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Saturn in Sagitarius in 12th house

The Saturn in Sagittarius generation needs to learn specific lessons concerning consistency
of attitude. Saturn's need for security and consolidation conflicts with the Sagittarian energy
for freedom and expansiveness. There could be karma concerning philosophy, freedom,
religion, justice, travel or lack of it, and sometimes being anchored to one's life, work, job,
family, or home -- i.e., responsibilities in general. Sometimes the lessons concern happiness
or a contraction (or limiting) of happiness. This is why you may find yourself getting very
moody and depressed. You normally take education and philosophy seriously, and if you do
not go to college, you will feel guilty about it for the rest of your life. You may adopt a strong
moral code related to a particular religious belief.

Many Saturn in Sagittarius individuals tend to feel happier by middle age. Under affliction,
you are not very sporty and can be critical of others. You may self-righteously attempt to
force others to accept your philosophical or dogmatic beliefs. There may be difficulties both
in planning and traveling on long journeys. With Saturn well-placed, you may be honest,
fearless, able to defend your moral position and maintain a strong sense of justice. You
constantly seek the truth, including the underlying concepts which govern your social
behavior. As a result you can be a good teacher, but you are also afraid of rejection or
criticism and are insulted when you feel that you have been treated unfairly. Your good
reputation is of great value to you.

Twelfth house Saturn with afflicted planets would epitomize karma with oneself, in that you
are your own worst enemy. It is a very emotional karma, indicating self-destruction and an
afflicted subconscious. This placement has much to do with lessons concerning emotions.
You may brood silently over lost opportunities. There can be difficulties from unknown
people, institutions, and hospitals. You may sense some responsibility that is hidden away.
You may have a fear of all that lies beneath the surface of your consciousness. You feel that
you could be swallowed up by overwhelming feelings if you let go of the strict control you
have over yourself. The idea of becoming involved with something greater than yourself
makes you uneasy. The thought that your individuality could disappear fills you with fear.
Due to isolating yourself from others in previous lifetimes, there is an unconscious desire to
make restitution, but it is often consciously rejected. Should you decide not to serve
humanity in some way, it is highly likely that you will suffer chronic health problems. If you
feel that you can break down these feelings of guilt through providing service to others, you
may choose an occupation at a hospital, a charitable organization, or any institution which is
concerned with serving the needy.

More often, it is not somebody else who is trying to make life difficult for you, it is you who
makes life difficult for yourself. If you continue to isolate yourself in an attempt to forget
your dreams, you should perhaps try shore up your self-esteem because only then will you
find an inner peace and be able to sleep peacefully again. You may feel that you can only
develop your independence by withdrawing from the company of others, or you may fear
that everything you do will end in disaster. If you experience these fears in terms of
commitments to people, you should carefully unveil and examine your subconscious need to
flee. Dissolving the fog and recognizing your purpose will provide rich rewards. Not only will
you find subconscious or forgotten aspects to your personality, but you will also develop a
feeling of oneness with the world. In the end, the positive characteristics of Saturn will
emerge-an ability to recognize your own limitations, an acceptance of duties and
responsibility, and a tangible, practical sense of how to help out in a difficult situation.

In conclusion, Saturn in the twelfth house infers a serious confrontation with all areas of
your subconscious being; it is very important to find your own truth. Without any challenge
imposed on Saturn, much of this description may be neutralized. If Saturn is well-aspected,
you could play a responsible and satisfying role in providing assistance or service to others.