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SIX Monthly Progress Report

Masters Programmes
✘ September to February
Reporting Period: 2 0 1 7 --- 1 8 Report No: Submission Date:
March to August


Name Ahmad Kamal Mustafa Email ahmad.kamal.musta
Regn No. 172101 Mobile No. 0334-6495354

Institute & Department SMME - Mechanical Engineering Admission Date 1 9

Degree Program MS Mechcanical Engineering Degree Completion Date

3 1
(Maximum Allowed Duration)

Scholarship Award Endowment

Mega IT HEC 5000 Scheme Tuition Fee Waiver

If OTHER, please
mention name of N/A Date of Award of Scholarship: d d


Name of Thesis/Research Supervisor: Dr. Riaz Ahmad Mufti Date of Assignment: 0 1
Institution of the Supervisor: SMME Supervisor's Email:
G.E.C. Members
S.No Name of the GEC Member Institution of the GEC Mem
1 Dr. Mian Ashfaq Ali SMME
2 Dr. Rehan Zahid SMME
3 Dr. Jawad Aslam SMME
4 (External)
Date of GEC Formation: 1 8
Date of Last GEC Meeting held: 0 0


Course Core/ Elective/
S.No Course Title Credits Semester
Code Additional
1 ME-801 Optimization of Engineering Systems 3 Fall 2016 Core
2 ME-835 Advanced Mechanics of Materials 3 Fall 2016 Core
3 ME-820 Instrumentation and Advanced Experimental Methods 3 Fall 2016 Elective
4 RM-898 Research Methodology - Spring 2017 Additional
5 ME-802 Finite Element Methods 3 Spring 2017 Core
6 MATH-812 Advanced Engineering Mathematics 3 Spring 2017 Core
7 ME-824 Engine Tribology 3 Spring 2017 Elective
8 ME-814 Digital Control Systems 3 Summer 2017 Elective
9 ME-815 Advanced Modelling and Simulation 3 Summer 2017 Elective
Note: Please mention all the courses taken during Masters (Use extra sheet, if required)
Credit hours Completed in Masters 24
Overall CGPA in Masters 3.44

Student's Signature with date Supervisor's Signature with date


Estimation and effects of contact pressure at cam/roller interface in engine valve train system
Title of Thesis / Research

Literature Review in progress.

Progress of Research
(During the Reporting Period)
(Student Comments)
(Use extra sheets if required)

1. To calculate the maximum contact pressure by using hertz theory and then by using FEM method
Tasks for Next Six Months
(Student Comments)
(Use extra sheets if required) 2. Simulate the results on latest software of ANSYS

Research Papers Published /

Presented in Journals or
(Use extra sheets if required)

Forms (TH) Submitted TH-1 TH-2 TH-2A TH-3 TH-4

Research Progress (in %age)

Are you satisfied with the level of ✘ Yes

If No, please explain on a separate page or
support from your supervisor send email to PGP Dte (
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Supervisor's Comments about

student's performance and

Performance Evaluation During

Excellent Good Satisfactory Unsatisfactor
the Reporting Period y
Supervisor's Sign
Note: Unsatisfactory performance in two consecutive reports will result in termination of the scholar (if recommended by FBS)

Remarks By HoD /
Dean / Principal
Signature of HoD / Dean / Principal with Institutional Stamp and Date _____________________________________________
1. For first report of newly admitted students: Students admitted in FALL Semester will select "September to February" and Students admitt
Semester will select "March to August" period for their first report.
2. Deadline to receive the complete Six Monthly Report at PGP Dte, Main Office NUST through respective institute:
March 31 for preceding September to February period.
September 30 for preceding March to August period
3. Please note that the report will not be accepted without the signatures of the Student, respective Supervisor, and HoD/Dean/Principal.
Student and the Supervisor are mandatory on both pages.

/ 0 6 / 2 0 1 8


/ 0 9 / 2 0 1 6

/ 0 8 / 2 0 2 0

Tuition Fee Waiver Other ✘ None

/ m m / 2 0

/ 0 6 / 2 0 1 8

Institution of the GEC Member

/ 0 5 / 2 0 1 8
/ 0 0 / 2 0 1 8

Core/ Elective/ Grade

Core A
Core B
Elective B+
Additional Qualified
Core B
Core B+
Elective A
Elective B+
Elective B

visor's Signature with date

alve train system

by using FEM method

Student's Signature with date

Supervisor's Signature with date

ebruary" and Students admitted in SPRING


r, and HoD/Dean/Principal. Signature of the