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December 16, 1974


SUBJECT : Prohibition of Field Investigation During the Christmas Season

TO : All internal revenue officers and others concerned

For the guidance of all concerned, there is quoted hereunder the provisions of Department
Order No. 43-74, dated December 3, 1974, which grounds for the duration of the
Christmas Season all agents and examiners engaged in field investigation:
"In line with Presidential Decree No. 46, dated November 10, 1972, and in order to
avoid any misinterpretation on the part of the public, all agents and examiners of
the Department of Finance Proper, Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Insurance
Commission, who are engaged in field investigation, are hereby grounded for the
duration of the Christmas season.

"Each bureau or office may adopt its own rules as to who should be exempted
from this order.


Secretary of Finance"

In accordance with the foregoing, all fieldmen are hereby enjoined not to conduct field
investigation beginning today up to January 3, 1975. In case it becomes necessary to do
so, the permission of the undersigned should be secured by sending appropriate
communication detailing the reason/reasons why a field investigation should be
immediately conducted during the grounding period.
Revenue Inspectors and other fieldmen assigned in cigarette factories; distilleries;
compounders; gasoline terminals, depots and bulk stations; and other establishments
wherein inspectors are assigned during the hours that the factories or establishments are
operating are exempted from this prohibition.
Revenue Operations Heads, Regional Directors, Division Chiefs, Revenue District Officers
and other supervisors are hereby held responsible for the strict compliance of the
provisions of Department Order No. 43-74 and this circular and any violation will be
administratively dealt with. cdtai

Commissioner of Internal Revenue

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