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This communication between the real estate agent and us transpired since November
2017 until October 2018. As it provides a big picture into our intentions and motives for
starting Love For Life, we thought it was time to share it in full. We've sanitised the
details of the real estate agent.

Fiona and Arthur Cristian
Love For Life



6th November 2017

Dear Fiona and Arthur


I refer to the subject property you are currently leasing through our agency.

We confirm that your owners have recently driven past the property and have advised
our office that they would like the following items addressed with you immediately.

1. All structures and pot plants to be removed from the driveway and to the side of the
driveway and access to the home must be kept clear at all times.

2. All plants in the front yard and garden beds must be kept to a reasonable height so
that the house is fully visible from the street.

3. No structures or garden beds to be affixed to the house or fence at the property
under any circumstances.

4. Nothing to be placed in the front yard area that will detract from the overall
presentation of the property.

It should also be noted that the water meter in the front garden bed MUST remain
clear and easily accessible at all times in the event of a plumbing issue at the property.

Upon vacating the property you will also need to ensure that all plants, garden beds
and associated structures are removed from the property, the yard repaired with fresh
top soil and lawn in accordance with the original ingoing condition report completed on
the property.

Your immediate attention to these items is greatly appreciated.

Yours Sincerely
Senior Portfolio Manager
(Sanitised All Contact And Address Details Of The Agent)


10th December 2017

Dear (Sanitised),

In response to your letter dated 6th November 2017, please consider the following:

We've used the driveway as a temporary location for various food in large pots on
bricks and pavers we normally grow out back while we are upgrading some of the
larger back garden beds into one bed using hardwood. And as explained to you
months ago, we will be moving all the pots from the driveway, all of them sitting on
pavers, before the end of this year. Currently all pots have now been removed from the
east side of the driveway and the driveway has been cleaned. All that remain on the
west side are 6 large pots on bricks and pavers with fruit trees placed there late
October 2017 and these will also be removed when the hardwood upgrades out back
have been completed this year and we have removed all the beds and pots down the
east side of the back garden. The food production tasks behind the temporary two of
three rows of frames made of tomato stakes nearest to the western side of the
driveway have concluded and have also been removed.

The native garden at the front of the house has been pruned as usual. The house is
mostly visible from most aspects of the street. Please note that number 9 and number
13 are also only partly visible from the street due to hedges planted by the current
occupants. Number 11 is also set back much further from the street than number 9,
hence there being more space in front of the house to create gardens and why number
9 seems to be more visible. The garage of number 11 is as close to the street as the
whole width of the house at number 9. The two tall Robinias in front of the house, the
plane tree in the front, south eastern corner of the block and the hedges forming the
continuation of the fence line between number 9 and number 11 were all planted by
the previous occupants of number 11, now living in number 9. This impacts anyone
driving down (Sanitised) Street from east to west because not much of the house can
be seen until you are directly in front of it.
We actually love all this because, with the native garden that we have planted out front,
it has contributed to making a wind break and sun trap of up to 3 - 5 metres because
the prevailing winds here are south to south west, as well as west, and wind tunnels
form down the sides of the house. These winds are cold all year round and they howl
around the house but they are gradually diminishing because of the trees in the garden
of number 13, that are a Silky Oak, conifers and various deciduous trees that now
come high over the fence of number 11. Some of the wind is now forced higher over
the house so that we do not experience the affects of it so much, and this will continue
to improve as the wind trap and sun trap grows. This makes being outside much more

East Bowral has some of the worst frost in the Southern Highlands, which often kills off
the lawn but, through the increase of trees planted in the area, less of the garden is
being affected. East Bowral is recognised as being the greenest suburb (i.e. with the
most trees per acre) in Australia, if not the Southern Hemisphere. This is growing with
more and more trees being planted everywhere, month by month.

As for anything in the front yard detracting from the overall presentation of the property,
we regularly receive comments from neighbours and passers by (in the hundreds,
thanks to word of mouth spreading) to the effect that the front garden is the most
attractive garden in this street and the surrounding streets. We have also noticed a big
increase in bird, insect and reptile life, especially bees. Many of those who talk to us
complain that they don't see any bees in their gardens. We don't have that problem,
probably because we don't use any poisons, toxins or chemicals in the garden and
have been encouraging neighbours to do the same, to show that there are natural
ways of gardening that increase biodiversity rather than destroying it. We probably
have enough bees to spread the pollen in the gardens of the surrounding streets and

We moved here in November 2005, when our family battles quickly began against the
organised crime syndicate of perpetrators inside Macquarie Bank and the Bar who
stole what would today be worth around $2.5 million by ignoring the fraud of Macquarie
Bank staff inventing contracts that we had nothing to do with, which were then used to
switch with originating approval documents while using the law to enforce the taking of
possession of the family home, all the while the judges ignored all the incontrovertible
evidence of the fraud we presented. They were determined to protect Bill Moss and his
bank and its Perpetual Limited.

