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October 26, 2016

Jane Q. Sample 8
123 Main Street
Anytown, US 12345-6789

Dear Jane,
The campus up on College Hill is a special place where bright young minds can learn and explore on the
cutting edge of education and enlightenment. Even among its peers, Brown University stands out with its
unique curriculum and steadfast commitment to new ideas and possibilities, inspiring interdisciplinary
innovation, and yes, even the occasional late-night snack on Thayer Street.
You make this vibrant environment possible. Your contributions help develop student leaders and enable
us to attract and retain the top faculty talent that helps shape the Brown experience. Your Annual Fund
gifts are how we fund fellowships, foster pioneering fieldwork, and ensure that our students have access to
the best technology and research opportunities available. And, of course, you and the rest of our
community of donors make it possible for us to offer need-blind admissions by providing millions of
dollars in financial aid to deserving students — which makes a difference not just for the recipients and
their families, but also for everyone who gets to benefit from the variety of perspectives on our campus.
The 2016-2017 academic year is now underway, and your continued support will help take Brown even
further. By making a gift again this year, you will also renew your membership in the 1764 Society, which
recognizes the Annual Fund’s most loyal donors. Please consider renewing your Annual Fund support
today, so that Brown University can continue to create incredible opportunities for students and the
world at large.

John B. Ehrenkranz ’87
Co-Chair, Brown Annual Fund
Member, 1764 Society

Box 1976 s Providence, RI 02912-1976 USA s Phone 401.863.3300 s s

I will maintain my membership in the 1764 Society 2016-2017
with my Brown Annual Fund gift of: 2015-2016 $30 MG
2014-2015 $30
$41___ $38___ $35___ Other________ 2013-2014 $300 MG
2012-2013 $270 MG
2011-2012 $100
Consecutive years of Annual Fund giving: 6
Most recent gift through the Annual Fund: $30, 06/29/15
“MG” – total includes corporate matching gifts
*Includes gifts as of October 3, 2016.
My check payable to Brown University is enclosed.
Jane Q. Sample 8 My credit card information is provided on the back of this form.
123 Main Street My gift may be eligible for a corporate match.
Anytown, US 12345-6789

1294C 0000254619
Your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
Thank you for your support. *1294C* *0000254619*