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VENUE Quezon Halls 2 & 3

Seda Vertis North Hotel

Quezon City Philippines
Registration Starts at 8AM;
Program Proper is at 8:45 AM – 5:30 PM

Seda is accessible by car, train, P2P, and other modes of
• Car – Seda can be accessed through EDSA or North Ave.
Please refer to the vicinity map below.
• Grab/ Ride Sharing – Simply pin your location to Seda Vertis
North Hotel
• Train (MRT) – You may take the MRT from any station and go
down at North Avenue station. The hotel is a 5-minute walk
from there.
• P2P – Point-to-Point buses coming from Makati and Ortigas
goes directly to Trinoma. The hotel is a 5-minute walk from
Trinoma P2P station.

Hotel parking is free of charge but limited. There are many parking
slots at the Vertis North mall for a flat rate of P40. The hotel is less
than 5-minutes away from the mall.
PARTICIPATION Due to limitations on seats, participation to the conference is by
invitation only. Please make sure that you have seasonably
confirmed your attendance with the Secretariat to secure your slot.
While we wish to accommodate as many participants to this
important conference, we cannot accept walk-ins.

There is no participation fee for this conference. If anyone solicits

an amount for your participation, such has not been sanctioned by
the organizers. Please report to us immediately.

CONFERENCE Each participant will be provided with a conference guide, pen, and
KITS ID (with lanyard). The Conference Guide has been designed to be
used for notes and networking. Don’t hesitate to write, scribble,
and use it as you would with your notebooks.

DIETARY We have prepared chicken, beef, and vegetarian options for our
REQUIREMENTS guests. Please inform us not later than Tuesday, 4 September
2018 if you have any other strict dietary requirements that are not
complied with in the aforementioned.

SOCIAL MEDIA While we are generally supportive of technological advancements

USE in expanding the reach of human rights advocacy, we would also
want to espouse free-flowing and unrestricted discussions during
the conference. Considering the importance as well as the
sensitivity of the subject matter; and to provide a safe space for our
speakers, panelists, and participants for meaningful and good
quality conversations, we request the following:

• Please refrain from live streaming and live-tweeting/posting

the plenary speeches and panel discussions. We will be
video recording the entire event for sharing at an opportune
time and at the most apt platform. Should you wish to take
a video of the speeches and would like to share it with your
network, we would appreciate if it be scheduled for posting
after the conference day.

• For pictures, kindly defer posting to a later time.

CERTIFICATES We will issue certificates to those who manifested through the
OF ATTENDANCE EDM that they need one. If you failed to inform us of such, please
indicate your need for a certificate when you register on the
conference day itself.

POST- After the conference, we will still communicate with you through
CONFERENCE the EDM and the website. If you’ve not subscribed to the EDM and
COMMUNICATION would wish to do so, please inform us during registration.

We would also be seeking for your insights and experience on the

conference. A link to the form will be sent through the EDM.

Thank you very much. For any concern, please do not hesitate to reach us through

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