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8 ways to raise your vibration.

1. Become conscious of your thoughts. Everything you think, say or feel becomes your reality. ...
2. Find something beautiful and appreciate it. ...
3. Be conscious of the foods you eat. ...
4. Drink water. ...
5. Meditate. ...
6. Be grateful. ...
7. Practice acts of kindness. ...
8. Get your blood pumping.

#3a: High Frequency Vibration


by Mae McCaw
So what does it mean to be “high frequency” or “high vibration”? There was a study done by Dr. Hawkins on “Measuring
Consciousness Levels”. According to Hawkins, humans vibrate at an average scale BELOW 200 (in which they
commonly exhibit emotions such as Pride, Anger, Desire, Fear, etc.) The collective human consciousness, however,
vibrates at just ABOVE 200. How is this possible when the average is below 200? This is due to those who vibrate at
much higher frequencies which counterbalance negative energies of lower vibration. Vibrations in the 200-400 scale
represent Courage, Neutrality (“walking the middle path”), Willingness, Acceptance and Reason while others vibrate on
the scale of Love (500), Joy (540), Peace (600) and Enlightenment (700-1000 e.g. Ascended Masters Buddha, Jesus,
Krishna or other Enlightened embodied human). An individual who vibrates at the level of Love (500) can counterbalance
the energy of 750,000 people! Those at the level of 700 can counterbalance over 70 MILLION low vibrating human
In essence, the higher your frequency, the higher your Consciousness, and the greater is your effortless assistance in
raising the vibration of the planet (by virtue of being alive–never mind that you meditate but imagine the force and
magnitude of your energy when directed through meditation! You could literally move mountains. We, as a relatively
small group, could overturn any earth changes just by directing Love throughout the planet and/or specific region such as
here in L.A.). Interestingly, one acts much like an antenna constantly broadcasting energy via thoughts, feelings, emotions,
and actions. If you find yourself down and/or unmotivated and could use some helpful tips to raise your vibration, just
remember “choose Love” (every conscious moment). Let it emanate from your HEART. Laugh a lot. Express Gratitude.
DANCE. Experience Art that inspires you. Enjoy being in Nature. Eat/drink GREENS. Meditate. Pray. Practice Yoga.
Surround yourself with people you love who appreciate you. Play with your pets. Note that dogs (500) and cats (400)
vibrate at much higher scales than humans. (See links below on ways to raise vibration.) It is said that there are
approximately 60 million enlightened souls (Light Beings) currently embodied/reincarnated on Earth at this time …who
are awakening.
It is also said that the higher your vibration frequency, the more the earthly mysteries are unveiled to you. In many cases,
abilities you didn’t have before awakening – often seemingly superhuman – but are frequently known as 4D abilities (as
opposed to 3D) such as astral projection, out-of-body experience, soul traveling, telepathy, channeling, telekinesis, remote
viewing, control of your electromagnetism, teleportation/ dematerialization (atomic restructuring at will), time travel,
extradimensional or psychic insights (e.g. clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudient, claircognizance) and the like begin to
resurface. If you are not awakening to these abilities now, you may experience other insights such as seeing auras, beings
from other dimensions, UFOs, and crop circles, etc. You may also awaken to the realization of your “starseed” origin
(and/or be contacted through dreams and “missing time”). These are all part of the rising vibration of Mother Earth as she
shifts to a higher dimension (5D…from a planetary frequency of 7.83 Hz* in 1954 to 11 Hz in 2008 – known as the
Schumann Resonance – and nearly 15 Hz today) as we, the cells of her body, ride the coattails of her rising vibration;
though, ultimately, your personal vibration (via “free will”) is your own gatekeeper to awakening/raising your
consciousness, recovering these lost abilities and/or unveiling these mysteries.
*For more on the Schumann-Resonance of 7.83 Hz, click to watch the film RESONANCE – BEINGS OF FREQUENCY.
(1) Measuring Consciousness Levels by Dr. Hawkins (full
(2) Raising Your Vibration
(3) Raising Your Vibrational Rate (and Ascension/Energy Shift Symptoms)


Vibrations of Matter~Life~Energy

- (Everything vibrates) life is vibration. So is mind. So is matter.

