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2001 Matthew lesson 3


Matthew 2:1-23
Key Verse 2:2


1. Read verse 1. Who were the Magi? Where did they come from? How is the time of
their coming indicated?

2. What did they believe about the baby Jesus? Why? (Nu 24:17; Rev 22:16b) Why did
they want to worship him? (2 Pe 1:19) Imagine what their long journey had been like.
In what respect do they have the image of truth-seekers?

3. Why did they make inquires in Jerusalem? What effect did their inquires have on King
Herod and the people of Jerusalem? Why?

4. What were the immediate measures Herod took to locate the baby? What did he
learn? What does this prophecy (6) teach us about Jesus?

5. How did Herod lie to the Magi and what did he order them to do? How is King Jesus
different from King Herod?

6. How did they find Jesus? Describe their reaction when they saw the star again. Why
were they so joyful? (What is the joy of truth-seekers?)

7. Upon finding Mary and Jesus, what did they do? What gifts had they brought? What
was the significance of their gifts and worship? What shows the purity of their
motives? What can we learn from them? (Dt 4:29; Jn 4:23)


8. How did the Magi outwit Herod? What can we learn from them? How did Joseph's
family escape? What does this teach us about God? What can we learn from Joseph?

9. What did Herod do in his effort to destroy Jesus? What does this show about Satan's
unceasing efforts to destroy God's work? How is God's sovereign control of history
revealed in these events?

10. When and why did Joseph return to Israel? Where did his family settled? How did this
continue to show God's hand ruling history? Why is this important?