Out of this fraud, two cash flow businesses, one 20 years old, and the family home
were stolen from us. We went from around a $4000 per week income over 20 years to
Centrelink parenting payments when we never committed a crime, broke the peace,
injured anybody or did anything wrong. We were setting everything up for semi-
retirement. During the first 6 years we were here, we didn't do any gardening apart
from general maintenance because we were too bogged down with these battles, but,
when the dust was settling in around 2011, we realised that the only choice was to
either take up guns and start killing the perpetrators or to find a much bigger picture,
peaceful solution to this problem, which is where we have ended up, with Arthur
completely out of "The System" (with all contracts dropped from 2006, never to be
used or renewed again) to focus on this conspiracy against innocent, everyday
Australians. We could not see the point in Arthur going back into "The System" again
and making money again when it could all be taken, as has happened to many
thousands of innocent Australians.

Along the way, as the dust was settling, we have experienced four assassination
attempts, one with our then 2 year old daughter in the car, Fiona being kidnapped and
a supporter, a multi-millionaire in his seventies, who helped us to re-claim the family
home (with a well known Sydney dentist also in his seventies) by changing the locks
and staying in the family home for us for four days, who, along with his wife (also in her
seventies), were both hog-tied, gagged, hooded and tortured for hours with a bullet put
through his hip by two men who broke into his home in balaclavas, very early in the
morning the day after he came back home and took only an old computer and a small,
cheap Grandfather clock. The story was due to appear on all the major news stations
and in all the major newspapers which had representatives all around him when he
called us from his hospital bed to tell us what was happening, but was pulled at the last
moment, between 6 and 7pm.

Back then, we all agreed it was because we had been documenting everything that
was happening to us on the Love For Life website that we launched in December
2006, and we were also receiving and documenting hundreds of stories from many,
many Australians who had also had their businesses destroyed and homes and assets
stolen by similar organised crime syndicates, despite none of them having had any
issues with defaulting on payments or any bad debts.

We were left close to destitution and poverty but we realised that what had happened
to us was not important any more because there were many who had lost far, far more
than we ever had, from hundreds of millions to hundreds of thousands, with many of
them having family members committing suicide because of the shame, trauma and
stress of losing everything they had worked so hard for for many years. In some
families, people died in strange circumstances, leaving their family members deeply
suspicious. They all had unloseable cases but they were all losing.

What shocked us the most was the lack of community immunity; everyone around us
just assumed everything would be sorted out and the vast majority of people do not
have the time to put aside their responsibilities and come to stand by the side of those
who are being harmed by the top end of town. We were left as easy pickings, just as all
the other people we heard from were easy pickings. Those behind these crimes control
the media, the courts and the police, and all facets of "The System", and we realised
that there was a much bigger, international picture to look at.
Most around us did not believe that the conspiracy we were talking about was that
large so we decided to prove a point. In 2005, we did not pay a not voting fine of
$25.00 x 2 or a $65.00 fine for not changing the address for the registration of the
family dog. With the website having been launched in December 2006, and the
ramifications of not paying these fines dragging on until 2010, you can find in the Love
For Life website the documentation of the enormous effort put in by Federal and State
Government Departments, the State Debt Recovery Office, etc, where they spent up to
half a million dollars to get back $115.00, and this is happening on what is supposed to
be the land of the free. With multi millions of unique IP addresses/browsers visiting the
website (today it is heading towards four hundred million), what we did upset a lot of
people in the top end of town because of the precedence we have established and
how we have been helping tens of thousands of Australians ever since to defeat third
party debt collection agencies and the law itself in courts before judges/magistrates.

With four very young daughters that we were responsible for, we realised that we had
to do something to end this crime against the people and we have dedicated the last
12 years to this and the remedy to the problem, and we will continue to do so for the
rest of our lives. We realised that creating and expanding food forests (gardening) to
provide healthy, living food for the family and independence from the shops is the way
to go and this is now how Arthur provides for the family on a full time basis. Instead of
being an income earner, he grows high quality food for the family and encourages
others to do the same so that we can learn to do without the providers of "The System"
with all its garbage and offerings of harm and stop giving all our power away to those in
control of "The System". The value of what he brings to the family now is far more than
when he had a business with staff levels of up to 30. For your interest, there are
millionaires, many with great wealth, on both sides of Arthur's family and he has never
asked any of them for help, nor told them about what has happened to us. He prefers
to stand on his own two feet and deal with everything himself. We have created the
gardens here with hardly any money, just with lots of ingenuity and hard work.

