Section no. 1. 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 Our Values Creating a fun workplace Code of ethics Discipline Misconduct

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Recruitment and Selection Objective Recruitment policy Procedure Sources of recruitment Recruitment consultant fees Referrals Employee referral scheme Statutory requirement for vacancy listing Ex-employees seeking requirement Ex-employees’ recruitment Employment of relatives Interview and selection guidelines & procedures Appointment Appointment letter Issuing authority Acceptance letter and Joining reports Joining expenses Payment for notice pay RMT recruitment process Part-time recruitment schemes Joining formalities Payroll process for new employees Induction ID card and uniform Confirmations Employment Conditions and Benefits Attendance and leaves Rules for availing leaves Encashment of leaves National and Festival holidays Working on National and Festival holidays Weekly holidays Late working Transfer policy

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Short Term relocation Policy Transfer Grant Guest House Policy Compensation Objectives Compensation structure Components of compensation package Basic Special allowance HRA House Lease Policy Moving Expenses Conveyance Leave Travel Allowance Medical Reimbursement Mediclaim Cover Personal Accident Policy Annual health check-up ESI Salary advance Telephone facilities and limits Cell phone reimbursement Laptops Local conveyance Hard furnishing Buy back and renewal policy Out of Pocket Expenses Marriage gifts Professional Magazine Allowance

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Performance Management, Capability and Career Development Performance appraisal system The Performance Management System Performance planning process Performance review process Performance assessment process Development planning process Potential assessment process Performance rewards Salary increment Annual performance bonus Promotion policy Assessment centers Travel Policy Objectives Entitlement Local conveyance

7.2 7.3 7.2 7.2. Accommodation – Guest House and Hotels Incidental expenses PER DIEM Deputation General guidelines Travel – International Retirement and Separation Retirement benefits Provident fund Gratuity Superannuation Separation Resignation Termination Procedure to initiate full and final settlement Retirement Exit interview Farewell to outgoing employees Annexure RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 .3 7.9 7.6.2007 4 .4 6.8 6.7 6.2.4 7.1 7.1 7.2 7.6 6.1.5 8.1 7.5 6.1.


being cheerful and handling the call competently. policies. Demonstrate utmost courtesy over phone by picking up the phone in three rings. We also believe that working together with one another at the workplace creates a fun workplace. Know our products. he or she will keep coming back for more ….1 Creating a fun workplace A fun workplace is a wining workplace. smile.2007 6 . where we enjoy our work and the time spent on it. If the customer wins. Ensure that the store has the entire infrastructure. Recognize. make eye contact. The customer wins if we get “customer friendly” and do what the customer wants Here are some ideas to get customer friendly: Offer to help before being asked. and would even recommend this workplace to our best friends and above all feel proud to belong to it.0 OUR VALUES We believe that working together with the customer and providing him/her what they need in a clean environment coupled with new technologies & impeccable service creates a wining combination. greet and acknowledge our customer’s presence. Present a neat and clean appearance of the workplace and use at all times. Ensure that we act on customer feedback or complaints irrespective of which function we belong to. A place where everyone – the customer and we – win because winning is enjoyable and addictive. Treat the customer the way we would like to be treated. Ensure that all products are always available for the customer to shop. 1.1. So let’s keep winning together! How can we as employee help the customer to win? By just believing in and following these three simple principles: I. business and our competitors thoroughly. And will come back ONLY to us and will also spread the good word about us to all. If we win ? We would be happy to return work every morning…. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . We believe specialty and teamwork gives us the wining edge. Why? Simply because …. equipment and facilities needed to work efficiently.

The customer win if you demonstrate honesty in your professional and personal conduct by being “true to your conscience” Here are some ideas to demonstrate your honesty: Never indulge in stealing. Never spread rumors or succumb to them. Never overcharge the customer or hold back the free gifts they are eligible to receive. answer back or take the customer’s anger personally. To treat your team member with respect and openness RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . The customer wins if we maintain the dignity of the workplace by treating it as a “place of worship” Here are some ideas to maintain the dignity of the workplace: Go out the way to keep the workplace. including the products and equipment neat and tidy at all times. How you as a leader help your team members win? By ensuring that all your policies and practices are guided by three key principles: 1. III.2007 7 . Thank the customer at the checkout and invite him/her to visit us again. Cooperate with your team and share workload voluntarily. Never let down our organization in front of a customer or make excuses. II. discount or gifts from suppliers or vendors. Come to work on time and avoid unplanned absence. Encourage customer feedback. Treat every complaint as a golden opportunity to improve and regain the customer’s confidence in us. Do something extra for the customer. big or small and do it with perfection. which is likely to create a conflict of interest and compromise the interest of Organization. Never let personal affairs interfere with your work time or use the workplace to transact personal business or entertain friends and relatives. Never accept favors. Never divulge vital company information to outsider without authorization.Keep up our promises to the customer. Handle company property and products with care and report damages and repairs promptly for action. Never conceal any information about stealing or other acts of dishonesty that you are aware of. learn from it and share it with your supervisors/peers for action. Avoid chatting. Treat your colleague the way you would like to be treated – with respect and dignity. Confirm to standards of grooming and personal hygiene. Never make false promise that you cannot fulfill. laughing. Never give false information to the customer. Treat all work as important. Never misuse company property and facilities. Never argue. quarreling and other disruptive behavior at the workplace.

Ensure that you use competence. religion or caste or favoritism. Guide and support your team members in their academic pursuits. Ensure that you never use abusive language with your team members. Here are some ideas Support your team members both financially and emotionally in time of unforeseen calamities. 3. Ensure that you encourage your team members to give constructive feedback about work methods and practices. Ensure that you respect team member’s need for their personal space and time by making sure that they take their annual leave and also their weekly holidays. earn and grow Here are some ideas Ensure that your team members receive adequate induction. Ensure that your team members are recognize publicly for any extraordinary contribution. Ensure that you make available ample forums to help your tea members express their views and grievances. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . facts and reasoning and not authority and subjective judgments in making and making decisions that affect your team members. Ensure that you praise your team members in public and criticize them in private. Ensure that your team members are informed of the career growth avenues that are available to them in the organization.2007 8 . Ensure that you let your team members when they are doing something wrong so that they have no opportunity to correct it. Ensure that your team members are fully aware of all the benefits and facilities that they are entitled to and the same is made available with ease and promptness. training and all the information necessary to do their job well and also prepare them for greater responsibilities.Here are some ideas Ensure that you are fair in your dealing with your team members without bias of gender. Ensure that your team members are given periodic feedback not only about their current performance but also about their potential for future growth opportunities. To support help and guide your team members when in need as a member of their family. So. Be available. To provide your team members with the opportunity to learn. Ensure that your team members are provided opportunities to participate in decision making. as a trustworthy and reliable friend in whom tour team members can confide their personal problems if they need to. 2. together let’s create a wining combination – the customer and we. Ensure that you lead by example and walk your talk.

In a company which you are involved in making a buy-out decision.2 Membership of Social Service Organization Potential conflicts arise when executives take membership of organizations and associations that undertake Social Services of various kinds. However.1. Employees must not misuse RPG Cellucom resources or influence. Using company facilities after office hours for your spouse’s/relatives business.2. these activities must be lawful and free of conflicts with their responsibilities as employees of RPG Cellucom. and the role which they should play in such circumstances”.1 Conflict of Interest A conflict of interest could be defined as a situation that arises when a decision. While the CODE has attempted to cover a number of areas. conflicts. Taking a part-time job requiring you to spend time on it during your normal working hours or to use office equipment in meeting your responsibilities. Examples of Conflicts of Interest Holding of financial interest directly or indirectly. Making a promotion decision about a spouse or relative. “It covers various situations which employees in RPG Cellucom might face in areas of Financial Control. or discredit RPG’s good name and reputation. Situation might come where individuals find themselves in a ‘Conflict of Interest’. 1. Code of Ethics This Code of Ethics will be applicable and should be adhered to by all employees in RPG Cellucom. A company to which you give business. 1. it cannot obviously become comprehensive.2.2.2007 9 . It is always best to consult your supervisor before taking any decisions. Avoiding conflict of interest RPG Cellucom recognizes that right of the employee to take part in activities outside their job. including through close relatives in.. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . etc. In a competing company. Soliciting subcontractors and vendors for donation/advertisement to a charity in which you are involved. Directing business to a supplier managed by a relative or a close friend. Personal Integrity.making authority is seen to have a personal interest and /or stake in the outcome of the decision itself.

Future business policies and trade offers regarding your products and services.2. 1. or extending credit to other companies. Relationship with suppliers. employees should exercise great discretion in maintaining confidentiality of potentially damaging information. Newspaper reporters and Government officials. 1.5 Accepting Honoraria for Lectures Outside This is permissible provided: You get advance clearance from your manager. Financial information. Financial interest is a problem as soon as it presents a potential for conflict of interest with your responsibilities as an RPG employee. If employment is unavoidable on an ongoing one for a long time. New products introductions.6 Financial Interest Among the most common type of financial interest are: Ownership equity. Some illustration of such information is given here. 1. Potential joint venture deals being negotiated. Dealers & other Business associates Gifts No gifts should ever be accepted from suppliers or vendors since it seriously compromises the interests of the company and creates a conflict of interest situation.2007 10 .2. Employee should maintain total confidentiality and exercise utmost discretion in parting with any such classified information. using company infrastructure and facilities to discharge responsibilities towards that organization and proving use of such facilities directly to the Organizations/Associations and its members. Direct or indirect interest trough a trust or other relationship. Partnership interest. You do not reveal priority information in your talk.Conflicts arise in the form of fund raising from RPG companies for such Organizations/Associations. selling to customers. Tax planning measures.3 Relatives as Competitors Close relatives employed with competitors should be disclosed with details of relationship. Stock brokers. 1. Investment Analysts.2. Any breach of this code shall be viewed seriously. A potential RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . and responsibilities held.4 Confidentiality and Discretion Employee should all time realize that they are in the possession of (Sensitive Classified and Confidential) information that should not be parted with under any circumstances to competitors. For example you might involve in selecting suppliers.2.

timely and complete. 1.10 Financial Controls and Records Follow financial accounting.9 Your Personal Integrity In your day-to-day work most of us are called upon to support board company objective like providing equal opportunity and environmental protection. For example each of us also have a role in helping to keep the company’s records accurate. reporting and control procedure in place.8 Setting up a Part-time Business or Taking a Part-time Job This is not permissible. If situation could impair employee’s judgment or performance of company duties. or result in a direct financial loss to RPG. As an employee in RPG Cellucom you are expected to give your best in terms of time.2.2.3 Discipline Our discipline policy has been framed to ensure that: We maintain the dignity of the workplace. Under company policy. That’s when we must remember that the integrity of all of us depends on the integrity of each of us. 1. you are obliged to give auditors full access to your records and any other cooperation they require. 1. 1. Sometimes the chance for illegal or unethical personal gain will arise. creativity and energy. as well as rules for the release of financial information outside the company. The interest could be direct or indirect – what matters are that your action as an employee in RPG Cellucom might affect the value of your interest in the other company. and only you have the proper authorization. and protect the security of our assets. You should welcome these reviews because they are designed to prevent problems from occurring. But some responsibilities are on a more personal level. 1. We must not only know right from wrong but also relentlessly follow the right – even when it may be very tempting to do otherwise. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . damage RPG’s reputation. We demonstrate honesty in our personal and professional conduct. Whether you are filing out a time card.2. preparing a purchase order or reporting on the financial status of the entire company strictly follow the accounting. steps should be taken to correct the situation. Moonlighting will impede your performance and clearly place you in a conflict of interest situation. There need not only be a realistic possibility of injury to RPG for a manager to consider taking corrective action.7 Corrective Action Corrective action may be required even if an employee reports a potential conflict of interest. reporting and control procedure.2. Keep our records accurate.2007 11 . Release it to others only after considering the interest of the company as a whole. Form time-to-time auditors may want to look at your files and talk to you about them. Other issues can challenge individual’s integrity.problem might exist if you (or a relative) also had a personal financial interest in one of these companies. and is protecting whatever company assets we use or manage. Also be sure to keep all financial information confidential.

