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 P.O Box: 30347, Bahrain
 +973-35997799 

Performance-driven and enthusiastic educator and manager with over 18 years of practical and theoretical experience in driving
student academic success by delivering instruction-related services, developing course curriculum, monitoring student
performances, and providing educational administration in various university activities. Highly accomplished Educational
Expert with diverse management experience in both governmental and quasi-governmental institutions.

• Engaging leader with vast experience in academic and professional counseling and student performance monitoring.
• Analytical individual with proven success in curriculum enhancement, student success, and retention programs.
• Experienced in working in complex contexts and startup institutions, with the experience of being one of the operational
founders of Bahrain’s Teachers College (the only teachers college in the country).
• Highly experienced strategic thinker with a wide range of experience in teaching and managing government schools,
private educational institutions, higher education, and teacher education settings.
• Active action researcher and experienced in working in complex contexts and startup institutions, with the experience of
being one of the practical founders of Bahrain’s Teachers College.
• Demonstrated ability to productively deal with colleagues and clients from various nationalities, levels and backgrounds.

Director Of The Government Schools Reviews Directorate
• Oversaw the timely and high-quality delivery of all reviews and review reports.
• Produced over four hundred schools’ quality reviews reports.
• Improved overall productivity by managing the future recruitment of staff and seconded reviewers.
• Created the Directorate strategic plans and developed review methodology that addressed current issues and challenges.
• Trained over 50 school’s quality reviewers and ensured reviewers compliance with quality assurance procedures.
• Produced national level reports on the state of education in Bahrain.
• Secured research grants with a total of $80,000.
• Actively participated in creating the national schools’ review framework.
• Ensured the DGS built a reputation for leading best practice and setting standards in school evaluation.


Head Of Educational Foundations And Management Academic Group
• Ensured full and effective communication and coordination among the Academic Group, ensuring quality performance
within the Academic Group practice.
• Provided strategic counsel, guidance and support to Academic Group members.
• Led cross-functional efforts to drive professional development within the Academic Group.
• Provided post-Academic Group debrief identifying and recommending changes/developments.
• Partnered with cross-functional teams to monitor the process of assessment and evaluation.
• Proactively identified and resolved students issues that may arise related to any academic group member.


Chair Of Bahrain Teachers College Academic Groups Heads Council
• Ensured full communication between and within Academic Groups and other key groups within the BTC.
• Built consensus and ensured standardization and understanding of BTC methods, process and practice between AGs.

DR. KHALED ALBAKER Private & Confidential

• Provided a summary of options and recommendations regarding all matters of substance to the dean of the BTC.
• Identified key issues that must be considered by the BTC Academic Council and prepared the agenda for a monthly meeting
of the Academic Council Executive Committee Chaired by the Dean.
• Professionally responded to requests for information and ensured timely response from all AG Heads.
• Ensured that effective collegial practice was followed, set-up the college schedule, coordinated the finals dates and
ensured the registration of all students in all college programmes.


BTC – York St. John’s PCAP Professional Development Coordinator
• Liaised with York St. Johns to facilitate the programme administration, implementation, and development.


Assistant Professor, Educational Foundations & Management Academic Group
• Taught research skills for educators, managed learning environments, civics and national education, social context of
education and orientation courses for undergraduates.
• Taught social context of education and managing learning environments for postgraduates.
• Taught educational leadership for education reforms and change, and change management and organizational
development for School leaders for school principals.
• Academically advised students and conducted action research to improve the quality of teaching & learning.

Research & Teaching Assistant In Foundations And Educational Management Department
• Delivered lectures in foundations of education, classroom management, and educational supervision for both under and
• Created engaging and challenging group activities to keep students motivated and interested in the course
• Supervised students during their practicum; designed and conducted quizzes, exams and other means of assessment.

Computer Trainer
• Designed and delivered an introduction to Windows and Microsoft Office courses for in-service teachers.
• Designed, conducted and assessed exams and final projects required for certification.


