ABLAZE By: Kirby Llaban I.

E A E A Oh God I come to You E A C#m B In Your presence, I adore E A E A Father show Your will E A C#m B Shine Your Light upon my way Chorus 1: C#m B I am ablaze for You Lord A I feel Your spirit inside of me C#m B (I am) ablaze for You Lord A I burn with passion for your glory II. Savior, Jesus Christ Come to purify my soul Master hear my plea Let me serve You all my life Chorus 2: I am ablaze for You Lord I wanna go out and spread Your love I am ablaze for You Lord Together we're setting the world on fire III. Spirit give me strength Pour Your power unto me Send me to the place That you have prepared for me Bridge: B C#m Spirit of God A Descend upon me (3x)

C#m B A With Your holy fire! .

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