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Hi again one & all. What a month it’s



been. Many thanks to all who shared in our Birthday Celebrations which were great fun & awesome value to those who took advantage of our Birthday Specials. Our final Birthday Evening was the Hot Pipis, Taylors Wine Dinner. Now that was a great night! Wonderful company, with some new faces amongst the intrepid core Wine Dinner Group. Adam from Taylors Wines provided us with some excellent wines & topped the night off with a taste of a lovely Taylors 2004 St Andrews Shiraz. Chef & his team came through with an outstanding menu. We are hoping to hold the next Wine Dinner in December. Jeleasa is close to having her baby but having difficulty coming up with names so she’s asking you to help her with some suggestions! With Summer coming along we are now open again for Dinner on Monday Evenings, which I know is going to make some of our regulars very happy. Father’s Day was a lovely day & the Team, both front & back worked hard to make all Dads enjoy their meals. The awesome Father’s Day Prize was won by Roly Longmire who tells us he is not in the least bit handy. We’ve got lots of jobs we can give him to practice on !!!. We’ve got a great offer coming up for November. Keep you posted. Jo

Jelly & Brendan can’t decide what they want to call their baby so they are asking for your help.


Pick a Girl’s name & a Boy’s Name & Email your choices to Jelly’s Baby

Remember, it’s going to be a Libra Baby. When choosing your names, bear in mind that Mum is also a Libran & Dad is a Pisces. Jelly is joyful, friendly person who loves people. Brendan is a funloving, hardworking person with great values. If Mum & Dad to be choose your name for their baby you will receive a wonderful thank you from her Hot Pipis Family. So put your thinking caps on & let’s help name our next Pipi Baby.....

Hot Spots
V.I.P Club $3000 Fundraising Target Trading Hrs Face Book Comedy Corner Java Junkie Recipe Section Save over $800/yr Father’s Day Winner


2010 Target = $3000.00

Be a true Java Junkie & join us on Christmas Day

We can do it with your help..

What’s Coming Up.... October: - Jeleasa’s baby is due November: - your chance to win a $50.00 Hot Pipis Dinner Certificate every day of the week December:- Remember our Christmas Day Coffee Session. Free coffees & raising funds for Muscular Dystrophy Research December:- Final Wine Dinner for 2010

Congratulations to Roly Longmire Who Won the Father’s Day Prize.


ph: 07 5444 4441


Trading Hours:

We are now opening for Dinner Service on Monday Evenings once more. I know that there are a number of our regular Hot Pipi Friends who will be very happy about that. So give us a call & book in for Monday Dinner... ph 07 5444 4441

Recipe Section
Chef’s Sicilian Meatballs Now a Must Try @ Hot Pipis
Ingredients 60gm Cajun seasoning  4 brown onions  60gm Moroccan seasoning  ½ cup rosemary, fine chopped  4 eggs  15gm thyme, chopped  350gm chopped semi‐dried to‐ 3 tblspn crushed garlic  matoes  100 gm brown sugar  100gm breadcrumbs  2.5kg beef mince (premium)  2 bunch basil, chopped  2.5kg sausage meat  Salt & pepper to season 60gm cumin  Method Saute onions, garlic & herbs until soft & golden brown.  Stir in the sugar. Cook for 2 mins  Remove from heat & allow to cool  When cool mix mince, sausage meat, onion mixture, spices, eggs,  basil, seasoning & breadcrumbs tog in the Hobart.  Mix using the paddle attachment until mix is fully combined.  Portion into meatballs around 80gm each.  Bake in the oven till just cooked through, cool & portion into storage  containers.  Makes approx 70 balls. Fantastic w Eggs, Salasa & Avocado 


In Today’s Tough Economic Times Hot Pipis Wants to Reward all our loyal devotees. If you would like to learn more, email for more info

Comedy Corner
The Coffee Tribute

Jo’s South Africa Adventure...
I will be away for three weeks in November. My partner Brian & I are off to South Africa. How exciting will that be. We have a Big Five Game Tour planned amongst other things. I hope to be able to film lots of footage about the Culture & Food which will then be loaded onto our new Face Book Page!

Drink Coffee. DO Stupid Things Faster With More Energy
Roasting coffee beans: When beans begin to cool, how many chemical substances do they release that make up those awesome aromas? About 700. That’s why you will often see Jeremy & Jo sniffing the bag after we open a new bag of beans

Speaking of Face Book, due to popular demand, Hot Pipis FINALLY does have a facebook page, so jump on & check it out & become a Friend of Hot Pipis
The word “Coffee” was once a term for wine but was later used to describe a black drink made from berries of the coffee tree. This drink replaced wine in many religious ceremonies because it kept the Mohammedans awake during their nightly prayers. So they honoured it with the name originally given to wine.... We say coffee beans but they are really berries

Also, you can now follow us on Twitter
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Hot Pipis Trading Hours Coffee every day from 6:00am Breakfast every day from 7:00  11:15am Lunch everyday from 12:00  3:00pm Dinner Wed to Mon from 5:30  Close

Next Wine Dinner
Following on from the success of our Hot Pipis Taylors Wine Dinner, we hope to present our final Wine Dinner for 2010 in December. We will keep you posted. Remember, if you would like to become a member of our Wine Club & kept updated of future events, just email & let me know.

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