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Welcome to the Inaugural Mixed/Augmented/Virtual Reality Conference!

We are so pleased that you have joined us and would like to take this op-
portunity to thank you for your support of AR/VR/MR in the Mid-Atlantic
region. Without the fantastic work that you and your peers in the region
are doing, there would be no reason for the conference, so thank you! We
hope that you will find the sessions interesting, the demos fascinating, and
the connections you make invaluable.

We have two fantastic days of talks planned in the Ballrooms, and some
great demos available in Rever Hall of Fame. The Speaker/Work room is
on the opposite side of the rotunda, and all are welcome to use it when you
need to check email, charge your devices, or find a quiet area to talk. The
wifi passwords are available from the reception desk. We have two coffee
breaks scheduled each day, as well as lunch in Room B, and we hope you
will stay for the reception at the end of the first day. The first hour’s drinks
are on us!

I’d like to thank our Speakers, Advisors, and Sponsors, without whom none
Sponsors of this would be possible!
Time Ballroom A Heise Ballroom
9:15am Opening Remarks
Avatar and agent movements for Social VR
AR Is White Hot, VR Is Not, Yet
9:45am Dinesh Manocha - University of Maryland,
Charlie Fink - Forbes,
College Park
Data-Rich Observation of Humans in Virtual
Disinformation in Future Reality
10:15am Worlds
Justin Hendrix - NYC Media Lab
Lee Boot - UM Baltimore County
10:45am Break
Leveraging XR Technology to Further
Social Impact Goals
Susanna Pollack - Games for Change
Cezara Windrem – AARP Immersed in Immersive Design
Dr. Marc Ruppel - National Endowment for Sean T. McBeth - XR Developer
Emma Mankey Hidem - SunnySide VR
Rachel Henderson - Warschawski
12:05pm Lunch
Building a Better World: Why Diversity and Designing an Avatar with Amazon Sumerian
Inclusion Matters in All Realities for Virtual Cultural Heritage Projects
Jen MacLean - International Game Developers’ Kashyap Sridhar - VRUXDC
Association (IGDA) Rob Cloutier - Digital History Studios
How can Virtual Reality Improve Police-
Expanding the effectiveness of safety train-
Civilian Encounters?
1:50pm ing through virtual reality.
Dr. Rashawn Ray - University of Maryland,
Geoff Gill - Mosaic Learning
College Park
Reconstructing Reality: From Physical
Where are we now? 360 video in Journalism
World to Virtual Environments
2:25pm Josh Davidsburg - University of Maryland,
Dr. Ming C Lin - University of Maryland, College
College Park
Fostering an XR Community in the
Succeeding Your Way Out of Business In
2:55pm VR: A How-To
Nick DeMatt - Johns Hopkins Applied Physics
Demetri Detsaridis - Experiment 7
3:25pm Break
VR HUD Navigation UI/UX for First
Using Virtual Reality at the NIST
3:45pm Measurement Science Laboratory
Hurriyet Aydin Ok - VRT-U
Dr. Judith Devaney Terrill - NIST
Jonathan Powell - Look On Media
Lost City of Mer: inspiring RW action
Keeping Stem Real in Virtual Reality
4:15pm through a cross-platform VR experience
Jennifer Javornik - Filament Games
Liz Canner - Lost City of Mer, LLC
Novel Perception
Extending The Experience
4:45pm Ariel M. Greenberg - Johns Hopkins Applied
Joseph Cathey - Capitol Interactive
Physics Laboratory
5:15 Reception
Time Ballroom A Heise Ballroom
9:15am Opening Remarks
AR in Higher Education: What students are
Imagining Future Cities
already doing to visualize and what we can
9:30am Dr. M A Greenstein - MaMax Studio / Art Center
do to help.
College of Design
Joseph Schiarizzi - Fourth Wave
Augmented Reality: Making Surgery Safer
Dr. Amitabh Varshney - University of Maryland,
Around The World In 360 Degrees
10:00am College Park
Mark E Lambert - VArtisans
Dr. Sarah Murthi - University of Maryland,
10:30am Break
3D Acquisition and Rendering for AR and
NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Func-
VR Applications
10:50am tions meets Virtual Reality
Dr. Matthias Zwicker - University of Maryland,
Sandy Ressler - NIST
College Park
Collaborative VR supporting Cybersecurity Leveraging Immersive Media in Education
- Lessons Learned and Insights Justin Berry - Yale
11:20am Alex Rieschick - Army Research Lab Nick Jushchyshyn - Drexel University
Barry Byrd - Army Research Lab Susan Poulton - Door 44 Digital
Lee Trossbach - Army Research Lab Tom Armbruster - 209 Group
12:20pm Lunch
Building an XR Lab on a Budget
Interaction design for mobile VR
1:20pm Blake Schreurs - Johns Hopkins Applied Phys-
Jeremie Lasnier - LiveLike VR
ics Laboratory
Scene Reconstruction Engines – A critically
needed component for improving the AR / Immersive Earth Science: VR Connects the
1:50pm VR experience. Dots Between Data and Reality
Karthik Murthy - Quidient Shayna Skolnik - Navteca
Scott Ackerson - Quidient
Enhancing Cyber Defense Situational Mixed Reality for Mission Impact: Lessons
2:20pm Awareness Using 3D Visualizations Learned Exploring Geospatial Concepts
Kaur Kullman - US Army Research Lab Jordan Higgins - Byte Cubed
2:50pm Break
Transmedia - Everyone is a Hero
Businesses Moving the Needle with AR and Skye Von - little GIANT Wolf
VR Virtual Reality, Music and Pain: An
Moderator: Will Gee - Balti Virtual Interdisciplinary Approach to Pain
Dr. Gislin Dagnelie - The Johns Hopkins Wilm- Management
3:40pm er Eye Institute Craig Kier - Maryland Opera Studio
Elizabeth Muse - University of Virginia Dr. Amitabh Varshney - University of Maryland,
John J. Thompson - Northrop Grumman College Park
Dr. Luana Colloca - UMB School of Nursing
Evidence-based VR Therapy: The surprising
Adaptive Immersive Analytics
role of narrative and play
4:15pm Andrea Batch - iSchool at University of
Daniel Greenberg - Media Rez
Russell Shilling – Fmr DARPA PM/ Consultant
4:45pm Closing Remarks