Elementary Classroom Teacher
• Taught math, science, Islamic Studies, Arabic and arts (Ministry of Education-curriculum) for 1st to 3rd graders.
• Designed learning packages and projects for children; conducted formative assessment for children.
• Designed and implemented remedial activities for students with learning difficulties.

Leeds University, United Kingdom, — EdD International Educational Management 2008
• Thesis title: Reforming secondary education in Bahrain: A multi-case study of policy implementation and the management
of change at Alkaramah boys' and Almajd girls' secondary schools.

The London College, United Kingdom, — M. A. Educational Administration 2003

• Thesis title: Political changes in Bahrain and their implications for autonomy and decentralisation in school management,
with a proposed model for middle school structure.”

University of Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain, B. A. Bachelor of Education 1999

DR. KHALED ALBAKER Private & Confidential

✓ Certificate in Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn, Social Media Club, Bahrain, 2017
✓ Education and Development Trust, Certificate in Conducting and Leading Quality Reviews, United Kingdom, 2016
✓ Institute of Public Administration, Kingdom of Bahrain, Certificate in Induction to Senior Civil Services, 2016
✓ International school of communication, Spokesperson training for Executives, United Kingdom, 2014
✓ York St. John University, York, United Kingdom, Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (M-level) PCAP, 2011
✓ Gulf Innovation for Training and Consulting, Kingdom of Bahrain, Certificate in (Learn Creativity), 2001
✓ University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, Certificate in four computer applications, (Access, Excel, Word and Graphical
Designing), 2001
✓ Teacher Learning Resources at the Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Bahrain, Microsoft Office Diploma, 1998


Undergraduate: Graduate:
Educational Foundations Courses Post graduate Diploma 2 Year Part-Time Programme
Research and Study Skills Courses Professional Development Courses For In-Service Teachers
Classroom Management Courses Leadership Training Courses


First Gulf Conference on Education and Human Development, Gulf University, 22 – 24 Jan 2018, Manama, Bahrain.
Paper Title: “Human resources development and education: promises and challenges” (Keynote)

Future School Design and Development Conference, Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & SPA, 6 -9 Nov 2017, Dubai, UAE. Paper
Title: “Value for money: Maximising effective use of school buildings and facilities” (Chairperson & Keynote)

Educational Conference: Teacher Role in Educational Efficiency, Radisson Blu Hotel, 24 -26 April 2017, Manama, Bahrain.
Paper Title: “The teacher’s role in facing educational wastage” (Keynote)

The Global Education Forum, the New Za'abeel Halls 4 – 6 at Dubai World Trade Centre, 1-3 March 2016, Dubai, U.A.E. Paper
Title: “Educational systems’ identity, global market needs and policy learning” (Keynote)

The Fourth Schools Reviews Directorate forum on Teaching & Learning in Intermediate Schools: A Quality Perspective,
National Authority for Qualifications and Quality Assurance of Education & Training 20th Jan 2016, Manama, Bahrain. Speech
Title: “An Insight into Intermediate/Middle Schools’ Performance in Bahrain” (Keynote)

The 3rd Regional Conference, the Regional Planning Centre, 6-7 October 2015, Sharjah, U.A.E.
Paper Title: “Education and competitiveness in Global Work Market” (Keynote)

The 27th annual conference, Ministry of Education 9-10 March 2014, Manama, Bahrain.
Speech Title: “Assessment for Learning: Achieving targets through engaging students according to their needs” (Keynote)

The third Schools Reviews Directorate forum on Turnaround leadership, National Authority for Qualifications and Quality
Assurance of Education & Training 12-13 Feb 2014, Manama, Bahrain.
Speech Title: “Turnaround leadership: Bahraini Perspective” (Chairperson & Keynote)

The 25th annual conference, Ministry of Education 6-7 March 2013, Manama, Bahrain.
Speech Title: “Lessons and smart practices learned from Bahraini schools” (Keynote)

