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Component Identifiers (CID¹)

Wire Description KENR9025-01

Module Identifier (MID²)
Component Location September 2010
Powertrain Control System Wire Wire
Wire Wire
Description Schematic Machine Schematic Machine
(MID No. 027) Number Color Number Color Component Component
Power Circuits
Location Location Location Location
CID Component Lighting Circuits Continued
Actuator - Water Valve C-8 E Sensor - Oil Pressure J-1 6
101 RD Bat (+) 614 PU Park / Tail / Dash Lamp
0041 Sensor Power Supply Alarm - Action J-15 C Sensor - Oil Temperature B-17 59
102 RD Hd Lmp 619 GN Head Lamp Lo
0096 Fuel Level Sender Alarm - Backup K-18 53 Sensor - OTG Oil Temperature B-17 45
105 RD Key Sw 624 YL Flood Lamp Bowl
0144 Backup Alarm Relay Alternator F-5 27 Sensor - Shift Lever F-9 D
108 BU Air Seat Control Circuits
0168 Electrical System Voltage Arc Suppressor F-5 6 Sensor - T/C Temp B-5 32
109 RD Alt Output (+) Term. 703 BU Xmsn Up Sol
0177 Transmission Oil Temperature Sensor Arc Suppressor - Secondary Steering Diode F-4 26 Sensor - Throttle E-9 B
110 GN Product Link / Rear Wiper 704 GY Xmsn Down Sol Related Electrical Service Manuals

(Dimensions: 48 inches x 35 inches)

0190 Engine Speed Sensor Battery - A H-4 3 Sensor - Turbo Inlet Pressure H-5 12
111 RD Transmission Control / ET CONN / Display Cluster 705 PK Xmsn Lockup Clutch Sol Basic Title Form Number
0246 Dash Cluster Battery - B H-3 3 Sensor - Xmsn Out Speed A B-17 22
112 PU Main Power Rly Output 708 YL Xmsn Hold Sw
0420 Secondary Steering Relay Breaker - Alternator F-4 9 Sensor - Xmsn Out Speed B B-17 22 Alternator: 185-5294 (Denso HDB) SENR4130
113 OR Opr Mon Panel Vmis B+ Switched 709 OR Sensor Power Supply
0444 Start Relay Breaker - Hood G-4 9 Socket - 12V Power H-13 C Electric Starting Motor: 207-1556
114 RD Warning Horn (forward) 720 PU Xmsn Brake Sw
0585 Xmsn Out Speed Sensor (A) Breaker - Main G-5 9 Solenoid - A/C Clutch F-5 6
115 RD Dome Lamp / Converter 721 BR Xmsn Gear Code 1 Consist: 6V-5582 (Denso F8) SENR4975
0590 Engine Control Module Camera I-18 31 Solenoid - Crossaxle Diff Lock G-17 42
116 BR Beacon / Rear Flood 722 WH Xmsn Gear Code 2 Consist: 207-1557 (Delco 42MT) SENR3581
0650 Harness Code Plug Connector Location Camera Display L-10 A Solenoid - Demand Fan G-17 42
118 GY Front Wiper 723 OR Xmsn Gear Code 3 Engine Control ECM RENR5097
0672 Torque Converter Output Speed Sensor Schematic Machine Control - ABL Chassis I-16 E Solenoid - Down Shift D-18 1
0673 Xmsn Out Speed Sensor (B)
121 RD Back Alarm To Lamp 724 YL Xmsn Gear Code 4 Connector Number
Location Location Control - Engine (ADEM III) L-4 4 Solenoid - Interaxle Diff Lock G-17 42 Power Train ECS RENR8035
123 WH Heated Seat 725 GN Xmsn Gear Code 5
0681 Parking Brake Solenoid CONN 1 J-17 36 Control - Gateway C-3 20 Solenoid - Lock Up D-18 1

124 GN A/C Breaker 726 BU Xmsn Gear Code 6
0700 Transmission Gear Sensor CONN 2 C-17 40 Control - Hood Relay H-5 8 Solenoid - Lower Valve G-17 45
125 OR Product Link 727 GN Suppl Ster Motor Relay
0702 Shift Lever Sensor Control - Int Wiper Delay Module G-7 B Solenoid - Park Brake F-17 24
129 RD Cigar Lighter / EEC 728 BU Suppl Ster Cont Sw CONN 3 K-15 C
0704 Service Brake Pressure Switch Control - Product Link Radio A-4, B-4 20 Solenoid - Raise Valve G-17 44
136 GN Suppl Ster 751 GN Xmsn Shift Sol No. 1 Or 3 CONN 4 E-15 34
0707 Solenoid Valve (Up) Converter - 24V to 12V B-9 55 Solenoid - Start Aid F-5 8
139 OR Camera 752 YL Xmsn Shift Sol No. 2 CONN 5 E-14 35
0708 Solenoid Valve (Down) Display - Messenger D-7 A Solenoid - Up Shift E-18 1
150 RD Engine Breaker 754 BU Xmsn Shift Sol No. 3 Or 1 CONN 6 E-15 34
0709 Lockup Clutch Solenoid Display Cluster E-8 A Solenoids - Fuel Injector #1 - #6 I-3 21
165 YL Start Aid / Converter 755 OR Xmsn Shift Sol No. 4 Or 5 CONN 7 E-14 35
0724 Body Raise Solenoid Flasher H-6 B Solenoids - Retarder #1 - #6 J-3 21
173 RD Stop Lamps 799 WH 10v Sensor Supply CONN 8 E-15 34
0725 Body Lower Solenoid Fuse Blocks K-14 C Switch - A/C Select D-7 A
175 RD Hood Breaker E748 BK Start Aid Solenoid Return CONN 9 E-14 35
0773 Hoist Position Sensor Horn - High Tone F-1 17 Switch - AC Pressure E-5 27

735, 740, and 740E

177 RD Main Brkr E789 PU Load Return CONN 10 D-15 34
0826 T/C Temperature Sensor Horn - Low Tone G-1 18 Switch - Actual Gear / Xmsn C-17 41
192 GN Secondary Steering Relay E790 PK Raise / Lower Solenoid Valves CONN 11 D-14 35
0967 Machine Identity / Application Lever - Shift/Hoist F-9 D Switch - Auto Lube F-17 57
A108 PK 12/24V Converter F711 GN Can Link +

Articulated Truck
0971 Interaxle Diff Lock Solenoid Motor - Blower B-8 28 Switch - Battery Isolator G-4 9
A109 PU Flasher F712 GY Can Link -
1100 Crossaxle Diff Lock Solenoid CONN 13 C-4, B-5, E-13 30 Motor - Front Washer E-6 30 Switch - Crossaxle Lock E-6 A
A110 WH Autolube F715 PU Shutdown
1227 Retarder Lever Switch CONN 14 A-13 E Motor - Front Wiper D-5 29 Switch - Diff Lock H-7 A
A111 GY Heated Mirror and Seat F716 WH Shutdown

Electrical System
1248 Retarder Solenoid CONN 15 Service CONN H-12 C
A112 OR Display / Messenger F762 GY Start Aid Solenoid
Motor - Fuel Priming Pump I-3 56 Switch - Dome Lamp H-6 52 Event Codes
1251 System Voltage CONN 16 I-12 C Motor - Hood Actuator F-1 16 Switch - Engine Shutdown F-4 9
1292 Transmission Hold Switch
A114 BK Camera +12V DC G704 YL Body Raise Sol Engine Control
CONN 17 J-12 C Motor - Rear Washer E-6 30 Switch - Fan Speed F-7 A
Ground Circuits G705 GN Body Lower Sol Event Code Condition
1401 Transmission Clutch Modulating Valve No. 1 Motor - Rear Wiper K-16 45 Switch - Front Brake Temperature B-17 5
200 BK Main Chassis G706 BU Retarder Sol No. 1 CONN 18 K-12 C
1402 Transmission Clutch Modulating Valve No. 2 E096 High Fuel Pressure
1403 Transmission Clutch Modulating Valve No. 3
201 BK Operator Monitor Return G707 GN Retarder Sol No. 2 CONN 19 G-11 43 Motor - Secondary Steer
Motor - Starter
Switch - Fuel Pressure
Switch - Fuel Priming Pump
56 E172 High Air Filter Restriction
735: 740: 740E:
202 BK Xmsn Ctrl G708 GY Retarder Sol No. 3 CONN 20 J-9 50
1404 Transmission Clutch Modulating Valve No. 4
231 BK Switch/sensor Return #1 J764 BR Switch/sensor Return #1 CONN 21 I-9 50
Relay - Backup Alarm H-14 C Switch - Hazard Flasher J-8 A E360 Low Engine Oil Pressure Warning B1N1268-1367 B1P4703-5768 B1R489-527