We realised that the key principals are land, food, shelter, water and every MAN has a
natural, inherent legacy and inheritance of earth/nature to live by. Because what are
we without this? Are we scum? Are we slaves to be treated as something less than
someone else? Are we less entitled to live truly free on the land as a free MAN with full
responsibility for everything we think, feel and do, and provide food, shelter and water
for our family? Are we slaves or are we free? Take this natural inheritance away from a
MAN and you force that MAN into uncertainty which forces the MAN under the power
and control of another MAN. This is slavery, educated slaves (covert) or not (overt).
This is what is coming into the halls of power of "The System" and this is why the Love
For Life work is hated by those in power.

Arthur is not a slave because he no longer exists in "The System" and he carries the
full responsibility for the land here. He does not accept government handouts,
Medicare, etc, and he works with young people to show them that life is a gift on a do
no harm path. Those high up in the law are terrified of Arthur because they know that
their law no longer applies to Arthur here on this land that he cares for.

We are a clean living family. We do not drink alcohol, smoke, gamble or take drugs,
recreational or Big Pharma. We do not kill animals to eat them, nor consume any
animal products apart from sustainably harvested honey. We do not carry weapons
and we are not Ned Kellys or revolutionaries. We are not part of any cult, sect, religion,
movement, think tank, political party and we do not have any alignment with any
groups or societies, secret or not. We are just a simple everyday family who see life as
a gift on a do no harm path where nobody owns anything of nature/earth. This can be
seen very clearly in the Love For Life insight work that we do, particularly after 3.5
thousand debates, many with experts in all areas of "The System" all across earth,
none of whom can prove what we are saying to be wrong and lies. All they can offer is
opinions, belief and faith, none of which are proof of fact.

We go where the truth takes us and we are not interested in lies or in processing the
curses associated with them. We are not interested in creating mischief or controversy
where there is none and we always operate from full disclosure about our intentions
and actions. We see honour and respect as paramount and we always drum this into
the young people we help. Our daughters do very well at school, academically,
physically and socially. They are involved in local music and sporting events and are
very well liked and respected in the wider community. We always look after the house
and ensure that the rent is paid a few days in advance, something we have done
throughout the time we have been here, even when we have been struggling to put
food on the table. Our power bills, etc, are always paid. There are supporters out there
who help us and this is growing.

For the last twelve years, we have been a free source of counselling to many
thousands of Australians with all kinds of problems, from financial, to sickness, to
suicidal tendencies, to just wanting to comprehend how and why we, all of us, have
managed to create such a disaster of poverty, homelessness, sickness, inequality,
discrimination, etc, all across earth. We do not advertise or promote what we do and
we charge nothing for what takes a large part of our daily lives.

Having been here twelve years now, we are very settled here but we would like the
opportunity to move to a bigger piece of land at some stage, transitioning over 6-12
months as we gradually dismantle everything here and set up infrastructure on the new
property. While the house could do with a re-paint and new carpets, we are happy for
things to remain as they are as we do not like rent increases!

If you are interested in reading more on the insights we have worked out over the last
12 years, read and watch the contents of these three, enormous Love For Life threads:
[***Note: first see the update on the Love For Life (LFL) website near the bottom of this

The Selfie Of Freakenstein

The Satanic Craft Of Inculcation In Practice

Love For Life Website Home Page Quick User Guide

Back to the garden and your letter............

Any structures or garden beds that have been placed near to the house or to the
fences have been done so with great care and consideration taken to ensure that no
damage is caused. Along the fences we put chicken wire and then double thickness
200mu commercial/industrial/builders grade black plastic. In the beds we put car tyres
to both support the weight of the soil and provide insulation so that the soil retains
some warmth in winter. Then we floated treated pine along the top of the tyres and
between this and the plastic, we put blue metal to keep out rats and mice and to
ensure that no erosion or damp is introduced to the fences. The beds are not reliant on
the fences. We are fully aware of the damage that can be caused to a fence by soil
and so we have gone to great trouble to ensure that the fences are protected. Looking
at the fences from the neighbours' side, it is clear to see that the fences are in good
condition, with any wear and tear due to weathering and age.

Free standing garden beds that have been put down the western side of the house are
not attached to the house and have been designed to be easily removed. The beds are
made with hardwood and all have 200mu black plastic lining them to ensure that no
moisture goes onto either the hardwood or the house. We also regularly hose behind
and underneath the free standing beds to ensure that there is no build up of mulch and

A small shed on the western side of the property made of lattice and plastic is also
floating off the fence and is free standing apart from a few screws in the main posts of
the fence, no different to people drilling holes into walls, ceilings, doors, etc, to hang
whatever, big and heavy or small and light. The big bed at the western front of the
property was built along the Leylandii trees planted by the neighbours at number 13.
There was no fence there and the Leylandiis had stopped the light needed to properly
grow the lawn on that side of the driveway so that it was mostly dirt.

The hothouse at the back of the garden was also floated off the fence with just a few
screws going into the main posts of the fence. All the structures we have built are
designed to have minimal impact on the property and to be easily removed. We intend
to build another green house and shed so that everything works powerfully here, and
these will also be deigned for minimal impact and easy removal.

