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PION RS O PRPGRESS MIT is an epicentar of innovation, where the greatest minds in the world converge to build a brighter future. Unrestricted support allows us to address our most press- Ing needs whenever and wherever they arise, so that students and faculty can focus on the things that matter AY me MOE AE * most—from nanotechnology to exoplanetary discovery and everything in between, BIG DATA / We're constantly surounded by the Imemet of Things, drepping ciate! breaderumés wherever we go. But whist if m2 could Use this (anonymous! information to cut down on rush hour trafic, or provent the common cold before t occurs? The Human Dynamics Group applies the physics of eeciety—patieme in human bahavier—to help ub help each other to prove the woy we live ENERGY / Whether t's solar power or steam engines, the Earth self provides the fueltor aur future. Cleaner, more efficient energy Is the key to aviable environment. By bringing tagether sclanca, technology, and policy, the MIT Energy Intlative is leading the charge tawards a better tomorrow by forging a more sustainable seclety taday. BIOMECHATRONICS / Dent cat t science fiction: blomiechatronics 1s a means of aug- menting and enhancing our physical experiences wath the ald of cutting-acige tachnology, the perfect marriage of muscle and machine. It's more than prosthetics; Ifs.a way to make ourselves—all af us—hetter. faster, and stronger. I's bionics with an ‘emphasis on “bio; and it's happening right now at MIT.