36 Page, Color 2,
1405 Transmission Clutch Modulating Valve No. 5 Relay - Headlamp H-8 E Switch - Head/Side Lamp L-7 A
C215 BK Autolube Pressure Switch Ground K737 BR Brake Solenoid M/H CONN 22 G-9 49 E361 High Engine Coolant Temperature
1406 Transmission Clutch Modulating Valve No. 6 Relay - Horn H-14 C Switch - Heated Mirror E-8 A
Basic Machine Circuits K738 GN Brake Solenoid L/H CONN 23 F-9 48 E362 Engine Overspeed
1837 Clear Switch Relay - INT Wiper I-14 C Switch - Heated Seat D-8 A
304 WH Starter Relay No. 1 Output K739 BU Brake Solenoid Common CONN 24 B-9 E
1675 Service Switch Relay - Main (1) I-14 C Switch - Hood Locking G-4 9 E363 High Fuel Supply Temperature
306 GN Starter Relay Coil To Neut Start Sw Or Key Sw K742 OR Top Gear Switch (up) CONN 25 A-6 46
Engine Control 307 OR Key Sw To Neutral Start Sw Or Vmis Sensor Module K744 BU Retarder Proportional Solenoid
Relay - Main (2) I-14 C Switch - Horn H-7 F E390 Fuel Filter Restriction
CONN 26 C-6 46 Relay - Secondary Steer I-14 C Switch - Hydraulic Tank Filter Bypass G-5 58
(MID No. 036) 308 YL Main Power Relay Coil L730 OR Analog Sensor Power (+5v) E539 High Intake Manifold Air Temperature
CONN 27 J-5 47 Relay - Secondary Steer F-3 26 Switch - Key Start I-6 A
CID Component 320 OR Horn Relay Coil To Sw L740 BR OTG Oil Temp Sensor Return
CONN 28 G-5 13 Relay - Start H-5 8 Switch - Low Brake Oil Pressure A-17 39
0001 Fuel Injector Solenoid #1 322 GY Warning Horn (forward) M739 YL Solenoid Return 2
CONN 29 C-5 23 Resistor B-8 E Switch - OTG Filter Bypass B-17 5
0002 Fuel Injector Solenoid #2 323 WH Fuel Priming Pump Sw. to Fuel Priming Pump N707 PU Fuel Differential Pressure Sw. Return
CONN 30 Remote Start Receptacle G-4 9 Resistor - 2 B-8 E Switch - OTG Low Oil Pressure B-17 5
0003 Fuel Injector Solenoid #3 324 BU Differential Lock Sol N787 BU Hydraulic Tank Filter Bypass Switch
CONN 31 TDC Service Probe I-3 8 Resistor - (L-R1) D-8 A Switch - Park Brake F-9 D
0004 Fuel Injector Solenoid #4 326 PU Fuel Priming Pump Batt. Power N788 PK Steer Tank Filter Bypass Switch
CONN 32 G-3 38 Resistor - (C-R1) K-6 56 Switch - Park Brake Pressure F-17 24
0005 Fuel Injector Solenoid #5 331 OR Backup Alarm Relay Coil P795 PK Ejector Blade Retract Sensor
CONN 33 F-3 37 Sender - Fuel Level E-1 23 Switch - Rear Brake Temperature F-17 25
0006 Fuel Injector Solenoid #6 368 OR Diff Lock (front) R746 PK Intake Air Pressure
CONN 34 F-3 37 Sensor - Atmospheric Pressure J-1 19 Switch - Rear Wiper L-8 A
0041 ECM 8V DC Supply 369 PU Diff Lock (rear) R747 GY Atmospheric Pressure
Sensor - Body Up I-18 15 Switch - Retarder H-6 F
0091 Throttle Sensor 374 PK Neutral Start Sw To Park Brake Sw T725 WH Fuel Differential Pressure Sw. CONN 35 I-1 8
Sensor - Cam Speed/Timing I-3 6 Switch - Secondary Steer E-6 A
0094 Fuel Pressure Sensor 397 OR Hood Raise Motor 802 YL Auto Lube Press. Sw The connectors shown in this chart are for harness to harness connectors.
Sensor - Coolant Temp I-2 14 Switch - Service Brake Pressure D-6 33
0100 Oil Pressure Sensor 398 BU Hood Raise Motor 892 BR Cat Data Link (-) Connectors that join a harness to a component are generally located at or near
Sensor - Crank Speed/Timing I-3 54 Switch - Steering Tank Filter Bypass E-1 23
0102 Boost Pressure Sensor A300 GN Hood Raise Relay Coil 893 GN Cat Data Link (+) the component. See the Component Location Chart.
Sensor - Engine Speed I-5 11 Switch - Steer Pressure D-1 15
0110 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor A301 WH Hood Raise Relay Coil G828 WH Engine Control Pressure Sensor +5v
Sensor - Fuel Pressure H-2 7 Switch - Stop Lamp Pressure D-6 33
0168 Electrical Power Supply A323 GY Interaxle Diff Lock Solenoid G829 GN Engine Control Pressure Sensor Common
Sensor - Fuel Temp H-14 7 Switch - Temp Selector J-7 A
0172 Inlet Air Temperature Sensor Monitoring Circuits G833 PK Engine Temperature Sensor Common
Sensor - Hoist Position F-9 D Switch - Temperature B-9 E
0174 Fuel Temperature Sensor 403 GN Alternator (r) Term. G834 PU Cooling Fan Speed +
Sensor - Inlet Manifold Temperature H-2 9 Switch - Wiper/Washer Turn G-7 F
0190 Engine Speed Sensor 406 PU Opr Mon Coolant Temp G835 OR Cooling Fan Speed -
Sensor - Intake Air Pressure J-1 7 Switch - Work Lamp K-7 A
0248 CAT Data Link Communications 410 WH Opr Mon Fault Alarm G856 WH TDC Probe +
Machine locations are repeated for components located close together.
0261 Engine Timing Calibration 417 GY Primary Ster Sw G857 YL TDC Probe - A = Located on dash of cab.
0262 5 Volt Sensor Supply 419 YL Opr Mon Parking Brake J812 PK Fan Drive Oil Filter Bypass Switch B = Located behind dash of cab.
0267 Engine Shutdown Switch 426 BR Opr Mon Power Train Oil Filter R800 OR +8v Digital Sensor Power C = Located on cab relay panel.
0268 Check Programmable Parameters 432 PK Opr Mon Brake Press. (oil) R816 PK Autolube Cab Control D = Located on right side of cab.
0274 Atmospheric Pressure Sensor 447 PK Fuel Level Gage T858 GY Fuel Injector 1 & 2 High E = Located behind sevice panels on right side of cab. © 2010 Caterpillar, All Rights Reserved Printed in U.S.A.
F = Located on steering column.
0291 Engine Cooling Fan Solenoid F400 GY Low Oil Pressure T859 WH Fuel Injector 3 & 4 High
0296 Unable to communicate with Transmission ECM F421 YL Fuel Temperature Sensor T860 OR Fuel Injector 5 & 6 High
0342 Camshaft Position Sensor F478 GN OTG Oil Temperature Sensor 900 PU Xmsn Shift Sol No. 5 Or 4
1589 Turbo Inlet Air Pressure Sensor G485 BU Opr Mon Front Brake Temperature 901 WH Xmsn Shift Sol No. 6
1639 Machine Security System G486 GN Opr Mon Rear Brake Temperature 921 WH Xmsn Sol No 1 Or 3 Return
2417 Start Aid Solenoid Accessory Circuits 922 BR Xmsn Sol No 2 Return
¹ The CID is a diagnostic code that indicates which circuit is faulty. 500 BR Wiper - Front (park) 993 BR Analog Sensor Common
² The MID is a diagnostic code that indicates which electronic control module 501 GN Wiper - Front (low) 994 GY Oil Pressure (filtered)
diagnosed the fault Resistor, Sender and Solenoid Specifications
502 OR Wiper - Front (hi) 995 BU Coolant Temperature
Part No. Component Description Resistance (Ohms)¹
503 BR Wiper - Rear (park) 998 BR Digital Sensor Return
134-3998 Coil: A/C Clutch 17.6 ± 0.6
504 YL Wiper - Rear (low) A958 WH Park Brake Sol
Washer - Front
Washer - Rear
Throttle Position
Inlet Air Temperature 9 3
152-8340 Solenoid: Park Brake
IAD Actuation
32.6 ±1.6
Harness And Wire Electrical Schematic Symbols
152-8385 Solenoid: 32.6 ± 1.6
Cross Axle Diff Lock
508 PU Radio Speaker - Left C991 PK Fuel Filter Monitor
192-6443 Solenoid: Raise Valve 5.0 ± 0.3
509 WH Radio Speaker - Left (commom) E900 WH Trans Output Spd + 52 13 47 Up Shift
511 BR Radio Speaker - Right E901 GN Trans Output Spd - 30 46 18
54 27 193-8559 Solenoid: Down Shift 32.6 ± 1.6
Failure Mode Identifiers (FMI)¹ 512 GN Radio Speaker - Right (common) E906 OR Trans Output Spd Q+ 42 45 44 49
56 Lock Up
FMI No. Failure Description 513 OR A/C Compressor Pressure Sw E907 GY Trans Output Spd Q-
B 11 59 196-2403 Solenoid: Lower Valve 5.0 ± 0.3