Ex-employees who have resigned are not allowed to enter the restricted area reserved for the company staff. xii. All staff and visitors are subject to a body search whenever required to do so. vi. Walkmans.We are all clear about the standards of behavior expected of us. Misconduct is a violation from established standards of behavior expected at workplace. No pets are allowed inside the premises including the parking lot and surrounding areas. Members of the staff are restricted from wearing sunglasses/goggles inside the store. iv. viii. ix. They are forbidden from taking anything out of the area specified above. By highlighting the discipline standards that are expected of us it is believed that we will be able to promote self-discipline. only the duty manager is allowed to give the necessary written permission. and Radio etc. Staff will only wear the prescribed uniform on the company’s premises while on duty. Discmans. Supervisors and staff below that rank are not permitted to carry any writing implement or stationary into the work area on the sales floor.2007 12 . In case they have to do so. The following specific policies are applicable to all the employees working with RPG Cellucom: i. x. v. ii. Members of the staff can have snacks/lunch/meals only in the lunchroom provided. Members of the staff are forbidden from bringing any bags small/big into the store. iii. Ex-employees have to secure the business head permission before servicing the RPG Cellucom in any way whatsoever. except under medical subscription. vii. Members of the staff cannot exit their work area during their shifts. which are subversive of discipline and/or detrimental to the interests of the organization. In a frontline service industry like ours faltering standards of discipline have a direct impact on our creditability with our customers and are therefore viewed seriously. xi. Members of the staff are prohibited from bringing into the store any cameras. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . Supervisors and staff below the rank of supervisor are strictly forbidden to use cellular phone on the sales floor.4 Misconduct Misconduct refers to any act. 1.

All RPG Cellucom premises are smoke free zone. Borrowing. xxi. Employees are not allowed to make or receive personal calls on company telephones unless there is a grave emergency. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . Any staff without wearing complete uniform and staff identity card cannot enter the shop. Psychological or physical harassment such as repeated social invitations. All staff must wear proper shoes. Visual harassment like exposure or pornographic material. in the store or on the sales floor is strictly forbidden. while reporting for duty. Non-verbal or gesture harassment such as leering. xxiv. cigars. Physical harassment such as touching.2007 13 . Being absent from duty without prior permission or taking leave without informing and securing permission from your supervisor are grounds for disciplinary action. xix. which could lead to dismissal. xxii. xiv. Verbal harassment such as offensive or suggestive remarks. Late arrival and early departure without securing permission from your supervisor is subject to disciplinary action and could lead to dismissal. No slippers. xvi. Indecent and abusive behavior at RPG Cellucom will result in instant dismissal. lending or extortion of money is strictly prohibited. Sexual Harassment The act listed below would amount to sexual harassment and form sufficient and adequate grounds for instant dismissal. stroking. pinching. lighters and matches etc. xxv. xx. xviii. Employees are requested not to use the company address & email for personal usage. making sounds and comments. xv. which cover the feet fully. xvii. patting. sandals or other is allowed. which could lead to dismissal. ogling with suggestive overtones and sign language which denote sexual activity. Altering uniforms or staff identity card in anyway whatsoever will be subject to disciplinary action.xiii. xxiii. whistling. and is subject to instant dismissal. Staff provided with company’s cap and any other special promotional attire will wear it during working hours for the prescribed period. Leaving your workplace without informing your supervisor is subject to disciplinary action. kissing and fondling. The carrying of cigarettes.

Fighting both verbal and physical with anyone on the company premises is subject to disciplinary action and could lead to dismissal. xxxiii. polite and level headed with customer. xxxii. xxxvii. xxxviii. xli. xxix. . records or property forms adequate grounds for instant dismissal. xl. xxxi. xxxv. xxviii. Staff will follow only the staff duty roaster unless given direct instructions by their managers. Destroying or altering any company document. threatening. Sleeping while on duty is subject to disciplinary action and could lead to dismissal. Drunkenness. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . creating disorder or indecent behavior. xxxvi. Submitting false. Please do not loose your identity card otherwise you will be charged Rs. Unauthorized distribution or exhibition of any sort of publicity or store material on the premises of the company will be subject to disciplinary action. xxx. Spoiling or damaging the company’s property including any equipment in the office or shop will be subject to disciplinary action and could lead to dismissal. Attempting to obtain leave or being absent under false excuses is subject to disciplinary action and could lead to dismissal. Be cool. Employees are strictly requested to follow the entry and exit procedure into the store area. or are found in possession of them or are involved in any sort of a transaction involving them are liable for instant dismissal and criminal action. xxxiv. xxxix. Stealing of goods is a criminal offence and will be liable to be prosecuted aside form being grounds for instant dismissal. intoxication on the company premises. improper or excess claims to the company is subject to disciplinary action and could lead to dismissal. Gambling is not allowed on the company premises and is subject to disciplinary action and could lead to dismissal. xlii.for the replacement. Employees who use illegal drugs. Reading of any material not connected to your official work while on duty is strictly prohibited. intimidating other employees or assaulting other is prohibited and subject to disciplinary action and could lead to dismissal.500/.xxvi. colleague and supervisor.2007 14 xxvii. xliii. Chit chatting to a colleague who is on duty will be subject to disciplinary action. Employees are not permitted to eat or chew during working hours.

etc. laziness. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . In case staff doesn’t have bank accounts they have to open them. prior permission has to be obtained from the business head. including the personal desks and surrounding area. without taking prior permission of the business head. No staff of the company is permitted to speak to the press. media. No confidential document can be taken out of the company’s premises. No special discount will be given to any staff. No employee is permitted to hold meetings. Failure to meet the above guidelines will result in immediate dismissal. lv. lii. xlix. xlvi. All such purchases will be made after getting the shopping pass from the customer service counter. In case they do not abide by this any conveyance allowances will not be paid to them and the company will not accept any liability in case of accide Staff salaries will only be paid through our bankers. xlvii.xliv. xlv. Internet and intranet services provided by the company to be used only for official communication and strictly forbidden for personal usage. Staff purchases cannot be stored on the shop floor or warehouse. Any breach of this is liable for instant dismissal. interfering with others. li. No credit will be given to any staff. liv. l. All shopping will be done as per the rules laid down below:Staff shopping will be done only before or after the shift.2007 15 . lvi. malingering will be liable for the disciplinary action. In case anyone has to take out any document relating to the company’s business. liii. xlviii. Endangering the safety of others will lead to disciplinary action. A first aid kit must be maintained at the workplace. In no case would cash be paid or individual checks issued. All staff employed at RPG Cellucom who ride 2-wheeler must wear a helmet during riding. which are not authorized by the business head. They will direct them to another till. conferences. No sectarian or religious symbols are allowed to be displayed in the store. Cashier on duty are strictly prohibited from billing their family and friends. Employees are requested to maintain a clean working area. Repeated negligence or neglect of work.

2007 16 . Staff salaries will only be paid through our bankers. They will direct them to another till. lx. In no case would cash be paid or individual checks issued.lvii. No employee is permitted to hold meetings. In case a staff does not have bank accounts they have to open them. lxii. No sectarian or religious symbols are allowed to be displayed in the store. Failure to meet the above guidelines will result in immediate dismissal. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . Cashiers on duty are strictly prohibited from billing their family and friends. lix. lviii. lxi. which are not authorized by the business head. Internet and intranet services provided by the company to be used only for official communication and strictly forbidden for personal usage. A first aid kit must be maintained at every store.

Section: 2 Recruitment and Selection RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 .2007 17 .

Process Initiation: All recruitment will be initiated after receipt of manpower requisition form duly signed by department/functional head and by the president. vi. iv. v. To be known as an equal opportunity employer. vii. This is applicable for replacement as well as new appointments. To ensure re-deployment of excess potential in a situation of change rather than reduction in manpower by redundancy.2 Sources of Recruitment i.2. 2.1 Procedure: The recruitment & placement of people should be based on the analysis of the requirement of the jobs and on the use of suitable selection technique and procedures. ix. ii. viii. 2.2. job description & specification.2 Recruitment Policy 2. Employment Exchange Internal promotion External recruitment through newspaper advertisement Trade Journals and Data Base search Internal Transfers Internet Job Sites Employee Referral RPG/ RPGC Website Recruitment Consultants RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 .2007 18 .1 Objective To ensure right number of people with the requisite skills at the right time. The recruitment process begins after determining the number and types of personnel needed by the Organization based on projection of manpower needs.2. iii.

The recommender to get an acknowledgment and proposed action. The local employment exchange will have to be notified at least 15 days in advance of all vacancies.5% 8.Responsibility Corporate HR All recommendees should be logged in with Zonal HR.33% 6% : : : : : The pay-out to be made within one month of the person joins. Following will be the amounts: Position CE/President Vice President/General Manager Sr.000/Rs. 1960. 70.20% 12. The pay-out will be after the recommendee joins the group. The recommender gets a status periodic update. 2.” call for final interview”. 2.2. Manager Others Pay-out Rs. Following people will not be eligible for the scheme. Manager/manager Asst. E & F G & below 2.2007 .2. Section 5.000/Consultant Recruitment fees as % of annual salary.4 Referrals Referrals are candidates sourced by co-employees for an open position or those referred to us by Group Companies or Business Associates or external/Govt. Recommendees should clearly state “how they know the candidate”.2.66% . the decision will need to be taken purely on merit. In such cases we will certainly offer an opportunity for the candidates to interview with us for an open position.g.2. 15. clause 1. However. 7500/Rs. 35. Member of HR team. e. 2. [Employment exchanges (Compulsory Notification of Vacancies) Rules.000/Rs.000/Rs. 16. People responsible for ‘hiring decisions’.2.6 Statutory Requirement for vacancy listing Vacancies in all categories of sanctioned posts in the company need to be notified to the appropriate employment exchange in the manner and form prescribed under the Compulsory Notification of Vacancies Rules 1960.3 Recruitment Consultant Fees Grade B+ B&C D.5 Employee Referral Scheme All vacancies in the group to be advertised internally. beyond this. officials with whom we interact. 19 RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 .

the situation will be handled on case to case basis.2.9 Employment of relatives Relations are defined as spouse. 2. The application form requires every category of employees to disclose related status at the time of application. 2. children.3 Interview and Selection Guidelines A decision to select a candidate can be taken only after at least two managers representing two levels of management have interviewed the candidate and found him/her suitable. The form to be used is given as annexure. Re-employment of ex-employees must be done only after receiving recommendation by Zonal-HR head. Relatives cannot work in the same department/function or work in jobs where one can influence/supervise the work & appraisal/rewards of the other. approval must be taken from the president/CE for seeking out the employee concerned. and sisters.8 Recruitment of Ex-employment Before initiating the process. parents.2. Else.7 Ex-employee seeking employment Employee who had earlier worked with us can apply for any vacancies that may arise from time to time. This rule as mentioned above may not be applicable to persons who were in employment with us but to whom the HR offers employment based on the current need.2. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . brothers. All new recruits should be cleared by Head – HR. and clearance from the Corporate-HR The person interviewing. All such appointment may be negotiated /approved by the HR-Head. necessarily needs to be filled up the interview assessment form which is different in case of ex-employee seeking employment. No change in this should occur on account of transfer of such “related” employees. Levels/ Positions B+ and above B and C D-E G and below Interview Panel CE and Head-HR Functional Head Zonal HR Manager and Functional Head Zonal HR Manager Interview Panel President CE and Head-HR CE and Head HR Functional Head Signing authority CE Head-HR Head-HR Zonal HR Manager Assessment Tool Personal Interview and Psychometric test Personal Interview and Psychometric test Personal Interview and Psychometric test Personal Interview and PI Interview Assessment Record It is important that the interview assessment forms are completed and signed off by all those who interview.. (Annexure-2) If the employee joins within one year of leaving. he is to be employed on the same level.2. 2.2007 20 .

