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Solve of 100 questions: oN ‘1. Hypokalemia causes- Hyperaldosteronism, Frasemide , Thiazide, vomiting , diairhea 2. Hyperkalemia causes-Spironolactone, Cell injury, Addison’s disease , DKA, cvs) ‘wen |. Hyponatremia causes-Excess solute free saline, Gastric outlet obstruction, Diarrhea, primary polydipsia, heart failure, 4. Hemolytic anemia triad-anemia , Jaundice Splenomegaly 5. Charcot’s triad includes- Jaundice, Abdominal pain, fever 6. Beta blocker contraindications —Diabetes, Bronchial asthma, Sinus bradycardia u Fs 8 w Bronchial Asthma Rx bronchodilator-Salbutamol , salmetrol, Ketotifen ’ ITN endocrine causes- Cushing syndrome, Conn’s syndrome, Hypothyroidism , Thyrotoxicosis 9. Left heart failure features- Gallop rhythm, Basal crepitation, orthopnea 4 10. Abnormal fetal presentation —Breech , Oblique Compound , face, Brow 11. Pulmonary tuberculosis C/F-Cough , Hemoptysis, Weight loss , Evening fever 12. Appendicitis — C/F- pointing sign, Rovsins sign, Obturator sign , psoas sign 13. Cholecystitis C/F —Righthypochondriac pain , Nausea vomiting, Murphy's sign positive 14. CRF clinical features-Anemia , Hypertension, Weight loss , small kidney, bone osteodystrophy 15. Inguinal hernia- features-Cough impulse positive , Get above the swelling negative, Inguinoscrotal swelling , treatment is surgery, H/O urine obstruction or constipation. 16, ECG changes in Hyperkalemia —Prolong QRS complex, Tall T wave 17, Parkinson disease triad-Bradykinesia , Rigidity g tremor 18. Hemorrhagic Stroke — features- Hemiplegia, Unconsciousness, Vomiting , HO HTN 19, SLE —features- alopecia, oral ulcer, rash, arthiritis, serosititis , kidney failure, ANA positive | 20. Filariasis — types- Occult , Clas: \ 21. Causes of Post partum mortality-PPH, Obstructed labor, Sepsis , eclampsia, 22. Clotting time increases in-Hemophilia, DIC, Christmas disease 23. APTT increases-DIC, Warfarin therapy , Liver disease 24. Hydrocele features-Scrotal swelling Transilluminant, Get above the swelling possible, Cough impulse negative, may be congenital, Rx- Lords or Jabouly procedure 25, Causes of skin blisters-Viral infection, Drug reaction Stephen Johnson syndrome 26. Organisms can cross the placenta-Toxoplasma , HIV, Rubella, Herpes, 27. O2 -Hb curve shift to right — Acidosis, Raised DPG, Raised temperature, hypoventilation 28. Female contraceptive methods-Condom , Copper T, OCP, Tubectomy, diaphragm, 29. Sign of cerebellar disorder-Dysdiadochokinesia, Ataxia , intention tremor, Positive Heel shin test , scanning speech, hypotonia, Rombergs sign positive 30. Microcytic Hypochromic anemia causes- Thalassemia , [ron deficiency anemia 31. Tumor marker—AFP, C PSA,LDH CA-125, pre tant 32. UTI diagnosis by —Urine RE , Urine C/S, USG of KUB ( when pus cell >10*5) 33. Ovarian carcinoma associated with Hemorrhagic Ascites . Bilateral involvement , Fixed lump , Broken capsule 34. Uterine support —Angle of uterus, Ligaments ‘of uterus, Perineum 35. Staphylococcus aureus diseases-Food poisoning , Abscess, Scalded skin syndrome, boil, curbuncle, Toxic shock syndrome 36. RBC maturation factors-Vitamin B12, Folic acid 37. Kala- azar Diagnosis —Staining, Rk39 test, Culture NNN media), CFT, aldehyde test, antimony test _ 38, Raised ESR causes —Tuberculosis, Malignancy . RA, Multiple myeloma 39. Mitral ste Hemoptysis, Loud first weer sound, In left as 41. Vitamin K dependent factors- Factor 2,7, 9,10 . ae a2. Mate morppology-Non nucleated, Smallest cell, Related to Hemostasis, Release rowth factor, calcium, serotonin, = ; 43. Cataract definition ~Opacity of lens, Dimness of vision , con 44, Vitamin A deficiency features Night blindness, Corneal ulcer, comeal fundus. ‘i 45. Causes of Croupy cough- Para influenza virus, Respiratory syne 46. Newly added vaccines (EP1)-Hlb, HBV 47, Type 3 hypersensitivity example-RA, AGN, farmers lung, 48. Major criteria of RF-Card hams chorea , Erythema marginatum subcutaneous nodule 49. Hyperemesis Gravidorum C/F-Debyd imbalance , hypocalemia, tetany ‘50. Pre malignant eondition-Adenoma of colon, Solar keratosis, Erythroplakia, Leveoplakia 51. Metabolic acidosis causes-Diabetec ketoacidosis,Lactic acidosis, ARF, 52. False negative MT test- Neonate HIV, 53. Indications of Karyotyping- Ambiguous forensic investigation 54, Iceberg phenomenon diseases- 5S. Retroperitoneal structure- Adrenal