0 Data valid but above normal operational range. 515 GY Blower Motor (hi) E956 BK Camera Video Signal 5 4 38 Pressure Temperature Level Flow Circuit Breaker
239-9368 Resistor: 27K ± 270
1 Data valid but below normal operational range.
516 GN Blower Motor (medium) E963 BK Engine Speed/timing A- 8 7 6 Symbol Symbol Symbol Symbol Symbol
517 BU Blower Motor (low) E964 WH Engine Speed/timing A+ 10 250-9378 Solenoids: Retarder 1 - 6 9.9 ± 0.3
2 Data erratic, intermittent, or incorrect. 48
3 Voltage above normal or shorted high.
522 WH A/C Clutch to Thermostat Sw E965 BU Engine Speed/timing B- 36 41 A
12 253-0615 Solenoids: Fuel Injectors 1.06 ± 5% Symbols and Definitions
537 GN Turn Signal Sw To Flasher E966 YL Engine Speed/timing B+ 22 21
4 Voltage below normal or shorted low. 53 265-5214 Solenoid: Demand Fan 2.44 ± 1.0
575 YL Wiper - Aux (park) E971 GN A/C High Pressure Switch 31 25 33 Fuse - A component in an electrical circuit that will open the circuit if too much current flows
5 Current below normal or open circuit. 1 A-C = 2.1
590 GY Wiper Sw To Intermittent Module K952 BR Sol Return 3 through it.
34 32 14 257-5029 Resistor: Blower Motor Speed B-C = 0.8
6 Current above normal or grounded circuit. 57 24
591 WH Intermittent Module To Wiper Motor K977 PK Ecpc Trans Oil Temp Sensor
35 19 C-D = 0.4 Switch (Normally Open): A switch that will close at a specified point (temp, press, etc.). The
7 Mechanical system not responding properly. 592 BU Dc/dc Converter Power Output L910 PK Torque Converter Output Speed +
2 40 37 Full 0-3.5
283-5595 Sender: Fuel Level circle indicates that the component has screw terminals and a wire can be disconnected from it.
8 Abnormal frequency, pulse width, or period. A513 PK Dc/dc Converter Memory Output L911 YL T/C Output Speed - C 20 43 50
29 Empty 92-98
9 Abnormal update. 55 3E-6332 Solenoid: Start Aid 6 Switch (Normally Closed): A switch that will open at a specified point (temp, press, etc.).
A523 PU Temp Potentiometer Pos 1 M996 PK Hoist Lever Position
D 16 17
10 Abnormal rate of change. A524 BR Temp Potentiometer Pos 2 M997 PU Shift Lever Position 26 9X-3506 Resistor: Can Data Link 120 ± 6.0 No circle indicates that the wire cannot be disconnected from the component.
15 28
11 Failure mode not identifiable. A525 GN Temp Potentiometer Pos 3 N957 PK Gateway RS-232 Port 1 (TXD) E ¹ At room temperature unless otherwise noted.
60 Ground (Wired): This indicates that the component is connected to a grounded wire. The
12 Bad device or component. A537 PK Heated Seat N960 OR Gateway RS-232 Port 1 (RXD)
grounded wire is fastened to the machine.
13 Out of calibration. C542 GN Heated Mirror Power N970 YL Gateway RS-232 Port 1 (DCD)
14 Parameter failures. C547 OR Blower Motor (med-low) N973 BR Gateway RS-232 Port 1 (DTR)
15 Parameter failures. E528 PU HVAC On/off Sw To Blower Speed Sw And A/C Sw N979 GN Gateway RS-232 Port 1 (GND) Ground (Case): This indicates that the component does not have a wire connected to ground.
Lighting Circuits T957 PU Fuel Injector 1 Common It is grounded by being fastened to the machine.
16 Parameter not available.
602 WH Dome Lamp T958 YL Fuel Injector 2 Common
17 Module not responding.
604 OR Stop Lamp T959 BR Fuel Injector 3 Common Reed Switch: A switch whose contacts are controlled by a magnet. A magnet closes the
18 Sensor supply fault.
605 YL Turn Lamp - Left T960 BU Fuel Injector 4 Common contacts of a normally open reed switch; it opens the contacts of a normally closed reed switch.
19 Condition not met.
606 GY Turn Lamp - Right T961 GN Fuel Injector 5 Common Off Machine Switch Specification
20 Parameter failures. 610 OR Head Lamp Basic T962 WH Fuel Injector 6 Common Part No. Function Actuate Deactuate Contact Position Sender: A component that is used with a temperature or pressure gauge. The sender
¹The FMI is a diagnostic code that indicates what type of failure has occurred. 611 PU Head Lamp Hi T997 OR OTG Oil Temp Sensor Supply 275to1750kPa¹ measures the temperature or pressure. Its resistance changes to give an indication to
114-5333 A/C Pressure Switch -- Normally Open²
612 GY Backup Lamp (39.9 to 253.8 psi) T
the gauge of the temperature or pressure.
Stop Lamp Pressure Switch 200 ±50 kPa 140 kPa
172-7071 Normally Open
Service Brake Pressure Switch (29 psi ±7 psi) (20.3 psi) Relay (Magnetic Switch): A relay is an electrical component that is activated by electricity.
Park Brake Pressure Switch 13800 kPa MAX 12300 ± 345 kPa Normally Open A-B It has a coil that makes an electromagnet when current flows through it. The
Low Brake Oil Pressure Switch (2002 psi MAX) (1784 psi ±50 psi) Normally Closed A-C electromagnet can open or close the switch part of the relay.
276 ± 28 kPa 179 kPa
31 F 227-6745 OTG Filter Bypass Switch
(40.0 psi ± 4.0 psi) (26.0 psi)
Normally Closed
A 49 Hydraulic Tank Filter Bypass 148 ±28 kPa 69 kPa MIN
Solenoid: A solenoid is an electrical component that is activated by electricity. It has a
C 253-2673
Steering Tank Filter Bypass (21.5 psi ± 4 psi) (10 psi MIN)
Normally Closed coil that makes an electromagnet when current flows through it. The electromagnet
55 48 can open or close a valve or move a piece of metal that can do work.
D 50 B 29 110.3 ± 13.8 kPa 69 kPa MIN
47 275-1253 Fuel Differential Pressure Switch Normally Closed
(16 ± 2 psi) (10 psi MIN)
21 46
43 54 12 MAGNETIC LATCH SOLENOID - A magnetic latch solenoid is an electrical component that is
1200 kPa MAX 700 ±100kPa Contacts A-B (N.O.) activated by electricity and held latched by a permanent magnet. It has two coils (latch and unlatch)
E 33 8 313-5104 Steering Pressure Switch
28 4 59 (174.05 psi MAX) (101.5 ±14.5 psi) Contacts A-C (N.C.) that make electromagnet when current flows through them. It also has an internal switch that places
11 -1.1 ± 0.8°C 2.2 ± 0.8°C the latch coil circuit open at the time the coil latches.
5 6 3E-5464 Temperature Switch Normally Closed
41 45 44 23 30 7 (30 ± 1.4°F) (36 ± 1.4°F)
52 10 14 27 Front Brake Temperature Switch 107 ± 3°C 93°C
2 40 1 15 58
Rear Brake Temperature Switch (224.6 ± 5.4°F) (199.4°F)
Normally Closed Harness and Wire Symbols
9 19
20 22 56
17 3E-7692 OTG Low Oil Pressure Switch
113 kPa 70 ± 20 kPa
Normally Open
57 36 (16.4 psi) (10.2 psi ± 2.9 psi) 1 Deutsch connector: Typical representation 1 Sure-Seal connector: Typical representation
60 34 35 38
32 of a Deutsch connector. The plug contains all of a Sure-Seal connector. The plug and receptacle
¹ With increasing pressure the closed condition can be maintained up to 2800 kpa (405 psi), with decreasing pressure the closed condition can be maintained 2 2
24 sockets and the receptacle contains all pins. contain both pins and sockets.
16 37 down to 170 kpa (25psi).
² Contact position at the contacts of the harness connector. Harness Identification Letter(s):
25 26 Wire, Cable, or Harness Assembly Identification: (A, B, C, ..., AA, AB, AC, ...)
42 Includes Harness Identification Letters and Harness
Connector Serialization Codes Harness Connector Serialization Code: The "C" stands
for "Connector" and the number indicates which
connector in the harness. (C1, C2, C3, .....)
Part Number for
C-C4 AG-C3 Connector Plug AG-C4 L-C12 Part Number For
130-6795 130-6795 111-7898 3E-5179 Connector Recepticle

325-AG135 PK-14 1 5A
Pin Socket Fuse
Pin or Socket (5 Amps)
Single Wire
Part Number
Harness identification code: 2 200-L32 BK-14
This example indicates wire
135 in harness "AG".
Ground Circuit Identification Wire Gauge
Connection Number Wire Color

Machine Harness Connector And Component Locations

(Dimensions: 48 inches x 35 inches)

18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


604-A9 OR-16
T BR-16 605-A10 YL-16
200-A6 BK-16 J1

ROOF H52 110-L85 GN-18T 619-L97 GN-18T

503-L81 BR-18T 614-L10 PU-18T
200-EA78 BK-18T 200-L27 BK-18T
H52 J2
200-EA92 BK-18T 614-L96 PU-18T
139-EA2 OR-18T
612-A17 GY-16 511-F17 BR-18T 110-F5 GN-18T 308-EA29 YL-18T 200-EA13 BK-18T
200-A5 BK-16 512-F18 GN-18T 308-EA95 YL-18T 308-EA89 YL-18T 612-EA39 GY-16T
115-F4 RD-18T 200-F7 BK-18T 308-EA89 YL-18T
200-F7 BK-18T 200-EA13 BK-18T F711-EA73 GN-18T 200-EA92 BK-18T

