seeds the day. These vrat dishes will be a
• Add milk (preferably use organic milk) to a thick on low flame for around 10 minutes until the pop seeds delight to your taste buds and will
can either be roasted in ghee or
bottom pan and let it boil. turn soft. instantly melt your heart. If you have
eaten raw. They are a great source of
• Now, reserve 1/4 of the roasted lotus seed pops, • Let it simmer for few more minutes. Serve hot and any more vrat dishes options.
energy and is also super tasty.
cashews and almonds mixture and add the rest of it to enjoy.



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5. Nearly how many years did it take Sir
Francis Drake to complete the first
circumnavigation of the globe in 1580
6. Name the most famous battle of 1346
7. In 1979 which English art historian was
exposed as a one-time Soviet spy and
stripped of his knighthood?
8. In 1816 which US state was admitted to
the Union as the 20th state?
9. In which year did the demolition of the
Berlin Wall begin?
10. Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI
created which principality in 1719?
11. Saloth Sar, born 19 May 1925, is better
known by what name
12. What tax was introduced in England
and Wales in 1696 and repealed in 1851
13. Which book was published in London
on April 25th, 1719
14. Who founded the Salvation Army in
SUDOKU NO: 30 London, 1865?
15. Who designed Regent’s Park in London
in 1811?
16. Southern Rhodesia became what
country in 1980?
17. The first day of which battle was the
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18. Who became president after the
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20. Which city is normally accepted as
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22. In 1297, at which battle did William
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24. 24. Which is the oldest University in
the USA?
25. 25. Who was the cult leader of the Waco
Siege in 1993?
Cambridge Massachusetts) 25. David Koresh
Bridge 23. Edward Jenner 24. Harvard (founded 1636, in
President Nassar 20. Winchester 21. 1603 22. Battle of Stirling
Zimbabwe) 17. Battle of the Somme 18. Andrew Johnson 19.
15. John Nash 16. Zimbabwe (The Independent Nation of
Pot 12. Window tax 13. Robinson Crusoe 14. William Booth
Anthony Blunt 8. Mississippi 9. 1989 10. Lichtenstein 11. Pol
1936) 3. Papa Doc 4. The Battle of Lepanto 5. 3 6. Crecy 7.
Answers:1. Sweden (Olof Palme) 2. George V (reigned 1910-

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HITORI NO: 30 See how many differences you can find in the right or left photo.
Hitori – a logic puzzle with very simple them in Black.
rules and challenging solutions. Can You are not allowed to have two
you eliminate numbers until there are Black squares touching horizontally
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Eliminate numbers by marking
28 ENTERTAINMENT Friday, October 12, 2018 The Indian Weekender

