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When recommending hood specifications for an exhaust Utility controls should be inside the hood

hood where perchloric acid is being used, what would you

not recommend?

In some combustible gas meters, an electrical circuit consisting Wheatstone Bridge

of a series of resistors is used to measure the mixture of
combustible gas to air. The circuit is called?

What is considered the least effective safety measure for work Both workers assigned to task inside the tank
that requires entry into a confined space known to have
contained toxic chemicals?

What is not a common redundant design philosophy Derating

What is a management tool for helping top management Benefit-cost analysis

understand and prioritorize the corrective actions to reduce
the risk of identified loss scenarios?
Total quality management philosophy considers accidents to Process defect or mistake-preventable in every way
fall into which of the following categories?

When you find defective equipment during an inspection and Prepare a report to management documenting your findings
your initial request for funding has been turned down, what in a clear concise manner stressing the risk of injury and the
should you do? degree of non-compliance

What represents the best opportunity to develop good work Reward correct responses with positive reinforcement

What is an example of progressive discipline? Worker was given a verbal warning for not wearing safety
glasses, and a month later given 5 days without pay for a
second offense

What is correct concerning OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134 OSHA requires respirators used by more than one worker to
respiratory protection? be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each use.
What describes the purpose for the establishment of a Establish what will be done and when
construction safety plan?

What best describes the selection of personnel by random Personnel are selected using a random number generator
(epidemiological studies)?

According to contemporary management theory, decisions At the lowest level that has adequate knowledge
should be made when?

What are leading indicators? Trends that predict future loss performance

What best describes the theory of “Management by Only manage deviations from normal
What is not an alternative name for Management by Management by cooperation

What is the authority granted by the General manager to the Functional authority
safety engineer to stop imminent danger operations?

Safety by objectives requires agreement between which two Managers and supervisors

What is not true concerning the data presented by graphs and Tables are approximations-graphs are exact
Tables depict exact information; graphs are approximations

Ratings of employees are most valuable when?? Based entirely on factors that can be measured objectively
What manufacturing production line would be the most Straight process line
conducive to safe operations?

While comparing the capabilities of computer and humans, Computers are better at following random and variable
what is not true?? strategy

When performing complicated system safety analysis how is Analysis could be incorrect
computer performance affected by a single bit problem?

A system safety technique that selects an undesired event Fault tree analysis
whose possibility or probability is to be determined and then
reviews system requirements, functions and designs to
determine how the top event could occur is called??

What involves an action that takes place at the surface of an Adsorption

adsorbent material where gas and solids make contact??