E965-M27 BU-18

T725-M44 WH-18

N707-M42 PU-18
K738-M41 GN-16

K739-M40 BU-16
R746-M18 PK-18

E963-M23 BK-18

E964-M22 WH-18

E966-M26 YL-18

C967-M13 BU-18

F421-M12 YL-18

T860-M25 OR-16

T858-M24 GY-16
T962-M17 WH-16
T959-M15 BR-16
T961-M20 GN-16
T960-M16 BU-16

T859-M21 WH-16
T957-M14 PU-16
T958-M19 YL-16
K737-M4 BR-16

995-M11 BU-18

994-M10 GY-18
G833-M7 PK-18

R747-M5 GY-18

G828-M1 WH-18
G856-M8 WH-18

G857-M9 YL-18

C991-M6 PK-18
602-F19 WH-18T F711-EA96 GN-18T F711-EA93 GN-18T F711-EA93 GN-18T 504-L80 YL-18T 102-L136 RD-14T

150-C112 RD-14

200-C109 BK-14
L730-C52 OR-18

998-C111 BR-16

F400-C58 GY-18

E748-C74 BK-18

F716-C65 WH-16

F712-C46 GY-18

F715-C55 PU-16

G834-C14 PU-18

F711-C45 GN-18
150-C115 RD-14
892-C10 BR-16
993-C15 BR-18
R800-C1 OR-18

F762-C8 GY-18

G835-C5 OR-18

200-C59 BK-14

C912-C3 GN-18
110-F5 GN-18T 102-K1 RD-14T F712-EA94 GY-18T 102-L42 RD-16T

893-C9 GN-16

308-C2 YL-16
508-F15 PU-18T BREAKER 108-K4 BU-16T 200-EA92 BK-18T F712-EA74 GY-18T
509-F16 WH-18T 115-F4 RD-18T 115-EA10 RD-18T 110-K6 GN-18T 308-EA95 YL-18T F712-EA97 GY-18T F712-EA94 GY-18T TO MSS TO CAMERA 200-L45 BK-18T

G829-M2 GN-18
110-F5 GN-18T 624-F20 YL-18T 602-F19 WH-18T 602-EA50 WH-18T 110-K102 GN-18T 308-EA29 YL-18T (LOC F-16) 200-L149 BK-18T
612-A15 GY-16 200-F9 BK-18T 503-F12 BR-18T 503-EA37 BR-18T 111-K7 RD-14T F711-EA73 GN-18T 614-L8 PU-18T 200-L149 BK-18T
200-A3 BK-16 200-F10 BK-18T 504-F13 YL-18T 504-EA38 YL-18T 111-K9 RD-18T F711-EA96 GN-18T 614-L10 PU-18T 200-L45 BK-18T 200-L99 BK-18T
200-F9 BK-18T 200-F7 BK-18T 200-F6 BK-18T 200-EA78 BK-18T 112-K11 PU-12T 619-K41 GN-16T F712-EA74 GY-18T 200-L27 BK-18T
200-F8 BK-18T 200-F6 BK-18T 624-F20 YL-18T 624-EA59 YL-18T 112-K109 PU-18T E971-K42 GN-16T F712-EA97 GY-18T 614-L96 PU-18T
112-K46 PU-12T 200-L45 BK-18T 614-L8 PU-18T
110-F2 GN-18T 508-F15 PU-18T 508-EA40 PU-18T SEE TABLE (LOC B2) FOR FUSE LABELS 112-K84 PU-14T 619-K41 GN-16T TO CAMERA 200-L149 BK-18T
110-F5 GN-18T 509-F16 WH-18T 509-EA41 WH-18T 112-K109 PU-18T 116-K18 BR-18T E971-K42 GN-16T 110-K102 GN-18T (LOC I-16) 614-L8 PU-18T
110-F1 GN-18T 110-F1 GN-18T 110-EA5 GN-18T 112-K69 PU-18T 112-K53 PU-18T 112-K52 PU-18T 112-K50 PU-18T 112-K45 PU-16T 112-K39 PU-14T 112-K38 PU-12T 118-K20 GY-18T 139-EA2 OR-18T 614-L10 PU-18T
624-F20 YL-18T 511-F17 BR-18T 511-EA42 BR-18T 118-K19 GY-18T 102-K1 RD-14T 111-K9 RD-18T 200-EA13 BK-18T 307-EA28 OR-18T 307-L163 OR-18T

614-L11 PU-18T
200-F10 BK-18T 503-F12 BR-18T 512-F18 GN-18T 512-EA43 GN-18T 112-K103 PU-14T 123-K14 WH-18T 105-K3 RD-18T 612-EA39 GY-16T 308-EA29 YL-18T 308-L52 YL-18T 507-L62 WH-18T
504-F13 YL-18T 124-K25 GN-16T 108-K4 BU-16T 727-EA62 GN-18T 727-L51 GN-18T
CONN 3 136-K28 GN-18T 110-K6 GN-18T 110-EA6 GN-18T 110-L85 GN-18T
139-K2 OR-18T 110-K102 GN-18T 308-EA95 YL-18T A112-EA7 OR-18T A112-L53 OR-18T 102-L136 RD-14T 624-L101 YL-18T
K A110-K5 WH-18T
A108-K30 PK-18T
177-K47 RD-12T
111-K7 RD-14T
111-K9 RD-18T
592-K59 BU-18T
102-K1 RD-14T
592-EA49 BU-18T
102-EA1 RD-14T F711-EA96 GN-18T
512-EA43 GN-18T
123-EA8 WH-18T
512-L56 GN-18T
123-L73 WH-18T
110-L85 GN-18T
200-L27 BK-18T 102-L136 RD-14T K
139-K2 OR-18T A110-K5 WH-18T 112-K109 PU-18T 139-K2 OR-18T 139-EA2 OR-18T 614-EA57 PU-18T 614-L6 PU-18T 200-L99 BK-18T 102-L42 RD-16T

G829-M35 GN-18
N707-M42 PU-18
T725-M44 WH-18

G829-M35 GN-18
C967-M13 BU-18
F421-M12 YL-18

G828-M28 WH-18

R746-M18 PK-18
K738-M41 GN-16
K739-M40 BU-16
T858-M24 GY-16
T859-M21 WH-16
T860-M25 OR-16
T957-M14 PU-16
T958-M19 YL-16
T959-M15 BR-16
T960-M16 BU-16
T961-M20 GN-16
T962-M17 WH-16
136-K28 GN-18T A111-K23 GY-18T 113-K8 OR-18T 124-K25 GN-16T 124-EA17 GN-16T F712-EA97 GY-18T 115-EA11 RD-18T 115-L50 RD-18T 503-L81 BR-18T 200-L99 BK-18T

995-M11 BU-18
C991-M6 PK-18
G833-M7 PK-18

994-M10 GY-18
G828-M1 WH-18
G829-M2 GN-18
R747-M5 GY-18
K737-M4 BR-16
150-C112 RD-14
998-C111 BR-16

E965-M27 BU-18
E964-M22 WH-18
E963-M23 BK-18
E966-M26 YL-18
508-F15 PU-18T
509-F16 WH-18T

G856-M8 WH-18
G857-M9 YL-18
F711-C45 GN-18
F712-C46 GY-18
123-K14 WH-18T 112-K12 PU-12T 115-K17 RD-18T 105-K3 RD-18T 105-EA3 RD-18T 504-L80 YL-18T 200-L149 BK-18T
A111-K23 GY-18T 113-K8 OR-18T 116-K18 BR-18T 892-K71 BR-18T 892-EA90 BR-18T 105-EA3 RD-18T 105-L84 RD-18T 614-L96 PU-18T 614-L10 PU-18T
116-K18 BR-18T 192-K13 GN-18T 118-K20 GY-18T 893-K72 GN-18T 893-EA91 GN-18T 118-EA15 GY-18T 118-L59 GY-18T 619-L97 GN-18T 116-L100 BR-18T


200-C109 BK-14
E748-C74 BK-18
F400-C58 GY-18
F715-C55 PU-16
F716-C65 WH-16
L730-C52 OR-18
200-C59 BK-14
993-C15 BR-18

F762-C8 GY-18
165-K31 YL-18T 123-K14 WH-18T 118-K20 GY-18T 118-EA15 GY-18T 110-EA4 GN-18T 324-EA32 BU-18T 324-L65 BU-18T
504-F13 YL-18T 112-K11 PU-12T 177-K35 RD-12T 124-K25 GN-16T 129-K26 RD-18T 129-EA18 RD-18T 115-EA9 RD-18T 200-EA26 BK-18T 200-L7 BK-18T
112-K76 PU-18T 112-K77 PU-16T 177-K74 RD-14T 177-K22 RD-14T 177-K104 RD-16T177-K75 RD-18T 177-K54 RD-18T 125-K32 OR-18T 110-K6 GN-18T 110-EA4 GN-18T 575-EA47 YL-18T 575-L57 YL-18T 102-L42 RD-16T
36 Page,