- Electricity or vibration is that same energy, same power, ye call God.
- All forces vibration, as all comes from one central vibration - taking different form
-1299-1 And as the electrical vibrations are given, know that Life itself, to be sure, is the Creative Force or God, yet its manifestations
in man are electrical or vibratory.
- Electricity is God in Action! Seeing this, feeling this, knowing this, ye will find that not only does the body become revivified, but
by the creating in every atom of its being the knowledge of the activity of this Creative Force or Principle as related to spirit, mind,
body, all three are renewed.
- They that have wisdom are great, they that have understanding as to the manner to apply same for the good of self and others -
are in the awareness of the kingdom.
- We each have our own vibrations, and vibrate at our own rate.
- Vibrations vary in intensity within each person and from person to person, depending upon the experiences being manifested.
- We are attuned to our own vibrations - this attunement is acted upon or varied by the forces surrounding or within us.
- Where our experiences are spiritual, our vibration rate is high.
- It would seem that vibrations act as a cohesive agent in all nature - holding things together - as all force is vibration.
- No matter whether a force which is manifested be for good or evil, it emanates from one source.
900-422 (Seems to tell us that we are gods!)
- to know Spirit, we must believe it is - We may find Spirit in the same way as we seek and find the positive and negative forces in
- Jesus used universal law and in the deflection of same
- (Mediums receive from without, Cayce received from within.)
- All bodies radiate those vibrations with which it, the body, controls itself, in mental, and physical, and such radiation is called the
- (Akashic records) hold the radiations that an entity leaves behind.
- (Meditation) the raising of the active forces in a material world.
- (Exercise) in a systematic manner.
- plasms as have to do with coagulation are positive - pollens are negative
- each functioning organ of the sensory system reflects a different vibration
- (The vibrations of speech are three times higher than sight, and are the body's highest.)
- You make the ray.
- (Vibrations) Like begets like
- Vibration is, in its simple essence or word, raising the Christ Consciousness.
- (Say) in the name of Jesus Christ
- There is a common thread that runs through the fabric of healing.
- (Wishing and faith are a must for healing.)
- (Speech) the reaction through the pineal nerve and gland, through the medulla oblongata. (God knows what we say.)
- The essence of color is vibration
- as they are formed in their transmission from center to center
- (Color = vibration = movement =) activity of a positive and negative force.
- Then use them (colors) in attuning thy body-consciousness
- Color, and color with radiation - is to set the vibrations in the body for body-forces
- ultraviolet vibration be applied to the kidney area this is a seeking out in the body (for cancer)
- the x-ray, that destroys tissue, but not being enabled to eliminate that destroyed, tends to come back upon itself after certain
- (The deaf should feel a stringed instrument.)
- the tonal vibration is that which produces color
- The tone, then, - findeth in thyself, if ye would be enlightened. To give the tune or tone as Do, Ah - aum, would mean little, unless
there is the comprehending.
- the way of harmony, the way of the pitch, the way of the tone. It is best sounded by what it arouses in thee.
- (Music, sounds, and color) can be very helpful in the healing process. They may have much to do with creating the proper
vibrations about individuals that are mentally unbalanced.
- to help another person in need of healing one should first develope in his own consciousness that vibration which is in rhythm
with the vibration of that body.
- those combinations containing R and O and M - those combinations which vibrate to the center forces of the body (compositions)
- (Music helps) brain wreck, - some forms of dementia, strained by great religious fervor or excitement that makes for the separation
of that which is the spiritual and the material applications through the vibratory forces of a physical body.
- (Attuning to health) the awareness of the divine that lies within each atom, each cell of the body.
- A stone will be more effective for a person whose vibrations both negative and positive are more in accord with the stone.
- (A stone) assist in stepping up the sensitiveness of the body.
- (Stones assist the seeking of the psychic.)
- as we apply and as we succeed we will be given more
- If there are used certain vibrations there may be seen the response. In some it is necessary for counteraction, in some it is necessary
for changes.
- moods often apparently change this vibration; yet by study, by practice, and by application, the vibration of the body may be
- the dissipating of suppressions
- (Application) the finding of that to which the body-mind responds; not just what it likes, or what it dislikes, but that which strikes
a vibrant chord within the consciousness of the individual.
- (The note of the musical scale to which we vibrate) Ah - This is not R, but Ah - aum. Those that respond to the centers of the body,
and opening the centers so that the kundaline forces arise to that activity - ways of seeking
- There Is harmony in a symphony
- There is no greater than that as may be expressed in that of, "O my son Absalom, my son, my son Absalom! Would God I had died
for thee, O Absalom, my son, my son!" (The resonance of these words unlocks our hearts?)
- (Stones) For it throws off as well as it draws in, you see, through the positive - negative vibration. - assists in unity
- (Stones assist in "stepping up".)
- (Attune also by) the pitch of a song of praise
- Those activities make for such an impression upon the realm of data, or between time and space, as to make for what men have
called Destiny.
- (Places are holy; others have bad vibrations.)
- (Some individual radiate "distressed conditions".)
- (At one location there was a tendency toward suicide at another, Cayce reports: "Something in the soil, get it between your toes
and you'll never commit suicide.") (OK)
- For the vibrations should be from within, rather than from without.
- Each planetary influence vibrates at a different rate of vibration. It is part of the universal consciousness, the universal law.
- We have a body, one capable of attuning even to the masters of the holy place, or holy mount.
- (We vary as current does from copper to nickel.)
- All force is vibration, as all comes from one central vibration.
- the evolution of force in vibration
- All vibration must eventually, as it materializes into matter, pass through a stage of evolution and out. For it rises in its emanation
and descends.
- And very few do they come at angles.
- (Could the spirit come as a sine wave?)
- as there are those forces that move one within another to bring harmony
- (God) breaking itself upon the atomic structures about same
- This becoming only an atom in motion
- these bring those of the same attunement
- "The radiation from an individual (aura) may be wholly the soul and spirit radiation, as from mental.
- (Vibration is the force, but God impels it!)

