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Love Yourself Justin Bieber ? 1. Fillin the gaps with the missing words, Verse t For allthe times that yet! onmy parade Andall the ‘you get in esing my name You think you broke my _ oh. gil for goodness’ sake Vou thine Fn ‘ony own, Well Laine Chorus: What do the following words Andi didn’ wanna write a mean? ‘Causel didnt wanc anyone thinking [sti care, Ldor't, But you stil hit my up And baby, I be movin’ on ‘And think you shouldbe somethin'I don't wanna hold back, Maye you should that What words use apostrophes instead of writing outthe ‘complete word? (Not contractions.) 2. Order the sentences. And Inever like to admit that | was wrong tm better looping on ny own burnow Hinow, My mama don't ikeyou and she likes everyone didn't soe what's geirg on Ana ve been so camgitup ia my job, 2. Flin the gaps with the missing words, ‘Cause ityou ike the way you thatmuch Dh, baby, you should go and love yourselr AAndifyou think that 'm stil holdin’ on to someth You should go and ove yoursel! Verse2 ‘And wien you told me that you iy friends Theorly ___was with you and not them And every time you told men. was wrong, And tried to make me “where Teame from cuorus For allthe times that you made me feel smal tellin ‘Now [feel nothin’ ata And neverfelt solow when twas Wasta to let yourbreakedown my walls?