200-F8 BK-18T 129-K16 RD-18T A112-K200 OR-18T A112-EA7 OR-18T 720-EA61 PU-18T 720-L77 PU-18T 507-L62 WH-18T
110-F2 GN-18T 112-K46 PU-12T 129-K26 RD-18T A111-K23 GY-18T A111-EA16 GY-18T A111-EA16 GY-18T A111-L124 GY-18T 537-L64 GN-18T 200-L99 BK-18T
503-F12 BR-18T 136-K28 GN-18T 619-K41 GN-16T 619-EA58 GN-16T 605-L82 YL-18T 200-L19 BK-18T
612-A17 GY-16
605-A10 YL-16

612-A15 GY-16

614-A13 PU-16
200-A3 BK-16
200-A6 BK-16
200-A5 BK-16

604-A9 OR-16

139-K2 OR-18T E971-K42 GN-16T E971-EA71 GN-16T 511-EA42 BR-18T 511-L60 BR-18T 606-L83 GY-18T 606-L83 GY-18T
150-K29 RD-14T 123-K14 WH-18T 123-EA8 WH-18T 110-EA6 GN-18T A537-EA12 PK-18T A537-L201 PK-18T 619-L97 GN-18T 605-L82 YL-18T 614-L15 PU-18T

998-C57 BR-16
108-K4 BU-16T 165-K31 YL-18T 165-K31 YL-18T 165-EA20 YL-18T 102-EA1 RD-14T 115-EA11 RD-18T 624-EA59 YL-18T 624-L101 YL-18T 614-L11 PU-18T
A108-K30 PK-18T A112-K200 OR-18T 173-K33 RD-18T 116-K18 BR-18T 116-EA14 BR-18T 105-EA3 RD-18T 200-EA78 BK-18T
118-K19 GY-18T 105-K3 RD-18T 136-K28 GN-18T 136-EA19 GN-18T 116-EA14 BR-18T 503-EA37 BR-18T

G834-C14 PU-18
892-C10 BR-16

G835-C5 OR-18
C912-C3 GN-18

R800-C1 OR-18

115-EA10 RD-18T
118-K20 GY-18T 121-K21 RD-18T 177-K35 RD-12T 177-K34 RD-8T 173-K33 RD-18T 173-EA23 RD-18T 118-EA15 GY-18T 504-EA38 YL-18T

893-C9 GN-16
308-C2 YL-16
110-EA5 GN-18T
110-K102 GN-18T 114-K15 RD-18T 177-K47 RD-12T 308-K55 YL-18T 308-EA95 YL-18T 123-EA8 WH-18T 508-EA40 PU-18T 320-EA31 OR-18T 320-L61 OR-18T
110-K6 GN-18T 115-K17 RD-18T 177-K36 RD-10T 115-K17 RD-18T 115-EA9 RD-18T 124-EA17 GN-16T 509-EA41 WH-18T 892-EA90 BR-18T 892-L112 BR-18T G828-M31 WH-18
410-K57 WH-18T 410-EA35 WH-18T 129-EA18 RD-18T 511-EA42 BR-18T 893-EA91 GN-18T 893-L113 GN-18T 102-L136 RD-14T 994-M10 GY-18 G829-M32 GN-18
177-K80 RD-12T 177-K81 RD-12T 177-K54 RD-18T F711-K63 GN-18T F711-EA96 GN-18T 136-EA19 GN-18T 512-EA43 GN-18T 619-EA58 GN-16T 619-L125 GN-16T 110-L85 GN-18T R747-M5 GY-18
177-K27 RD-12T F712-K66 GY-18T F712-EA97 GY-18T 173-EA23 RD-18T 602-EA50 WH-18T A513-EA64 PK-18T A513-L71 PK-18T 200-L27 BK-18T G828-M31 WH-18
606-A11 GY-16
612-A18 GY-16

614-A14 PU-16
614-A12 PU-16
612-A16 GY-16

177-K82 RD-16T 177-K79 RD-14T

200-A4 BK-16
200-A1 BK-14

604-A7 OR-16
604-A8 OR-16
200-A2 BK-16

200-EA78 BK-18T
503-EA37 BR-18T
504-EA38 YL-18T
508-EA40 PU-18T
509-EA41 WH-18T
512-EA43 GN-18T
602-EA50 WH-18T
624-EA59 YL-18T
511-EA42 BR-18T
177-K47 RD-12T 177-K54 RD-18T A108-K30 PK-18T 612-K51 GY-18T 612-EA39 GY-16T 308-EA29 YL-18T 624-EA59 YL-18T 136-EA19 GN-18T 136-L98 GN-18T 503-L81 BR-18T 537-L64 GN-18T G828-M1 WH-18 G828-M29 WH-18
112-K84 PU-14T A109-K10 PU-18T A109-K10 PU-18T A109-EA30 PU-18T 320-EA31 OR-18T A109-EA30 PU-18T A109-L43 PU-18T 504-L80 YL-18T G828-M28 WH-18 G828-M30 WH-18
A110-K5 WH-18T 320-K89 OR-18T 320-EA31 OR-18T 410-EA35 WH-18T 102-EA1 RD-14T F711-EA73 GN-18T F711-L54 GN-18T 614-L96 PU-18T G828-M30 WH-18
A111-K23 GY-18T 500-K91 BR-18T 500-EA36 BR-18T 500-EA36 BR-18T 105-EA3 RD-18T F712-EA74 GY-18T F712-L55 GY-18T 200-L149 BK-18T G829-M35 GN-18 G829-M32 GN-18 G829-M34 GN-18
A112-K200 OR-18T 591-K92 WH-18T 591-EA48 WH-18T 575-EA47 YL-18T 116-EA14 BR-18T A523-EA65 PU-18T A523-L47 PU-18T 200-L45 BK-18T A525-L49 GN-18T G829-M2 GN-18 G829-M34 GN-18 R746-M18 PK-18

115-EA11 RD-18T
575-K93 YL-18T 575-EA47 YL-18T 591-EA48 WH-18T 118-EA15 GY-18T 410-EA35 WH-18T 410-L31 WH-18T 200-L99 BK-18T 614-L10 PU-18T A524-L48 BR-18T G829-M33 GN-18

110-EA6 GN-18T
110-EA4 GN-18T

115-EA9 RD-18T

F711-C43 GN-18

F712-C44 GY-18
124-K25 GN-16T 177-K81 RD-12T CONN 18 592-EA49 BU-18T 123-EA8 WH-18T 173-EA23 RD-18T 173-L76 RD-18T 624-L101 YL-18T 614-L8 PU-18T A523-L47 PU-18T

150-C11 RD-14
998-C16 BR-16
111-K7 RD-14T 173-K33 RD-18T 177-K27 RD-12T 177-K24 RD-8T 619-EA58 GN-16T 124-EA17 GN-16T A523-L47 PU-18T R746-M18 PK-18
111-K9 RD-18T A109-K10 PU-18T 892-EA90 BR-18T 129-EA18 RD-18T 592-EA49 BU-18T 592-L17 BU-18T A524-L48 BR-18T R747-M5 GY-18 G828-M29 WH-18

T957-M14 PU-16
T958-M19 YL-16
T959-M15 BR-16
T960-M16 BU-16
T961-M20 GN-16
T962-M17 WH-16
T858-M24 GY-16
T859-M21 WH-16
T860-M25 OR-16
K738-M41 GN-16
K739-M40 BU-16
102-K1 RD-14T 125-K32 OR-18T 893-EA91 GN-18T 136-EA19 GN-18T 611-EA54 PU-16T 611-L104 PU-18T A525-L49 GN-18T G829-M33 GN-18

K737-M4 BR-16
129-K16 RD-18T 177-K37 RD-10T A109-EA30 PU-18T 173-EA23 RD-18T G706-EA75 BU-18T G706-L67 BU-18T 994-M10 GY-18
J 410-K57 WH-18T 129-K26 RD-18T A111-EA16 GY-18T 308-EA29 YL-18T G708-EA77 GY-18T G708-L69 GY-18T 116-L100 BR-18T J
606-A11 GY-16
612-A16 GY-16
614-A12 PU-16

605-A10 YL-16
614-A14 PU-16
612-A18 GY-16
606-A11 GY-16

200-A2 BK-16
604-A8 OR-16

200-A1 BK-14
604-A7 OR-16
200-A4 BK-16

201-K48 BK-18T 150-K29 RD-14T 112-K11 PU-12T 177-K34 RD-8T 177-E22 RD-8T A112-EA7 OR-18T 320-EA31 OR-18T 200-L19 BK-18T
112-K12 PU-12T E971-EA71 GN-16T 410-EA35 WH-18T CONN 20 614-L15 PU-18T
112-K46 PU-12T 177-K24 RD-8T 177-E11 RD-8T F711-EA73 GN-18T 500-EA36 BR-18T
FUSE PANEL 112-K84 PU-14T F712-EA74 GY-18T 575-EA47 YL-18T 116-L100 BR-18T K737-N23 BR-16
114-K15 RD-18T CONN 17 591-EA48 WH-18T 200-L19 BK-18T K739-N22 BU-16