It’s good that women are finally talking and Gaining momentum is
publicly pulling up some people: Kajol good sign: Aishwarya
fter Tanushree Dutta’s elebrated actress and former Miss World Aishwarya Rai
claims against Nana Patekar, Bachchan looks at the #MeToo movement gaining
it seems that the Me too momentum as a positive sign and she believes that
Movement in India has begun, now, talking on women empowerment should be a continuous
actress Kajol has spoken about the process.
same and has expressed her views “I think it is a good sign how the #MeToo movement
on it. is gaining momentum. However, I would refrain
to comment on any specific case as that would be
Back in 2017, #MeToo as a hashtag
irresponsible on our part.
spread internationally that signified
At least some of these cases would become sub
sexual harassment at workplace
judice soon. So, I don’t think it would be proper to
and lots of women came out in the
talk about any particular incident,” Aishwarya said.
open including some Hollywood The actress was present along with designer
biggies. Now, in Bollywood, actress Sabyasachi Mukherjee for the launch of the new
Tanushree Dutta opened up about makeup line festival collection named “L’Oreal
her ordeal on the sets of 2008 film, Paris X Sabyasachi Calcutta” for the special media
Horn Ok Please after 10 years of interaction.
living with it. She claimed of being Referring to the cosmetic brand L’Oreal, she said:
Sexually harassed by actor Nana “We started the ‘We Worth It’ award and I became
Patekar at her workplace. Post this, the poster girl of that. I came on board because we
another filmmaker, Vikas Bahl #MeToo revelations that are shaking Too movement in India. Recently, are speaking for women, giving them a platform for
was accused of Sexual misconduct up our world on a daily basis. another actor, Rajat Kapoor was appreciation of their efforts by a wider audience.” The
by a female after which the entire It’s good that women are finally also accused of Sexual misconduct 44-year-old actress believes that speaking up for
Bollywood seemed to be coming talking and publicly pulling up some by a journalist. The actor issued women to help them find a voice is a continuous
forward with their opinion.   people. It’s not going to take away an apology too through his twitter process and that the social media is helping
A lot of women in different work the pain and shame they faced in the account on the same. them find an audience to share their story. The
fields have opened up about their past. But by speaking up, they can try Thus, Tanushree Dutta’s claims Guru fame actress said: “I have spoken and will
harassment at the workplace. Post continue to when it comes to speaking for women...
and ensure that this doesn’t happen to seemed to have opened up a
this a lot of Bollywood actors are ever since I have got the microphone in my
others in the future. Pandora’s box and a lot of women
speaking in support of the start of Me hand, right from the platform of
Younger people, and I’m not being are coming forward about
Miss World (pageant).
Too movement in India. gender specific here, will know harassment at their
“Since the world is
"The laughter dies out when you where to draw the line. They will workplace. On the becoming a smaller
bring up the subject of #MeToo know when to stand up and say, ‘So work front, Kajol space where social
revelations that are shaking up far but no further.” is busy with the media is bringing
our world on a daily basis" She expressed that women coming promotions of people closer and
forward now will help a lot of women her upcoming anyone from any
Recently, the Helicopter Eela in the future and it will ensure that film Helicopter part of the world
actress, Kajol, spoke up on the start such incidents don’t happen in the Eela. The can share their story
of Me too movement in India. The future. Apart from Kajol, a lot of movie is slated and find interested
actress said, “The laughter dies out other actors from Bollywood have to release on people to listen to
when you bring up the subject of spoken up openly on the start of Me October 12, 2018. them,” she said.
Sushmita Sen: I don’t think a campaign will bring
a change in mindset; we’re not ready for that yet Divyanka: TV’s female dominated industry;
have learned to ensure their own safety
he MeToo movement in India has finally arrived and women across the industries are

coming forward to recount their encounter with sexual harassment. ivyanka Tripathi Dahiya wrong suffer the consequences
Many journalists have shown courageous to come forward to name and shame those opens up about the of their own actions!”
who continue to foster such a unsafe environment for individuals to work in. Sushmita Sen, MeToo movement When asked if she thinks the
who is known for her outspokenness during an interaction with The Quint said that she doesn’t which has taken over the Television industry is well
think any movement can change the mindset of people. It is a far deeper thing and we country. equipped to ensure women
are not ready for it as yet.  Divyanka lauds women safety on sets given the
About the MeToo movement, Sushmita said, “I was reading an who have come out in open to number of women who work
interview of Tanushree Dutta this morning and she is right that it tell their stories. She also said in the small screen industry
isn’t about the coming of a #MeToo campaign. By all means, that women in the Television especially, Divyanka added, “I
it will come and it will go. It is far deeper. It’s a mindset. To industry have learned to ensure think television that way is a
change that, you’re looking at an entirely new generation their own safety over the comfortable industry and since
being raised and being educated to believe in their rights Divyanka Tripathi  Dahiya its a female dominated industry,
and responsibilities. So, I don’t think a campaign will has been ruling the Television most actresses have learned to
do it. We’re not ready for that yet.” Sushmita was industry for over a decade now. support to those who have been ensure their own safety. I don’t
speaking at the Outlook Speak Out 2018 event.  The actor is not only popular courageous enough to tell their think its about the industry
When specifically asked about Amitabh for her roles but also for being stories.  as much as about knowing as
Bachchan’s silence on the issue, Sushmita added, very outspoken. Be it her woes   Divyanka, who is herself a woman how to safeguard
“I don’t like to speak about someone else as a regular Mumbaikar or her a great champion of women yourself regardless of what
because everybody has their own reasons "But calling out trolls on the social empowerment, said, “I think career you have chosen or where
for it,” and continued, “But as far as I as far as I media, Divyanka has always its great that women are finally you stay.” 
am concerned, I think it’s time we stop am concerned, I been straightforward and that is standing up and voicing what The movement took pace in
treating everything as a problem of a think it’s time we stop one of the reasons why her fans they have been through.  We India after former Bollywood
sector, it is a basic human right. treating everything as cannot stop gushing about her. need to tell our daughters to actress Tanushree Dutta
To live a dignified life and that a problem of a sector, With the MeToo movement speak up, our sisters not to reiterated about the harassment
concerns everyone. It isn’t just it is a basic human taking the country by storm, hide and that if someone is incident which allegedly
about film industry because you are right" thereby opening a floodgate of approaching you for something happened with her on the sets
talking about an actor, it isn’t about stories involving powerful men, you aren’t comfortable with, of Horn Ok Pleass. Since then
the person from the media industry because its we got in touch with Divyanka SPEAK UP!  The worst thing we many names have come to the
only related to media. Women exist in all sectors today and to know what is her stand on can do is keep a crime hidden, forefront including Kailash
thank god for that. Their safety and their integrity is very much it. Many leading actresses too let the world know about it Kher, Zulfi Syed, Rajat Kapoor,
everyone’s responsibility.” have come out to extend their and let those who are doing Vikas Bahl.
The Indian Weekender Friday, October 12, 2018 ENTERTAINMENT 29


