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4 What do the photos tell you?


you've learnecl а lot about the English уеаr. Tell уоur grаппу
about it (don't forEet about English holidays),

You've lеаrпеd 7 poems and 4 songs (Lessons 70-76),

the poem and sing the song you like best,

Let Us Read

7 Read about the planet уоu live on.

We live оп the earth, It is very, чеrу big. There is а

lot of water on the earth, It is in rivers, lakes, seas and
oceans. Тhеrе are а lot of forests and fields, $lls*and
mountains on it.
The earth is full of wonders, Dif ferent animals live on
the earth. Different plants g,row on it.
The еаrth is beautiful.

There аrе large countries and small
countries. Тhеrе аrе wаrm countries and
cold countries. Тhеrе аrе sonre countries
where there аrе four seasons in а уеаr
and some countries whеrе there аrе only
When it is day in one соuпtrч it is
night in another country.
When the sun shines it is d,y, when
the sun does not shine it is night. You
сап see the moon and the stars in the
s}y at night.
реорlе iive in different countries. They speak diffe-
rent ianguages.
оur countrv is опе of the 1argest countries in the
wоrld. It is So large that when it is morning in the east,
it is evening in the west.-
Tlrere аrе а lot of 1ong rivers, beautiful lakes, large
forests and fietds and hish mountains in оur country,
people who live in оur country speak mоrе than two
hundred different 1anguages.

В Апswеr the questions.

Where do people }ive? Is the earth big or smai]? What
is there оr, the earth? where is there water on the
earth? How mапч oceans аrе there on tlre еаrth? \Yhat
are the forests full of? What are the oceans full of?
what is tlrere on the mountains? The earth is beauti-
ful, isn't it? Why? How do you know that the earth
is big? Why do lл7е Say that the earth is full of и/о11-
ders? When can you See the SLln in the sky? When
can you see the Inoon in the sky? дrе thеrе а lot of
countries in the worlcl? What languages do people
speak in different countries? What country do уоu iive
in? what is the iargest country in the world?


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