177-K36 RD-10T 118-K19 GY-18T 592-EA49 BU-18T 614-L15 PU-18T

115-EA11 RD-18T
200-EA78 BK-18T
503-EA37 BR-18T
504-EA38 YL-18T
508-EA40 PU-18T
509-EA41 WH-18T
511-EA42 BR-18T
512-EA43 GN-18T
602-EA50 WH-18T
624-EA59 YL-18T
121-K21 RD-18T 619-EA58 GN-16T

110-EA4 GN-18T
115-EA9 RD-18T
110-EA6 GN-18T
110-K102 GN-18T 177-K36 RD-10T 892-EA90 BR-18T CONN 27 K737-N19 BR-16
CONN 1 200-K44 BK-18T 200-K44 BK-18T 192-K13 GN-18T 893-EA91 GN-18T K737-N15 BR-16 K737-N23 BR-16 K738-N17 GN-16

R816-K68 PK-18T A109-EA30 PU-18T K738-N17 GN-16 K739-N20 BU-16
165-EA20 YL-18T A111-EA16 GY-18T K739-N22 BU-16
AUTOLUBE CONTROL 110-K102 GN-18T 201-K48 BK-18T 201-E32 BK-18T 200-EA13 BK-18T A112-EA7 OR-18T 116-L100 BR-18T K739-N18 BU-16 K739-N21 BU-16
201-K48 BK-18T 200-K94 BK-18T H42 202-K49 BK-18T 202-E35 BK-18T 200-EA92 BK-18T E971-EA71 GN-16T 201-EA27 BK-18T 201-L72 BK-16T 116-L109 BR-16T K739-N20 BU-16

410-K57 WH-18T 201-K48 BK-18T 113-K8 OR-18T 113-E19 OR-18T F711-EA73 GN-18T 102-EA1 RD-14T 102-L136 RD-14T 105-L84 RD-18T 124-L105 GN-16T T858-N13 GY-16 T858-N1 GY-16 K737-N19 BR-16
308-K88 YL-18T 110-K102 GN-18T 111-K7 RD-14T 111-E3 RD-14T F712-EA74 GY-18T 515-EA44 GY-16T 515-L102 GY-16T 116-L109 BR-16T 129-L87 RD-16T K739-N18 BU-16 T858-N3 GY-16 K739-N21 BU-16
200-K44 BK-18T 410-K57 WH-18T 201-K48 BK-18T 150-K29 RD-14T 150-E18 RD-14T 116-EA14 BR-18T 116-L109 BR-16T 124-L105 GN-16T 136-L98 GN-18T K738-N17 GN-16

G833-M7 PK-18
H3 200-K87 BK-18T 592-K58 BU-18T 308-K55 YL-18T 322-K90 GY-18T 322-E56 GY-16T 201-EA27 BK-18T 517-EA46 BU-16T 517-L107 BU-16T 129-L87 RD-16T 200-L7 BK-18T K737-N15 BR-16 T859-N14 WH-16 T859-N7 WH-16 200 BK-18

C972 YL-18
592-K59 BU-18T 592-K59 BU-18T 308-K88 YL-18T 112-K109 PU-18T 112-E52 PU-18T 307-EA28 OR-18T 516-EA45 GN-16T 516-L106 GN-16T 136-L98 GN-18T 200-L27 BK-18T T860-N16 OR-16 T859-N5 WH-16
592-K58 BU-18T R816-K68 PK-18T 410-K57 WH-18T 108-K4 BU-16T 108-E1 BU-16T 108-E1 BU-16T 324-EA32 BU-18T 124-EA17 GN-16T 124-L105 GN-16T 200-L27 BK-18T 200-L89 BK-18T T859-N14 WH-16 T858-N1 GY-16 CONN 31

C967-M13 BU-18
F421-M12 YL-18
G828-M28 WH-18
G829-M35 GN-18

N707-M42 PU-18
T725-M44 WH-18
200-K43 BK-18T 592-K58 BU-18T 619-K41 GN-16T 619-E93 GN-16T 111-E3 RD-14T 326-EA302 RD-18T C542-EA69 GN-18T C542-L115 GN-18T 200-L7 BK-18T 201-L72 BK-16T T858-N13 GY-16 T860-N9 OR-16 NOTE H

995-M11 BU-18
C991-M6 PK-18
T957-N2 PU-16
200-K94 BK-18T 200-K87 BK-18T 592-K59 BU-18T A110-K5 WH-18T A110-E2 WH-18T 112-E52 PU-18T 369-EA33 PU-18T 129-EA18 RD-18T 129-L87 RD-16T 201-L72 BK-16T 308-L52 YL-18T T962-N12 WH-16 T860-N16 OR-16 T860-N11 OR-16 TDC
308-K88 YL-18T 200-K43 BK-18T R816-K68 PK-18T F711-K62 GN-18T F711-E157 GN-18T 515-EA44 GY-16T 500-EA36 BR-18T 500-L66 BR-18T 307-L163 OR-18T 369-L123 PU-18T SERVICE G856-M8 WH-18
612-A16 GY-16 200-K94 BK-18T F712-K65 GY-18T F712-E161 GY-18T 113-E19 OR-18T 113-E10 OR-18T 516-EA45 GN-16T J764-EA83 BR-18T J764-L58 BR-18T 308-L52 YL-18T 410-L31 WH-18T T961-N10 GN-16 T957-N2 PU-16 PROBE G857-M9 YL-18
200-A4 BK-16 201-E33 BK-18T E971-K42 GN-16T E971-E155 GN-16T 113-E9 OR-18T 517-EA46 BU-16T C547-EA70 OR-16T C547-L103 OR-16T 326-L203 RD-18T 515-L102 GY-16T T960-N8 BU-16 T958-N4 YL-16 T858-N3 GY-16
201-E34 BK-18T N957-K107 PK-18T N957-E71 PK-18T H56 604-EA51 OR-18T 503-EA37 BR-18T 503-L81 BR-18T 369-L123 PU-18T 516-L106 GN-16T T959-N6 BR-16 T959-N6 BR-16 CONN TO
T958-N4 YL-16

G833-M36 PK-18
G833-M38 PK-18
G833-M37 PK-18
202-E38 BK-16T 129-K16 RD-18T 129-E13 RD-18T 125-E21 OR-18T 605-EA52 YL-18T 504-EA38 YL-18T 504-L80 YL-18T 410-L31 WH-18T 105-L84 RD-18T 517-L107 BU-16T T958-N4 YL-16 T960-N8 BU-16 ENGINE ECM
RH STOP/TAIL/TURN LAMP H4 113-E9 OR-18T A108-K30 PK-18T A108-E15 PK-18T 129-E13 RD-18T 606-EA53 GY-18T 326-EA302 RD-18T 326-L203 RD-18T 515-L102 GY-16T 116-L100 BR-18T 592-L134 BU-18T T957-N2 PU-16 T961-N10 GN-16 E963-M23 BK-18 J1 PIN 44
290-5751 H3 E964-E153 WH-18T 201-E33 BK-18T 200-K87 BK-18T 112-K11 PU-12T 125-K32 OR-18T 125-E21 OR-18T 150-E18 RD-14T 611-EA54 PU-16T A524-EA66 BR-18T A524-L48 BR-18T 516-L106 GN-16T 116-L109 BR-16T 605-L93 YL-18T T962-N12 WH-16 E964-M22 WH-18
E963-E150 BK-18T 201-E34 BK-18T 308-K56 YL-18T 112-K12 PU-12T N979-K105 GN-18T N979-E76 GN-18T 177-E11 RD-8T 720-EA61 PU-18T 517-L107 BU-16T 124-L105 GN-16T 606-L94 GY-18T T859-N5 WH-16
L910-E182 PK-18T 202-E38 BK-16T 308-K55 YL-18T 112-K46 PU-12T N960-K106 OR-18T N960-E77 OR-18T 177-E22 RD-8T 727-EA62 GN-18T 508-EA40 PU-18T 508-L78 PU-18T 614-L6 PU-18T 129-L87 RD-16T 611-L95 PU-18T T959-N6 BR-16
S RD-16 604-A8 OR-16 L911-E183 YL-18T 112-K84 PU-14T 200-K40 BK-14T 200-E23 BK-14T 200-E23 BK-14T A513-EA64 PK-18T 509-EA41 WH-18T 509-L74 WH-18T 614-L96 PU-18T 136-L98 GN-18T 614-L6 PU-18T
T WH-16 614-A12 PU-16 111-E3 RD-14T 114-K15 RD-18T H42 M739-K99 YL-18T M739-E8 YL-18T 201-E32 BK-18T A523-EA65 PU-18T G707-EA76 GN-18T G707-L68 GN-18T 727-L51 GN-18T 200-L7 BK-18T 614-L96 PU-18T H60 E965-M27 BU-18
T BR-16 606-A11 GY-16 177-K36 RD-10T 118-K19 GY-18T 727-K101 GN-18T 727-E12 GN-18T 202-E35 BK-18T A524-EA66 BR-18T 892-L112 BR-18T 200-L19 BK-18T 727-L51 GN-18T E966-M26 YL-18

