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Seminar Committee


Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of
Commerce, founded in 1984, as the
second commerce college in the University
of Delhi, has emerged as a premier
institute, specializing in Commerce,
Economics, Business Studies and Computer
Science. The institute has excelled in
academic standards and achieved top
rankings amongst the Commerce Colleges.
It has been accredited with an ‘A’ grade by
National Assessment and Accrediting
Council (NAAC).
Ideas are worthless until you
get them out of your head to
see what they can do
Are you eager to propound your idea out in the light and
outshine others? Do you think you have crammed the
concepts well enough to apply them practically? Test
your acumen in real life. Discover the true
entrepreneurial potential within you. Step up and try
yourself as a team set out to change the world through
making a business idea happen in The Business Plan
Competition organised by SGGSCC in collaboration with
Delhi School of Economics. The B-Plan Competition is
open for students of undergraduate, post-graduate and
management courses across universities. The winners
are up for great deals to gush the idea in market.
Participating Teams would be up for an encounter
bifurcated into:
1. Online Screening
2. Presentations
3. Elevator Pitch
P.S- Its not going to be the wonted B-Plan. Its going to be
a rocky ride with shocks and surprises.
• Team Composition: Each team must consist of
3-5 members. Inter-college teams are allowed.
• Team must submit a soft copy of the business
plan in the prescribed format along with their
registrations and hardcopy before the
commencement of the event. The teams
which will be selected for on campus round
will be given 5 minutes to present their idea.
It may include PowerPoint Presentations,
leaflets, brochures or any kind of prototype.

The top 10 teams with highest score will be

called for the final round on 2 November 2018.
The presenting teams will participate in
‘Elevator Pitch’ where they will be given 60-90
seconds to present their idea in front of judges.

Positions available:
• Best Entrepreneurial idea
• Best Elevator Pitch

“The way to get started is to quit

talking and to begin doing”
Walt Disney
BPLAN Report
1. The report will consist of following heads:
• Cover Page
• Index
• Executive Summary
• Product/Service Description
• Customer/Market Analysis
• Sales and Marketing Plan
• Funding Requirements
• Organization Structure
• Financial Highlights
2. The report shall not exceed 10 pages,
minimum being 8 pages
3. Participants must follow font of 12 in Times
New Roman for main body and 14 for headings
with a line spacing 1.5’’.
4. File must be submitted in Adobe Acrobat PDF
format with file name format: GGSBPLAN – and must be submitted as part of
team’s online application.