Research Proposal: Study on Perception of Customer Towards Proton Exora

1.0 Abstract The purpose of this study is to examine the customer perception towards Proton Exora in term of the satisfaction in choosing that car. The design or methodology of this model starts with measurement scales consisting of six dimensional structures such as tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy, and plus the compliance dimensions to measure Proton Edar service quality. Respondents are the customers or users which want to buy or change their car to the Proton Exora. Other than that, the findings is the results showed that the proportion of Malaysian and focused to family will choose the biggest car with many seat than not married person. It is because they should have a safety and standardization of the choosing car as their own asset. Research limitations or implications, further research should be considered in order to gather more information regarding service quality and customer satisfaction dimensions in the context of perception of customer towards Proton Exora. There is a potential target market for Islamic banking that needs be concerned. In addition, the value of this research is important with the perception of customer to be satisfied. The users will choose the criteria of kind of car to implement their satisfaction towards the car. The Proton Exora was launched on 15 April 2009. It is powered by the 1.6L Campro CPS I4 engine producing 125 horsepower and 150Nm of torque, resulting in a top speed of 165 km/h (103 mph) and an average fuel consumption of 7.2 L/100 km (39 mpg-imp; 33 mpg-US).The Exora will feature a Body Control module which allows automatic activation and configuration of various vehicle functions such as door locking/unlocking, interior lamps, headlamps, brake lamps and wipers. The result has been announced on 17th February 2009. The name Proton Exora", was picked from the Name The Proton MPV competition grand prize winner Norsholihan Bt Abdul Eanich. Some says that it was taken from the name of a flower, (Ixora) but according to competition terms and conditions the name should not based on any kind of flowers, animals and so on.

2.0 Introduction Customer perception is important to the any seller in order to sells their product and develop the service. Customer perception of relational benefits has a positive impact upon customer satisfaction, with trust being the most important indicator. Customer satisfaction is positively related with loyalty in terms of positive word of mouth, willingness to pay more and to stay with the business. Perceptions of the customer within an organizational context, and more specifically, how user perceptions are evidenced and positively applied within choosing the car. The Proton Exora is a compact MPV vehicle produced by Malaysia car manufacturer Proton and launched on

headlamps. the second objective is to determine the customer satisfaction in choosing Proton Exora. and the service they are receiving.0 Research Objectives The main objective of this research is to study on the perception of the customer satisfaction towards Proton Exora. to identify the perception of the customer in term of the features. Fully undisguised photos of Proton Exora were leaked onto the internet on the 23rd of January 2009. It is a new model from Proton based on a new chassis. Side impact bars are also installed to reinforce the door frames and to absorb impacts from the side. providing better stability and increased impact absorption during a collision. color. Then. Two front airbags and pretensioned seat belts are installed for the front passengers. The Exora features a Body Control module which allows automatic activation and configuration of various vehicle functions such as door locking/unlocking. User refers to the customer or client in an organizational sense receiving facilities management about something product or services to their functionality and productivity through to their final opinions. the Exora was awarded another 4-star rating by Malaysia's own MyVAP evaluation program. Other safety features include an Antilock Brake System (ABS) to avoid skidding during an emergency brake and an Electronic Brake Force Distribution System (EBD) to ensure the correct amount of braking power is sent to the correct wheels according to the current weight distribution of the car. based on the difference between their initial expectation and their final opinion. it presented several questions that will serve of the entire study. brake lamps and wipers. How Proton Exora can fulfill customer satisfaction? 3. and test drive towards Proton Exora. In order for the user to reach a final conclusion of the environment and service they have received. One of the key features that made these ratings possible was the use of high tensile steel for the body cage. customer satisfaction must not be confused as being the same as user perception. The development of this MPV starts from scratch and it is the first Malaysian-designed MPV. 1. The Exora was awarded a 4-star EuroNCAP rating after 32 Exoras were crashed at the Applus+ IDIADA crash testing facility in Spain. but interpreted as the end product of one’s perception. 4.15 April 2009. As well as this. 3. Why customers choose Proton Exora compare to different car? 5. design. they will distinguish a level of satisfaction. What perception of the customer toward the Proton Exora? 2. ahead of the MPV's April 2009 launch date. interior lamps.0 The significant of the study 2 . Perception is refers to the users’ observation. opinion. Therefore. and awareness of both the environment they are in. Other than that.0 Research Question The study recognized on perception of customer towards Proton Exora.