Reference Check Prior to an employee being issued a letter of appointment or even being made a verbal offer. a letter of regret must be sent immediately but not later than 7 days of interview. All other employee above grade ‘F’ must undertake the following tests at the time of joining at a company approved diagnostic center in every region. Pathological Tests Haemogram Lipid Profile Blood Sugar Fasting Blood Sugar PP Urea Creatinine Uric Acid Liver Function Test Calcium Urine Routine Stool Routine RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . All employee upto grade ‘F’ need to complete a medical questionnaire which serves as an authentic self declaration of fitness and the employee will be held accountable for such declaration. Consultation with Physical Examination 2. Investigations X-Ray Chest PA ECG Ultrasound Screening of Whole Abdomen TMT Pulmonary Function Test . While these need to be discreet they nevertheless have to be authentic and reliable.PFT 5. Pre Employment Medical Our policy on medical fitness places the responsibility on the candidates (upto grade ‘G’) to declare fitness for the employment. 1. The medical check up will be done at company cost. Decision should be based on minimum of two such reference sources. Eye Check up 3.2007 21 . Gynecologist Consultation for Females 4. any delay needs to be recorded.Regret letters All candidates applying to us or interviewing with us need to be kept informed about the status of their application & where a decision has been made to turn down. it would be necessary to check back on the reference either provided by the candidate or established by your own sources.

The entry level salary must be in the line with the minimum wages policy of a particular state. date by which the candidate should report for duty as well as the reporting place of work. Interview and Travel Expenses Levels/ Positions B+ and above B and C D-E G and below Travel Entitlement “Y” Class Air fare(Check Fare) “Y” Class Air fare (Check Fare) or LCC II AC III AC Approving authority Head-HR Head-HR Zonal HR Manager Zonal Manager Candidates called from outstation locations need to be reimbursed travel expenses.2 Acceptance Letters and Joining Reports The offer of appointment in duplicate will be sent to each candidate. It is mandatory that the entry level salary must not be less than the minimum wages prescribed. which is appropriate to his peer group. Any deviations need to be approved by HEAD-HR. The candidate has to specify the date on which he will report on duty. Employee with prior experience will have to be hired at a salary. Each offer of appointment besides showing terms and conditions of service shall also specify the grade.4. The candidate should submit the joining report on the actual date of reporting for duty to the Human Resources through the concerned divisional head.2007 22 .4 Appointment 2.3 above.1 Appointment Letters Appointment letters would be issued only out of Human Resources. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . The reimbursement would be based on the level they could be hired in as per travel policy.4. 2. The salary fitment form is to be made with the following inputs: • Previous service breakup of the incumbent • New salary offered • The peer salary comparison for fitment The person doing the salary negotiation & fitment must sign the same. The duplicate copy of the offer of appointment should be signed by the selected candidate & be kept along with his service file. and would be signed as per clause 3. 2. and experience if any. The Human Resources will verify all the original records such as proof of age.Salary Determination Employees who are taken at entry levels will have to be placed at the prevailing entry level salaries. For this purpose a proper peer group comparison need to be made & recorded in the salary fitment form and should be made available with the zonal HR Head of the region. before directing the new employee to the department concerned. This information must be confidential. qualification.

2. In case of employee leaving the service within 1 year of his/her joining the same shall be recovered.4.Business Heads/HR. Qualified Housewives Board of Apprentice training – Vocational Training. vi. The process should be initiated by the Zonal HR Head after consultation and approval from the Head-HR. The job would be to help in the stacking process.5 Part-Time Recruitment Scheme In our business Part-Time employment is necessary. Depending on the number of colleges this screening will take one week to 10 days. The candidate must submit three quotations and the HR department will approve the last one quoted. They will be paid 50% of the minimum wages prescribed by law at any region. ii. iv. 2. Ability Foundation Voluntary organization NGO These part time employees can be on rolls of RPG Cellucom or outsourced.4 Payment for Notice Pay When it is imperative that shortlisted candidate for senior positions are to join us immediately then we have to pay the notice period to his/her organization. Corporate Requirement Head will invite all colleges to the respective regional offices for the first level screening. All deviations need prior approval from the Head-HR. display merchandising and customer service.Zonal/Regional Managers – both HR and line. vii. First level interview panel. Payable limits for this pay is between one and two months salary. 2.4. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . In each store there are specific requirement of this resource as against the permanent staff. The first level screening will consist of a group discussion and interview.5 MTs Recruitment Process i. GD panel. iii. The sourcing will be done from the following avenues: Students from colleges and B schools.2007 23 . 2. These would cover transportation cost of personal effects and personal travel expenses to report to the new place of work. v.3 Joining Expenses Candidate at grade ‘E’ and above required to relocate city to take up employment with us are eligible to be reimbursed reasonable expenses relating to relocation. Respective functional heads will provide HR the requirement of MT’s by June every year.4. Final interview will be by the CE/Head-HR. The person selected under the scheme do a 4-hour of work every day either in the morning or in the evening as per the requirement of the store.

2. Completion of joining formalities will entail the submission of the following: The duplicate copy of the offer latter duly signed by the employee as a token of his/her acceptance Copies of testimonials Relieving letter from the last served company Experience certificate from the previous organization worked.8 Laptop for F (Need based ) and above.david@rpgcellucom.g John David as john. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . office. if any Joining form Employment form Medical Questionnaire with blood group Nomination form for provident fund in duplicate Medi-claim form Four recent passport size photographs PAN application form (If no PAN no is available) ESI Nomination (if applicable) Gratuity Nomination Provisional Form-16 from previous employer 2.7 Logistics/ Facilitation Following shall be provided on the day of joining. Payroll will not authorized payment of salary in the event of Zonal HR Head does not sign off the joining report.2007 24 .com) Payroll Process for New Employee The employee details will be entered into payroll only on receipts of the joining forms duly approved by the Zonal HR Head.6 Joining Formalities To help update records and database and provides necessary inputs for payroll. as per policy. and Cluster In-charge Desk-top for G and below for non-operation. • • • • • • • • 2. SIM card – As per corporate plan Visiting cards – Within 3 days of joining Office stationary E-mail account (First name and Last name/Surname e. staff Uniform (For store staff – On the final day of training) Mobile handset – Reimbursement on production of bills. it is important that employees complete the joining formalities on the day of joining the organization and submit the same to the Regional Human Resources.

At Store Level The store manager must induct the new employee at the store. This process will ensure that there is clarity on all issues relating to employment. The Zonal manager must also ensure that any one departmental person accompanies the new employees for lunch on the 1st day as a part of the induction program. organizational cultures & values. This induction schedule will be prepared by the HR department and will be circulated to the people concerned. for this period HR can issue temporary ID card at the time of joining. No other color is permitted. Identity card and Uniform All employees would be provided with ID card once their EID is generated by payroll.2007 25 . in the respective personal files and in HRIS Confirmation All employees in grade ‘G’ & below are provisionally employed and are on the probation till six months service in that post. The induction schedule must be prepared with details of all senior managers in the region/place of work and handed over to the employee on the joining day. Trouser needs to be only denim. All employees at stores are also provided with three sets of uniforms (Shirts) every year. 38”/40”/42”/44”. A communication is sent to all the employees stating the joining of new employees of all for grade ‘E’ & above and regionally for “G” and below. The induction program is scheduled between two days to seven days based on the employee’s profile. The company may extend the period of probation of such employees up to a further period of six months if they are not satisfied with his work and/or conduct during the period of probation. The color of shirt is Yellow for employees in Grade ‘H’ and below with four different sizes. Employee is briefed up about his/her result areas.2. responsibilities & performance expected of him/her. Additional requirement over and above this will be provided to employee on actual payment. peers. Record of issuance of identity card and uniform needs to be maintained. Induction schedule is drawn before the employee joins. Company HR policy familiarization for all new employees may be done once a month or once a fortnight by the HR department as appropriate. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . After the joining formalities are completed the Zonal HR Head must ensure that all newly inducted employees are taken through an overview of the organization. superiors.9 Induction At Organizational level An induction program to all new employees to familiarize them with the responsibilities.

Where the period of probation I extended. All confirmation letters must be issued on the day of confirmation due. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . Specific forms have been developed for the purpose of confirmatory appraisal (annexure).2007 26 . the employee shall be deemed to have satisfactorily completed his/her probation on the normal date. the concerned employee shall be informed in writing at least one week before the normal date of completion of the probation and. in the absence of any such intimation.

Section: 3 Employment Conditions & Benefits RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 .2007 27 .

For Example. his/her entitlement will be proportionate to what he/she has secured during the eight months of his/her service from August1. However. 2000 through March 31. For all practical purposes.30 am 06. Leave Rules Types of Leave Privilege Leave Casual Leave Sick Leave Accumulation Limit Privilege Leave Sick Leave Privilege Leave Employees are entitled to their past privilege after completion of 12 month of service with the company.2000. 2001 and brought RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . Attendance details at all Stores should be duly signed by the Sr. Leave details have to be updated in the leave card available with the HR department. 2001. he/she will be entailed to avail of his/her first privilege leave after completion of 12 months i.00 pm 09. the reason for absenting and alongside mentioning whether such leave is authorized or unauthorized. This would be an official communication and would be used for administrative purpose. if an employee joins the company on August 1. Attendance All employees shall be at the place of work at the time fixed and notified to them. Employees habitually attending late will be dealt with as for misconduct. those who join in the middle of the financial year will be given pro-rata credit for the eligible period.00 pm Regional operations to decide and convey Corporate Office Regional Offices Stores Attendance Procedure The HR department is responsible for processing the payroll and other benefits.30 am 06. payroll and performance incentives. (annexure) The report should mention the name of the person absenting on the given date. Entitlement will however be after 12 months.e.: on August1. the patrol period is from 20th to 19th of the succeeding month.2007 28 Nos. While processing payroll is done by HR the commercial department is responsible for disbursement. Since leave records are maintained on the financial year basis. Store Officer. of days (Per year) 30 7 6 90 30 .3. The respective floor managers are to report attendance on the basis of the enclosed format.1 Attendance and Leave Work Timings-CO/RO/Stores: Days Monday-Friday Monday-Friday All 7 days Opening Time Closing Time 09.

a part of current’s entitlement. Full entitlement of an employee’s leave will fall due to his/her credit at the end of each of the subsequent financial years. The privilege leave an employee receives each is that which has been accrued and fell due for the preceding year and is not. Casual leave should not prefixed or suffixed by Sick leave or Privilege leave. Leave will include intervening holidays. Sick Leave All employees will be entitled to sick leave per financial year as per the rules applicable for their respective regions. The above is to facilitate the company to organize the privilege leave on a financial year basis rather than on the date of anniversary of the employee’s service with the company. 3.forward as of April. Casual Leave The Department Head or any other authorized person will grant casual leave. Leave may be carry forward subject to the accumulation limit laid down.2 Rules for Availing Leaves Privilege Leave Privilege leave cannot be taken in more than three installments in a year. Application for the privilege leave should be submitted to the respective departmental heads at least 15 days prior to the date of departure. As a policy and practice. Casual leave shall not be granted for more than three days at a time. Any deviation needs the approval of the CE or any other authorized person. All departments/stores are encouraged to do an annual leave scheduling exercise where everyone commits to the time that he/she would like to go on leave and overlaps are negotiated or planned in advance.2007 29 . Casual leave will be calculated from and up to 1st April on pro-rata basis. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . 2001. every employee is permitted and encouraged to avail at least 2 weeks of privilege leave every year. If an employee resigns from the service of the company any time during a calendar year. Privilege leave cannot be taken in continuation of casual leave. in any way. he/she will be entitled to those days of privilege leave which fall due to him/her as on the 1st of April of the running financial year and also the proportionate day of privilege leave of the running year till the time of his/her resignation.