The second Schools Review Unit annual forum on Embedding a Culture of Self-Evaluation in Schools and Kindergartens,
Quality Assurance Authority 15-16 Feb 2012, Muharraq, Bahrain.
Speech Title: “Government schools’ actual position on self-evaluation” (Keynote)
DR. KHALED ALBAKER Private & Confidential
The first International Conference and Exhibition on Knowledge-Based Business, Industry, and Education, KBIE 8-10 Jan 2011,
Manama, Bahrain.
Speech Title: “Knowledge economy and the promotion of soft skills and the relationship with market forces in Education”

“Teachers’ resistance to change: understanding resistance roots” Presentation at the London International Conference on
Education (LICE-2017), University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK, December 11th-14th, 2017.

“Analytical view of Bahrain’s government schools’ performance: A quality perspective” Presentation at ICEPL 2016-Fall, Seoul
Olympic Parktel, South Korea, 7th – 9th November 2016.

“Teaching and learning from quality assurance perspective: Bahrain’s experience.” Presentation at the Symposium on Creative
Education, Tampere, Finland, 27th - 31st October 2014.

“A multisite case study about senior management perceptions during times of change in two secondary schools in Bahrain.”
Presentation at the Fifth Asian Conference on Education, Osaka, Japan, 23rd - 27th October 2013.

“Who Wears the Trousers? Educational Policy Making During Times of Change in Bahrain.” Presentation at the International
Journal of Arts & Sciences (IJAS) conference, Paris, France, 8th - 11th April, 2013.

“Metaphors Used by School Leaders for Globalization in the Kingdom of Bahrain: Their Interpretations and Implications.”
Presentation at the Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration (CCEAM) Conference, Limassol, Cyprus, 3rd – 7th
November, 2012.

“A bridge too far: a case study on the relationship between leadership preparation programme and principals’ readiness for
school reviews in Bahrain.” Presentation at the Fourth Asian Conference on Education, Osaka, Japan, 24th-28th October, 2012.

"Leaders’ perceptions about self-evaluation process and self-evaluation form in Bahraini schools." Presentation at the 4th
annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies, Barcelona, Spain, 2nd- 4th July, 2012.

"Voices to be heard: What do teachers have to say about the reform of secondary school system in Bahrain?" Presentation at
the International Conference on Education and Educational Psychology, Istanbul, Turkey, 19th–22nd Oct, 2011.

"Students teachers’ perceptions about their practicum experience at Bahrain’s Teachers College." Presentation at the 8th
Annual Action Research Conference, hosted by the University of San Diego, California, 14th–15th May, 2011.

"Between The Hammer And The Anvil: A Multisite Case Study About Heads Of Departments’ Perceptions During Times Of
Change In Two Secondary Schools In Bahrain." Presentation at International Journal of Arts & Sciences Conference, hosted by
Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 29th May – 2nd June, 2011.

“Potential gains and challenges of action research: Embracing reforms from the within.” Presentation at The first International
Conference and Exhibition on Knowledge-Based Business, Industry, and Education, KBIE 2011, to be held at the Carlton Ritz
Hotel, Manama, 8th-10th January, 2011.

“Authentic assessment in higher education environments.” Presentation at the CARN 2010 Conference, hosted by Anglia
Ruskin University in Cambridge, UK November 5th-7th Nov, 2010.

"Teacher candidates' perceptions and concerns about initial teaching preparation in the Kingdom of Bahrain." presentation at
DR. KHALED ALBAKER Private & Confidential
the 3rd Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference 2009 hosted by NIE in Singapore, Singapore June 26th-29th.

"And now I see myself as a teacher': Student teachers' perceptions of their pre-programme school attachment." Presentation at
the 3rd Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference 2009 hosted by NIE in Singapore, Singapore June 26th-29th. (co-
presentation: Albaker, K. & FRY, J.)

"The Introduction of Journals as a Means of Developing Reflection in Student Teachers in Bahrain: Helping Student Teachers to
Find their Feet." Presentation at the Fifth Annual Educational Gathering: The teachers’ role in a changing world, Doha, Qatar,
28th – 29th Mar, 2009.

