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October 26, 2016

Jane Q. Sample 2
123 Main Street
Anytown, US 12345-6789
Dear Ms. Sample,
Brown University’s prestigious reputation is no secret; it’s what attracted students like me in the first place.
But when you’re actually immersed in this incredible environment, you realize that words don’t do it
justice. There’s a reason why Brown stands out above the rest, and it’s not just because of that long walk up
College Hill.
I don’t think I truly understood the value of my Brown education until the summer between my
sophomore and junior years, during my internship at the Orange Regional Medical Center in Middletown,
New York. My supervisors were blown away by my ability to research policy areas with thoughtfulness and
a keen attention to detail — two crucial skills that I attribute to my advisor, Professor Susan Moffit, and the
cadre of in-depth materials that had been made available at the campus library. My experience at Brown
prepared me to go above and beyond, which left a lasting impression on my employers and will continue to
guide me as I pursue a future in healthcare policies that truly make a difference to the world.
By making a gift through the Brown Annual Fund, you are helping to secure the University’s long-lasting
tradition of academic enrichment, achievement, and social innovation. You will also renew your
membership in the 1764 Society, which recognizes the Annual Fund’s most loyal donors. Your contribution
directly correlates to the strength of the education for me and my peers — and I think I speak for all of us
when I say we are eternally grateful for that support.
Thank you in advance for the difference you make to Brown and to the world.

Courtney Baker ’18
Political Science and Gender/Sexuality Concentrator

Box 1976 s Providence, RI 02912-1976 USA s Phone 401.863.3300 s s

I will maintain my membership in the 1764 Society 2016-2017
with my Brown Annual Fund gift of: 2015-2016 $25
2014-2015 $25
$34___ $31___ $29___ Other________ 2013-2014 $20
2012-2013 $10
2011-2012 $10
Consecutive years of Annual Fund giving: 11
Most recent gift through the Annual Fund: $25, 11/09/15
“MG” – total includes corporate matching gifts
*Includes gifts as of October 3, 2016.
My check payable to Brown University is enclosed.
Jane Q. Sample 2 My credit card information is provided on the back of this form.
123 Main Street My gift may be eligible for a corporate match.
Anytown, US 12345-6789

1295C 0000225651
Your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
Thank you for your support. *1295C* *0000225651*

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