2007 30 .4 National and Festival Holidays RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . This is. Pay / Basic + Management Allowance Basic + Spl. All employees need to submit leave cards to the HR Department duly filled and approved by the Head of the department to enable the HR department to maintain proper record. Maternity leave may be granted four weeks before the expected date of confinement of the employee. salary will include Basic salary. the number of days per month will be taken as 30 days.Sick leave (which should not be less than 3 days) cannot be granted unless a valid Medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner supports the same. 3. depending on the merit of the individual case. subject to the recommendations made by a qualified gynecologist. however. will be reimbursable. Particulars Leave Encashment Notice Period(Recovery/Payment) Salary Component for Calculation Basic +Spl. and Individual pay last drawn by the employee and for calculation purpose.3 Encashment of Leave Privilege leave (only) can be cashed at the time of cessation of service or at the time of retirement. Special allowance. Pay / Basic + Management Allowance General Leave will be computed on a financial year basis and will be carried forward on April. Maternity Leave Maternity leave to the extent of twelve weeks will be granted to female employees. 3. Leave card. For the purpose of encashment. Pay + Indl. Pay + Indl. 1st every year.Annexure. or may be treated as on loss of pay at the sole discretion of the management. Privilege leave to the credit of the employee concerned at the time of cessation of service up to and including the date of cessation subject to the maximum permissible limit of accumulation as per leave policy. Sick leave can be accumulated subject to a maximum of 180 days only at any point of time. Any leave beyond twelve weeks will be adjusted against either privilege leave or sick leave. subject to proper notice period by the employees concerned as provided under the term of his employment otherwise proportionate leave will be adjusted against such notice period.

his/her manager needs to stagger the same much that the employee avails of a weekly holiday three days before or after the scheduled day. It is also necessary for the floor manager of the store to specify the names of employees who have worked on a National/Festival holidays to HR department to enable them to process the same for payment. Authorization and Process The decision to work on National and Festival holidays needs the authorization of the floor manager.5 Working on National and Festival Holidays Given the nature of our retail where maximum sales takes place during our holidays. These payments will be computed on their current (Basic Salary).Our organization declares 13 national and festival holidays which are applicable to all employees. This policy is meant to defray expenses incurred by employees by way of conveyance and refreshments under such circumstances. Applicability: This will be applicable only to employees in Grade ‘G’. 3. Payout: Employee who works for more than four hours would be paid twice the (Basic salary). Authorization: The Cluster in charge is required to authorize an employee to work beyond normal working hours.7 Late Working Given the nature of our business. 3.6 Weekly Holidays It is mandatory to give a full day’s holiday to employees who have worked for a period of six days continuously. National and Festival holiday payments have to be processed only through payroll. it is likely that employees may be required to work beyond working hours. ‘H’& ‘I’. The National and festival holidays vary from state to state and are declared by the Businesses at the state level and are applicable for a full calendar year. Managers/Supervisors are prohibited from requesting employees to work on their weekly holidays. Employees working on the National/Festival holidays will be paid twice the (basic salary) wages. it is imperative that our stores and distribution centers work on National and Festival holidays to meet customer requirements. As per statutory requirements. On account of work exigencies if it is necessary for an employee to work on a weekly holiday. This is not applicable during new store openings and stocktaking. Under no circumstances should payment be made in lieu of a weekly holiday since law prohibits it. Employees are likely to be called on work on all of these National and Festival holidays. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 .2007 31 . These wages will be computed on their (basic salary). 3.

v. iv. Group HRD will ascertain availability and willingness of person to be transferred through President and assist in arranging necessary meetings. ii. Transfers between Zones i.2007 32 . Group HRD will be informed of any inter-company transfer of persons above the level of General Manager. v. the president of the concerned companies will wherever necessary. For Grades ‘F’ & above the transfer will be initiated after the respective business head gives their approval for the same.8 Transfer Policy Inter-Group/inter-Company Transfers Procedures for inter-company transfers: i.This will also not be applicable where the company makes the transport arrangements. vi. iii. They may seek assistance of Group HRD to bring transfers about. ii. Transfers can be initiated directly by respective presidents through communication with each other. The Zonal HR Head will authorize the same after obtaining the approval from the Head-HR/ CE. keep the respective Sector Heads informed/seek concurrence. The Senior VP-HR will issue the transfer letter. iv. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . 3. Receiving President would negotiate terms of service directly with the candidate. All emoluments relating to the transfer will be paid to the employee irrespective of whether the transfer was made on employee request or otherwise. in order to ensure correct records at group headquarters. It is assumed that with regard to all inter-company transfers. The Zonal HR Head must approve all transfer related payments. This will be paid for both inter regional transfers within a zone and for transfers between zones. For grade ‘E’ & below the zonal HR Head may initiate the transfer process after obtaining approval from the respective business heads. All transfers would take place after respective company Presidents have given their consent. Transfer within a Zone i. Group HRD will be available for any assistance in the matter. iii. The above payment is all inclusive and no other payment will be made towards food and transport and will be paid by the Regional Account Office. Procedure: The Cluster in charge is to give the names of the employee eligible duly approved by Operations Head to the HR Department. The transfer letter must be issued to the employee with a copy in the personal file. The transfer letter must be issued to the employee with a copy in the personal file. The releasing HR will issue the transfer letter with changes as applicable. ii. vi.

All accommodation expenses will be paid by the company but will not include expenses on food and laundry. Employee has already claimed relocation allowance in the last twelve months. At actual-F & below—1 truckload. HR will ensure that the least of three quotations will be chosen to provide the service. and transportation cost of personal effects to report to the new place of work.2007 33 . who are transferred from one location to the other location. two month basic salary as relocation allowance. The cost of such change will be borne by the company. On his transfer being effected to the new place the employee may change over to the local connection provided in the city of his transfer. The transfer must be authorized by the CE. Reasonable lodging and boarding expenses are born by the company for a stipulated period as follows: For Grade ‘G’ and ‘H’ employees: 3rd AC train fare for self and (also for family in Grade ‘G’) boarding and lodging arrangement for seven days in the new location. Transportation Limit: At actual-E & above—2 Truckloads. will transport all household goods.Employees. This may be a room in company guest house or a house leased by the company for such purpose. children or dependent parents. are eligible for a relocation allowance. The employee’s monthly salary will be credited to the base location bank account. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . the list of which will made available with the HR Department. Some employees may have been provided with mobile phone connection by the company. Transfer is solely on the account of employee’s interest. Any deviations need to be approved by the Head-HR. A company approved transporter. However employee may not be eligible relocation allowance if The employee is not a confirmed employee. This transfer will be of a short duration of 3-6 months not exceeding 6 months from the date of transfer being affected. 3. The guidelines and coverage will be extended only to the employees and will not include spouse. Accommodation for the transferred employee will be provided by the company.9 Short Term Relocation Policy Short term transfer policy underlines the policy guidelines with regard to the transfer of an employee employed in the company to any other location in India. boarding & lodging arrangement for 15 days. For Grade ‘F’ & above employee: Train/flight fare as applicable.

Subject to availability stay is permitted for not more than 5 days at a time. Chennai. All food expenses will be treated as extra at actual. 3.000 20. upto maximum limit) Grade I H G F E&D C & above 3.2007 34 .000/- All employees in grade ‘F’ & above can use the company guest house for the purpose of holiday with their family located at Mumbai.11 Guest House Policy Amount (Rs.10 Transfer Grant (In Case Permanent Transfer. The transfer reimbursement will not form the part of Basic pay for any purpose and will be withdrawn/reviewed on transfer out of the new location.The transferred employee will enjoy all benefits on continuity of service as is currently applicable to him/her. and Hyderabad.000 15. This will be paid through voucher and will not be taxable. The employee may avail of this facility on prior booking. at least 15 days in advance.) 10. Employee staying in company guest house must settle their bills as per the prevailing tariff and the bills submitted to the base location for the reimbursement. for general expenses. Local travel conveyance for official purpose will be paid as the norm. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 .

Section: 4 Compensation RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 .2007 35 .

Chief manager Senior Manager Manager Manager Asst. Superannuation Others Break Shift Allowance. Conveyance. Salaries will be kept competitive vis-à-vis similar organization in the service industry. Going forward increase will be expressed in “%” terms and not in finite amounts. Mediclaim Cover. Holiday Wage. Valued Benefits Furniture and Appliances. Medical. National and Festival Holidays.2 Compensation Structure The levels of management with grades and designation are given below: Title is the suffix and prefix is the function. Manager Cluster In charge Senior Sales Advisor Sales Advisor Components of Compensation Package Non . Manager Officer/ Senior Officer Sr.Operational CE Heads of Functions Regional manager. given that the market salaries vary for each category. Executive Executive Salary Basic Allowances Special Allowance. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 .3 Approved Designation Operational CE Heads of Functions Zonal Head. The entry level basic would be different for each category.4. The salary ranges are arrived at reflecting the salary levels of a given job and are therefore subject to changes in tune with the market.1 Objective The company’s compensation and benefits will be maintained at such level. Grade A B+ B C D E F G H I 4. Individual Pay. Weekly offs Basic Salary Ranges The salary ranges have a minimum and maximum. The level “H” is where al the frontline employees are required for retail business. Gratuity. Group Accident Cover. Telephone Limit. Company Car or equivalent cash component Retirals Provident Fund. with amid-point. Mobile Reimbursement.2007 36 . Annual Benefits LTA. 4. as to attract and retain the most suitable and competent professionals. HRA/Housing. Regional Head Senior Manager Manager Manager Asst.

