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Establish Safety Policy and

ANSI/AIHA Z10 leadership to implement it

-Have procedures to ensure
employee participation

Aspergillosis Fungus

# of protons and
atomic mass neutrons in the

atomic number number of protons

defines the elements

Benzene exposure
causes what health leukemia
Brucellosis Bacteria from cattle

Celsius -> Kelvin * Celsius + 273 =


Valley Fever - fungus

Coccidioidomycosis in soil of specific

Days away or restricted

DART Rate job transfer (# DART
Cases *200000)/ # of
Hours Worked

pain located to base of

thumb (diagnosed
using Finklestein's test)
Difference between LC - inhalation
LC50 and LD50

e= 2.718

Elements of ...

Endocrine disruptor disturbs hormone


Tennis Elbow - caused

Epicondylitis by jerking or throwing
Joint deviation
Ergonomic Risk
Force (>7 lbs, grasping/pinching)
Factors (5) Vibration

Farenheit --> Rankin * Farenheit

Gasoline flashpoint -45 degrees

the observation that

Healthy worker effect employed populations tend to
have lower mortality rates
than the general population

muscle spasms that

Heat Cramps result from a loss of salt
and water through
Caused by severe electrolyte loss,
hypotension, dizziness, vomiting,
Heat Exhaustion and fainting. Leads to decreased
blood pressure, cardiac output,
organ failure, and death. Clammy

A life-threatening condition
Heat stroke involving very high body
temperature, lack of
perspiration, and rapid pulse.

3 E's - Engineering,
Heinrich Education, Enforcement
- most accidents caused
by unsafe acts.
Two aspects:
Herzberg Hygiene (Satisfaction) - $$, Status,
Relationship, Working conditions, company
Motivation/Hygiene policies

Theory Motivation- Achievement, recognition,

enjoyment of work, promotion, responsibility

How far is a person

allowed to free fall 25 feet
into a net?
How long can a
supplied airline for a 300 ft
respirator be?

Disconnect between mature

workers and organizational
Incongruence Theory characteristics. EE's want to be self
directed but organizations do not
allow this to occur. Treat adults like
adults they will act like adults.

atom or molecule with an

ion electrical charge. (# of
electrons are not equal to
the number of protons)

Ionizing Radiation that moves

electrons out of orbit.

atoms with the same

isotope atomic number but with
different numbers of
time between first
latency period exposure and onset of

Lowest dose where

LOAEL adverse effect was

Function of planning, organizing,

coordinating and measuring info
management and using that data to persuade an
organization to move in a specific
direction. (Leadership sets the

Mazlow's Hierarchy Physiological>Safety>Social>Esteem>Self


People are externally

McGregor Theory X motivated to work
People are internally
McGregor Theory Y motivated to work

6.02 x 10^23, (gram

Mole molecular weight,
mass of an atom)

Neurotoxin Nervous system

Hepatoxin Liver
Renal Toxin Renal - kidneys

NOAEL Highest dose with no


No Observable Effect
NOEL Level (Highest dose
with no harmful effect)
Be familiar with
OSHA standards tox toxicology terms of osha
regulated chemicals

Pareto Principle 80/20 rule. 80% of effects result from

20% of causes.

'the how' to get things

plan done (not the what).
May or may not be

The risk that remains

Residual Risk after preventive
measures have been

Bacteria - Rocky
Rickettsia mountain spotted
Risk probability * severity

broad set of plans and

safety program policies addressing the
safety goals of an

-Training and Education
Safety Program
-Engineering Controls
Objectives (5) -Inspections
-Accident Investigations

SMART -Achievable

the ratio of the density of

specific gravity the substance compared to
water's density (does it float
or sink in water?)
Theory Z Team approach to

-Needs assessment
-Training objectives
-Specific content and media
Training Steps (7) -Account for individual differences
-Specify learning conditions

mass per unit volume of

vapor density a vapor compared to air
(does it float or sink in

What amount of 5 rem/yr

radiation are u.s. fyi: 100 rem causes
workers allowed to be radiation sickness
exposed to per year? 500 rem is LD50