- electro-magnetic cell, which may assist in securing direct communication as done by Aaron and Moses - and many others - with
the Urim and Thummim
- call again on Ra-Ta and on Hatshepsut - they are as Urim and Thummim, a channel only.
- (Speech originates) pineal gland in first cervical
- (Thymus - pale horse is related to the vibration of the centers themselves)
- (When color is meditated upon) come to mean definite experiences.
- the various sinners are vibrating to color
- (To prevent tissue destruction x-rays should have radium's influence added.)
- brain wreck (nervous breakdown?) might be aided by electricity and music to a revivification of those cells, of those atomic forces
that need their coercion and their regeneration by their absorbing one into another - improper coagulation in the blood and brain
- each body radiates vibrations which are electrical and have color.
- (Vibes stay in a location for a long time.)
- (Planetary sojourns) change its rate of vibration so as to be attracted in the earth plane under another soul number.
- from Atlantis much of what may be made from the electron music where color, vibration, activities make for toning same with the
emotions of individuals or peoples that may make for their temperaments being changed.
- As ye apply, ye are given the next step.
- (Changing our vibrations to that of the planets is the "Grace of God".)
3744- (Is a book given by Cayce in trance on "what it's all about anyway".)
- (Enter the subconscious by "laying aside" the conscious mind.)
- (Cayce suggests that we could outgrow our spiritual guides or guardians.)
- (Personality) or persona comes from development, then, either in earth plane or in spiritual plane.
- Hence we find persons born under certain solar conditions have that condition of persona that radiates in the same direction. One
in East, one in West.
- Unbalancing of the truth can have an adverse body reaction.
- plants get, say iron, iodine, and other properties, both from vibrations in the air, as well as from those existent in the soil.
- must be in direct contact with the body
- (For light to cure it must be first supercharged by vibration "that sets certain elements needed in the system" to vibrate - "different
angles" - keep them separate but coordinate same with current.)
- the vibratory force determines as to what its nature is - that given by the cell itself.
- (He suggests that diet could be a cause of crime as well as disease.)
- all atomic forces are of an electrical nature in their effect and affect upon a physical organism.
- (Our nerves carry an "alternation of vibration.")
- (Glands produce elements for the nerves, they are sometimes "over charged", and sometimes "under charged".)
- (Attune) by its connection with that that creates a necessary element of vibration for corrective forces in a system.
- (Wet cell: larger anode of gold plated nickel, and the smaller of copper "to that center in or just below the brachial center" or of the
heart or circulation.)
(440-6) As is known, the body in action - or a live body - emanates from same the vibrations to which it as a body is vibrating, both
physical and spiritual. Just as there is an aura when a string of a musical instrument is vibrated - the tone is produced by the
vibration. In the body the tone is given off rather in the higher vibration, or the color. Hence this is a condition that exists with each
physical body. In the material things we find that to tone, or to find a tone or the color to the eye, only three colors are necessary to
make, for the perfecting of the various shades or tones that may be had in ANY vibration. In any print in nature itself we find these
are existent. (440-6) Male 23 12/20/1933
-1286-1 wonder then that in all of thy meditation, Ohm - O-h-m-mmmmm has ever been, is ever a portion of that which raises self to
the highest influence and the highest vibrations throughout its whole being that may be experienced by the entity? [also 5750-1]
275-39 (Q) Will I develop any psychic power by looking into a crystal ball? (A) If there is ever held that only that which is of the
Christ-making may be presented there. The crystal offers rather the concentration of the physical powers, and thus offers many
channels for the entering in of many an influence; yet if it is held only in His name, in His right [rite?], MUCH may be received
