We are delighted to offer four new courses in 2010. we help our clients to achieve their business and personal objectives at all levels. This ensures top quality content and delivery everytime. ensuring up-to-date training everytime. Flexible learning options We also offer in-company short term courses (3 days to 2 weeks) where we come to you. Our training courses are developed using our engineering experiences straight from the field. For fresh graduates our training enhances their confidence to work in industry by delivering from day one and for corporates. tutorials. Familiarity with latest computing software We will provide ‘on-the-job’ practical training on use of latest engineering software to provide solutions to engineering analysis and design problems. So why choose PetroSkill? Quality guaranteed PetroSkill follows a quality management system that meets the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008. PetroSkill’s chartered and professional engineers prepare and present our courses. videos. We also have intentions to provide interactive online learning through video conferencing and live chat rooms in the near future. seasoned engineers switching disciplines/industries and managers/supervisors who are new to the Oil and Gas industry would also benefit from attending. act on delegate feedback and respond to our clients’ requests. Our comprehensive course notes capture the main points from each slide. in-company courses allow you to build bespoke training programs delivered at group rates. . diploma holders and technicians seeking career opportunities in Oil and Gas industry will be benefited by these training programs. forming a valuable reference tool for future work. This powerful combination of technical training underpinned by practical engineering expertise ensures top quality training everytime. Established in 2009. We also offer access to prominent technical libraries in the city during the course. which is why the duration and contents of each course are carefully planned to maximize learning and minimize time out of work/office. For those companies with five or more to train.About us We are an independent consultancy firm specialising in marine and offshore engineering and training services for the oil and gas industry. Balanced learning Time away from the work is precious. knowledge and We pride ourselves on continually developing our course to meet and exceed our clients’ training needs and industry expectations. Updated course notes We continually update and invest in our courses. group discussions and design exercises to reinforce learning and aid retention. this saves the cost of internal training for their fresh recruits. Benefit from our experience Our tutors bring years of knowledge and current experiences of real life engineering projects and lessons learned straight to the class room. Our consultancy work ensures we are at cutting-edge of industry developments and equipped to tackle the latest engineering challenges. which is an integral part of our training courses. New graduate recruits to the Oil and Gas industry. ensuring delegates return to the work place with skills and knowledge they can implement immediately. following our strict training standards. Who will benefit from attending? Fresh engineers. We track industry developments. Interactive learning You won’t find hours of dull slides in any of our courses ! Our courses are packed with lectures.

000 Marine and Offshore Design Eligibility : Diploma in Mechanical/Civil Engineering Course Duration : 12 weeks Course Fee : INR 35.000 • • • • • • • • • • • • Topics covered Field layouts Pipe design and manufacture Route selection Pipeline materials Coatings and corrosion protection Design and construction of pipelines Pipeline integrity and flow assurance Testing and inspection Installation and operation Upheaval and lateral buckling Risers.000 Offshore Engineering Eligibility : B Tech in Mechanical/Civil Engineering Course Duration : 12 weeks Course Fee : INR 50. CADWorx . methods and tools Fixed offshore structures Mobile offshore drilling units Barges Ships and outfitting Piping design Offshore electrical design Fire and safety systems Offshore operations Design and modeling project Software : CADWorx.000 • • • • • • • • • • • • Topics covered Introduction to piping Pipe fittings and components Valves. GT Strudl Piping Engineering Eligibility : B Tech in Mechanical/Chemical Engineering Course Duration : 12 weeks Course Fee : INR 50.Jack-up Barge Software : Plus One.Jacket Design exercise . Offpipe Software : Moses. CAESAR II. flexibles and umbilicals Hydrostatic collapse and low cycle fatigue • • • • • • • • • • • • Topics covered Structural engineering basics Introduction to offshore structures Design basis Loads and load combinations Analysis and design Strength and stability (buckling) Fatigue and fracture Offshore operations Basic Naval Architecture Ship resistance and propulsion Design exercise .2010 Courses Pipeline Engineering Eligibility : B Tech in Mechanical/Civil Engineering Course Duration : 12 weeks Course Fee : INR 50. Pipeflow Software : AutoCAD. STAAD Pro. equipments and speciality items Pipe materials and pipe supports Piping layout Design basis and stress analysis 3D modeling of piping systems Corrosion protection and heat tracing Fabrication and construction engineering Flow assurance Offshore and marine piping systems Design project • • • • • • • • • • • • Topics covered Introduction to Oil and Gas industry Basic engineering calculations Drafting procedures.