I GN-16 200-A2 BK-16 111-E4 RD-18T
111-E5 RD-18T
121-K21 RD-18T
177-K36 RD-10T
728-K96 BU-18T
331-K98 OR-18T
728-E110 BU-18T
331-E58 OR-18T
A525-EA67 GN-18T
A537-EA12 PK-18T
602-EA50 WH-18T
591-EA48 WH-18T
602-L63 WH-18T
591-L70 WH-18T
893-L113 GN-18T
A111-L124 GY-18T
200-L27 BK-18T
201-L72 BK-16T
892-L112 BR-18T
893-L113 GN-18T
T859-N7 WH-16
T960-N8 BU-16
893-E120 GN-18T 111-E6 RD-18T 111-E3 RD-14T 112-K46 PU-12T 177-K37 RD-10T 612-K97 GY-18T 612-E89 GY-16T 331-E58 OR-18T C542-EA69 GN-18T 604-EA51 OR-18T 604-L46 OR-18T A112-L53 OR-18T 307-L163 OR-18T A111-L124 GY-18T
T997-E46 OR-18T 111-E7 RD-18T 113-E9 OR-18T 112-K11 PU-12T 192-K13 GN-18T E789-K100 PU-18T E789-E14 PU-18T 592-E78 BU-18T C547-EA70 OR-16T 605-EA52 YL-18T 605-L126 YL-18T A537-L201 PK-18T 308-L52 YL-18T A112-L53 OR-18T

F421-M12 YL-18
G833-M37 PK-18
T725-M44 WH-18
N707-M42 PU-18
G828-M28 WH-18
G829-M35 GN-18
G833-M36 PK-18
704-E95 GY-18T 111-E195 RD-18T 307-E49 OR-18T 177-K37 RD-10T 308-K88 YL-18T 308-E50 YL-18T 612-E89 GY-16T G706-EA75 BU-18T 606-EA53 GY-18T 606-L127 GY-18T C542-L115 GN-18T 326-L203 RD-18T A537-L201 PK-18T C542-T19 GN-16 C542-T17 GN-16

C991-M6 PK-18
995-M11 BU-18
C967-M13 BU-18
G833-M38 PK-18
E956-AC25 3260499 202-E39 BK-18T 324-E57 BU-18T 112-K12 PU-12T 200-K40 BK-14T 200-K94 BK-18T R816-K68 PK-18T R816-E192 PK-18T 619-E93 GN-16T G707-EA76 GN-18T E971-EA71 GN-16T E971-L133 GN-16T C547-L103 OR-16T 369-L123 PU-18T C542-L115 GN-18T C542-T5 GN-16 C542-T17 GN-16 200-T18 BK-16 T860-N9 OR-16
200-AC26 3260499 113-E9 OR-18T 331-E58 OR-18T 112-K84 PU-14T 200-K94 BK-18T 200-K40 BK-14T 592-K58 BU-18T 592-E78 BU-18T G708-EA77 GY-18T A525-EA67 GN-18T A525-L49 GN-18T E971-L133 GN-16T 410-L31 WH-18T C547-L103 OR-16T C542-T23 GN-16 C542-T19 GN-16 T961-N10 GN-16
A114-AC27 3260499 E900-E145 WH-18T 369-E60 PU-18T 118-K19 GY-18T 320-K89 OR-18T 320-K89 OR-18T 893-K73 GN-18T 893-E119 GN-18T 727-E12 GN-18T 727-E185 GN-18T 369-EA33 PU-18T 369-L123 PU-18T F711-L54 GN-18T 515-L102 GY-16T E971-L133 GN-16T 200-T20 BK-16
200-AC28 3260499 E901-E146 GN-18T 202-E40 BK-18T 374-E61 PK-18T 200-K94 BK-18T 322-K90 GY-18T 322-K90 GY-18T 892-K70 BR-18T 892-E115 BR-18T 727-E109 GN-18T 200-EA26 BK-18T F712-L55 GY-18T 516-L106 GN-16T F711-L54 GN-18T 200-T6 BK-16 200-T18 BK-16 C542-T23 GN-16
E906-E147 OR-18T 202-E41 BK-18T 708-E97 YL-18T 200-K40 BK-14T 331-K98 OR-18T 331-K98 OR-18T 727-E108 GN-18T 200-EA78 BK-18T J764-L58 BR-18T 517-L107 BU-16T F712-L55 GY-18T 200-T20 BK-16 200-T24 BK-16
E907-E148 GY-18T 202-E43 BK-18T 202-E37 BK-14T 720-E101 PU-18T 591-K92 WH-18T 500-K91 BR-18T 500-K91 BR-18T CONN 16 H43 614-EA57 PU-18T 614-L6 PU-18T J764-L58 BR-18T 200-T24 BK-16 323-C121WH-18
T860-N11 OR-16

202-E42 BK-18T 727-E185 GN-18T 575-K93 YL-18T 575-K93 YL-18T 575-K93 YL-18T 728-E110 BU-18T J764-EA83 BR-18T CONN 21 614-L15 PU-18T J764-L116 BR-18T T962-N12 WH-16 200-C122 BK-18
892-E116 BR-18T 202-E39 BK-18T 728-E110 BU-18T M739-K99 YL-18T 591-K92 WH-18T 591-K92 WH-18T 892-E115 BR-18T 614-L96 PU-18T 308-L86 YL-18T 740 ONLY
799-AC15 WH-18 H133 L740-E47 BR-18T 892-E115 BR-18T 728-K96 BU-18T 612-K51 GY-18T 612-K51 GY-18T 893-E119 GN-18T 727-L51 GN-18T 326-L203 RD-18T CONN 35
201-AC17 BK-18 306-E48 GN-16T 893-E119 GN-18T 612-K97 GY-18T 612-K97 GY-18T A108-E15 PK-18T 892-L112 BR-18T 200-L23 BK-18T 307-L163 OR-18T E963-C48 BK-18
P795-AC16 PK-18 202-E40 BK-18T 307-E49 OR-18T E789-E144 PU-18T 727-K101 GN-18T 727-K101 GN-18T A110-E2 WH-18T 893-L113 GN-18T 308-L86 YL-18T 105-L84 RD-18T E964-C49 WH-18 323-C121 WH-18

T725-NA4 WH-18
F421-NA6 YL-18
G833-NA7 PK-18
N707-NA5 PU-18
G828-NA1 WH-18
G829-NA2 GN-18
C991-NA3 PK-18
727-E185 GN-18T 324-E57 BU-18T F711-E157 GN-18T 192-K13 GN-18T 728-K96 BU-18T 728-K96 BU-18T A111-L124 GY-18T 614-L36 PU-18T H60 326-C123 RD-18
324-E57 BU-18T 331-E58 OR-18T F712-E161 GY-18T H41 E789-K100 PU-18T E789-K100 PU-18T E789-E144 PU-18T 115-L50 RD-18T A112-L53 OR-18T
368-E59 OR-18T G706-E169 BU-18T M739-K99 YL-18T M739-K99 YL-18T E789-E14 PU-18T E789-E143 PU-18T 102-L42 RD-16T 118-L59 GY-18T A537-L201 PK-18T 200-L23 BK-18T
369-E60 PU-18T G707-E170 GN-18T E789-E188 PU-18T 115-L50 RD-18T 123-L73 WH-18T C542-L115 GN-18T 308-L86 YL-18T 397-C80 OR-14 H110
374-E61 PK-18T G708-E171 GY-18T 727-K101 GN-18T N957-K107 PK-18T 118-L59 GY-18T 173-L76 RD-18T C547-L103 OR-16T 614-L36 PU-18T A300-C79 GN-18
447-E70 PK-18T J764-E173 BR-18T 500-K91 BR-18T N960-K106 OR-18T E971-E155 GN-16T 123-L73 WH-18T 320-L61 OR-18T E971-L133 GN-16T 614-L36 PU-18T 200-C66 BK-14 CBL-AA1 RD-00
403-E63 GN-18T K742-E179 OR-18T 331-K98 OR-18T N979-K105 GN-18T F711-E157 GN-18T 173-L76 RD-18T 324-L65 BU-18T F711-L54 GN-18T 614-L15 PU-18T 398-C81 BU-14
111-E4 RD-18T 403-E62 GN-18T 403-E64 GN-18T M739-E214 YL-18T E789-K100 PU-18T F712-E161 GY-18T 200-L89 BK-18T 115-L50 RD-18T 500-L66 BR-18T F712-L55 GY-18T 105-L84 RD-18T 200-L23 BK-18T 175-C114 RD-14
M996-E186 PK-18T 121-K21 RD-18T 320-L61 OR-18T 118-L59 GY-18T 508-L78 PU-18T J764-L58 BR-18T 200-L19 BK-18T 200-L19 BK-18T A301-C78 WH-18
374-E61 PK-18T 406-E65 PU-16T M997-E187 PU-18T M739-E8 YL-18T M739-E214 YL-18T 324-L65 BU-18T 123-L73 WH-18T 509-L74 WH-18T 307-L163 OR-18T
K742-E179 OR-18T 417-E66 GY-18T 200-E23 BK-14T 322-K90 GY-18T N979-K105 GN-18T CONN 15 M739-E184 YL-18T 500-L66 BR-18T 173-L76 RD-18T 511-L60 BR-18T 326-L203 RD-18T
708-E97 YL-18T 419-E67 YL-18T 114-K86 RD-18T N960-K106 OR-18T SERVICE 507-L62 WH-18T 320-L61 OR-18T 512-L56 GN-18T 614-L15 PU-18T
F478-E141 GN-18T 426-E68 BR-18T 320-K89 OR-18T N957-K107 PK-18T CONNECTOR N957-E71 PK-18T 508-L78 PU-18T 324-L65 BU-18T 575-L57 YL-18T
432-E69 PK-18T 201-E33 BK-18T N960-E77 OR-18T 509-L74 WH-18T 500-L66 BR-18T 591-L70 WH-18T
111-E6 RD-18T 447-E70 PK-18T 201-E34 BK-18T N979-E76 GN-18T 511-L60 BR-18T 508-L78 PU-18T 592-L17 BU-18T E789-C12 PU-18
111-E5 RD-18T 703-E94 BU-18T 202-E38 BK-16T 114-K15 RD-18T 111-K9 RD-18T R816-E192 PK-18T 512-L56 GN-18T 509-L74 WH-18T 602-L63 WH-18T 306-C27 GN-16 G828-NA1 WH-18


