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MoCk sCrEEning tEst-1 for CCE-2018

Name: - ________________________________________________________ April 5, 2018

Note: - Tick the correct answer.

01- Rahim could not go to the picnic for his mother was not well. No error
a b c d
02- Saima was popular with her classmates that she always had someone or the other coming
a b c
to her house. No error.
03- The program which came on television these days in the evenings is very interesting. No error.
a b c d
04. Aadil was leading a happy and leisurely life after his retirement from service. No error.
a b c d
05. Election to American president takes place every fourth year in November. No error.
a b c d
 Choose the word opposite in meaning.
a) Test b) Dislike c) Like d) Interest
a) Accidental b) Undecided c) Concentrated d) Broken
a) Start b) Schedule c) Conclude d) Controvert
09. HAZY
a) Plain b) Light c) Clear d) Dull
a) Clean b) Loyal c) Wasteful d) Reverent
 Tick the correct spelling
11. a) benefactor b) benifacter c) benafacter d) benifactor
12. a) immuenisation b) imunisation c) immunisation d) immeunisation
13. a) enginnering b) enginering c) engineering d) engginnering
14. a) enthusism b) enthusiasm c) enthusiem d) enthuseam
15. a) idosyncracy b) idiosyncrasy c) idiaosencracy d) idiosyncrisy
 One word substitution
16. Yearly celebration of a date or an event.
a) Birthday b) Anniversary c) Jubilee d) Centenary
17. The policy of extending a country’s empire and influence.
a) Communism b) Capitalism c) Internationalism d) Imperialism
18. The Murder of the King is called.
a) Homicide b) Matricide c) Patricide d) Regicide
19. Allowance paid by husband to his wife on legal separation is.
a) Compensation b) Alimony c) Substance d) Maintenance
20. Talking disrespectfully of sacred things is called.
a) Blasphemy b) Heresy c) Atheism d) Apostasy

 Fill in the blanks with appropriate word.
21. The functions of parliament are not only …………………. in nature but considerable in volume.
a) differently b) varied c) variable d) magnitude
22. If I ………………… you, I would have told him the truth.
a) am b) was c) were d) and
23. Plantation crops …………. in large group of crops.
a) declare b) substitute c) make d) constitute
24. Pakistanis need sincere leaders, not people of ………………….. integrity.
a) doubting b) doubtful c) doubtless d) double
25. He ………….. the gathering in impressive English.
a) directed b) approached c) undertaken d) addressed

 Tick the correct answer.

26. Which of the following planets is known as “morning star”?

a) Mercury b) Venus c) Mars d) Saturn
27. The solar system was discovered by.
a) Kepler b) Galileo c) Copernicus d) Plato
28. Which of the following is known as the “red planet”?
a) Mercury b) Mars c) Saturn d) Venus
29. The outermost layer of the sun is called.
a) Lithosphere b) Chromospheres c) Corona d) Photosphere
30. The first satellite was launched by.
a) France b) USSR c) USA d) UK
31. Tides are the highest:
a) When the earth is nearest to the sun. b) When the earth is nearest to the moon.
c) When the sun, moon and earth are in line. d) None of these.
32. The earth rotates around its axis from:
a) North to South b) East to West c) North to East d) West to East
33. Vernal Equinox falls on:
a) 21st March b) 21st June c) 25th April d) 20th December
34. Equinox occurs when the sun is vertically above:
a) Tropic of Capricorn b) Tropic of cancer c) Poles d) Equator
35. At the core of the earth the temperature is estimated to be around:
a) 1000 oC b) 1500 oC c) 2000 oC d) 2500 oC
36. The time required for moonlight to reach earth.
a) 3 seconds b) 1.3 seconds c) 3.5 seconds d) 5 seconds
37. The intensity of earthquakes is measured on:
a) Beaufort scale b) Richter scale c) Marcella scale d) Secant scale
38. Tsunami is a word of …………………. Language:
a) Japanese b) Greek c) German d) English
39. Study of earthquakes is called:
a) Geodery b) Geology c) Platetectonic d) Seismology
40. Earthquakes are caused by:
a) Land slide b) Eruption of Volcanoes c) Tectonic Plates d) All of these