Without the comment or suggestion from the customer. The researcher selected to respond to the questionnaires about the study provided honest answers to all of the questions. more power engine. more and more organisations are able to realise the importance of having good relations with their clients. Customers are valuable and at the same time.0 Literature Review In the business arena. many types of customer looking for the same car but different opinion towards that car. many industries are trying to identify ways on how to promote or enhance customer perception. replaceable. Our argument is that good 3 . It more to the users which have a family and as an employee or employers. in a "lost-for-good" relationship. big seat. not all customers want to be fully integrated with the firm’s resources. Our first argument is based on how well the firm has made this alternative resource integration possible for the customers. The researcher selected to respond to the questionnaires had sufficient knowledge about the perception of customer towards Proton Exora. Whereas. The target population of this study is the users as a sample. there is the first MPV in Malaysia with many features and advantage to the users such like the safety. The study was based on the following assumptions. In keeping with contemporary service quality. Latham. and interesting color and so on. 7. Proton Exora as a car. Then. However. It focuses only to the customer perception and more specifically how user perceptions are evidenced and positively applied within choosing the car. & Lee.Customer as a user is the one who can make the decision in choosing the car to their own use. using technical approach like what are the people saying indicating purchase the car with the comfortable using that particular item.0 Scope and Limitations The researchers should focus only to those customers or user in choosing the Proton Exora as their car. customer satisfaction literature for example Zeithaml et al. 1994). some may want the company to relieve them from co-production some may want to be enabled to co-produce (Wickstro¨m and Normann. the customer also must appropriate their ability in take the several value like survey the advantage and disadvantage of the car. In this manner. In order to the company. On the other hand. the probability that the customer will purchase again from the same company is extremely low when the customer decides to terminate the use of a product due to product defects or problems (Jacobs. 6. (2002) we argue that customer service is an antecedent to customers’ satisfaction judgment. Customer service is where the firm integrates its resources with the customers’ resources. they will know and improve their service to that car to make the customer more satisfied. 1998). That’s why when we looking to the perception of customer. Proton Company may not improve their service of the car produce.

an immobiliser and radio/ CD player that supports MP3 and WMA files and Bluetooth handsfree connectivity. So that. which is growing domestically and regionally. the Exora also comes with a separate air-conditioner blower with ceiling mounted vents for the second and third row passengers. While good customer service reduces firm productivity in the short-term. perceived relative attractiveness. the MPV has the equivalent of a four-star crash safety rating in the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP). for example. 2002).or bad customer service will have an impact on customer satisfaction. which is growing domestically and regionally. in trim levels of Mid-Line and Hi-Line. the Exora also comes with a separate air-conditioner blower with ceiling mounted vents for the second and third row passengers. The lots of features in Proton Exora that customer being interesting such like the seven-seated as a most important model for the year. This customer should be identified the importance of customer service to customer satisfaction. and commitment. perceived relative attractiveness and commitment. In addition to an interior that is easily more spacious than other MPVs in its engine class. pretension seatbelts and an anti-lock braking system with electronic brake-force distribution.6-litre CamPro CPS engine with 125bhp and torque of 150Nm. and is available in a fourspeed automatic version. Proton Exora is a first MPV of Proton. In the safety department. find any sources data towards the perception of the customer about the product or services. Perception of the customer towards proton exora.. have an impact on customers’ perception of the firm’s relative attractiveness in the marketplace. and any particular item. 7. we can choosing it better with doing survey.In addition to an interior that is easily more spacious than other MPVs in its engine class. Many perception from the customer towards this car when compare to another type of Proton cars like Saga. reverse sensors. The vehicle is also not short on safety features with dual front airbags. It also marks the company’s entry into the MPV market. Improved customer productivity by for example reduced customer input through for example better suppliercustomer resource integration is found to improve convenience (Berry et al. The vehicle also has a steering wheel with audio buttons. features. As we know.1 Features The lots of features in Proton Exora that customer being interesting such like the seven-seater as a most important model for the year. They have several different types like the design. It is powered by a 1. it increases customer productivity. It also marks the company’s entry into the MPV market. Wira and so on. service managers can learn that variations in customer service due to. The Exora is a result of an investment of RM450mil and 18 months of intense in-house research and development. Persona. 4 . From this finding. quality or availability. Large doors allows for easy entry and exit while the second and third row seats can be folded for a flat floor layout when carrying bulky items. The conclusion of this literature review is in choosing any product or services we should have knowledge about the particular item.

