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Agustina, Aulia. 2017. Use of Group Investigation Model (Gi) to Improve the
Critical Thinking Skills of Sma Negeri 1 Kotabaru Students. Thesis, Department
of Geography Education, Graduate Program of State University of Malang.
Counselor: (1) Prof. Dr. Sumarmi, M.Pd., (2) Dr. Budi Handoyo, M.Si.

Keywords: Critical Thinking, Group Investigation (GI)

Critical thinking in geography differs from critical thinking in other fields of

study. Critical thinking about spatial data consists of a number of key capabilities.
First, critical spatial thinkers should be able to find, filter and extract correct data
to address spatial problems. Second, critical spatial thinkers must understand and
recognize limits with spatio-temporal scales and assumptions in spatial data.
Third, critical spatial thinkers need to develop the ability to integrate different
types of spatial data, both in terms of spatial and temporal scales. Critical thinking
will be obtained by the student if the teacher uses the appropriate learning model.
This study aims: How the application of GI learning model in the field of
geography study can improve critical thinking skills? This study was designed to
use Classroom Action Research (CAR). The existing research data are data of
students' thinking skill in pre-action, cycle I and cycle 2 and data of stages in each
cycle. The data obtained through the test and learning observation sheet. The data
were analyzed using qualitative descriptive analysis.
This research got the result: Based on the exposure of data and the findings of this
research, it can be concluded: The application of Group Investigation (GI) study
model on geography research method can improve critical thinking skill in high
school students of Class X IPS 3 in SMAN 1 Kotabaru. The students' critical
thinking skills are increased from pre-action to cycle 1 but only slightly, but very
much from cycle 1 to cycle 2. The application of GI learning model is very good
for achieving geography learning objectives both in output and outcome.
Based on the exposure of data and findings of this study, suggestions can be
suggested in the form of: Geography teachers are advised to use GI model in
learning materials research methods of geography to improve students' critical
thinking skills. Students need to be trained to be involved in GI learning, because
the success of GI is largely determined by the involvement of students during the
learning process.