With regards to access to the water metre, the only bushes near the access to the
water metre were planted by the previous occupants now living in number 9, and have
been pruned to allow access. I was outside the last time the water metre reader came
around and I asked him if the access was good enough and he said it was fine.

In addition to the points made in your letter, I would like to present the following points:

We have made considerable improvements to the property, most of them to deal with
problems that we were experiencing.

The previous occupants planted Leylandii Pines at the rear of the back garden and
along the fence between Numbers 9 and 11 (Sanitised) Street. These trees are
problem trees that can grow up to 40 metres high and 8 metres wide if left unattended.
They are not at all suitable for a suburban hedge. The Leylandiis planted along the
north facing backyard fence were causing shadow to reach further and further across
the lawn so that the grass, already just turf put onto clay, struggled to grow. They were
also causing a lot of problems to the neighbour in the battleaxe block behind us,
(Sanitised), as they were pushing in to the common fence. As the neighbour's ground
level is lower than ours, the bottom of his fence was being pushed out of place and
severely twisted by the roots and the trunks of the Leylandiis. We eventually removed
these trees and now the neighbour doesn't have any problems with the fence. And he
is happy with the building and look of the hothouse and the storage bays along the
back fence.

The Leylandii Pines between Numbers 9 and 11 (Sanitised) Street were growing tall,
up around 10 metres, possibly more, but when we requested that they be trimmed, the
owners only response was that they didn't plant them. Neither did we but we have
invested considerable time and effort to keep them at a manageable level. With the
help of two friends, in spring 2016, we took off up to 8 metres off the height of these
mature trees, put them all through a chipper and recycled it all in the garden a year
later as essential carbon material. The process involved me climbing up each tree and
tying a rope around the trunk, then one of our friends climbing up with a chainsaw to
cut it down while those below pulled the rope to make sure the trees landed without
causing any harm to either property. The whole process until storage took a full five

Then, approximately four months ago, the Leylandiis having shot up again to around 5
metres, with Arthur's help, I spent two days cutting them down to a manageable height
again, removing up to 3 metres from their height and I will have to re-cut the top very
soon, when I buy a Ryobi add on tool that can do the job without me having to climb up
and down in and out of the trees so that I can reach everything. We are greatly
concerned about the impact they will have on the fence and concrete paths next door
long term because they have been planted too close to the fence and will eventually
destroy it. If the owners would like these trees removed, sooner rather than later, we
are happy to do it for them and put in more functional trees to maintain the privacy
between the two houses.

The previous occupants also planted a vine along the eastern fence between the two
houses in the back garden and this was causing problems to the fence, twining
between the boards and under the top piece, causing it to twist and buckle. To protect
the fence, we had to remove this massive vine and hammer and screw the loosened
boards back into place. There was also a vine on the fence on the opposite side which
was causing similar problems. This vine had been planted in the garden of Number 13
and was removed from both sides with the agreement of the neighbours. A large
section of the back yard eastern fence was removed in November 2005 when the
current occupants of number 9 moved from number 11 to number 9 (Sanitised) Street.
This was done to make the move between the two houses easier. The concrete
footings of the fence had to be taken out and replaced when the move was completed.
I think the Property Manager at the time was (Sanitised), who now does the accounts
at (Sanitised). We have never undertaken any work of this nature on this property.

Another problem that we have faced due to the fact that the gravity lines for water
drainage from the back and sides of this property were very poorly done so that it
floods when we get heavy rain. Prior to us doing any gardening, massive puddles
would form on the eastern side of the house in the back garden, along the northern
side of the house and in front of the house. We used to joke that we had a swimming
pool at the side of the house. The rain would also rise up close to the level of the back
door when the rain was very heavy for days, as well as along the concrete path on the
western side of the house where the water would sometimes come up nearly to the
garage door. The only drainage in the back garden was two small drainage outlets that
were not put in correctly. To begin with, we cleaned them out and put fly screen under
the caps to prevent sticks and stones going down the drains and blocking them. When
we still experienced problems, we realised we had to do more and, as we have created
more structures in the back garden, we have made considerable improvements to the
drainage system.

Along the northern side of the house, where the water used to sit, we dug a deep
trench from near the clothes line to the back door and put in Ag Pipe (seeper pipe), as
well as putting lots of 20ml blue metal in the trench and around the ag pipe and all
around and above the drainage outlet to ensure that the water would get out to the
street fast. We went to considerable trouble to make sure that the Ag Pipe is on a
slope so that all the water flows from the back fence down to the trench and into the
seeper pipe and from there to the outlet. From the end of the concrete path down the
western side of the house, next to back door of the garage, we dug another deep
trench most of the way down to the street, and laid more Ag Pipe and blue metal,
finishing it at a point where the water would flow down into the water outlet into the
concrete gutter and down to the storm water drain. Near the garage door, we also put
in a stormwater pit surrounded by blue metal. None of this is visible as it has all been
covered up. Another deep trench with Ag Pipe down the eastern side of the house is
needed to stop the water creeping up to the back door, as well as through the middle
of the front lawn to the street because it builds up there too.The recent heavy rains
again flooded deep water to the back door and down the eastern side and front of the
house. To us, this needs to be done ASAP. When we save enough money we will do it.

