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CONFEDERATION OF TRUCKERS ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILIPPINES, INC. (CTAP) BOARD RESOLUTION NO. 5 Series of 2018 We, the undersigned majority members of the Board of Trustees of the Confederation of Truckers Assocation of the Philippines, Itc., @ corporation duly organized and existing under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, hereby certify that a Special Board Meeting was held on October 5, 2018 at 17° floor, unit yz & y2, 8 Adriatico Bldg, Padre Faura corner J. Bocabo sts, Ermita, Manila have resolved, 3% we hereby resolve, to pass and adopt the following Resolution: Resolution No. 5 Series of 2018 We, the undersigned Directors RFSOLVED, AS WE HEREBY RESOLVED to adopt and approve herein CIAP Supplementary operational parameters for the retum of ‘empty container: “t That in case the return of empty contaher 9s per Delivery Order (20) 18 deaignated ot MCP ox Seth Harton | POM, diversion to CTAP Comanan Eatoty Gavlianer Yard shad 2e cone inthe event cist CTAP Herrter Operator hos 10 double tramaction in aecontonce with the poly of the abewe named Port Operates 2. Duersion t0 LIA? Lemmon Contac Yond shal alzo be proper ia the event the emery Onier (00) Taied (0 cesqnate anaicr provide cesenited Contansy 39rd (CV) for the rotten of empty container oy eerderne ith the proceere under Best Rosction Me, 3 ex 3, That inno caze shall any member CTAP Operator ask, demand and request In carmwance mini toe persone) of the sniping Ines fer the «ange OF he designated Container Yard 2: sxdisted 1p the dahvary arder (PO), tense spyearine sarx toms ond perilics sIsal be imposes by CEA® to the mesmbrer ‘aeration. Approved andl adopted by the undersigned Board of Directors this 5° day of October 2018. ee g.var t Fre ope \ PDGen. EDGAR 8. ee PNP (ret.) Charman Emeritus GABRIEL L. CRUZ President — CTAE CA. ge- JAY MARTON D. ERCIA AMBROCION. DAMIAN IR. President TRAPEZ Gane UMAAPL We es peal ee JESUSITO ¥. CORTEZ PEPITO P, DINO President ~ TAP, eee ae vif LLANUEVA ‘NILO A, MANIKAN Present ~ PIHTO Cae M. JAMERO RONALD C. QUINTINIG President — 14SII7AL President — SITAP ee eee erst cou KogeifoT. ‘Seaifro (ret) S Pires re y