41. The chief agent of evolution is:
a) mutations b) natural selection c) acquired characters d) sexual reproduction
42. The nearest relatives of men are:
a) New world monkeys b) Apes c) Old world monkeys d) Lemurs
43. Which of the following is essential for blood clotting?
a) RBS b) WBC c) Blood platelets d) Lymph
44. Reflects action is the function of:
a) Cerebellum b) cerebrum c) spinal cord d) autonomous
45. During sleep, the man’s blood pressure:
a) fluctuates b) increases c) decreases d) none
46. Insulin is secreted in:
a) pituitary b) pancreas c) liver d) parathyroid
47. Bile juice is secreted by:
a) pancreas b) liver c) spleen d) gall bladder
48. The scientist credited with the discovery of noble gases is:
a) Rutherford b) Cavendish c) Macdonald d) None of these
49. The scientific study of aging is known as:
a) Geratology b) Etiology c) Osteology d) Teratology
50. Oral polio vaccine was discovered by:
a) Jonas Salk b) Robert Hook c) Fleming d) Darwin
51. Biggest city in the world by populations is:
a) New York b) Canada c) Mumbai d) Shanghai
52. Rekodik is located in:
a) Baluchistan b) KPK c) Gilgit Baltistan d) Kashmir
53. Pakistan Joined NAM in:
a) 1975 b) 1977 c) 1979 d) 1981
54. Gandhi Jinnah talks took place in:
a) 1943 b) 1944 c) 1945 d) 1946
55. “Sense and Sensibility” is written by:
a) Jane Austin b) Virgine Woolf c) Charles Dickens d) Thomas Hardy
56. Which country has the world’s oldest national anthem?
a) Japan b) Norway c) Scotland d) England
57. The largest producer of steel is:
a) USA b) China c) Russia d) South Aferica
58. Liaqat Nehru pact was signed in:
a) 1949 b) 1950 c) 1951 d) None of these
59. Which parley was in power in the UK when India got independence?
a) Conservative b) Democratic party c) Labour party d) None of these
60. Head quarter of OPEC is in:
a) Malaysia b) Iran c) Venzevella d) Algeria

61. Which is the oldest civilization of the world?

a) Indus civilization b) Egyptian civilization c) Sumerian civilization
d) Arab civilization

62. What is Union Jack?
a) A flag b) A Company c) An Army d) A Country
63. Football is the national sport of:
a) Brazil b) America c) Germany d) Iran
64. Which Top/Pass connects Abbotabad and Gilgit?
a) Babusar b) Lolusar c) Khyber d) Deosai
65. Khojak Tunnel is in”
a) KPK b) Gilgit Baltistan c) Kashmir d) Baluchistan
66. The oldest name of PIA was:
a) National Airways b) Golden Airways c) Orient Airways
d) Pakistan Airways
67. Which is the largest Metropolitan city of the world?
a) Shinghai b) Tokyo c) Karachi d) Mumbai
68. Ariana is the airline of:
a) Afghanistan b) Iran c) Maldives d) Sudan
69. The headquarters of international court of justice is in:
a) Oslo b) Geneva c) New York d) Hague
70. Aleem Darr has been awaded with ICC award for.
a) 2 times b) 3 times c) 4 times d) 1 time
71. Bundersrat is the parliament of:
a) Germany b) Bangladesh c) Nepal d) Srilanka
72. Pakistan is the disease of:
a) Heart b) Kidney c) Brain d) Eyes
73. The parliament of Japan is known as:
a) Sejm b) Jatia sangsad c) Diet d) None of these
74. Steel is more elastic than rubber:
a) True b) False
75. Queen Victoria dies in:
a) 1900 b) 1901 c) 1902 d) 1903
76. Dr. Ruth Pfau dies on:
a) 5th August 2017 b) 10th August c) 15th August d) 18th August
77. Mount Olympus is in:
a) Greece b) Turkey c) America d) Aferica
78. Who coined the term “United Nations”?
a) Franklin D. Rooservelt b) Traygre Lie
c) Winston Churchil d) Henry Trumen
79. Currently United Nations consists of:
a) 191 members b) 193 members c) 192 members d) 194 members
80. Who was the first Asian Secretary General of UN?
a) Kurt Waldheim b) U. Thant c) Trygre Lie d) Kofi Annan
81. Kashmir was purchased by Ghulab Sindh from British Government for:
a) Rs. 8.5 million b) Rs. 7.5 million c) Rs. 9.5 million d) Rs. J.5 million
82. Name of Operation which is a joint military offensive operation involving Pakistan
against armed insurgent groups in North Waziristan.
a) Operation Zarb-e-Awam b) Operation Zarb-e-Azb