Then, if it is chosen for a more perfect way, place the crystal upon a background of royal purple and with subdued lights that would
come from over the left shoulder - and not from the front. Then passing the hands over the ball or crystal, in such a manner as to
cover the surface with the emanations of the power that is raised from the physical body by deep meditation, then look - look - and
behold HIS face may appear, HIS directing spirit may lead thee; and again may there be opened the vistas of light that may guide
others. And ever, when such is done, in the recesses of the heart give the glory to the Father - and not to self.
16. (Q) Should a colored light be used?
(A) No. Preferably a six to ten watt light. Clear white.
436-2 Before this we find the entity was in that land that has been termed Zu, or Lemuria, or Mu. This was before the sojourn of
peoples in perfect body form; rather when they may be said to have been able to - through those developments of the period - be in
the body or out of the body and act upon materiality. In the spirit or in flesh these made those things, those influences, that brought
destruction; for the atmospheric pressure in the earth in the period was quite different from that experienced by the physical being
of today.
The entity then was in the name Mmuum, or rather those calls that make easy the mysteries of words as related to sounds and rote
that bring to the consciousness, in those that have indwelled in those lands, that activity that merits (not the word), that brings, that
impulse that urges that those forces from without act upon the elements in whatever sphere they may bring a material
manifestation. This must be controlled within self, from those influences in [436]; for these are those things at times that hinder.
Let self, then, be grounded rather in the faith of that which is, was, and ever will be, the source of all spirit, all thought all mind, all
physical manifestation - the ONE God, as called in this period. In that period he was called Zu-u-u-u-u; in the next Ohm - Oh-u-m;
in the next (now known as Egypt) with Ra-Ta, He was called God - G-o-r-r-d!
1991-1 36. The entity was among those who went to what was the Mayan or Mayan and Incan activity, or the land of Oz. 37. In the
experiences the entity led in the preserving of those things which brought the creating of vibratory forces as from the very
ESSENCE of nature's storehouses themselves; and thus the vibrations of metals, of juices, of plants, of the activity of nature or of the
sun and the dew upon same became the entity's activities.
1991-1 the ideal relationships of man TO man; using the Creative Forces and ideals as the pattern. 40. The fields of activity or service
should be those in which there may be given to man, through the very creative influences and forces, the arousing of the greater
force OF the relationships of the individual to the Creative Forces, as a teacher, an instructor in color, in harmony. 41. And learn -
LEARN - deep within self - as ye give such lessons - to know, O child of God, that the Lord thy God is ONE!
2492-5 6. In the present electrical forces as received, there has not been taken into the consideration in the distance and in heat and in
light, the action of color as produced in a receiving force.
262-39 Life is the manifestation of CREATIVE forces in a material world, in whatever form we may become conscious of it in. For,
there are within the material experience of man many forms of life; even matter, even in the various strata of activity about the
individual that man is not conscious of. And in OBTAINING the consciousness of it, through the application of individuals, how
many lives have been lost? In ACCOMPLISHING that, in the use of that as it is manifest, in any particular plane or sphere, how
many lives have been lost and gained? Applied; making application, then, materially - see?
9. (Q) Could we of this group at this time have a message from the Master to guide us on our way? (A) When each has shown self,
as He has given, as being able or capable of receiving or vibrating to that which may make the consciousness for each in that realm.
262-39 Is it not worthwhile, then, CLEANSING the body, in thought, in all manners as NECESSARY, to raise the flesh vibrations to
such an extent that there may be no harm to same in the experiences that may be had by all during the periods of preparation on
such a lesson?