ctor Alok Nath, who has been accused of rape by "Tara" such a situation, it would be wrong to say anything,"
writer-producer Vinta Nanda, on Tuesday said the he said. Nanda held a press conference here on
allegation is "absurd" as he "made her what she is". Tuesday, talking further about how when she had
Alok told ABP News: "Kuch to log kahenge (People will say opened up two decades ago, nobody came to support
something). her. "When I spoke years ago, not a single person
Neither I am denying this nor do I agree with it. It (rape) must came in support of me. And now one Facebook post
have happened, but someone else would have done it. Well, became viral and I am standing in front of
I do not want to talk much about it. As for the matter, "When you with so much support. Not a single
if it has come out, it will be stretched. I spoke years ago, person questioned him that (time),
"However, we only have to hear to women's not a single person came everyone knew what happened...
stand because they are considered weak." in support of me. And now one Silence is dangerous. I became
Media tried contacting Alok since Nanda Facebook post became viral and silent, due to which I had to suffer
wrote about her experience via a Facebook I am standing in front of you with so much. I left the industry," she
post on Monday. But calls and messages went so much support. Not a single person said.
unanswered. questioned him that (time), everyone Has she filed a police complaint,
Nanda, a veteran writer-producer of the knew what happened... Silence Nanda said: "I have not filed a police
avant-garde 1990s' show "Tara" fame, accused is dangerous. I became silent, complaint yet."
Alok – known for his "sanskaari" on-screen due to which I had to suffer However, she feels this is "just the
image – of sexually violating her almost two so much. I left the beginning" of the #MeToo movement in
decades ago. industry." Bollywood and other fields in India. "It will not
The Cine & TV Artists Association (CINTAA) has stop now and it should not stop. It is encouraging. It is
decided to send him a show-cause notice. Asked about his just a beginning. Women should not afraid to speak."
"sanskaari" image, Alok said: "What do I have to do with people? Why was she silent for so long?
People will say anything to spoil the image. Leave my image, "I took a lot of time to open. I was blaming
whatever has been said, it is absurd." myself that why I was so bold, why I was so open...
He said at one point, Nanda used to be his good friend. I was questioning myself... So, I was not able to
" she said such a big thing. In a way, it was me who made come out. But now I have realised that I should not
her what she is. It is useless to react on the allegations as in today's be ashamed of myself and the man who harassed
world, whatever a woman says, only that will be considered. In me should be ashamed of himself."

