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Whereas, HTA Alumni Batch ’89-‘90 is a bona fide association of graduates from Holy
Trinity Academy school year 1989-1990.

Whereas, the group was organized during its 20th year reunion held last 25th of May, 2010
at Harmony Hotel, Panglao, Bohol where the group’s first set of officers were elected.

Whereas, the group recognized the need for support of some of its member classmates,
and through the initiative of select members, a proposed scholarship program was conceptualized
and agreed upon.

Whereas, Holy Trinity Academy (HTA), an educational institution for high school
students located at Loay, Bohol, is the alma mater of HTA Alumni Batch ’89-’90.

And so, therefore, HTA Alumni Batch ’89-’90, represented by its officers, launches and
proposes the HTA Alumni Batch ’89-’90 Scholarship Program to its alma mater, HTA, this 18 th
day of June, 2010 with the following policies and guidelines:

I. Policies and Coverage

1. HTA Alumni Batch ‘90, as benefactor, commits to grant scholarship to two (2)
deserving and qualified students of Holy Trinity Academy - Loay.
2. The scholarship grant shall run from school year 2010-2011 to school year 2013-2014
or until the scholars graduate, but shall no means be more than four (4) school years unless
otherwise agreed upon by HTA and the benefactor.
3. Scholarship is open to students at any level in high school.
4. Scholarship covers all pre-published school charges from HTA before the start of
classes of every school year, except for books. Unpublished charges such as contributions and
the likes are excluded.
5. The grant is non-transferable and non-convertible to cash.
6. All payables covered by the scholarship program shall be paid directly to HTA by the
benefactor. Payment schedule shall be agreed upon by the HTA management and the benefactor.
7. HTA and HTA Alumni Batch ‘90 shall have the prerogative to discontinue or disqualify
a scholar if any of the minimum criteria is not met and maintained or due to other reasons as may
be determined by HTA and the benefactor.
8. Scholars who prematurely cease to study at HTA shall be automatically considered
disqualified from the program.
9. Disqualified scholar/s may be replaced only after re-screening of new applicants.
Replacement scholar/s can only avail of the remaining period of the scholarship program.
10. The benefactor shall have access to pertinent school records of the scholars for review
11. HTA shall, periodically or as may be requested by the benefactor, provide relevant
updates to the benefactor concerning the scholars’ status.
12. This scholarship program may not be prematurely terminated by the benefactor
without prior written notice to the scholar beneficiaries and HTA.
13. Any modification/s to this program shall be put in writing, otherwise, shall be
considered ineffective.
II. Criteria – To qualify for this scholarship program, applicants:
1. Must be a child of an alumnus of HTA batch’90;
2. Must have a general percentage average (GPA) of at least 80% in the last school year
3. Must be of good moral character;
4. Must have the least maximum family income among qualified applicants;
5. Must not be an existing scholar of any other scholarship program or must not be
currently receiving grant from any other source;
6. Must be willing to render hours of service, not to exceed five hours a week, at HTA
admin/faculty as assistants.

III. Guidelines for Application and Selection process

1. Applicants must secure and fill-up the application form HTA or from designated
members of the alumni association.
2. Applicants must submit the filled-up application form together with the required
documents to HTA admin.
3. Screening and interview of applicants shall be done by representatives from HTA and
from the alumni association.
4. Parents / Guardians of selected applicants shall be notified of the grant.
5. Representative from the alumni association together with the selected scholar shall
process the enrolment at HTA.

In view thereof, the year 2010 officers of HTA Alumni Batch’90, as representatives of
HTA Alumni Batch’90, and the following representatives from HTA, affix their signatures
herein, this 18th of June, 2010, affirming their agreement and acceptance to this scholarship

for HTA: for HTA Alumni Batch ’89-’90:

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Project Manager – Male

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