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TERM/WEEKS: Term 4, Week 4 YEAR LEVEL: Year One LEARNING AREA/TOPIC: Science – Chemical Sciences

General Capabilities:
Literacy Numeracy ICT Critical and Creative Ethical Behaviour Personal and Social Intercultural Understanding
Thinking Competence

Cross-curriculum priorities:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia Sustainability

5E’s- ELABORATE (1-2 lessons)

 To challenge and extend students’ understandings in a new context or make connections to additional concepts through a student planned investigation
 To use investigative/ inquiry skills
 Summative assessment of science inquiry skills

LESSON OBJECTIVE (what and how) (include learner diversity)

Science Science as Science

Understan- a Human Inquiry Skills
ding Endeavour

Wk 4, ACSSU ACSIS As a result of Summative – Introduction: What happens to Whiteboard and

Lsn 4 018 025 this lesson, Science Inquiry 1. Students engage in a think, pair, share objects when we markers
students will be Skills about heat sources (ovens, microwaves heat them up?
able to… etc.) 4 microwaves (1
Interview – the 2. Each pair writes their heat source on the What do we use for each group)
Apply heat to educator will whiteboard. a microwave to
objects and voice record 3. The educator guides the students to heat up? Bag containing
observe what each child share a task/purpose that each heat items (popcorn
happens stating the item source is used for. How different kernels, candle,
their group 4. Educator talks about safety concerning does the candle chocolate bar
explored, the hot items. look now? and soap bar)
descriptions of it 5. Educator instructs students on how to
prior to the use the microwaves by only putting What could we Oven gloves
experiment, them on for 10 seconds at a time. do differently
observations 6. Each group is appointed a leader by next time? 4 iPads with
after the the educator. iMovie app
experiment and Lesson Body: How much did
what it was that 1. Each group leader chooses an object the object Apple Tv for
to heat up at random from a bag. sharing videos
changed the 2. The other group members negotiate change each
item who will be the photographer/recorder time?
and reporter/s.
Running Record 3. Students place their object (popcorn
– This audio can kernels, candle, chocolate bar and
then be used to soap bar) in a microwavable bowl.
inform a running 4. Students discuss what will happen and
record using the recorder voice records this using an
Google Speech iPad.
to Text or similar 5. The photographer uses the iPad to take
software. a photo of the object before the
investigation begins.
6. The object is placed in the microwave
for 10 seconds.
7. The photographer takes a photo and
the recorder voice records any
additional comments.
8. The investigation continues in this
manner until the object has drastically
9. The photos and voice overs are used to
make an iMovie video.
1. The videos from the experiment are
2. Students discuss how the experiment
could be changed e.g. using a stove,
longer times in the microwave etc.