Basic salary may range between 10% . accommodation will be as per the house rent allowance/lease limit specified. Where it is borne by the employee. the limit will be based on 60% of the employee’s basic salary. renewable by another period of 11 months without escalation. At level ‘C’ & above. reimbursement will be allowed on the presentation of actual maintenance receipt given by the society. Employees who have their own residential accommodation can lease it back to the company on a specific lease. then it will paid along with the monthly rental payments. • Entitlement Company leased accommodation is available only at level ‘E’ & above. House Lease Policy Employees availing of company leased accommodation based on their entitlement will be governed by the following policies and procedures. the company will not pay any advance rent/deposit. At level ‘E’ & ‘D’. HRA HRA is paid at 50% of basic pay. Lease Term Current practice of lease for residential accommodation is for a period of 11 months.2007 37 • • • • . it would be normally be between 3 months to 10 months depending on the city. subject to the same limits. It will by paid by the company if it is within the rent/lease limit approved. for such leases. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . Advance Rental While the advance rental varies from city to city. Escalation should be after the period of the 22 month period. Special Allowances and Individual Pay Some taxable allowances are merged and are paid as a single taxable allowance called special allowance and individual pay. If society charges are payable to the owner. which are not fixed as such. • Nature of Accommodation All rental accommodation needs to be taken in a “ready to occupy” condition. Any deviation to lease limit need to be specifically approved by the respective CE. Brokerage Cannot exceed 1 month’s rent and will be paid directly by the company to the broker upon possession. However. Society Charges Society charges will generally have to be borne by the employee unless otherwise agreed upon.35% of total CTC.

ii. Any deviation and exemption to the rule would require approval from the corporate office –HR. Procedure Following is the procedure. The administration department will coordinate with accounts for payments of the lease advance and arrange for payment of the lease advance and arrange for the same to be handed over to the landlord and also incorporate standing instructions for monthly rent payments. After the HR approval. rent and other details. The same is to be arranged by the employee through the landlord. For Grades ‘D’ & above the authorization will be completed at the corporate office. While brokerage charges are payable for such arrangements.2007 38 . vi. the house advance if any will be paid as a personal advance against the employee’s name and the employee will be responsible for returning the same. iii. the landlord. the lease period. Where the employee has to move from one location to another on account of the landlord terminating the lease. house rent would be paid in arrears i.e. v. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . In such cases. legal & Commercial. iv. vii. the company will not undertake any repair and maintenance. the company will bear the reasonable expenses for the same as approved by the Head-HR. then the same will be paid through payroll. All these advances and leases will be centrally managed for administrative convenience and controls. the form will be handed over to the legal department who will prepare the lease deed document and hand it over to the administration department. The HR department will go through the details and conform that it is as per the employee entitlement and highlight areas which are in deviation. Lease authorization for Grades ‘E’ & below will be done at the respective zones. Rent Payment As a policy. The employee need to complete the enclosed form providing complete details of the house. within the first 7 days of every succeeding month and not in advance. Information on the same will be supplied to corporate commercial.• House Rent When the landlord is not willing to enter into a lease or the employee prefers to avail the house rent in lieu of lease. which need to be adopted when the employee wants to avail a house lease or renew a house lease. Moving Expenses • • i. painting or white washing.

claimable once in a block of two years for taxexemptions. Please NOTE that LTA can be claimed only after the employee completes one year in service Employees are allowed to avail of LTA when they become eligible for their privilege leave. Maximum amount of LTA is Rs. he will become eligible for LTA on 1/10/2001 for the first time. 10. For example. 10. for the level ‘B’ & below is paid through payroll and is fully taxable. which is after 1 year of working. Employees are allowed to avail LTA when they become eligible for their Priviledge Leave. 40000.p. Medical Reimbursement Grade For all Grades (‘G’ & above) Medical Reimbursement Limit Rs. This will be calculated on a pro-rata basis for the period worked. if an employee has joined on 1/10/2000 and his LTA eligibility is Rs.00.000 annually RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . 7000/. 15.being pro-rata LTA for 2000-2001. if employee has not claimed any LTA and resigns.per month All drivers will be eligible for Diwali/ Puja bonus. which is after one year of working. on the other hand. Leave Travel Allowance(LTA) The LTA limit is equal to one month’s basic coupled with IT rule on LTA for the year 2001-2002 and Rs. He would be paid Rs.000/. However. LTA is a part of employee's compensation and every month he has worked he should receive 1/12th of the annual amount. he would be paid on a pro-rata basis.Conveyance Conveyance.per month Rs 6000/. an employee would be credited pro-rata LTA if he has worked half a year. In case if employee has claimed LTA and resigns then we will recover LTA from him/her on a pro-rata basis. Driver Wages Level Grade A Grade B+ Entitlement Rs.000/.2007 39 . Any deviations need to be approved by Head-HR. 5000/.a.

with maternity benefits and PEC Procedure • If at any point of time you are going to be hospitalized to undergo any treatment/surgery (or) where you had to undergo any treatment/surgery all of a sudden. I Sum Insured 10 lac 6 lac 5 lac 4 lac 3 lac 3 lac 2 lac 1 lac 1 lac Coverage Employee. documents.4 Group Personal Accident Insurance Grade A B+.2007 40 .Mediclaim Cover (Hospitalization Benefits) Grade A B+ B C D E F G H. This form would then have to be filled in by you along with hospital receipts/bills/cash memos. • 4. B. test reports in original as listed in the claim form and should be submitted to the insurance company at the earliest. discharge summary. C D E F G H I Insurance Cover (Fatal) 24 lac 18 lac 12 lac 6 lac 3 lac 3 lac 3 lac 3 lac RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . you should contact your regional human resource and provide details regarding the : .Address of the Hospital/nursing Home and Telephone Numbers • These details would then be forwarded to the insurance company and a claim form would be obtained. two children. spouse.Nature of illness .

5 Annual Health Check Up Diabetes Evaluation .Examination by consultant ophthalmologist General Investigation . Cholesterol .4.Complete Blood Count .Blood group .A/G ratio .Gamma GT .S.Post Prandial Blood Sugar Cardiac Risk Evaluation .Stool Routine .Alkaline Phosphate Kidney profile .Cholesterol: HDL ratio Liver Profile . Albumin .S.S. Bilirubin .ECG . Triglycerides .SGPT . Creatininel .Hbs Ag .Chest X-ray .Urine Routine .2007 41 .Stress Test/Tread mill test Lipid profile .S.LDL Cholesterol .S.Total Protein . Electrolyte .HDL Cholesterol .ESR .SGOT .S.Fasting Blood Sugar . Uric acid Consultation .USG abdomen with pelvis RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 .S.BUN .Consultation with physician .

000/-. Prior approval from CE must Cell Phone Reimbursement (Handsets) RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . death. 4. I 4.2007 42 .8 Emergency Assistance Fund To help employees to meet their emergencies on the ground s like medical. This needs the approval of CE/ Rs. a person seeking salary advance in the month of April may have to recover in 12 months and person seeking advance in the month of March may have to recover in one month only. a salary advance program has been devised.75% and an employee is 1.7500/. 1950 has been amended and as proposed.20. the salary limit has been raised for purpose of coverage from Rs. This is meant to cover situation like marriage. 4.9 Landline and Mobile Telephone Facility & Limits Telephones are provided on the basis of need/level and limits have been specified as under to cover rentals and local calls. and pursuing higher education. The company will contribute fro Rs. 4. Salary advance will be restricted to three months of the employee’s net take home pay (Cash compensation) and the recovery will be made within the same financial year over a period of one month to twelve months.4.6 ESI Employees’ State Insurance (Central) Rules. The employee should have completed one year of service in the company.10.5000/. The rate of contribution from the employer is 4.75%. Grade A B+ B C D E F G H. and Rs. For example. the company has initiated a fund named as Emergency Assistance Fund. fire etc. meeting emergency medical assistance.000/.10 Landline + Mobile reimbursements At actuals At actuals At actuals 2400 (Incl 399 CUG Fixed Charges) 1900 (Incl 399 CUG Fixed Charges) 1200 (Incl 399 CUG Fixed Charges) 1000 (Incl 399 CUG Fixed Charges) 800 (Incl 399 CUG Fixed Charges) Need based.on the basis of emergency.7 Salary Advance To help employees to meet their emergency monetary needs.

6000/- Guidelines for Purchase of Handset Expenses in excess of the limits prescribed shall be recovered the employee unless supported by business justification from the business head. amend and /or alter the scope and contents of these guidelines as deemed fit from time to time.15. The company reserves the right to enforce guidelines on the handset models that may be procured. 4. after a minimum period of three years.000/Not exceeding Rs. Handset eligibility and cost limit Only managers in Grade ‘C’ & above are eligible for a company provided handset. Reimbursement of Monthly Cell Bills Employee will pay all monthly bills and reimbursements may be claimed. If the employee leaves the company within three years then (s)he will require buying the handset at a depreciated value at that point of time. on case to case basis. Grade A B+ B and C Eligibility Not exceeding Rs. This is a need-based facility and is not to be treated as grade based entitlement. The management reserves the rights to review.11 Laptops Employee who travel constantly on official work and who play a national role may be entitled to a laptop to ensure that their work does not get delayed and thus help improve efficiency level.10. The monthly excess/deficit will not be reimbursed/ recovered.000/Not exceeding Rs. No carry forwards. No deviations shall be approved.To elucidate mobile phones expenses limits and the category of employees provisionally eligible for a company provided Handset. Replacement of handset may be considered.2007 43 . Employees will be expected to buy back the old headset at depreciated value. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 .

600/.Standardisation of Laptop config across Organisation (Back end) Sl No Grade Laptop Make Amount (Approx) Data card/ Eligi bilit y Monthly reimbursement on Datacard Pen drive Remarks 1 CE Intel core 2 duo. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . Webcam. 512MB RAM and without CD ROM HP/Compaq/Toshib a/IBM (Co to decide) Rs. 667 FSB. 1.PM Need basis 4 CIs/other Executives (on functional basis) subject to approval from Respective domain Head Low cost like ACI Sahara Rs. 667 FSB. 1. The CAPEX form duly entered must be approved by the Head-HR. Wireless (Tech gadget of user choice) HP/Compaq/Toshib a/IBM (User choice) At Actuals Yes At Actuals Yes 2 B+/B Intel core 2 duo. DVD Writer.6GHz.D …etc Intel /Athlon. and sanctioned by Head-Finance in all cases.2007 44 . Webcam. 2GB RAM. Wireless HP/Compaq/Toshib a/IBM (Co to decide) Rs.Wireless Intel/Celeron. Such persons will also be entitled to an air card that will ensure email connectivity.40-45K Yes Rs.12 Local Conveyance Employees prepare local conveyance statement declaring the Pool basis Guidelines: The CAPEX form must be raised with the appropriate justification for the same by the respective departmental heads. 80 GB HDD. 1GB RAM.BT. 160 GB HDD. 1.8GHz. BT. 667 FSB.600/.8GHz. 1. DVD Writer.20-25K Yes Rs 600/. DVD ROM. 40GB. 2GB RAM.BT. Employees are responsible for the safety of the assets and the confidentiality of the information contained therein.6GHz. 4. The IT department will negotiate on all purchases.30-35K Yes Rs. The purchase of an air card must be approved by the Head-HR. 160GB HDD.PM Yes * Exception s allowed 3 C.

