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RUBANK EDUCATIONAL LIBRARY No CORNET, TRUMPET ponsute wrnve rants or BARITONE awe er with piano accompaniment Sole Baritone B.. Compiled and Edited vy H. VOXMAN Pione Accompaniment Porformance/Aecompaniment CD Sole Part with Performance/Aecompaniment CD eee) Solo BS Corner-Trumpet (Bortone Table Clef) ampiled and Edited hy H. VOXMAN CONTENTS AIR Gat ©. P. Boon ANDANTE AND ALLEGRO Pobert Ciee /ANDANTE from Concerto in Eb FdMeydn 24 70 (CALA AS THE NIGHT Con Bim 5 ° Concertino lavey Ostronly 22 “a DEDICATION (Zvigng) chord Sous 3 4 figore [Nerondte J. Deqveme 12 30 ALLEGRO (The Marry Men} Pout Koophe 16 4“ MORCEAU DE CONCOURS Op, 57, G.Alery 20 7 MY REGARDS. word Uewellyn 14 8 CORIENTALE Bd, Borat 10 2 ene ECE CONCERTANTE Guile Belay 18 51 PREMIER SOLO DE CONCOURS Rang Maniet 4 ‘ ROMANCE Veh leroy Ostomy 7 16 SARABANDA AND GAVOTTA A conti 2 2 SERENADE Op. 22, No.1 Oskar Bone 13 au Sarabanda and Gavotta oF Cornet or Tumeet (Goritone $) A. CORELLI sited by H. Voxman Lerge P doles « legato © Copyright MoMLndy Ase