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CONTENTS PREFACE... PROLOGUE: WHAT 15 FUNCTION? Exercise . 1 LET'S DIFFERENTIATE A FUNCTION! Approximating with Funetfons Calculating the Relative Esror. The Derivative in Action! Step 1 Step 2. Step 3, : Caleulating the Derivative .- Calculating the Derivative of a Constant, Linear, or Quadratic Function . Summary Bxercises . 2 LET'S LEARN DIFFERENTIATION TECHNIQUES! ‘The Sum Rule of Differentiation . ‘The Product Rule of Differentiation Differentiating Polynomials. Finding Maxima and Minima Using the Mean Value Theorem. . Using the Quotient Rule of Differentiation Calculating Derivatives of Composite Functions . Calculating Derivatives of Inverse Functions Exereises .... 3 LET'S INTEGRATE A FUNCTION! lusteating the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus ‘Step 1—When the Density Is Constant. ‘Step 2~-When the Density Changes Stepwise ‘Step 3—When the Density Changes Continuously . Step 4—Review of the Imitating Linear Function. Step 5—Approsimation + Exact Value Step 6—p(x) Is the Derivative of q(x) “ 18 16 27 32 39 “7 82 83 84 55, 88 2-89 +90 Using the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. fanaeits <3 Summary... ECsainn 33 o bdeSo 059 | A Strict Explanation of Sep 3. Lea | Using Integral Formulas i fee ccnn aa ccmeeese) Applying the Fundamental Theorem : 101 Baynly Caretews css tcecamsviveserson sve eis comm easyatweess AO Demand Curve 103 Review of the Fundamental Theorem of Caleulus. . eetry Formula of the Substitution Rule of Integration. aun The Power Rae of tegration ae eee) BROPCISCS 6... eeeeeeeeeetesesevesvereenertese oman 4 | LET'S LEARN INTEGRATION TECHNIGUES!. oe sees | Using Trigonometric Functions... fee eee Ln Using Integrals with Trigonometric Functions 15 Using Exponential and Logarithmic Functions... aloes iibt Generalizing Exponential and Logarithmic Functions 21-135 Summary of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions +140 | More Applications of the Fundamental Theorem Taga | Integration by Parts, sas Exercises on mer) | 5 | LET'S LEARN ABOUT TAYLOR EXPANSIONS! 145 Imitating with Polynomials .....0.060c0cesceeeeeeeseeees 147 How to Obtain a Taylor Expansion 158 ‘Taylor Expansion of Various Functions - 2160 What Does Taylor Expansion Tell Us?. . se daewussar a6 Exercises, oe scenes cea 6 LET'S LEARN ABOUT PARTIAL DIFFERENTIATION... -179 What Are Multivariable Funetions?. -180 The Bastes of Variable Linear Functions 184 Partial Differentiation ...... : is Definition of Partial Differentiation +196 ‘Total Differentials 1197 Conditions for Extrema... 1199 ‘Applying Partial Differentiation to Economies. 20a The Chain Rule .. 2206 Derivatives of implicit Functions 2218 Baercises - 2218 ul contents