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Name: Dr. Ahmed Saad A. Salem

Mobile Phone: +966532639427
Address: Baha University, Deanship of Prep Year, English
Language Center, Aqiq Campus, Baha, Saudi Arabia.
Objective: I am a teacher with multiple teaching and training skills in addition to
professional educational degrees and experience that enable me to make change in the

Core competencies:
- I have eight years of experience in teaching university students
- I have more than fifteen years in teaching adults in high schools
- I have taught different EFL course and ESP ones.
- I aim at getting a high-paying job in a respectable institution where I can exchange information
and experience with other colleagues and innovate.

2013- 2017 PhD Degree in TEFL/TESOL, Faculty of Education, Mansoura University.
Dissertation title: A WebQuest-Based program to develop the Listening and Speaking Skills of Secondary
Stage Students and their Self-Regulation.
Honored: EXCELLENT with Distinction and a Recommendation

2001-2004 Mansoura University, College of Education, Mansoura, Egypt

• Honored A+, EXCELLENT+ (See the attached Thesis Report )
• Title: "The Effectiveness of Kolb's Learning Styles-Based Teaching Strategies on the
Learning of Some English Language Grammatical Structures in the Secondary

Jan2002-May2002 University of Exeter, School of Education and Lifelong Learning, Exeter,

Devon, United Kingdom

TEFL/TESOL Training certificate [DELTA Equivalent]

• Honored (A+ )based on attendance and performance
• Worked on a learning styles research which got "A"
• Shared in groups of research on different TEFL/TESOL issues
• Had a visits course to primary and High schools in Exeter, Plymouth,
Turkey, and other neighborhoods.
• Performed different presentations on "Multiple Intelligences and
learning Styles"
• Had a course on using the modern technology: PC and the Internet in
teaching English to Adults and young learners

1996-1998 Mansoura University, College of Education, Mansoura, Egypt

Special Diploma in Education – TEFL/TESOL
• Honor "C+"
• Studied Applied Linguistics
• Studied Curriculum & Instruction of English Language
• Attended & Participated in English language major-based seminars
and curriculum and instructions general seminars
• Participated in local workshops and symposiums on TEFL in the
province English Language Directorate
• Studied Scientific Statistics,
• Studied English Drama: Shakespeare's five main tragedies
1992-1996 Mansoura University, College of Education, Mansoura, Egypt
B. A. in Education – English Language Literature and Methodology
• Honored "C+"
• Studied English language Literature, Civilization, Literary Criticism, Poetry, Prose,
Drama, Arabic Language, French language, and Curriculum & Instruction, English
language Teaching Methodology (TEFL)

Teaching Experiences:
CURRENTLY: Assistant Professor of English Language at Aljazeera Int’l Academy for Training and
Education, AlBaha University Project, Preparatory Year Program, AlBaha, Saudi
I am teaching General English and ESP courses for Engineering and Medical colleges Students including:
“English Unlimited: Special Edition”, “English for Engineering” and “English in Medicine” for Medical
Colleges Students.

2016-2018 A Senior teacher of EFL, Ministry of Education, Mansoura, Egypt

I taught secondary school students whose age range from 1 to 18 years.

July 2015-August 2016 Teacher of EFL at AlManarat private Schools, Riyadh, KSA
I taught adult secondary school students and assessed their own
progress. I supervised running the Aptis test at schools there. The
reason for leaving this school was my own resignation.
August 2013 – 2015 Teacher of EFL, Ministry of Education, Mansoura, Egypt
I taught secondary school students whose age range from 16
to 18 years.
August 2006-2013 Northern Borders University (NBU), Arar, Saudi Arabia (Resignation)
Lecturer of English as a Foreign Language
• I am teaching a course series entitled, "Interactions! Access!.
• I have shared in coordinating administrative and academic work inside the
English Language Dept.
• I am administering all grades and examinations of levels ELCS101 and ELCS102
• I have prepared three courses of English as a foreign Language (beginners,
Intermediate, and Advance) for the Deanship of Community Service and
Continuing Education. The courses undertook a series entitled, "Headway
• I have also adapted two ESP courses of English for the Military personnel and
Soldiers (Beginners, preintermediate and intermediate) for the Deanship of
Community Service and Continuing Education. The courses undertook a series
entitled, ""Campaign1" and "Campaign 2"
• I taught multiple courses as follows:

• ELCA/ELCS 101 and 102.

• Interactions! Series: Access, 1, 2, and Mosaics.
• EAP and ESP
• TOP NOTCH Series: fundamentals, 1, 2, and 3
• Rosetta stone ® EFL Laboratory program.
TOEFL Intro.