With the heavy rains, on the front lawns to the street we no longer experience the clay
belt turning to mud as we have been building up the humus in the top soil and
transforming it into living soil. Just this spring, we have put around 3 tons of top soil
that we developed out back on to all the lawns out front of the house, to thicken and
strengthen it and we have naturally fertilised it. It is already improving and we are
shortly to top dress it again so that it finally becomes a very inviting lawn to relax on
this summer. We also feed it with a microbe brew that we make ourselves. This
increases the beneficial microbes in the soil and transforms the deep clay belt (full of
rubble) into deep, living soil.

We recognise that we have undertaken these projects without the expectation of any
remuneration from the owners and that they will remain intact when we leave. You
have always made it clear to us that the garden would have to be returned to lawn
when we leave and we have never had any argument with this. You have also taken
regular photographs of what we are doing to send to the owners and we have never
had any objection to this.

Other upkeep that we regularly do is clearing the roof gutters and angled roof lines, a
project that we are about to undertake again as the Silky Oak in the garden of number
13 has just about finished dropping its leaves. We also keep the driveway, paths and
porches clean and tidy, as well as maintaining the house and reporting any problems
to you, such as cracks in the architraves due to shifting foundations and damp spots on
the ceiling of the office, that have now dried up because Arthur adjusted some of the
roof tiles that had moved, allowing rain to get in. Paramount in everything we do is the
intention to protect and care for the house and land and nothing we have done has
caused any harm to either.

We started the garden out of a desire to grow food and as a way for Arthur to support
the family by keeping them fed with fresh living organic food as he was no longer
working in a job. We wanted to show that you don't need a lot of space to grow a lot of
food (Arthur estimates around 1.5 tons per year) and neighbours and passers by who
see what we have done are always very impressed, especially when we give them free
food which is what we are all about, we are not into making money from what we grow.
We also have volunteers come to stay with us from time to time to help in the garden
and learn what we are doing. They are usually young people who have seen videos of
what we have done on the internet and been inspired by what can be done in small
spaces if you are prepared to work hard and not have a victim mentality. This garden
has become quite famous on the internet (we do not advertise its location) and has
inspired a lot of people. We are all on land but we are without the basic tenets of water,
food and shelter because we have destroyed the food forest that provided everything
for our ancestors before "The System" came along. We are no different to many others
across earth showing the importance of restoring the food forests to future generations.

This time of the year is our busiest and we have just had a young woman staying with
us for almost three weeks, which was very helpful. She helped with a lot of spring
planting, as well as preparing for three of the long garden beds in the back garden to
be made into one large, flat bed that will increase our growing space for summer crops
that need full sun. This season is the first time we've managed to produce up to 2
metre tall plants from the hothouse and from the acclimatising area and have them
planted after the frost season ended mid/late November so that we can be producing
fruit/veges to eat by mid-late December instead of waiting to mostly late January, early
February each season since we started gardening here, September 2011. This augers
well for next season when we plan to increase our summer eating season from four
months to six to seven months.

With this letter, we are providing the big picture of what we are doing and why so you
and the owners can see what our intentions are. When we go, we will remove all
structures and plants and put it all back to just lawn. If any damage can be shown to
have been done, we will obviously pay for it.

Please send a copy of this letter to the owners of the property so that they can be
assured that we are taking our duty of care to their property very seriously. If they
would like to arrange a visit to inspect what we have done for themselves, they are
most welcome.

Fiona Cristian


Subject: Photos Of The Leylandii Trees Being Taken Down @ 11 Roycroft Street East
Bowral - Fiona Cristian
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2018 14:09:40 +1000
From: Love For Life Campaign
Organization: Love For Life
Hi Linda.
Here is a Facebook link to the Leylandii Trees being taken down on the front east side
of 11 Roycroft Street with photos from 2005 until today.
We have copied the Facebook explanation below.
All the best
Fiona Cristian (and Arthur Cristian)