3 Design and colour Some customer was not satisfied about the design because of the longer compare to the Livina. fog lamps. cruise control.00Exora Mt basic 2) RM64998.4 Test drive Customer hope to test drives the Exora in a bit longer with hope that Proton will offer a bigger cc engine or possibly a supercharged engine rather than a turbocharged unit. Blue Haze.0 Methodology The methodology section is divided into two parts such as research design and data collection.998 and the Hi-Line variant. Several customers consider test drive will make satisfied in using that car next time. tinted glass. rear spoiler.2 Price The customer also interesting with the relevant price compare to another MPV. However rims probably doesn’t blend it quite and simple to solve. Pricing of the Proton Exora 1) RM57998. Pyrite Brown and Gaia Blue. Its not really expensive and more to the relevant cost as well as we look to the features of the Exora. Tranquillity Black. The customer can choose any colour what they want because Exora have provided the interesting colour to be choose. The engine compartment as well as the bumper to the front chases does look a bit flimsy and the rear is good. the Mid-Line Exora costs RM69. 8.00 Exora Mt m-line 3) RM69998 Exora at M-line 4) RM75998 Exora at H-line 7. rear and side view. 7.998 for the metallic colours. Comparative case study method is the applied methodology because it 5 . portable satellite navigation system. just replace the rims. The Hi-Line variant gets additional features such as a rear DVD monitor. It also not considered to someone would not marry yet.7. RM75. It because the Proton Exora more to the family car which have a comfort and safety features. The colour choices are Solid White. For the information about the price. The overall exterior looks pretty much impressive from frontal. and leather seats. Genetic Silver.

other sources are from journal and case study. Other than that. Graphical representations will be presented for easy understanding of the percentage the 6 . location and places in the study.0 Resources The resources that using in doing this research is from the internet. magazines. using exploratory research strategy because it aims to know more about the concept of security system. There will be asked about the perception and from that. The study will explore the problem in an interpretive view. the secondary data was a use is to identify more about Proton Exora from the internet. as well as by exploring different literatures related with the study. and brochure of that advertising. the transportation includes to survey the customer as a respondent of my research. The users will briefly explain how satisfied or not satisfied in using the Proton Exora. quantitative or both and primary and secondary or secondary research alone could be utilized. it can be examine the high rate of advantage and disadvantage towards the Proton Exora. books and interviews will be used to get the most accurate information in gathering data. and the government react in the perception of customer towards Proton Exora. When using the survey. Online sources. Numerical formulas such as ratio and proportion will be used to calculate the statistics. The economy is comprised of different index that are also involved in the prices of the product that provides specific description on how the consumers. The population is the group of users and customers. Maps and photos will also be used to properly describe the design. It will look into the problem by exploring the views of different sets of respondents. Most probability the data is coming from the internet because of Proton Exora is the latest MPV and needed to view the perception of customer. the study would take the population and sample size. investors. The sample size of the study is users. This research will incorporate the exploratory research. Different models and measurements are needed in order to satisfy the main problem of the study. Then. Then. Enclosed in the past literatures are the statistical and economic theories that are all essential in building the different perspectives. That particular item is from Unisel library using the Emerald and Science Direct. Exploratory research will enable the study to look at the problem in both descriptive and exploratory manner. 9. More information regarding Proton Exora and the comment of the customer towards that car get from there. This qualitative study will conduct primary and secondary simply a case sensitive topic.The applied methodology is the use of the comparative survey and secondary data. The exploratory research is the most flexible type of research wherein qualitative. businesses. It is very advantageous for the study to base all the exploration on the case studies because there are macroeconomic environment that are part of the measurement.

