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07 DE octubre de 2018
1. Update your “Profile” and send the screenshot

Part 2: Record an audio with your personal presentation including name, age, program you
study, city where you live, favorite genre of music, singer or band and song, last movie you
watched, sport you practice and watch, traditional food of your city, and activities you usually
do in your free time. Besides, you must talk briefly about why the English is so important
My name is Cesar Augusto Herrera I am thirty-four years old, I study telecommunications
Engineering, I live in Bogota, my favorite music is classic rock, the last movie watched was
infinity wars, the sport that I practice is running, the traditional food is ajiaco, I like travel and
travel for Colombia in a vessel because I work in the national army. So the English now is
so important because is the second form to communication with the other persons and is
possible to meet the others cultures.

Part 3: Answer the following questions:

a. How many activities are there in the Initial Evaluation of our virtual room? Mention their

There are nine activities and the names are: 1. Recognition forum-delivery of the activity, 2
preknowledge quiz, 3 writing assignment, 4. Quiz 1 unit 1, 5. speaking assignment, 6. Quiz
2 unit 2, 7. task- general course review, 8. Task-oral and written production review, 9. Final

b. Why is it so important to check the “Course News”? because in this forum is possible find
the new activities, events and some instructions for a develop the course.

c. Where can you find the Grades and how can it help you? The grades find in the top left,
and help me give information about me develop in the course.

d. How many topics are there in the Unit 2? Mention the topics that belong to Unit 2.
There are five topics and they are: 1. Prepositions and phrasal verbs, 2.
Apologizing/expressing regret, 3. Present perfect tense, 4. Future tense, 5. Tag questions.

e. Explain with your own words the aim of the link Synchronic attention via Skype.

The aim of the link is give information or solutions to my questions about of topics, activities
and the other things about the course, the tutor is the person to support the answers our
questions, and the only way to contact with them is until this link.

Part 5: Each student provides two (2) ideas answering the following question and
supporting his opinion:

-Why is it so important to learn English nowadays in order to be a better professional?

Yes, learn English is so important to my profession because in the way is possible find
some different situations in where is necessary to know English, example when I need an
information about something telecommunications but the book or article are only in English
is not possible to read the book and lost the important information. Also when I need a new
work and the requirement is a one person with a huge level of English because the company
need to speak with the others engineering about aims of both.