Removal Of Leylandii Trees 28th July 2018 - Love For Life Garden

Leylandii trees starting to destroy the fence out front of the property and down the east
side. They were all planted far too close to the fence back in early 2005 by the
previous tenants and they are totally unsuitable as suburban hedging plants as they
can grow to 8 meters wide and 40 metres high and should not be planted closer than
45cm to a fence or wall, ideally no closer than 90cm. See: - To maintain privacy, we are going to put up treated
pine lattice on supporting posts and temporarily use black shade cloth until we plant 2
meter evergreen trees where next doors windows are, and a range of berries to grow
on the lattice, one of which has already been well established over 4 years and has
many runners that are over 5 metres. In amongst all this we are going to create garden
beds to both grow food and provide aesthetic appeal by having flowers, bulbs, herbs,
etc, as well as insect hotels, etc, making sure everything blends in nicely with the Love
For Life garden that we have been creating since 2011. For other photo albums on the
Love For Life Garden see:


On 28/07/2018 2:31 PM, Linda Cairns wrote:

Hi Fiona and Arthur,

Please be advised that the owner of the property has not given you consent to remove
any trees from the property.

Please ensure that NO trees are removed from the property whatsoever.

We will be in touch on Monday to discuss further.

Kind Regards
Linda Cairns
Senior Portfolio Manager LREA
Highlands Property
02 4861 0666
445 Moss Vale Road BOWRAL
PO Box 2074 BOWRAL


Re: Photos Of The Leylandii Trees Being Taken Down @ 11 Roycroft Street East
Bowral - Fiona Cristian

On 29/07/2018 10:49 PM, Love For Life Campaign wrote:

Hi Linda,
They were mostly already removed yesterday, refer to the photos uploaded to
Facebook here:

It was made clear to us a few years ago when we asked the owners to sort out the
maintenance of these trees and they replied through your agency saying they never
planted them, making it vey clear they took no responsibility for having them there.

This coming week we plan to put up lattice and berries over the lattice and other
evergreens in front of them for privacy. Again, refer to the photos, more were uploaded
early this evening, Sunday 29th July 2018. And we only just checked emails since we
wrote to you yesterday to see a reply from you.

Also, in the photos you can see how some of the trees had already gone through the
fence lining bending them east, for example see this one where we chainsawed the
trunk down the face of the fence line to straighten out the fence line:

We have trimmed and pruned these trees at least six times since we asked the owners
to deal with them a few years ago. We thought the trimming might have slowed them
down but instead they kept widening lower down and closing into the fence. Have just
put some photos up of how they looked a few years ago when we had helpers Scott
from Canada and Adon from Newcastle staying with us (manpower) back in late
2015/early 2016 when we asked the owners to get others in to trim and prune the
trees, so we we did it with Scott and Adon's help. This was a massive job which took
many days.

Fiona (and Arthur)


Re: Photos Of The Leylandii Trees Being Taken Down @ 11 Roycroft Street East
Bowral - Fiona Cristian

On 30/07/2018 2:27 PM, Linda Cairns wrote:

Hi Fiona and Arthur,

We will advise the owners of the property as to the events over the weekend.

Kind Regards
Linda Cairns
Senior Portfolio Manager LREA
Highlands Property
02 4861 0666
445 Moss Vale Road BOWRAL
PO Box 2074 BOWRAL



On 1/08/2018 12:18 PM, Linda Cairns wrote:

Hi Fiona and Arthur,

Further to our recent telephone message, we have received instructions from your
owners today to issue you with "No Grounds" Termination Notice as they require the

Please find herewith a copy of this Notice for your records. The original copy will be
sent in the mail today.

The final date for tenancy on the property will be 6 November, 2018 however, you can
vacate the property at any time whereby giving your standard ( 3 ) weeks notice. Rent
will be due and payable up until the date of vacant possession.
Kind Regards
Linda Cairns
Senior Portfolio Manager LREA
Highlands Property
02 4861 0666
445 Moss Vale Road BOWRAL
PO Box 2074 BOWRAL



On 4/08/2018 3:17 PM, Love For Life Campaign wrote:

Hi Linda,
Regarding your phone message and the Termination Notice I received in the mail, the
fact is that I will not be able to move out of here by November this year. I will have to
find a property with a long lease at a price I can afford that is suitable for moving
everything from the garden created here by us using a bobcat to remove all the garden
beds and soil to get the property back to where it was when we moved in, removing all
the native garden out front without damaging the property in any way and then laying
down a lawn. The lawn we leave behind will be of much better quality than the one we
came to as we have put an enormous amount of soil into the front lawn and Arthur has
spent hours feeding it and watering it, and the back lawn will be planted on good
quality soil rather than the deep clay belt that was there when we came here.

I wonder if you can find me suitable property at a cheaper/similar rent to what I am
paying now or whether I would even get approved for any houses because I am on a
low income? We often have a look on the internet at properties to rent in the area but
we have yet to find anything suitable.

When I was approved for this property, Arthur, through his business, had had an
average $4k per week income over the previous 20 years but, due to the
circumstances of our battles with Macquarie Bank, this income quickly disappeared as
Arthur gave away what remained of the business after the cash reserves were
destroyed (and the holiday rental income of $62k coming from my family home was
destroyed too), in order to dedicate his waking life to stopping the crime syndicate
stealing the family home and to be compensated for this terrible fraud. We thought that
we would only be living here for 6 to 12 months. We didn't think our lives would end up
the way they have.