2007 45 . Mileage Allowance: Car . the company will provide specified items of hard furniture. personal computers. audio/video appliances.25. sofa sets. where he needs to attend to work connected with company’s business. business associates. etc. heaters. dish washers. and also meet and entertain customers. 4. washing machines.The same has to be passed by respective department manager & sent HR for approval. microwaves. cupboards. Scope This scheme will be applicable to Executives in Grade ‘D’ & above. grinders.000 1. • Household equipment/ appliances such as refrigerators. After sanction. clients. deep freezers.000 50. HR submits the statement to commercial for reimbursement.000 75.13 Hard Furnishing Objective In order to equip an Executive’s residence with a standard befitting his position and responsibilities in the company. food processors. side boards.000 1. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . Reimbursement of local conveyance to employee. Eligibility Employees in Grade ‘D’ & above will be eligible for this scheme as per the limits given. air conditioners.Rs. equipment appliances etc.00 per km (For Grade ‘F’ & below) However mileage allowance for car (4 wheeler) can be extended to grade F employees also depending upon the functional requirements and based on the recommendation from the functional head for approval from Head-HR. etc. The items that are eligible to be provided are: • All types of hard furniture such as cots/mattresses. lighting fixtures. chairs. tables. etc. 3. type writers. • Carpets/ rugs/ paintings/ artifacts.00. modems. water filters.00 per km (For Grade ‘E’ & above) 2-wheeler . wall units.000 Eligibility Conditions a) Executives will be provided with any of the specified items of their choice and requirement once in a block of five years subject to an overall maximum amount determined by the company. Hard Furnishing Entitlement Grade D C B B+ A and above Entitlement 25.Rs. cooking ranges. 7.

In the event an employee’s limit get enhanced on account of promotion. e) If an executive is already provided by the company any of the items described above.2007 46 . h) Any tax liability in providing items as per this scheme will be to the account of the executive. 4. the executive will be eligible from the date of such promotion. f) Items purchased and provided under the scheme shall remain the property till those are made available as per the clause above and the executive shall take responsibility to use the same with due diligence and care and to service and maintain in good order at his cost. for furniture / appliances equivalent to the different amount in the specific limit. the company at its discretion will make available the assets provided to the executive concerned. The purchase considerations need to be paid by cheque. his/her additional limit will need to be traced separately. The HR and Finance department will jointly administer this process automatically upon completion of five years. at a prorate depreciated value. This rule will be applied on all the assets acquired by the employee irrespective of when in the fiveyear period the same were purchased. the amount not availed of by the employee out of his/her entitlement will stand lapsed. Needless to say.b) Payment for the items provided will be made to the vendor directly by the company on the basis of bills endorsed by the executives/ or through reimbursements c) At the end of the five year from the date of purchase or earlier in case of separation from service of the executive. For such employees the salvage value will be calculated as follows: RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 .14 Buy-Back and Renewal Policy As per the policy. At the end of the five year block. This process will not be applicable to employees who resign from the company during the block. g) In case of promotion to a higher level job. employee will have to buy back assets acquired by them at 5% of the original purchase value or the written down value. d) A condition specific to availing the benefits under this scheme is that as and when the company makes the assets available at the depreciated value it is incumbent on the executive concerned to accept and pay for the assets at the depreciated value offered. running for an independent block of five years. the employee is eligible for a fresh limit and the assets used by him over the previous block need to be purchased by him at salvage value with no option to return them to the company. if any applicable to the higher grade. at the end of the five year period. whichever is higher. Employees can avail of afresh limit after the close of the earlier block. the assessed value for the same will be set off against the maximum eligible amount under this scheme.

The expenses of the gift will be borne by the company. ¼ of the basic salary to be given as a “professional magazine allowance” to foster reading habits among the employees and keep them abreast with business realities of today. The allowance will be restricted to only professional books/magazines. The reminder part of the allowance to be taxable. that of Rs. 4.2007 47 . The employees will be reimbursed for the reading material that they buy/subscribe to for that year. of months used from the date of Purchase 4. The gift entitlement is uniform across all grades and levels.16 Professional Magazine allowance: Each year.15 Marriage Gift Marriage gift:In case an employee of RPG Cellucom enters into matrimony.Purchase price - Purchase price / 60 x No. (s)he is entitled to a gift from the company. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 .5000/-.

Section: 5 Performance Management.2007 48 . Capability & Career Development RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 .


Performance Appraisal System

The objective of the Performance Appraisal System is to ensure that performance expectations are clarified at the beginning of the year and every employee receives objective feedback at periodic intervals about his/her performance on the job. While measurable performance objective are not set for front-line and supervisory employees, it is necessary to clarify this performance expectations with employees periodically. For managers at “F” & above levels the performance management process takes a two pronged approach. Measurable performance objectives are set with the balance score card system and the review process is also set in place. I. The Annual Review Process(Junior Management Level & below) Goal Setting Process: For employees at these levels, while there is no formal goal setting process, supervisors are required to clarify job expectations and standards at the beginning of the year and also do periodic reviews through out the year. Appraisal Process: The appraisal process is an open process and is meant to provide feedback and also an opportunity for making improvements. The process begins with the distribution of forms to the respective senior store officer. Primary Review a. As a first step, there should be a preliminary performance discussion where the supervisor reviews the employee’s performance during the performance period. This meeting should be well planed so that the employee has time to crystallize his/her thoughts. b. Taking into account the views expressed in the preliminary discussion,(where most of the talking should be done by the employee) the immediate supervisor is required to complete the appraisal form along with his comments and discuss the same with his supervisor before having the second and final appraisal review meeting with the employee concerned. c. It is in this meeting that feedback is really shared with the employees. d. Once the employee and the supervisor agree on the appraisal, they sign off on the form. If the employee has any disagreement the same need to be resolved or documented. Secondary Review The appraisal form duly completed and signed off, must be reviewed by the next of management to ensure that the appraisal process was well handled and documented. The next level of management needs to document its view and sign off. Performance Rating The supervisor needs to decide on the employee’s performance rating in consultation with the next level of management. However, it is advisable not to share the performance rating with the employee till such time the rating is ratified at the moderation meeting (a time the employee’s

rating must be moved downward or upward in the moderation meeting with other functions where it is felt that in a relative sense some employees have been over rated). It is best to communicate the final rating after normalization. Time Schedule The entire process gets over before March. The appraisal committee is to review these recommendations by the first week of April, and the employees are to receive their revised salaries with effect from April. Training The Human Resources Department normally plans a few small workshops each year to refresh people’s memory & skills on doing objective appraisals and handling the appraisal review meeting constructively. Rating An overall rating of performance is given on a 4-point scale, ‘A’ to ‘D’. II. The Performance Management System( For managerial Level & above) The Performance Management System (PMS) is an important tool to enable the organization to systematically plan and monitor its business operations. The system helps communicate to the employees the organization’s objectives and link them to each individual in the organization through an effective planning process. The PMS also strives to act as an ongoing mechanism for review and feedback. More specifically the PMS attempts achieve the following objectives: It clearly emphasizes the contribution that each employee must make in order that the Organization succeeds in achieving its objectives every year. By emphasizing on individual objectives, the system ensures ongoing improvement in all parts of the Organization. Through the process of joint objectives setting in the Organization, it clearly demonstrates the need and importance of team work at all levels in the Organization. By clearly establishing Key Result Areas (KRAs) for each employee, the system ensures clarity in roles and responsibilities for all employees and also makes the performance assessment fair and objective, The PMS also reinforces the link between business results and pay & helps recognize outstanding contributions made by individuals. 5.2 The Performance Management System at RPG Cellucom

The RPG Performance Management System contains the following elements: Performance Planning Process Performance Review Process Performance Assessment Process Development Planning Process Potential Assessment Process The responsibility of completing of the PMS rests on the supervisor and the employee. HR Dept. will play a facilitative and monitoring role.


Performance Planning Process

The objective of the Performance Planning process is to outline the performance dimensions of the employee for a given year. This process has two parts: Performance Objectives Performance Competencies. A) Performance Objective

The performance planning process is initiated by the CE of the Organization. Based on the organization’s performance, its future strategies, opportunities, threats and weaknesses, the organization set for itself a set of key performance objectives. These performance objectives are then deployed throughout the organization through individual objectives. In other words, the organizational objectives are the basis for setting individual objectives for each employee. The performance objectives are in the form of a Balance Score Card. Balance Score Card (BSC) The concept of balance Score Card has been framed and put into implementation on our retail business. The four elements of balanced assessment are: i. Finance - ROCE, Market Cap, Cash Flow etc. ii. Customer - Market Share, Customer Satisfaction, Strength of the Brand etc. iii. Process - Productivity, Supply Chain Efficiency, Manufacturing Efficiency. iv. Innovation/ - Time to market of new product, Impact of TQM. HRs All employees in the executive category in Operations, Merchandising, Warehouse, Marketing, Commercial, and HR have been covered. Specific percentage/marks are fixed to be achieved for the year under the four elements mentioned above as relevant to each function. Achievement in terms of performance will not be related based on the yardstick indicated above. Structure of the Scheme i. ii. iii. iv. v. Identify 2 to 3 indicators for each of the four elements. Fix a target for each indicator wherein a performance level is indicated for qualifying the total score. Assign weight ages to reflect the relative importance of different indicators. Assign a floor level of performance for each level of indicators (zero score). Sign off the final and complete score card by the employee and immediate supervisor.

The above concept is integrated with the performance system. In the PMS the emphasis would be given to dovetail the Business Score Card weight age scores and competencies required for achieving the same.



5.2. and Supervisor’s assessment of the employee. The performance objective setting process is not complete till the same is sign off by the supervisor and the employee. reviewing and providing feedback to the employees so that they are fully prepared to meet and fulfill the performance objectives and demonstrate the performance competencies. i. Team work and Cooperation. These six competencies will form the basis on which the employee will be evaluated in the course of the year. the supervisors and the employees are encouraged to review the objectives and competencies as frequently as possible. ii. The performance assessment uses two sources of information: i. The mid-year review is an opportunity for the supervisor and the employee to agree on any mid course correction. The performance of the employee on the BSC and six performance competencies are rated using a four point scale.2.3 Performance Assessment Process The performance assessment process is meant to take stock of the employee’s on the BSC and six performance competencies. the performance competencies outline what means the employee should adopt to achieve these objectives. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . A setting performance objective and performance competency has a provision for a mid-year review.2 Performance Review Process The performance review process is a tool for managing organizational and individual employee performance. Self assessment by the employee. B) Performance Competencies While the performance objective specifies “what will be achieved”. Innovation and Creativity. iii. Relevant comments arising out of the review must be made in the space provided for the same and signed off. The PMS lays emphasis on both performance objectives and performance competencies. and arrive at an overall assessment. iv. One mandatory mid-year review must be conducted. Communication with others. The process will be the most effective only when it is reviewed on an ongoing basis. However. The performance review process is meant to be used by supervisors as an opportunity for coaching.2007 52 . Setting and fulfilling commitments. The following six performance competencies have been identified as relevant to us. v. ii. The performance forms are the basis of linking the individual’s performance with the organizational rewards. 5. Business and Technical proficiency.The performance objective in the BSC will be documented.

The preliminary performance review discussion is a first discussion between the supervisor and the employee to outline the accomplishment of the employee supported by specific data and critical incidents. Some improvements are however required to be made by the employee. Exceeds target Expectations Achieves Targets Contributes to achieving targets This system does not provide rating for non-performers for whom separation decisions are necessary. Rating on six performance competencies. and sits with the employee concerned for a preliminary performance review discussion. the supervisors prepares a draft of the review and completes assigning the ratings to each of the performance objectives and the performance competencies in the column provided in the same section. The self-assessment inputs of the employee are taken into consideration in this discussion. Results consistently meet and sometimes exceed expectations. Employee achieves results in away that maintain relationships. 53 RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . The employee generally demonstrates most of the six performance competencies. An overall rating reflecting both. Results meet expectations. Such employees (if any) should be dealt with separately.2007 . This is strong performer and not a merely average performer. The performance assessment process begins with the employee making self-assessment using the self-assessment forms based on the BSC (a copy of which will be available with employee).The rating scale and description of the same are given below: Rating Excels all Expectations Description Employee consistently goes beyond the requirements. The employee often fails to demonstrate some of the six performance competencies. ii. There would be a significant loss to the manager if this person chooses to leave. Performance Rating Performance rating is done in three steps: i. The supervisor prepare his own assessment of the employee’s performance based on the objectives outlined at the beginning of the year. immediate corrective action is required. In case of this employee. This is a steady performer. Rating based on BSC. iii. They are exceptional and serve as a role model for others. Results just meet expectations but are missing in some crucial areas. The employee constantly demonstrates all the six performance competencies. After the preliminary discussion. The employee always demonstrates the six performance competencies.

