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FEST 13 (January 2010 Intake) Project Title

LEE 01 : Digital Birth Date Teller

Built a circuit which able to find the birth date of a person.

LEE 02 : Auto Shut Off’ for Radio

Design and built a simple circuit to automatically switch off audio equipment, such as record
player or stereo system.

Norbi 01 : Bicycle Safety Light

Design and built a circuit that will provide a clearly visible light that is formed by 13 high
efficiency flashing LEDs which are arranged in pseudo-rotating order. Due to low voltage, low
drain battery operation and small size, the device is suitable for mounting on bicycles as a back
light, or to put on by jogger/walkers. The 555 Timer IC is used in order to obtain the alternate
flashing operations of the LEDs.

Norbi 02 : Automatic Emergency Light

The main objective of this project is to design a circuit where the lights from the LEDs will turn
on automatically when the main supply fails, and turns off when the main power resumes. The
circuit also has its own battery charger where the charging automatically stops when battery is
fully charged. It also produces very bright lights due to the use of white LEDs.

Dr. Lim 01 : 555 Timer IC as a Square Wave Generator

The objective of this project is to study the operation of a 555 Timer as a square wave generator.
The practical work includes the design and construction of a square wave generator using the
555 timer IC; then, investigate the conditions whereby a good square wave output could be
produced. As for the circuit design, the function of every major component should be clearly
explained. The project scope includes a research on how square waves have been produced
conventionally leading to the use of digital technology.
Dr Lim 02 : 555 Timer IC as a Monostable Pulse Generator
The objective of this project is to design, construct and investigate the operation of a 555 Timer
as a monostable pulse generator. The monostable circuit is used to drive a load such as an LED
or a buzzer. The performance of the generator is investigated under different time periods. The
function of every major component in the design should be clearly explained. The project scope
includes a study on the theory of digital circuits using transistor-transistor logic leading to the
use of 555 Timer as a monostable multivibrator.

Kong 01 : Digital Combination Lock For Car

Objective: Build up an ignition lock system for cars where the code numbers are directly entered
into a calculator type keyboard. The circuit operates when the code numbers are entered in the
correct sequence within the time set. Scope of coverage: Microcontroller

Kong 02 : Quiz Master/Judge

Objective: Build up a device which gives a digital display of the number of the participant whose
turn it ON for answer or the serial number of the person or team ready to answer the given
question. It gives a square deal to the participants, i.e., the second participant in order will get the
second chance, after the first, and so on. In short, Quiz Master is an ardent imposer of the ‘first
come first served’ rule. Furthermore, its master control can inhibit the possible attempts of all
participants to answer simultaneously. Scope of coverage: Microcontroller.

Sheila Chan 01 : Steady-Hand Game

Two students need to build a game that requires a single player to take a loop encompassing a
rod from one end to the other end without touching the rod. If the loop touches the rod anywhere
in between the two ends, a buzzer will be triggered. The player is also given a time limit to
complete the task. Hence, when the game begins, it should trigger the timer to start counting. If
the player takes longer than the time set, although the loop has not touched the rod, an alarm will
sound. The player should be able to tune the sound level of the buzzer/alarm.
Sheila Chan 02 : Automatic Temperature Controlled Fan
Two students are required to build a circuit to control the speed of a fan based on two different
preset temperature ranges. For example, if the preset values are 25°C and 30°C, the fan would
turn off if the ambient temperature falls below 25°C. When the ambient temperature reaches
between 25-30°C, it would spin at low speed. However, when the ambient temperature increases
above 30°C, the fan would spin at high speed. The ambient temperature has to be displayed on a
seven segment display.

Seow 01 : E-Catalog System

A company presents their product through advertisement, newspaper, article, magazine and most
of the time they present it in a catalog because the catalog is displaying the entire relevant
product organized in category. It consists of the relevant information regarding the product such
as title of the product, description, price, etc. Linking to the relevant information and vendor is
provided as well. Information age make every single component to be automated. Traditional
catalog is evolved be electronic catalog (e-catalog). You are required to build a web-based
application to implement E-Catalog.
Pre-defined Skill requirement:
Web-based programming language (HTML & CSS, PHP, or others)
Database server (MySQL, SQL server, etc.)
Web Server (Apache, IIS, etc.)

Seow 02 : Chat Room systems

Internet is a common place for sharing information among the users. And client-server
architecture is a structure for the computers to communicate and exchange information.
A Chat Room system is a workplace for the users to exchange information and sharing the events
they encounter in daily life. Sometimes image and file are able to exchange as well.
This project requires student to built one server and multiple clients for chat room.
Pre-defined Skill requirement:
Familiar with client-server architecture concept.
Java programming language