gland, Kidney, Uterus, 56. Upper Mediastinum contents-Arch of aorta, Trachea, Esophagus, Thymus , nerves, 57. Thyroid function test — Serum TSH, Serum T3, 14, Isotope scanning 58, Exudates features- High protein, High specific gravity, due to inflammation 59, Cholecystectomy incisions- Kocher's incision, Right upper paramedian, roof top incision 2x60, Wound healing delayed by- FISTULA elaboration 61. Steroid — side effects- Cushing syndrome features 62. True labor pain- Intermittent pain, increase amount of pain, Bearing down, Reddish Discharge 63, Fibroid uterus complications - Infertility , IUGR, Preterm labor, Menorrhagia, anemia, 64, Gestational Diabetes complications- Polyhydramnios, Macrosomia, PPH, Puerperal sepsis 65. Molar pregnancy Diagnosis by ~ Serum HCG, USG of Uterus, Serum HCG 66. Intrauterine growth retardation causes ~ Maternal infection, Fibroid uterus, bicornuate uterus, s, ve Glaucoma features -Severe unilateral eye pain, Photophobia, lacrimation, nmon in old age, Rx is ICCE Corneal fundus, Bitot’s spot, *ytial virus, corona virus itis , Polyarthritis, Syden ration, Metabolic alkalosis, Raised urea level, Electrolyte genitalia, For paternity test, For genetic diagnosis, In HTN, Diabetes mellitus, thyroid disease, TB, malignancy bladder, Aorta contracted pel 67. Acute conges Redness, Headache 68, Malunion causes-Instability of fracture site, Inadequate blood supply, Infection 69, Common Fracture types in elderly patient-Colle’s fracture, Fracture neck femur, pathological fracture 70. Rheumatoid arthritis criteria Upper limb, small joints, Symmetrical, Extra articular features prominent , female, 6 weeks or more 11. ophrenia diagnosis by - ABCD 72, Facial nerve palsy clinical features — asymmetry of face, inability to close eye, Loss of nasolabial fold, Loss of wrinkling of skin in forehead, deviated to normal side 73, Pyramidal tract lesion features/UMNL- ~Babinski sign positive, Jerk increased, No Muscle wasting, clonus present 74, First line Anti TB therapy -INH, Rifampicin, Pyrazinamide, ethambutol, streptomycin 75, Autosomal dominant example —see the box O96. X linked recessive example — Hemophilia , Diabetes insipidus , Christmas disease 77. Hemophilia features — Deficiency of factor VIII or IX, Increase clotting time, Usually present swith hemarthrosis , intracranial hemorrhage common 78. Hyperthyroidism / hypo... C/F- see the box 79. Bacillary dysentery C/F- Shigella, Blood mixed stool, Mucous very high, very virulent, Enterobacteriacea 80. Rabies virus features ~ Bullet shaped, Skin route , Laryngospasm common, 100% mortality , vaccine available 81, Mumps complications —-Orchitis, Pancreatitis Myocarditis , oophoritis 82. Causes of Polyarthritis -RF, RA, SLE 83. Causes of meningitis in adult - Neisseria meningitides, Preumococcus, Hemophyllus , Mycobacterium Tuberculosis 84, Falciparum Malaria complications — Hemolysis, Hemoglobinuria, Renal failure Black water fever algid malaria 85. Complications of HTN = Left Heart failure, Stroke , Renal failure, IHD. 86. Risk factors of CVD (cerebrovascular disease) = Obesity, Smoking, AV malformation, HTN , DM 87. Features of Acromegaly — Prognathism, Soft tissue overgrowth , Increase acral part, DM, HTN. 88. Myasthenia gravis features Autoimmune disease, Ptosis is common, Muscle weakness, Loss of parasympathetic activity 89. Sign of raised ICP —Bradycardia , HTN, Labored respiration 90. Polio virus features -Feco oral virus, Fever, Flaccid paralysis, cord 91. Massive proteinuria MM, Amyloidosis, NS , eclampsia 92. CIF of nephritic syndrome/AGN- Hematuria , Edema ,HTN, Oliguria 93. Base of heart is formed by- Left atrium, Part of right atrium, Contains coronary sinus, Lies posteriorly 94, Pre anesthetic medication name—Atropine, Omeprazole, Antibiotic. Pethedine 95, Facilitated diffusion is directly proportional fo- Surface area , Pressure gradient 96. Insulin action on metabolism — Increase glycolysis, Increase TCA cycle, Increase protein synthesis, Increase fat synthesi 97. Secondary dysmenorrhea causes — Fibroid uterus, Adenomyosis, PID 98, Hysterectomy indications- Early cervical cancer, Adenomyosis, Fibroids, Uterine prolapsed 99. Type 2 hypersensitivity- Autoimmune hemolytic anemia, Rheumatic fever 100. Steroid indications Bronchial asthma, anaphylaxis, allergy, Adrenal TB, addisons disease, involves ant. hom cell of spinal nerve palsy, meningitis, pleural effusion.