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TERM/WEEKS: Term 4, Week 4 YEAR LEVEL: Year One LEARNING AREA/TOPIC: Science – Chemical Sciences

General Capabilities:
Literacy Numeracy ICT Critical and Creative Ethical Behaviour Personal and Social Intercultural Understanding
Thinking Competence

Cross-curriculum priorities:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia Sustainability

5E’s- EXPLAIN (1 lesson)

 To support students to develop explanations for experiences and make representations of developing conceptual understandings
 Formative assessment

LESSON OBJECTIVE (what and how) (include learner diversity)

Science Science as Science

Understan- a Human Inquiry Skills
ding Endeavour

Wk 4, ACSSU ACSIS As a result of Formative Introduction: How does it feel? Bread baking
Lsn 3 018 027 this lesson, 1. The students revisit the predictions they predictions (from
students will be Work samples – made about the bread in the explore What could we explore lesson)
able to… each group’s lesson and compare them to what use these mystery
Book Creator actually happened. box things to Mystery box
Create a Book will record their 2. Students are seated in a circle and a make? containing
Creator to predictions prior mystery box containing some utensils measuring
record their to the (measuring spoons, wooden spoon) How will the spoons, wooden
predictions and experience, and ingredients (currants, eggs, flour) is ingredients be spoon, currants,
observations their passed around. different when eggs and flour
observations 3. Students use adjectives to describe they are mixed
throughout the what they are feeling in the box. together? Apple TV for Book
experience and 4. Students predict what activity they will Creator refresher
their review of be experiencing based on the items in What will happen and sharing
the original the mystery box. when the cookie
predictions 5. Students are given a quick refresher on dough is baked? 4 mixing bowls
made how to use Book Creator. and wooden
6. Groups move to their stations around How will the spoons
the room (each station has the cookie dough
ingredients and utensils to make change when it is Pictorial recipes
cookies) frozen? (one for each
Lesson Body: group)
1. Students decide who will be the recipe Can the cookie
reader, the measurers and the mixers. dough be Enough butter for
2. Students discuss how the ingredients will changed back each group
change when they are combined by when it is
following the recipe and record baked/frozen? Enough icing
themselves into a page on their Book sugar for each
Creator book. group
3. Students follow the recipe provided to
make the cookie dough. Enough plain
4. The groups negotiate which two will flour for each
bake their cookie dough and which two group
will freeze their cookie dough.
5. Each group discusses what will happen Enough currants
to the cookie dough when it is either for each group
baked or frozen depending on their
group and add it to their Book Creator iPads, enough for
book by recording their voice, drawing one per group
or adding text.
6. The cookie dough is taken to be baked
and frozen (predictions checked later in
the day and Book Creator completed).
7. Students add a title page and other
details to their Book Creator book.
1. Each group presents their partially
completed Book Creator to the class.
2. Other students have the opportunity to
contribute to the discussion.