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Reinforced Concrete Design (C) c.

If d = 500mm, determine the minimum

Problem Set #2 number of 25mmØ required as tension
reinforcement for the given section.
NAME : _________________________
Schedule: ________________________ 3. A beam 350mm wide with a depth of 600mm is
carrying a 150mm thick concrete slab 3 meters
Instructions: wide. The slab is also loaded with a floor live
- BOX and write your final answer/s before each load of 2.4 KPa. Design the singly reinforced
question. beam to reach a net tensile strain of 0.005. f’c =
- All answer shall have a corresponding units and 21MPa and fy = 415MPa. Use minimum
solution. effective concrete cover to the centroid of
reinforcing bars 65mm. Length of beam is
I understand all the instructions and agreed to follow all
a. Calculate the factored design moment.
that are stated. Signature: ______________
b. Calculate the maximum steel area for a
Note: Please sign before you submit or it will not be singly reinforced section.
accepted. c. Calculate the required number of 25mmØ
main reinforcing tension bars for the
(3pts each) required area and design moment.
1. A reinforced concrete beam is 250mm wide with d. What is the depth of the compression block
an effective depth of 400mm. Use f’c = 21MPa e. Find the distance of the neutral axis to the
and fy = 275MPa. The section is reinforced with extreme compression fiber.
4-25mmØ bars. Concrete cover to the centroid
of the tensile reinforcement is 70mm. Use 2010 4. A reinforced concrete beam is 300mm wide with
NSCP. an effective depth of 400mm. Use f’c =21 MPa
a. Compute for the nominal flexural strength of and fy = 415 MPa. The section is reinforced
the beam with 3- 28mmØ bars.
b. Calculate the flexural strength of the section a. Determine the stress in the tension steel.
c. Calculate the safe service live load moment b. Calculate the nominal flexural strength of
if the total service dead load moment is the section.
80KN-m. Assume the basic DL + LL c. Determine the maximum flexural strength of
combination governs. the beam.
d. If the beam is 5m long, find the maximum
concentrated service live load acting at the
midspan that can be supported by the beam.

2. Using USD method, design a singly reinforced

beam that would reach a net tensile strain of
0.005 having a width of 200mm and 5m long
with steel ratio not exceeding 1.2%. The beam
carries a dead load of 20KN/m including its own
weight and live load of 20KN/m. Use
f’c=27.6MPa and fy = 414 MPa. Use minimum
effective concrete cover of 63.5mm. At ultimate
condition, U= 1.2DL + 1.6LL
a. Calculate the factored moment.
b. Calculate the required effective depth of
the beam.