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John Ehrenkranz ’87

Co-Chair, Brown Annual Fund
University Trustee

Box 1976
Providence, RI 02912-1976 USA
Phone: 401.863.3300

November 2, 2016

Jane Q. Sample PAF 1
123 Main Street
Anytown, US 12345-6789

Dear Ms. Sample,

Brown University has earned its outstanding reputation. With its unique curriculum and steadfast commitment to
new ideas, Brown has cultivated a landscape where bright young minds can learn and explore on the cutting edge of
innovation. Our students and faculty also regularly engage in the kind of work that makes a tangible difference in
improving lives across the globe.

Generous donors—parents like you—make this environment possible. I encourage you to show your appreciation
for Brown by joining the Carrie Tower Society as Annual Fund Leaders.

You will play a crucial role in providing unrivaled opportunities to students and professors who, in turn, perform
work that benefits society. Specifically, your contribution will help to fund fellowships and financial aid, foster
pioneering lab and fieldwork, and ensure that students have access to the best faculty available.

This is a pivotal point in Brown’s history. We are uniquely positioned to address the most pressing challenges of the
21st century, and the ability of the University to solve these problems is directly tied to the strength and commitment
of our community. As we enter year two of BrownTogether—the most aspirational fundraising campaign in school
history—your support through the Parents Annual Fund is critically important to achieving our ambitious goals.
Carrie Tower Society members in particular, will help Brown to build on its distinction and retain its standing
among the world’s elite universities.

I hope you will distinguish yourself as Annual Fund Leaders, and shape the Brown experience for those on College
Hill by making a gift of $17,000. Please return the enclosed gift form, or contact Rachel Spaulding ’00 at
(401) 863-6037 or if you have questions or need assistance.

My fellow co-chairs, John Atwater ’83, P’17 and Paula McNamara ’87, P’20, and I would be very grateful to have the
benefit of your philanthropic leadership. Thank you very much for your consideration.


John B. Ehrenkranz ’87
Co-Chair, Brown Annual Fund
Member, Carrie Tower Society