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Syllabus and Course Expectations

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Course of Study
This course is aimed at improving trumpet performance technique. It is also aimed at deepening your
appreciation of the relevance and role of the trumpet within the genres of pop and jazz. The course will
divide its attention between acquiring and improving technical facility (tone production, articulation,
range, endurance, and sight reading) and gaining fluency within the pop/jazz music idioms
(improvisation, time feel, and basic theoretical concepts). Necessary course materials will be
recommended according to the individual needs and level of each student.

Practice Expectations
You are required to keep a practice journal in which you record the date, what was practiced, and the
duration of each aspect of the practice session. It is recommend that assigned materials be practiced
daily. Students taking the course for 2 credits are expected to practice at least 30 minutes daily.
Students taking the course for 4 credits are expected to practice at least 60 minutes daily.

Students are expected to attend their weekly lesson at the agreed upon time. For those taking the course
for 2 credits, the lessons are 30 minutes each. For those taking the course for 4 credits, the lessons are
60 minutes each.

With the exception of extenuating circumstances (sudden illness, family emergency, etc.), at least 24
hours notice must be given to reschedule a lesson. Please call or email me if something does come up.
You can expect the same courtesy from me. All missed lessons must be made up before the end of the
semester. Two unexcused missed lessons will result in the lowering of one half letter grade, and an
additional lowering of one half letter grade for each subsequent unexcused missed lesson.

Please try to be on time to lessons. Repeated tardiness may count as an unexcused absence.

Final Project
Your final project will reflect the skills acquired during your semester of study. After assessing your
playing level and musical interests, we will together choose an appropriate final project within the first
three lessons. This may be performing an etude, performing a transcribed solo, or improvising over a
prescribed tune or set of chord changes. Other suggestions for a final project are welcome.

Practice journal 25%
Final project 25%
Preparation for individual lessons 50%