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Definition of terms additional

 Printing press is a device for applying pressure to an inked surface
resting upon a print medium (such as paper or cloth), thereby
transferring the ink.

 Social Desirability – A form of bias occurring when respondents answer
with socially acceptable views rather than their own.

Technical Study INTODUCTION

This study discusses about the process of production and the activities of the business. It
states also the machineries and equipment used in production and other aspect regarding
bringing the raw material into finished products ready for trade. Plant layout, size and
structures are all presented for the purpose of identifying the business operation. Also product
specifications and the product processes using flowchart. The list of the machinery, tools, and
equipment are enumerated with their corresponding cost.

Financial Study INTRODUCTION

This chapter discusses the financial aspects of the study, in order for a business plan to
understand it needs money to start. To determine whether the future industry will remain
profitable through the existence of competitors and unfavorable economic condition, the
researchers have to project a five year financial statement.

This chapter includes the source of funds, balance sheet, income statement, cost of
goods sold and cost of sales.

Social Desirability study


The primary objective of this study is to determine the feasibility and viability of
proposed plan to establish a Printing press and souvenir shop inside DWCC that will cater
customer from inside the campus and Calapan City. Part of this study is to be able to shed light
to the proponents of this project as to benefits to be obtained from an undertaking in terms of
its contribution to the community, to other business firms, and to the national economy as a

Contribution to Income and Employment

Tax Contribution This business is expected to give a great contribution to the government in the form of taxes. At workers and employees in the business need income to support their own needs and also for their services rendered in the business. Building up business is a great opportunity for an employed people to have jobs. . This would help the people to more sprightly. The tax payment from the business would help the localities as well as the economy in its future project especially for people that will benefit. it will also be their opportunity of having another source of income. The business should generate pleasantly relationship between the manager and employees to attain the main goal of the business which is to have an income. The main goal of a certain business is to have high income especially in the part of the owner.