To compound matters further, without explaining all the background as to why the
garden (because there is so much more to it than just food), why the Love For Life
insight work we do and why we have ended up in the direction we have, during 2006
Arthur completely dropped out of "The System" and has never returned - no tax file
number, credit card, bank account, drivers licence, medicare, govt. hand
outs/centerlink, passport, etc, and no black-market or cash jobs on the side.

As you know, we are keen to move from here when we can as we need far more space
to continue what we are doing but, until the right opportunity arises, limited as we are
by my financial situation, I really cannot afford to move. As we have explained to you
previously, some years ago, I actually applied to rent many properties with more land,
some of these with your agency, both with just me applying and applying with others,
but we were never accepted. This went on for many months until we gave up and
focused on expanding the garden here where we live.

Basically, there is a more than a very high possibility that we will still need to be living
on this property well past November this year and, really, unless the owners are
planning to sell the property in the immediate future, there is no need for us to be
asked to move out. We have not harmed this property in any way and, in fact, have
substantially improved it.

I have always paid the rent in advance, the bills are always paid, the house is looked
after and our maintenance demands are small as we take care of what we can
ourselves. We have always been honest and up front about what we are doing here,
have always agreed to photos being sent to the owners so that they can see what we
are doing, and have repeatedly said that the owners are welcome to come to meet us
and look at the property, if they have any concerns.

You and the owners may think that the garden is not really important, just a hobby, but
the garden is the way Arthur has been supporting our family by growing food over the
past seven years, ensuring that we save a lot of money on food bills, as well as not
having any pharmaceutical or medical bills due to our good health from eating freshly
grown, organic food. We also do not smoke, drink alcohol or eat meat, three very
expensive habits.

If we did not have fresh food coming from the garden, I would be unable to make ends
meet. As we have always made paying the rent the number one priority, we have got
used to living without lots of other essentials and we continue to live without essentials
if it means compromising the rent. We are skilled in these disciplines and this food
garden is absolutely critical to our daily well being and paying the rent and keeping us
from being homeless. Again, we never thought our lives would turn out like this.

We moved into this house November 2005 and, since mid 2006, we have not used any
electrical or gas heating appliances in this house to keep us warm from mid autumn to
mid spring - we just rug up each night living in mostly -5 to +5 temperatures most
winter nights in a house with very poor insulation. We have no fireplace either. This is
why my gas and electricity bills are always very low. We can't afford heating and
whatever money we have spare goes to maintaining and running the car and whatever
is needed for clothing, etc, and the garden.

My main family workhorse, a 1999 Subaru Outback Limited Series, died four months
ago and I do not have around $5k to overhaul the engine and get the blue slip/pink slip
in place and the car re-registered.

Also, if it wasn't for our three eldest daughters getting part time work after school or
higher level studies, I and our 4 daughters would not have been able to visit my elderly
parents in the UK recently. With help from many relatives in England, the daughters
savings paid for almost the whole of the $10k required to get them all there and back
safely and it took them 6 months to make all this happen. They may never have seen
their grandparents again if they had not gone.

Another factor is that Arthur receives gifts here and there from supporters of the Love
For Life work we do through its website and these gifts are used to fund garden and
other projects. Currently and for about 6 weeks now, the website has been down
because the 2005 Drupal 5 database used to build the 2006 Love For Life website has
not been supported by Drupal since 2010. It recently received serious security
breaches and needed to be taken down to protect the server. It is currently being
upgraded and rebuilt by someone supporting us in Spain and, while this is going on,
we are not receiving gifts. The website should be back up in a few weeks time.

We have become very skilled in juggling my finances so that we are able to make sure
that projects undertaken in the garden are always of a high standard aesthetically,
meaning that projects are planned for in advance to make sure that we can afford to do
them properly. Where we took short cuts in the early days, as we did everything with
very little money, we are gradually going back and improving everything, as finances

The combination of my income, the savings from Arthur growing food and the gifts
Arthur receives are enough for us to get by on but not enough for us to have savings in
the bank for a rainy day and not enough for us to afford higher rent or meet the
thresholds to be approved for another property, so I'm stuck between a rock and a hard
place. Just for me to move, I would have to save up a considerable sum to be able to
afford all the costs and be settled at the other end.

When we fist moved here, the Leylandii trees had only just been planted so there was
nothing above the fence line providing any privacy between the two houses. This is
how the houses were rented out. The privacy came 6 to 7 years later, when the
Leylandii trees grew above the fence line and privacy is still being maintained by the
lattice that we have already put up that will be covered with more suitable evergreen
plants that will not cause damage to the fence that has now been fixed by Arthur.
Perhaps maintenance of the fence is not important to the owners but, to us, it is part of
the responsibility of keeping this property in a good state.

