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During the date of 19th of September to 21st of September which is a 3 day 2 night, the event Edu for
All was conducted successfully from the beginning until the end without any major problem. In
chronological manner, my group mates and i left the gate of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS at 8 in the
morning for Sekolah Kebangsaan Ulu Geruntum, Gopeng after having our breakfast together. We were
told to meet up with a representative from Majlis Agama Perak who goes by the name, Ustaz Abdul
Halim at an old mosque around Gopeng. He was going to help us to bring all the stuff needed to conduct
our event to Sekolah Ulu Geruntum since it is situated in a village where the native people lived. Once
arrived at Sekolah Ulu Geruntum, we then proceed to the provided hall to have a small "meet-and-
greet" session with all the teachers and students accompanied with a speech from the headmaster and
our supervisor, Dr Zulqarnain. After that, the students are divided into a group of 5 with 1 facilitator
each group. After the group division, each facilitator begins to introduce themselves and then
proceeded to the commencement of the modules. Modules conducted includes “Introduction Session”,
“Ice-Breaking Session”, “Charades”, "Hit the target" and many more. These students were very sporting
and energized and were consistently “on-the-go” at all times. The children were also excited and really
liked the “Hit the Target” module as it requires them to walk around a circle constructed by their
groupmate and other group while being blindfolded. These activities are conducted in the intention of
paving a mindset of that a leader need to follow and take in every single information given by their
follower so that goals can be achieved. This is because in a talk given by Jack Ma, Chief Executive Officer
of Alibaba once said that " If you as the leader of the company take care of your followers well being ,
your followers will take care your company for you". This demonstrated that the impact of a follower
can be in making us a good leader. Occasionally, a short 30-minute break time was given to the students
as they are required to have their evening tea time. My personal job scope as the Assistant Project
Director was to supervise and and direct overall activities assigned by the Project Director including
planning, coordinating, resolving problems, and ensure the project run smoothly. Overall, as mentioned,
the event was successfully conducted without any major flaws and our objectives of conducting this
event was achieved.

2. Feelings

I really felt happy for the student as they were really interested in the activities that we have planned for
them. They have shown good character and response towards our programme and I personally was
feeling happy and joined the fun along with them. I was thinking from the very beginning that all of our
efforts and time spent with the student are worth it. Besides, I enjoy every moment from the start till
the end of the event where I actually spent quality time with a group of children while doing something
good for them (facilitating them and motivating them learn more about knowledge).
3. Evaluation

From my point of view, there is no flaws during the execution of the event and i can confidently said
that the students are very competitive in seeking knowledge and wanting to be the cream of the crop.
Throughout our event, the activities that we provided for them shows that one of our goal of this event
had been achieved which is to motivate the student to seek more knowledge for the betterment of their
future because a quote from Benjamin Franklin once said that " An investment in knowledge pays the
best interest" shows that knowledge will always benefit us in every aspect of life. On top of that, at the
end of the event most of the student of Sekolah Ulu Geruntum came to us and said that they will study
hard so that he can pass with flying colours and they even said that they wanted to take engineering
courses at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS due to his interest about our science project and wanted to
learn more about the knowledge of science and engineering.

4. Analysis

As mentioned earlier, i feel that the event went well and run smoothly without any problem. Even
though there were a time that the rain interrupted our planned activities and also a meeting between
the schools staff was held and we are required to be substitute teachers until school session finished but
we already prepared a back up plan to accommodate the slot for our event so that we can maximise the
learning process of the student. Besides, i would also like to commend our MPU4 groupmates for doing
such an exceptional job in making this event a success with all the objective achieved.

5. Conclusion

In conclusion, i would like to thank all the committee members of this event in making this event a
success with the excellent leadership of the Project Director as well as an inseparable bond between our
groupmates. We left the student with them having the motivation and some knowledge that will lead
them far in life. I personally feel that if this event is conducted yearly with the native people, it will have
a big impact for them in terms of their future and education of the country.

6. Action Plan

One of the very obvious example during the execution is that most of the students did not understand
English and also formal Malay language. So, i personally try to talk to them in much slower pace and
saying each word at a time so that they get the idea of what is being instructed to them clearly. Next,
during the first day of the event, there are few students that would not take part in the activities and
would not move a muscle. Due to this problem, the facilitator and i take a closer approach which was to
try to talk to them and asked them whether they are ill or any others. It's being found that most of them
are just shy and due to this, we made the decision to always encourage them that there's nothing to be
shy about. Eventually, the method works and they started to have fun and take part with the activity.
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