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Health Impact

A Tool to Make Your Community Healthier

Health is affected by the conditions
where we live, learn, work, and play
Transportation Health Care These social
Economic Stability determinants can
be impacted
by government
policies and
Health Housing physical changes
in our
such as a new
Neighborhood Social Engagement

Health Impact Assessments HIA Goal:
(HIAs) To give a voice to community concerns,
provide decision-makers with
What is an HIA? recommendations, and help ensure that
An HIA is a tool that assess and reports health is protected and inequities are reduced
how a policy or project will impact the
health of people living in the surrounding When to perform HIA?
area, and makes recommendations on Before a project starts or a 
how to make the policy or project more policy is finalized
health friendly 
Who performs HIA?
Trained public health 
professionals from universities
or health departments

What is the HIA Process? Outcomes
1. When a policy or  2. an HIA is automatically
development project is under required or a community can Transparency: the plans,
consideration... request one be completed. dealings, and expected
results of the project are
clear to the community 

3. Public Health Professionals 4. They review the project or Accountability: politicians
measure the project's impact. policy, discuss with and developers are held to
stakeholders and residents, certain agreed upon project
and determine what action is standards
needed to ensure the health of
the affected community.
5. They report these findings Equity: the health of
to decision-makers. marginalized, under-
groups is prioritized