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Slab Project Name____________________________ Class __________

Students will create an art piece by forming slabs into a design of their choice and altering it in
some way. They will make it visually interesting and consider the surface in some way.
Category 100%-80% (10-8) 80%-60% (8-6) 60%-0% (6-0)

Overall Design Student has a unified Vessel has little Cup has no
(__/ 10 points) design with some consideration for the consideration for the
E & P of Art consideration for surface of the vessle. E&P of Art.

In what ways have I used or considered the elements and principles of design? Is my altered
cylinder interesting to look at?
Craftsmanship Vessel is finished in an Piece is finished. Minor Obvious flaws that
(__/ 10 points) intentional way, there flaws begin to detract detract from the
Finished effectively are no cracks or flaws from overall aesthetic, piece, piece is
Cracks Cracks begin to impact the unfinished, or piece
Slipping and Scoring structure of the project has serious structural
Does my project look finished? Are there ways that I could make this project look better without
altering the design? Have any breaks or mistakes become the focus of the piece?
Slab Use Student effectively used Slabs were not consistent, Student did not use
(__/ 10 points) slabs to create their were joined together slabs or there is no
Slipping/Scoring vessel. Interior is poorly, or not smoothed evidence of structural
Smooth Interior smoothed together to together. consideration.
build structural integrity
Did I use slabs? Did I slip and score them together? Are my walls smoothed together on the inside?
Surface Execution Surface was significantly Surface has been slightly No adjustments have
(__/ 10 points) altered in some way. It altered, but still maintains been made to the
Darts is unique and a mostly unaddressed surface.
Texture interesting. state.

How did I address the surface of the piece? Did my alterations actually change the way that the
piece looks? Is my idea unique and done well?
Effort Student worked to grow Student used some effort, No effort was taken to
(__/10 points) their own skill set and but product is unfinished, complete project, and
Work ethic took risks to develop or finished in a way that piece is non-existent
Risk Taking artistic understanding. does not meet student’s
Was I engaged while I was in class? Could I have worked harder to create a better art piece?

Student Comments-

Teacher Comments (__/ 50)-
Please answer the following questions in complete sentences for full points. You can do it. I believe in
you. Puedes contestar en espanol si quieres. Contestas en oraciones completes para todos de los
puntos. Puedes hacerlo, creo en ti. (____/10 points)

1. What is one successful part of this project? ¿Que es una parte exitosa en este proyecto?

2. What is one unsuccessful part of this project? ¿Que es una parte no exitosa en este proyecto?

3. If you did this project again, what is one thing that you would do differently? ¿Si poderias hacer
este proyecto otro vez, que es algo differente que poderias hacer?

4. Why did you choose your design for the surface of this project? ¿Porque escoges tu diseño para
el exterior de este proyecto?

5. What is one thing that you could have done to take this project to the next level? ¿Que es algo
que poderias hacer para tomar este proyecto al siguiente nivel?