704-E95 GY-18T 202-E37 BK-14T 202-K49 BK-18T 537-L64 GN-18T 511-L60 BR-18T 604-L46 OR-18T G829-NA2 GN-18
J812-E178 PK-18T 705-E96 PK-18T 403-E63 GN-18T 575-L57 YL-18T 512-L56 GN-18T 605-L126 YL-18T 200-L89 BK-18T A109-R3 PU-18T C991-NA3 PK-18
H 994-E129 GY-18T
708-E97 YL-18T 892-E118 BR-18T
893-E122 GN-18T
612-K97 GY-18T
612-K51 GY-18T 892-K60 BR-18T
892-K70 BR-18T
892-K71 BR-18T
591-L70 WH-18T 575-L57 YL-18T
591-L70 WH-18T
606-L127 GY-18T
611-L104 PU-18T
592-L134 BU-18T
605-L93 YL-18T
115-R4 RD-18T
537-R26 GN-18T 537-R27 GN-18T
177-C113 RD-10 304-C116 WH-10 CBL-AA1 RD-00

H7 H51
709-E100 OR-18T 709-E98 OR-18T F711-E53 GN-18T 592-L75 BU-18T 592-L134 BU-18T 592-L17 BU-18T 619-L125 GN-16T 606-L94 GY-18T 537-R27 GN-18T 537-R26 GN-18T 109-C72 RD-4 200-C122 BK-18 CBL-LL1 RD-00
J764-E174 BR-18T 709-E100 OR-18T 709-E99 OR-16T F712-E54 GY-18T RELAY BLOCK 893-K61 GN-18T 893-K73 GN-18T 592-L17 BU-18T 602-L63 WH-18T 720-L77 PU-18T 611-L95 PU-18T 602-R32 WH-18T 200-C67 BK-16

A523-EA65 PU-18T
326-EA302 RD-18T

A513-EA64 PK-18T
A524-EA66 BR-18T
A525-EA67 GN-18T
A537-EA12 PK-18T
C542-EA69 GN-18T
C547-EA70 OR-16T
G706-EA75 BU-18T
G707-EA76 GN-18T
G708-EA77 GY-18T

C912-EA68 GN-18T
J764-EA79 BR-18T
K742-EA82 OR-18T
M996-EA87 PK-18T
M997-EA88 PU-18T
R800-EA72 OR-18T
201-EA27 BK-18T
307-EA28 OR-18T
324-EA32 BU-18T
369-EA33 PU-18T
515-EA44 GY-16T
516-EA45 GN-16T
517-EA46 BU-16T
604-EA51 OR-18T
605-EA52 YL-18T
606-EA53 GY-18T
611-EA54 PU-16T
720-EA61 PU-18T
727-EA62 GN-18T

200-EA24 BK-18T
374-EA34 PK-18T
614-EA55 PU-18T
708-EA60 YL-18T
998-EA63 BR-18T
111-E195 RD-18T 604-E81 OR-18T 893-K72 GN-18T 604-L46 OR-18T A109-L43 PU-18T J764-L116 BR-18T A109-R3 PU-18T 177-C113 RD-10 200-C66 BK-14
E790-CA50 PK-16

K952-CA60 BR-16

101-T13 RD-4
111-E7 RD-18T 720-E101 PU-18T 602-L63 WH-18T 605-L126 YL-18T A513-L71 PK-18T 602-R32 WH-18T 200-C109 BK-14
G835-CA38 OR-18
G834-CA41 PU-18

751-E111 GN-18T 721-E102 BR-18T 604-E81 OR-18T 111-K9 RD-18T F711-K62 GN-18T 604-L46 OR-18T 606-L127 GY-18T G706-L67 BU-18T 200-C61 BK-16 200-C59 BK-14 T725-NA4 WH-18
900-E123 PU-18T 722-E103 WH-18T 201-E33 BK-18T 202-K49 BK-18T F711-K63 GN-18T 611-L104 PU-18T G707-L68 GN-18T 115-R4 RD-18T 200-C61 BK-16 CBL-CC1 RD-00 N707-NA5 PU-18
921-E125 WH-18T 723-E104 OR-18T 202-E38 BK-16T 111-K9 RD-18T 892-K60 BR-18T F712-K65 GY-18T 605-L34 YL-18T 605-L82 YL-18T 619-L125 GN-16T G708-L69 GY-18T 320-R15 OR-18T 200-C66 BK-14
705-E96 PK-18T 724-E105 YL-18T 368-E59 OR-18T 202-K49 BK-18T 893-K61 GN-18T F712-K66 GY-18T 605-L93 YL-18T 720-L77 PU-18T
A323-CA34 GY-16
368-CA33 OR-16

K744-E180 BU-18T 725-E106 GN-18T 419-E67 YL-18T 605-L126 YL-18T A109-L43 PU-18T 102-R1 RD-16T L730-C52 OR-18 FRAME GND FRAME GND2
726-E107 BU-18T 426-E68 BR-18T 893-K61 GN-18T F711-K64 GN-18T A513-L71 PK-18T H68 102-R2 RD-16T 993-C15 BR-18
E790-E142 PK-18T 727-E185 GN-18T 432-E69 PK-18T 892-K60 BR-18T F711-K62 GN-18T 200-K87 BK-18T 606-L41 GY-18T 606-L83 GY-18T G706-L67 BU-18T 610-R36 OR-18T 123-R9 WH-18T F400-C58 GY-18 ENG BLOCK GND
K952-E172 BR-18T 728-E110 BU-18T 703-E94 BU-18T F712-K67 GY-18T F711-K63 GN-18T H6 200-K44 BK-18T 606-L94 GY-18T G707-L68 GN-18T 200-R13 BK-18T 324-R16 BU-18T
202-E42 BK-18T 751-E111 GN-18T 704-E95 GY-18T F711-K64 GN-18T 592-K59 BU-18T 606-L127 GY-18T G708-L69 GY-18T F421-NA6 YL-18
G704-CA40 YL-16
G705-CA32 GN-16

611-R37 PU-16T
E790-CA51 PK-16
E790-CA52 PK-16

K952-CA58 BR-16
K952-CA59 BR-16

202-E41 BK-18T 752-E112 YL-18T 705-E96 PK-18T F712-K65 GY-18T 592-K58 BU-18T 611-L104 PU-18T 102-R1 RD-16T CHASSIS BREAKER PANEL G833-NA7 PK-18
752-E112 YL-18T 754-E113 BU-18T 709-E98 OR-18T F712-K67 GY-18T F712-K66 GY-18T 611-L95 PU-18T 102-L42 RD-16T 611-R37 PU-16T 102-R2 RD-16T G707-R42 GN-18T 200-C59 BK-14 CBL-GG1 BK-00
754-E113 BU-18T
922-E127 BR-18T
755-E114 OR-18T
799-E17 WH-18T
721-E102 BR-18T BREAKER 611-L22 PU-16T
GN-18T H68
200-R13 BK-18T 118-R7 GY-18T G708-R43 GY-18T 200-C109 BK-14
993-C15 BR-18 BATTERY
722-E103 WH-18T ET 102-R2 RD-16T 118-R8 GY-18T G706-R41 BU-18T H84
755-E114 OR-18T 723-E104 OR-18T 619-L125 GN-16T 605-L82 YL-18T 610-R36 OR-18T 501-R18 GN-18T 998-C57 BR-16 N787-T11 BU-18 ISOLATOR

A537-EA12 PK-18T
R800-EA72 OR-18T
J764-EA79 BR-18T
K742-EA82 OR-18T
A513-EA64 PK-18T

C912-EA68 GN-18T

M996-EA87 PK-18T
326-EA302 RD-18T
A523-EA65 PU-18T
A524-EA66 BR-18T
A525-EA67 GN-18T

C547-EA70 OR-16T
G706-EA75 BU-18T
G707-EA76 GN-18T
G708-EA77 GY-18T

M997-EA88 PU-18T
C542-EA69 GN-18T

611-EA54 PU-16T
369-EA33 PU-18T
374-EA34 PK-18T
515-EA44 GY-16T
516-EA45 GN-16T