c) Operation Zarb-e-Haaq d) Operation Zarb-e-Zulfiqar
83. Operation Zarb-e-Azb was launched by the Pakistan Armed Forces on:
a) 11 June 2014 b) 13 June 2014 c) 15 June 2014 d) 17 June 2014
84. In which part of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas Operation Zarb-e-Azb was launched?
a) Khurram b) Bajor and Mehmand c) North Waziristan d) South Waziristan
85. Siachen Glacier is situated in the mountain range of:
a) Karakaram b) Sulaiman c) Hindu Kush d) Himalayas
86. The total number of Makki Surahs is:
a) 80 b) 86 c) 88 d) 92
87. Jizya means:
a) Religious tax b) Poll tax on non Muslims
c) Lands cultivated by non Muslims d) Income from the Minorities
88. What do you understand by “Al-Fay”?
a) Lands cultivated by Muslims
b) Lands conquered by Muslims which became the property of Islamic state.
c) Lands cultivated by non Muslims d) None of these
89. A land tax imposed on the non Muslims cultivators and landlord is known as:
a) Jizya b) Kharaj c) Khums d) None of these
90. During the orthodox caliphate, who had the longest tenure?
a) Hazrat Ali (RA) b) Hazrat Usman (RA) c) Hazrat Umar (RA) d) Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA)
91. Where is Jakhi bandar located.
a) Mirpur Sakro b) Mirpur Mathelo c) Badin d) Tharparker
92. Where is Dalil Kot.
a) Near Sakrand b) Near Dadu c) Near Rohri d) Near Khairpur
93. When was Sindh annexed with Bombay?
a) 1845 b) 1846 c) 1847 d) 1849
94. Where is mound of Amri?
a) Near Khairpur b) In Nara c) Near Sukkur d) Near Sehwan
95. Which city is famous for the industry of bangles?
a) Khairpur b) Kandiaro c) Sukkur d) Hyderabad
96. Which city is famous for shoes?
a) Hyderabad b) Moro c) Nawabshah d) Sukkur
97. Who ruled Sindh after Sammas?
a) Tarkhans b) Arghuns c) Mughals d) Kalhoras
98. Who pioneered Kalhora dynasty in Sindh?
a) Sarfaraz Kalhoro b) Ghulam Shah Kalhoro
c) Yar Muhammad Kalhoro d) None of these
99. Where is Khudabad?
a) Near Dadu b) Near Moro c) Near Sann d) Near Larkana
100. Who is the writer of famous book SAJJAN SONHN SART (‫?)ﺳﺎﺟﻦ ﺳﻮﻧﻬﻦ ﺳﺮت‬
a) Dr. Tanveer Abbasi b) Shaikh Ayaz
c) Imdad Hussaini d) Naseer Mirza

Prepared by Muhammad Ibrahim Khokhar

Typed by Waseem Ahmed Kalhoro

Answer Key of Mock Test-1 CCE 2018 held @ SALU
1. D 51. D
2. A 52. A
3. B 53. C
4. D 54. B
5. B 55. A
6. C 56. A
7. A 57. A
8. C 58. B
9. C 59. C
10. C 60. D
11. A 61. C
12. C 62. A
13. C 63. A
14. B 64. A
15. B 65. D
16. B 66. C
17. D 67. B
18. D 68. A
19. B 69. D
20. A 70. B
21. B 71. A
22. C 72. C
23. D 73. C
24. B 74. A
25. D 75. B
26. B 76. B
27. C 77. A
28. B 78. A
29. C 79. B
30. B 80. B
31. C 81. B
32. D 82. B
33. A 83. C
34. D 84. C
35. C 85. A
36. B 86. B
37. B 87. B
38. A 88. B
39. D 89. B
40. C 90. B
41. B 91. A
42. B 92. A
43. C 93. C
44. D 94. D
45. A 95. D
46. B 96. A
47. B 97. B
48. B 98. C
49. A 99. A
50. A 100. A

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