At this meeting. Once they come to an agreement on the assessment. each employee’s rating is used as the basis for determining the employee’s rewards. ii. Appraisers should bear the distribution in mind while rating their employees. membership in the projects and task forces. iii.Stage A At this stage the supervisor discusses the assessment and the overall rating with the employee. the same would be handled by the sector head in consultation with Group HRD. before submitting the forms and recommendations to chairman’s office. the ratings of all employees in a given division or function need to be compared in totality to ensure parity and a normal distribution. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . Stage B i. Normalization Process As mentioned earlier. if not balanced can lead to disparate rewards and therefore dissatisfaction. 5. the supervisor has a final assessment meeting with the employee. The distribution rating and normalization process would be handled at the company level for employees below GM level. the same is documented.4 Development Planning Process The development planning process helps the supervisors and the employees to reach an agreement on the areas that the employee needs to do to improve his performance and also plan his career for future positions. This is done section ‘B’ in the form. This is also an opportunity for the employee to communicate his career interests and personal needs and preferences in terms of location etc. commitment to demonstrate behavioral changes and so on. The responsibility for fulfilling the development plan rests with the supervisor and the employee. The development planning process should not be used merely as a training nomination form but should include specific plans and commitment like additional responsibilities. functions and organizations. the supervisor shares the performance feedback as well as the final rating. Purpose of Normalization Rater’s biases in term of being too strict or too lenient. The final rating of the employee is assigned only after the normalization process. Once the rating is finalized. Normalization ensures that the rater’s biases are smoothened out into a normal distribution curve across divisions.2. The same is signed off by the employee. In the final assessment meeting the supervisor and the employee need to come to an agreement on a development plan and the same must be documented in section ‘C’ and must signed off by both. In other words.2007 54 . who has the opportunity to add any comments that he may like to make.

Salary Increment Annual Performance Award (Bonus) i. weaknesses and key developmental needs arising out of this. the performance award is based on the rating against the objective achieved. The performance award is not a part of guaranteed compensation and is given as a one time bonus. This must be completed using Section ‘D’ of the form and should provide information about the employee’s promotion ability. Procedure Salary increment will be awarded as a percentage of the employee’s current gross compensation (Gross cash compensation would be defined as monetary compensation of the employee including basic salary and cash allowance but excluding valued benefits. conveyance. Here the competencies do not reflect the reward. Based on the cost of living. HRA.2007 55 . Annual Performance Bonus The annual performance award is an individual performance bonus.3 Performance Rewards Performance rewards will always be awarded based on the performance assessment of the employee as reflected by his performance rating. All salary adjustments or correction outside the reward cycle are permitted only after obtaining approval from the president/CE. This will be communicated by Group HRD to all group companies in April each year. 5.5. The policy and procedures with regard to rewards is explained below: Two categories of reward exist. Any parity correction or substantial market correction for select individuals outside and beyond this would be necessarily done during the performance reward cycle.5 Potential Assessment Process The potential assessment section is a confidential section to be completed by the supervisor in consultation with his supervisor. (While the salary increment in based on the overall rating. Salary Increment The quantum of salary increment will be influenced primarily by the cost of living and the employee’s performance.BSC.) RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 .2. strengths. The appraisal rating forms the basis for salary decisions and is communicated to the employees after the process of normalization. ii. The purpose of the performance award is to reward individuals for their contribution in a given year. an average increase rate is arrived at for the group. The performance award is based on the employee’s achievement against the objectives sets as reflected by his “performance objective rating”--. This is not to be discussed with the employee. LTA and medical).

outdoor interaction and adventure tasks. Feedback will be done on a one-to-one basis and used for developmental purposes. case discussion. Guidelines: 1.5 Assessment Centre The objective of this training phase is to: Diagnose strengths and weakness Provide participant feedback to produce change or team building To identify and plan development The assessment centre results will be used in succession planning. 3. The assessment will be held at the end of the six months of training. career planning and to predict potential for any kind of position. it is also linked to the company’s performance.The performance award is paid based on a percentage of the employee’s gross cash compensation excluding valued benefits.4 Promotion Policy Promotion will be based on: 1. Open positions being available. 2. Promotions of GM & above will require the approval of Sector Head & Chairman. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . When the person is found suitable or the size of the position that the person has grown is evidenced by the position evaluation. It must be noted that “G” and below grades are eligible only for salary increment whereas “F” and above employees are eligible for both salary increment and bonus. the performance award will not be paid out. structured experiences. both individual and group during which a set of assessors will observe identified competencies. 2. simulations. 5. Most assessment centre use numerous techniques for individual assessment. This will be a 3-day program. Promotion up to the level of manager (Grade ‘H’ to Grade ‘B+’) will be approved by the head of the company. 2-day exercise. Promotions will be done normally in April or October each year. 5. role-plays. It must also be noted that while performance award is linked to the individual rating on one side. inbasket games. In a year the company has had very poor result. The third day will be a feedback session.2007 56 .

The above benefits are available for the employee who are confirmed in the services of RPGC and also have completed one year of service with RPGC. The employees to be given paid leaves on the day of examination.2007 57 .6 Encouraging Higher Studies:To encourage employees to avail higher education in their chosen fields. and concerned HR person. A maximum of one course at a time and on prior approval of immediate supervisor. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . 50% Tuition fees to be reimbursed by the company before the course starts. 50% to be reimbursed after course completion.5.

Section: 6 Travel Policy RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 .2007 58 .

journey should be performed either by train or roads. expenses shall be limited to eligible class of train fare. • If case of extreme necessity. Air (Y. 200 per sector allowance • All business travel must be performed by Low Cost Carriers (LCC) only.2 Entitlement Mode of Travel Business class travel by air. Sectorwise travel:1> Delhi-Ludhiana-Jaipur-Amritsar 2> Mumbai-Pune 3> Ahmedabad-Vadodra-Surat-Rajkot 4> Kolkata-Durgapur 5> Bangalore–Chennai. • If distance>500 km or Time Taken>5 hours. 6. VP Entitlement Lancer. comfortable and cost effective manner.2007 . travel on company work should not result in personal benefit.class-Check Fare)/II class AC. Travel by low cost carrier + Rs. CE. or equivalent 59 RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 .3 If a business travel is performed by own vehicle. Category/Grade A and above. 6> For travel between the above cities. income or gain.6. CE. VP Functional heads to ‘E’ Grade ‘F’ & below Deviations in the mode of travel (upward) in exceptional cases need the prior approval / sanction of the department / Function / location head. In other words. Travel expenses are a part of business expenses and should never be viewed as an element of compensation. • 6.1 Objective The objective of our travel policy is to enable employees to undertake business travel to perform company duties in a convenient. air travel is allowed by LLC only. Honda city. III AC / Low Cost Carrier (LLC) (with prior approval) Grade A and above. Local Conveyance Local conveyance refers to business travel expenses within the city of visit.

3000/Rs.2007 60 .2000/Rs. In the absence of Guest Houses being available. 6. Guest house accommodation limits:Grade Senior Management (A. employees are permitted to stay at low budget hotels (if available). or hotels as per the annexure. Ford Ikon.4000/Rs. Rs. B+. B. 2000. Indigo or equivalent Tata indica or equivalent Metered taxi/ Cabs whatever is better at lower rates Metered taxis/autos/Cabs whatever is better at lower rates In case of prescribed category of cars as per the grade is not available. 2000 Limit Rs.1500/- RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . 1. This is inclusive of “incidentals” and NOT in addition to the same. This however is in addition to the expenses. CE & above Grade B+ Grade B & C Grade D & E Metro* Non Metro Metro* Non Metro Metro* Non Metro At actual.2000/Rs. Employees staying in Company Guest house must settle their bills as per the prevailing tariff and the bills submitted to the base location for reimbursement Hotels These rates are exclusive of taxes and for lodging only.4 Accommodation Guest House Policy All persons traveling on business for the company purposes should stay at Guest Houses where ever applicable. C grades) Other Executives Guest House Limit Above Rs.Grade ‘B+’ Grade B & C Grade D & E Grade F & below Esteem. Employees staying at company Guest House will be entitled to a Fixed Allowance of Rs. the employees may incur on food either outside or taken at the Guest House. booking to be done at lower level of eligibility.200 per day of stay. 2.3000/Rs.

cigarettes.2007 61 . However. Other Expenses • Employees are discouraged from making long distance calls from hotels given their high services charges.per day Rs. except in urgency maximum one long distance call per trip will be allowed. Chennai.per day Rs. Delhi. No Liquor charges will be admissible.per day Rs. Ahmedabad and Cochin. This is paid on a “per day basis”. Reimbursement for laundry expenses at actual will be allowed subject to the stay extending five days and above.per day Managerial & above grade ( Level E to B) RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . Reimbursement of personal expenses like liquor. Business entertainment needs to be approved separately by the Head of function.850/. PER DIEM can be claimed only for one leg of travel. Bangalore.400/. All reasonable boarding expenses will be reimbursed at actual.1200/- • • Metro – Mumbai. Employees in the grade B and above are only entitled for expenses for entertainment of guests important for business.5 PER DIEM applies only when employees stay on their own without availing guest house facility or hotel accommodation.1500/Rs. Kolkata.per day Rs.850/. The PER DIEM policy applicable currently is as follows: Metro Grade B+ & above) Non-Metro Metro Non-Metro Metro Executive & below grade ( Level F to I) Non-Metro Rs. When PER DIEM is claimed no separate food or incidental expenses can be claimed. Pune.600/.600/.1000/. where overnight travel is involved. magazines etc. This entitlement is for employees who wish to make boarding & lodging arrangement on their own.Grade F & below Metro* Non Metro Rs. will not be allowed.per day Rs. Hyderabad. Per Diem • • • • • 6.