“Will it really work? Democratic practices in centralized systems.” Presentation at the International Leadership Conference in
Lisboan, Portugal, 23 June 2005.


• Reviewer at the International Journal of Leadership in Education, February 2013 – Present (UK)
• Reviewer at the Independent Journal of Teaching and Learning, 2012 – Present (South Africa)
• Editorial Board member of Journal of Teaching and Teacher Education, September 2012 – Present (Turkey)
• Editorial Board member and a reviewer at the Journal of Teacher Education and Educators, February 2012 – Present


• Arab Center for Educational Research for the Gulf States (2017) Study: Evaluating a unified schools’ quality review
framework to be implemented in all Arabian Gulf schools.
• Arab Center for Educational Research for the Gulf States (2015) Study: Improving education quality in the gulf.
• Arab Thoughts Foundation (2011) Project: A collaborative school-based educational reform project involving schools in
the Arab World.

• Lead investigator in national scale research project to reform classroom teacher system in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
• Lead investigator gender achievement gap in Bahraini schools in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

• Albaker, K. (2017) “Analytical View of Bahrain’s Government Schools’ Performance: A Quality Perspective”, SAGE Open,
October-December 2017, pp. 1–6.
• Albaker, K. & Quarshie, J. (2016) “Metaphors Used by School Leaders for Globalisation in the Kingdom of Bahrain: Their
Interpretations and Implications”, Journal of Teaching & Teacher Education, Volume 4, 2016, pp. 105–111.
• Abdulrazzak, N. & Albaker, K. (2015) ‘Leading and Managing Action Research for School Improvement: The Case of
Bahraini Schools’, in Abbott, G. (ed.) Private and Public Schools: International Perspectives, Management and Educational
Efficiency. New York: Nova Publishers.
• Albaker, K. (2013) “Between the Hammer and the Anvil: Senior Teachers’ Perceptions during Times of Change in Bahrain”,
Journal of Teaching & Teacher Education, Volume 1, 2013, pp. 17–29.
• Albaker, K. (2011) "Voices to be heard: What do teachers have to say about the reform of secondary school system in
Bahrain?", Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, Volume 29, 2011, pp. 1279–1288.

Chaired and participated in the following senior level committees:
• BQA annual national forum (Chair)
• BQA Journal (Chair)
• BQA -MoE operational committee (Member)
DR. KHALED ALBAKER Private & Confidential
• BQA academic committee (Member)
• 3rd Directorates of schools forum organizing committee (Chair)
• 2nd BQA conference scientific committee (Member)
• 2nd Directorates of schools forum organizing committee (Co-chair)
• The joint, national level, research committee between the Quality Assurance Authority and the Ministry of Education.
• The Ministry of Education Committee to study and develop the Classroom Teacher System in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
• BTC timetable committee. (Chair)
• BTC 2010 Marketing & Recruitment Campaign “Create the Future, Teach” (Chair)
• BTC 2010-2014 Strategic Planning Committee (Chair)
• The Teaching and Learning Quality Committee at Bahrain University. (Member)
• University of Bahrain Committee to propose a national level programme to prepare early childhood teachers. (Member)
• The BTC PGDE Part-time Programme Committee. (Chair)
• The BTC – MOE Operations Committee. (Vice-chair)
• The Professional development accreditation committee: (National level). (Member)

• Member of the Collaborative Action Research Network (CARN)
• Member of the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership.
• Member of British Educational Leadership Management and Administration Society (BELMAS).
• Member of the Gulf Comparative Education Society (GCES).

• Schools performance quality reviews.
• How to prepare your school for external evaluation
• Collaborative learning strategies for co-operative teachers.
• Authentic assessment for secondary level educators.
• Differentiation: How can it be implemented in Bahraini classrooms?
• Policy and policy documents analysis.
• Managing learning environment in classrooms.

DR. KHALED ALBAKER Private & Confidential