I also cooperated and worked with:

❖ The IGIT group ,
❖ Education Experts company, and
❖ the Saudi British Center during my work at NBU.
Sept.2005- August 2006 King Abdulaziz University (KAAU), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
English Language Instructor
• I taught a course series entitled, "Interactions! Access!; Interactions
1 and 2.
• I shared in coordinating administrative and academic work inside the
English Language Dept.
• I administered all grades and examinations of levels ELCS101 and
• N.B. I have been transferred from KAAU to NBU due to the newly established
college of Science in Ara'r city in 1427 A.H. to undertake the establishment of
English Language Dept. based on a decision taken by KAAU vice-rector and my
own approval.
Spet.1996-Aug.2005 Egyptian Ministry of Education (MOE), Temay AlAmdid, Mansoura, Dakahliya,
Egypt [NOW]
English Language Instructor
• Worked different stages of education (Intermediate, Secondary
Technical Schools, High Secondary Schools)
• Taught multiple courses: general and ESP ones: Hello! Series, English For
• Administered all grades and different types of examinations (GSSC –
- Salem, A; Koura, A.; ElHadidy, M. (2016). Teaching EFL Students with their Learning Styles.
Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany. https://www.lap-

- Salem, A; Koura, A.; ElHadidy, M. (2017). The Effect of a Webquest-based program on
Developing the EFL Listening and speaking Skills of Secondary Stage Students. Journal of
Research in Curriculum , Instruction and Educational Technology (JRCIET), Vol. 3, No. 4, Oct.
- Salem, A; Koura, A.; ElHadidy, M. (2017) The Effect of a webquest program on developing
students' self-regulation. Journal of Research in Curriculum , Instruction and Educational
Technology (JRCIET), vol 4, nov. 2017.
- Learning Difficulties in EFL classroom, a PhD requirement research paper, 2013.
- Peer-Learning and EFL Academic Achievement, a PhD requirement research paper, 2013.
- The Role of Technology in EFL classroom, a PhD requirement research paper, 2013.

skills & Related Experiences

(1) I participated in International Conferences, Forums, and workshops on
TEFL/TESOL: Egyptesol Int'l Conf, American Univ. (AUC) Int'l Conference and CDELT (Centre
for Developing English Language Teaching, College of Education, Ain Shams University, Cairo)
(2) I also Participated in local workshops and symposiums on TEFL prepared by Dakahliya/ Mansoura,
Directorate of English Language.
(3) Throughout my study at the University of Mansoura for the degree of MA, I could contact with more
professors of TESOL inside the university and in the workshops I and my colleagues used to prepare
and/or attend. I could successfully develop teaching strategies based on my own students learning styles. It
is a big achievement to try to stretch my own teaching styles to cope with my own students' styles of learning.

(4) Another achievement in my own life is the mission to the United Kingdom, University of Exeter. So
many teachers applied to this mission, but I could successfully pass all tests and interviews done by
Ministry of Education and the Amideast in Cairo. I have been trained on using CALL inside the EFL
classroom. I have also got chances to develop my own language in general and pronunciation in
particular. I used to get an access to the university central library and the college library from which I
have read a lot in the field of TESOL and could pursue my MA study.
(5) I attended a group of workshops, and symposiums on TEFL and the ICLD (computer international
driving license). Sometime I was a trainer not a trainee.
(6) I am sufficiently qualified for using the Internet in teaching English.
(7) I am also thoroughly qualified for using Windows software and Microsoft programs (Word,
PowerPoint, Excel) in preparing activities, presentations, examinations and any other different
types of work-related duties.
(8) I am able to prepare workshops for Teacher Professional Development,
(9) I am able also to work as a coordinator of a team, skill of leadership,
(10) I also studied in a workshop on Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher and General
Education at Northern Borders University.
(11) I dealt with a lot of colleagues who were native speakers and we exchanged opinions about TEFL
in the Arab countries and the obstacles of teaching English in these countries.
(12) I have supervised tests of Aptis and TOEFL

1) Ability to use a wide range of strategies,
2) Assessing student's progress,
3) Attendance and reliability,
4) Analytical and conceptual thinking,
5) Attention to details,
6) Computer skills/MS Office efficiency,
7) Communication skills,
8) Effective use of resources,
9) Effective utilization of teaching space,
10) Engaging students in their own learning,
11) Flexibility and adaptability,
12) Innovation, and
13) Integrity.


1- Surfing the Internet,

2- Reading,
3- Watching TV,
4- Travelling

My Own Teaching Ethics

1. I shall give foremost consideration to the students well-being.

2. I shall direct my whole professional effort to assist the students to develop their foreign
language speaking ability.
3. I shall foster in my students, honesty, integrity, and consideration for others and shall do
nothing, by precept or example, to discredit these qualities.
4. I shall act, and shall be seen to act, with justice and fairness
5. I shall exercise authority in accordance with the law of the land and with evolving concepts of
the students' needs and rights.
6. I shall recognize that each student is an individual and that students can differ in what is
required for the promotion of their education.
7. I shall not use professional relationships with students for private advantage.
8. I shall respect the professional standing and opinions of my colleagues and shall maintain in
my relations with them the highest standards of professional
9. I shall accept the authority of senior professional colleagues while retaining the right to
express professional opinion.
10. I shall recognize his/her obligation to improve his effectiveness as a foreign

language/second language teacher in every possible way.

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