Where an employee’s travelling with his supervisor and joint expenses are incurred. It should be noted that the employee is not entitled to a leave for such travel and any such leave taken would be deducted from the total annual leave entitlement to the employee. normal entertainment. These new guidelines take into account the RBI regulations applicable to forex releases for foreign travel: i. local transport. The mode of travel for the same would consist of low cost air travel for grade ‘E’ and above. laundry. (s)he is entitled to a one time travel to his base location every month. the claim for such expenses needs to be raised by the supervisor and approved by the next level. airport taxes. If the train ticket has to be surrendered at the station.6 Deputation In case an employee is deputed outside his/her base location for a period of 3 months or more. • • Employees need to contact the HR deptt for any questions in interpreting the policy. The travel expense statement must be complete in all respects and must be accompanied by relevant bills. If tickets have been booked by the employee and not by the company. air/rail tickets.6. the same has to be attached as proof. etc.7 • General Guidelines Claim for the reimbursement of travelling expenses should be submitted in the prescribed form duly authorized by the concerned department Head and the travelling advances should be settled within 7 days from the date of completion of travel. the travel agent’s docket or details of travel date and train need to be mentioned. 6. For the grade ‘F’ and below the travel would be according to their corresponding entitlement. telephone.2007 62 . for the period (s)he is posted outside. Foreign exchange (Forex) will be released on a per day basis for each trip to cover all normal expenses such as boarding.8 Travel-International Guidelines for foreign exchange relating to official international travel The following new guidelines will become applicable with immediate effect for international travel in all the companies. 6. lodging. The maximum amount of forex to be released will be as follows: Category Sector Head CE/President/ED VPs Limit (USD per day or equivalent) 325 300 275 RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 .

subject to corporate guidelines. Full supporting would need to be provided on return for any expenses incurred under this head and balance foreign exchange left need to be refunded. b) The daily allowances are inclusive of any expenses booked through international credit cards. iii. d) All hotel bills. The companies will obviously seek cost effective solution for such purpose without putting managers to any discount. Any amount required above this or for other categories of management would require the specific approval of the chairman or vice-chairman.2007 63 . divided by 24 hours. and other incidental expenses not supported by vouchers should not crossPresidents/ CEs 100 US$ per day VPs / GMs 75 US$ per day Others 50 UD$ per day e) Where the managers enjoy the local hospitality from their hosts or Airlines in terms of free hotel stay. f) Extraordinary expenses such as inter-town travel. at the end of the trip all unspent foreign exchange (except for small amounts as specified) must be returned to the RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . iv. The following points should be noted in this regard. should be attached to the expense statement in the normal course. These can be claimed over and above the daily allowance limits. v. Other bills. These expenses should be accounted for in the expense statement. special entertainment etc. specific allowances will be agreed upon depending on the structure of fees/local hospitality etc. a) The above categories are the maximum permissible limit inclusive of any expenses booked through credit cards. c) In view of varying time zones. Each company is at liberty to structure its own scales lower than the above levels. For attending agreed education courses or for long term oversea stay. only half of the daily allowances will be applicable for such days. Any special entertainment allowance needs to be cleared in advance by the undersigned and supported by vouchers on return. It is not expected that all expenses are backed by bills. (Expense for taxi. g) Management Board members/ CE/ President/ ED may take if required for special entertainment upto $500 per trip as special entertainment allowance. 250* At the end of each trip. an overseas travel expense statement in the enclosed format will need to be submitted to the immediate superior/ president who will approve it and then forward it to Accounts Department. are not included in the daily allowance. It should be noted that under Forex guidelines of RBI. Any unutilized amount needs to be refunded.GMs & below ii. the number of days for each trip will be calculated on the basis of the total hours starting from the time of leaving India and ending with the time of arriving back in India. where applicable. Any fraction left which is more than 12 hours will be calculated as one full day. if available can be attached at the discretion of the manager.

The responsibilities for following these regulations will be that of the manager concerned.2007 64 . RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 .authorized dealers such as banks.

Section: 7 Retirement & Separation RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 .2007 65 .

1 Separation Resignation Any permanent employee desirous of leaving the company’s service shall give the requisite notice to the company. Contribution Contributions Provident fund (PF) Employee Pension Scheme (EPS) Gratuity Employee Contribution Employer Contribution 12% of basic salary --------4. The wages due to such employee must.2. Membership & Nomination An employee is required to become a member of this provident fund scheme from the date of his joining by filling up form-2 and also nominate his family members for receiving any benefits posthumously. 7. in any case within two day of expiry of the notice. if possible.1. Salary per day is determined by dividing the last monthly basic salary drawn by 26.33% of basic salary or Rs.1 7.whichever is lower - 7.7.2 7.1 Retirement Benefits Provident Fund General Benefit of provident fund is extended to all employees under the EPF Act and Employee pension scheme. Disablement due to accident/ occupational diseases) Rate of Payment 15. be paid/ recovered on the day notice expires and.417/.Days basic salary for a year of continuous service.81% of basic salary 12% of basic salary –(less) EPS contribution 8.2007 66 . If a RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 .1. Tax Implications Gratuity received by an employee is taxable in accordance with the tax laws.2 Gratuity Eligibility 5-years or more (waived on grounds of death.

In cases arising out of misconduct the employee will be given a written memo by the functional Head. In case employee is not willing to adhere to the policies of the company a full written complaint letter must be issued by the functional head. The HR must take initiative to counsel the employee. The reasons for termination of service shall be recorded in writing and shall be communicated to the employee at the time of discharge. On validation and if charges are found to be true the process of full & final settlement will be initiated. unauthorized absence from work and sexual harassment. The employment of any permanent employee may be terminated by the company by giving three months notice for employees of Grade ‘F’ & above and one month notice For Grade ‘G’ & below and for probationers or payment of wages in lieu of notice. This must be forwarded to the Zonal HR Head with the proposed relieving date. Once the employee submits his resignation. If the candidate doesn’t turn up a termination letter is sent to him.2 Termination Termination can be effected in cases of gross misconduct. All resignation are to be attested by the departmental head or functional head. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . The Zonal HR Head will be a member of the committee. supervisor and departmental head. The copy of the same will be sent to HR for the personal files. In case of termination: If an employee is absent for more than 3 days.2. employer is authorized to relieve the employee even before the expiry of the notice period by setting his dues. other than those transferred from permanent posts in the company may leave or be discharged from service without notice by the manager.2007 67 . Probationers. On receipt of the attested resignation letter of an employee the HR department may initiate the release process. supervisor will inform the same to HR Issue of show cause notice by the HR to the employee to report within 48 Hrs. On enquiry and validation of facts mentioned the Zonal HR Head may terminate the employee immediately. In all such cases decision of the sexual harassment committee will stand final.permanent employee leaves the service without notice he shall be liable to pay to the company his wages in lieu of notice. All recoveries on loans and advances will be made as done for resignation cases. 7. In cases relating to sexual harassment a full written complaint from the affected person must be made available to the HR before action is initiated. HR. For termination cases the company will pay the notice pay as per the grade eligibility. All dues cleared from must be signed off by commercial.

PF. (HRA and conveyance) All reimbursement payable or recoverable on submission of bills on a prorate basis and employee should have worked for a minimum of 15 days in a month on pro rata accounting. PF/Gratuity/ Superannuation: Employee needs to apply to the concerned authority for settlement. Other entitlements like gratuity. Privilege leave payable: all components of gross salary except for fixed allowances. Any increment made on salary will be payable only if the employee has completed 30 days of service after the receipt of the increment letter. If company has dues HR advices for settlement. In case of the employee resigns within 30 days of receipt of the increment letter the new enhanced salary will not hold for computation of the full & final settlement. head forward it to the HR department. SA are send to HR. Notice Pay Recovery The recovery in lieu of notice period will be calculated on the salary component.3 Procedure for Full & Final Settlement Employee submits resignation letter which is verified by concerned department head and the Dept. This is applicable for all employees in all grades.2007 68 . In such cases the settlement will be calculated on the salary before the increment was announced. in such cases the payout will be calculated on the basis that the employee has served the full notice period and all the component of salary will be taken for calculation purposes. if employee has not cleared his dues HR instruct employee to settle the dues. (Employee sends it to PF office if it is corporate and employee himself submits if it is RO). The following rules apply for calculating the final settlement: Identity card to be returned to employer at the time of leaving failing which an amount of Rs. Employees send the PF settlement letter to HR for verification and authorization.150/. Notice pay payable or recoverable on the following components: Basic + SP + IP. The PF department directly pays to the employee. Broken period of salary is given separately to the employee.2.basic and management allowances (Special allowance and individual pay) for every day of notice period not served.annexure 17) The gratuity and superannuation papers will be forwarded to LIC by the payroll department and paid to employee on receipt of the same from LIC. The relieving letter will be issued only after the Full & Final settlement is completed.recovered at the time of settlement. In the event the employee resigns and is willing to serve the notice period but the company chooses to relieve him/her immediately then this can be done on approval from the Head-HR. (settlement form. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 .7. he/she needs to settle the respective amount which is 20% of the depreciated values as on date of leaving and cannot return the appliance. Hard furnishing: Employee leave before the five year block. HR informs the actual date of resignation to payroll for preparing “STATEMENT OF SETTLEMENT”. All loans / advances to be recovered along with settlement.

PL encashment. provided that the company may retain any person who. 1990. Normal settlement calculation. notice pay as per grade eligibility. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . skills or aptitude such as to render the termination of his/her services undesirable to the company.Number of years 0-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21> Cash componentNumber of months 2 4 6 8 12 CTC.2007 69 .3 Retirement Expect as provided below.Number of months 1 2 3 4 6 Definitions: Cash Component: it is comprise of Basic. Conveyance. gratuity ii. the date of compulsory retirement of a company’s employee in all grade of services will be: The date on which he/she attains the age of 58 years. Special allowancesinclusive of Sodexo pass and individual pay. Is declared medically unfit by the company’s medical officer. Calculation Methodology Must include: i. Settlement of long term employees on rationalization The settlement of long term employees will be done in the following manner: Period. CTC: it comprise of all components as per the grade eligibility. in the opinion of the management has received special training or acquired special knowledge. Ex-gratia is added to the above calculation as per the table above (this payout is over and above the notice pay payable) iii.The entire separation process is available in the form of a check list. 7. in the case of employees who joined before August. In case a person in his/her last year of service the calculation will be balance number of months of CTC or appropriate number of months of CTC as per the employment length whichever is lower. although he/she may come within the classification as referred to above. HRA.

2000/Dinner for the retiring Party for the retiring member Party for the retiring member along with the staff along with the staff from the member along with the staff from the department.7. Expenses will be at the discretion of the HOD. Exit interview to be conducted one level above the employee. name and Logo. For Retiring Employees Up to Grade G Up to Grade C Grade B and above A memento with company’s A memento with company’s A memento with company’s name and Logo. The purpose is to use the opportunity to elicit the employee’s frank view on his/ her experience of working and for all future references. resignation. 5000/Gift worth Rs. Gift worth Rs.5 Farewell to Retiring Employees Objective: to appreciate their association and bid a warm farewell. Expenses will be at the Expenses will be at the discretion of the HOD. The exit interview report should essentially cover the following areas: Factual information about the employee. Certificate of appreciation. Certificate of appreciation. Write up in the house magazine to be published along with the pictures taken on the occasion and sent to the departing employee. Date of joining.2007 70 . Certificate of appreciation. name and Logo. members & reporting head. department he/she has worked in and so on and the reasons for leaving as communicated by the employee. members. Party to be arranged by the head of the department. 7. The strength of the Organization as perceived by the employee.4 Exit Interview Exit interview are to be conducted and documented for all employees who resign from the organization at Grade ‘G’ & above. The report to be sent to Business Head and concerned department head. Party to be arranged by the Party to be arranged by the head of the department. RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . discretion of the HOD. MC department and HOD & local from the department. 3000/Gift worth Rs. Areas where the employee feels change / improvement need to be made. location head.

Leave application form 6. Interview assessment form 2. Manpower requisition form 3.ANNEXURE 1. CAPEX Form 11. Ex-employee re-employment form 4. Local conveyance claim form 7.2007 71 . No Objection Certificate Form 10. Confirmation appraisal form 5. Exit interview form RPG CELLUCOM – HR MANUAL EMPLOYEE COPY VERSION 1 . Travelling expenses form 8. Reimbursement claim form 9.

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