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CANTON STUDY CLUB. ‘ ark The story of the Canton Study ‘Club begins before the memory of most “Cpreniniccennes of Tub. Books of the minutes hove been preserved by the secretaries since October Sth, 1915, ond the first record book contains notes which prove thet the originel organization wes made in 1906, Also it is remembered that the twentieth anniversary wos observed ot 8 Yenquet held in the home of Doctor and re, James ¥. Payson on February 2nd, 1926. - Mrs. Melterner told us that she end some of her netghbors, having small children or other home attachments which prevented their attending lectures, etc., and wishing to keep their minds in touch with events of intellectuel importence, decided to pool their sparé funds and buy a 10-Vol. set of lectures ty John L, Stoddard; to read and then discuss the subjects together, This wes eccordingly done and the enjoyment resulting impelled them to organize themselves into = group, membership in which would be open ( foe number of women that could gather in the hones of the menbere, The name edopted was THE STODDARD LITERARY CLUB, The minutes for April 24, 1918, tell vs that "for good and sufficient reasons" the name THE STODDARD LITERARY CLUB wes dropped. The Orgenization then adopted the name CANTON STUDY CLUB", The booke, a very nice and well illustrated set, were given to the Canton Free Library. The originel eleven members were: Mrs. Grace Robinson Hele, Mrs, Anna A, Malterner, Mrs, Flora B. Payson, Miss Jennie Vi. Stacks, Mrs. Mery Bird, Mrs. Mary Bowers, Mrs. Nery Ledd, Mrs. Herriett A, Stickney, Mrs, Lelle M. Merrill, Miss Alice Boyd Wallace and Wiss Serah Hosley. The intent of the women who started the club seems to have been, first, to carry out e planned program of study, end to preserve 5 friendly attach- yrent emong the members, The essence of this plen has been maintainer thrcust the years. Membefship has been offered b, invitation only, en tte ercur poem sda has deén notably congenial, The year’ a "Se America AUtLOYS of Note; or on 6 geographical unit, as The Study of th _