and recommendation. it would be categorized as finance. 10. The researcher will then extort only the most relevant information. data access and equipment. To determine the number of respondents that will be asked to participate and give information regarding the study random sampling will be used. 10. and magazine and newspaper articles and related from the internet. The research will make use of primary and secondary research. The Internet will be also searched since most of the case studies and other academic articles regarding the subject are found on university webpage.Week 12- 7 .0 Data Collection The data collection part goes into much more detail about how specifically the data are to be collected.perception customer towards the Proton Exora. 10. a survey will be conducted. Secondary sources The secondary sources will be books. There are four section such as about a respondent demography. type of likert scale. journal.1. The researcher will use percentage and weighted mean. The information will be analyzed through a secondary data analysis. Primary research In the primary research. 11. The findings and results will represent the primary data. The researcher will make use of semi-structured questionnaires and spontaneous interviewing.0 Timescale Activity Week 4-5 Week 5-6 Week 7-8 Week 9-10 Week 10. The purpose of the spontaneous interview is central on the elimination of biases that could possibly come from the researcher and the respondent. Responses will be analyzed through a descriptive statistic.2. Other than that. close-ended question. The instrument of data collection is an instrument of questionnaire. The findings will be placed in the literature review section of the proper research.

11 13 Preliminary Literature Research Research Topic Research Design Research Methodology Necessary Beforehand Corresponde nce Update Literature Read Conduct Survey and Interview Data Analysis Writing of First Draft Revisions (Second Draft) Final Documentati on Printing. Binding and Submission Necessary Afterwards Corresponde nce 8 .

emeraldinsight. 11. M. Vol. “A dynamic model of customers’ usage of services: usage as an antecedent and consequence of satisfaction”. In this study. Englewood Cliffs. Tatham. Bollen.N. (1997). J. New York. Structural Equations with Latent Variables. Bolton. NY. 8.. Anderson. (1998). www.F. S. C. Prentice-Hall. Johnson. Anderson. 36. 15 No. purpose and findings”.proton. K.E. 6. Richard P. R.html 3.0 Analysis Based on the applied method. 61-103. M. NJ. (1989).E. Hair..W.. Brown. University of California Press. pp. 69 No. B.N. 12. www. 10. 9. 5th ed. K. (1996).. W. E. Journal of Marketing 7. 2. it also examine towards the positive or negative perception among the service and quality of the Proton Exora. 5. 1.pdf 4.. quality.0 References 1. (1999). Then. (1993). and Black. they identified the users which have different perception about the car. 7-18. Other than that. Wiley. Edna Bonacich. and Bitner. pp.. Appelbaum.J. and service was satisfied to the customers and user. and Bryant. P. Vol.D. most of the perception of customer towards Proton Exora is positive because of the design.bernama. R. Cha. Vol.. 60. Multivariate Data Analysis. www. R.W. 2000 6. pp. and Lemon. J. http://www. 9 . and Cunningham. Vol. features. 13. Journal of Marketing. “Teaching the evolution of service marketing literature”. International Journal of Bank Marketing.A. “The American customer satisfaction index: nature. Journal of Marketing. “Islamic banking: a study in Singapore”. R. Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) software was utilized to perform the required statistical analysis of the data from surveys. Gerrard.B.sciensedirect. http://ivythesis. Fisk.

Dacin. pp. M. “The company and the product: corporate associations and consumer product responses”. (1997). T. 61 No. pp. Vol. P. 68-84. Sociological Methods & Research. (1992).W. 230-58.J. and Cudeck. . 10 .13. 2.A. 21 No. Vol. and Brown. R. Browne. 14. “Alternative ways of assessing model fit”. Journal of Marketing. 1.

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