Soni Razdan supports Vinta Nanda: What is India's Me Too movement:

unacceptable is that the channel did nothing Anurag Kashyap steps back from his
duties as a board member from MAMI
to protect the girl
nurag Kashyap has decided

inta Nanda made the most shocking revelation to step back from his duties
which shook the entire industry. She accused as a board member from
Alok Nath, who is known for his ‘sanskaari’ MAMI. In a series of tweets, he has
image, of rape. apologized for being silent and not
Soni Razdan tweeted in support of her. able to do much to help the survivor
After many women coming forward with their horrific is the case of Vikas Bahl.
stories of sexual harassment by renowned people of After a long wait of years, the
belated arrival of India’s Me Too
Bollywood, Vinta Nanda made the most shocking
movement has finally taken its flight.
revelation which shook the entire industry.
It all started with Tanushree Dutta
She accused Alok Nath, who is known for his ‘sanskaari’
opening up on her ordeal in front of
image, of rape. She said that she was raped by him two
the world and without any hesitation,
decades now. she said it was Nana Patekar harassed
Now, even Alok Nath has opened up on it and said her on the sets of Horn Ok Pleasss. Bahl was accused of molestation by a
that it’s her perspective and added that, ‘In any horrific Tanushree has become torchbearer of female employee of Phantom Films.
incident, a single person isn’t involved, either it’s a ghost the movement. This news sent shock-waves through
Today, we got in touch with Vinta Nanda and she told us, Manu women have now gathered the film industry. Vikas, back then,
“It’s all there on my Facebook. I won’t say anything less the courage to speak up about denied the allegations and said that
or more. But, I want to say that I am really overwhelmed their offenders. India’s media and he has known the accuser for a long
with all the support that I am getting. entertainment industries have been time. He had also added that the
There’s no end in it. Tanushree has definitely has broken good time for women and girls and I think we all should rocked by accusations of sexual women in question never showed
grass-ceiling but this has been going on from some time. misconduct against prominent any signs of discomfort whenever he
rally together to make sure that in future, nobody tries
She has come out with a force that it required. I think now personalities. One of the shocking was around her.
something that’s not respectful for women.” 
if they don’t change, they will never change. Fortunately, one is Alok Nath. Many other names However, now the survivor in an
India’s Me Too movement started when Tanushree
it’s far behind in my case and the trauma is not that close have been brought up in the limelight. interview to Huffington Post, has
Dutta first broke her silence and said that Nana Patekar
as it’s to other people. In the wake of the Me Too opened up about the incident once
harassed on the sets of Horn Ok Pleasss. Post her more. She said that Vikas assaulted
I have really put myself and I felt that it’s important movement, one of the founders of
statement, women have gathered the courage to speak up her and Phantom knew it but no one
that young girls get a sense of confidence from that. It’s a Phantom, Vikas Bahl's name has also
and narrate their incidents out in open.  been popped up. Last year, Vikas condemned it.

#MeToo: Top Bollywood body sends notices to Patekar, Bahl, Alok Nath
aking a firm stand against cases of alleged stop working with them. In a way, they will be Alok Nath allegedly made a sexual assault on
sexual harassment in the film industry, banned by the entertainment industry." writer-producer Vinta Nanda 19 years ago and
the Federation of Western India Cine When asked about the content of notice, Pandit director Vikas Bahl is alleged to have sexually
Employees (FWICE) has sent notices to Nana said it calls accused's version with regard to the harassed one of his female colleagues in 2015.
Patekar, Vikas Bahl and Alok Nath, who have charges slapped against them. "The idea is to Taking a vow to support the #MeToo
been accused of indulging in such acts. hear both sides of the story and then take a legal movement, Pandit said: "Our legal team is
Going a step further, the Federation also recourse." there to guide and support all the victims of
announced to stop working with these people if Some other members of the committee, such harassments and we urge them to file the
they fail to respond to the notices. including Ashok Dubey, B.N. Tiwari complaint whenever they face such a situation.
Speaking to the press on Wednesday evening, "We and Gangeshwar Shrivastav, We want to create a fear among such sick-minded
Chief Advisor of FWICE Ashok Pandit said: will support were also present at the press people so that they refrain from even thinking
"We have sent notices to Nana Patekar, the victim in their conference. While Nana about conducting themselves in this manner with
Vikas Bahl and Alok Nath. They have legal fight. We will take Patekar is accused of sexually any other members of the fraternity.
to respond within a week. If they don't such case to the court harassing actress Tanushree "We will support the victim in their legal fight.
respond on time, the five lakh members to seek justice for every Dutta in 2008 on the sets We will take such case to the court to seek justice
of our federation in different bodies will victim of the industry." of "Horn Ok Pleasss", actor for every victim of the industry."
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