As we have explained on more than one occasion, these trees are not suitable for the
place they were planted. Their removal has not only protected the fences, it has
brought in many extra hours of natural, beneficial sunlight into 11 Roycroft Street and
at least an extra 1/2 to 2/3 of the day of beneficial sunlight into number 9. Have you
had a good look down the west side pathway of number 9? The previous tenants
regularly had lights on during the day in the rooms that were overshadowed by the

The strong lattice structure has already been admired by neighbours as being a huge
improvement on the Leylandiis. However, if the owners really want us to, we can plant
some more Leylandiis along the fence line when we move, so the property will be
exactly as it was when we moved in. See the latest photos of the lattice here:

There is still some work to be done to finish the project so that everything is neat and
tidy for the owners in the event that we drop dead suddenly but everything will be
completed over the next few weeks.

We are not playing victims here, Linda, and nor do we bear any ill will towards either
you or the owners. We are just looking for a win-win situation for all concerned and we
cannot see how forcing us to move out and getting new tenants is advantageous to
anyone concerned. We hold magnificent dreams and everything always works out,
without harm being done to anyone and no one being used or abused. We are not
interested in manipulating any situation because of money, because for us, the well
being of the living all around us is far more important than dollars. We are patient and
let things unfold as they do. We have a lot of supporters who will help us move when
we can, but we need to be able to plan such a move well in advance, rather under the
stress of a deadline that will see us either with nowhere to move at all or moving to
somewhere totally unsuitable for our needs.

We are spreading the news about this Termination Notice into the wider community
and across the internet so that anyone who is in a position to help us move from here
more quickly has the opportunity to do so. We would appreciate it if you would do the
same thing, as there must be people around here with land who would be happy to
support the much bigger picture of what we are doing here and what the Love For Life
work is all about, which is far greater than just a family needing somewhere to live.

Please forward this letter to the owners so they can see that we are committed to
moving when we can and that I will continue to pay the rent and maintain their property
to a high standard until we do so.

Fiona Cristian



On 6/08/2018 1:55 PM, Linda Cairns wrote:

Hi Fiona,

Thank you for your email however, the owners require this property for personal
reasons and therefore the “No Grounds” Termination Notice stands.

You have been given the legal notice period under the Residential Tenancies Act of (
90 ) days plus postage which is three months to find an alternative property.

There are currently 129 properties available for lease across the Highlands therefore it
is the right time to be looking. Please feel free to visit our website at however, I personally do not have anything that would be
suitable for you at this time.

We will email a copy of this email to the owners however, if you have not vacated the
property by the 6 November, 2018, we will have no alternative than to seek the owners
instructions to apply to NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal for possession.

Kind Regards
Linda Cairns
Senior Portfolio Manager LREA
Highlands Property
02 4861 0666
445 Moss Vale Road BOWRAL
PO Box 2074 BOWRAL


On 6/08/2018 4:58 PM, Love For Life Campaign wrote:

Hi Linda, I don't have the means to apply for another property.
Where to from here?

8/08/2018 3:29 PM

Hi Fiona,

I am unsure what you mean by having no means to apply for a property.

You need to inspect properties, apply for the property by completing an application
form and the agent will submit your application to the owner for approval. This is the
exact process you would have gone through when you originally moved into Roycroft

It is not a difficult process.

You will need to provide copies of ID, proof of income and your up to date rental ledger
which we can provide.

If you have any further questions regarding this process, please feel free to contact the
Tenancy Advice Service with NSW Fair Trading on 133220.

Kind Regards

Linda Cairns
Senior Portfolio Manager LREA


8/08/2018 7:22 PM

Hi Linda,

I do know how to apply for a property (for many years I've run administration in Arthur's
old business with up to 33 staff under me, yet alone running a very successful ground
breaking holiday rental property with Arthur and then there's Arthur's big business
background which included buying and selling and renovating investment properties -
he's done all this for many many years too), it's that I'm not earning enough money to
apply and be approved. I'm not in the threshold, particularly now with larger rents and
with our need for more space to move everything we have here in the garden. This
was clearly explained to you in a recent email sent to you late last week.

With Centerlink, currently I get around $430.00 per week and from my casual part time
job I earn around $400.00 p/w. I do get other bits and pieces of money coming in but
this is not reliable and can't be put on an application form. I know how to live on very
little money and how to keep the rent always paid but a prospective home owner does
not know this. As Arthur would not be on a lease,I'm the only one who can apply and
seriously, who in their right mind would take me on? Our road to move on from here is
not through the rental market but through the good hearts of those who dream to be
the wind under our wings and give us land and shelter to do what we can do far better
than what we are currently achieving and share the abundance feely all-around.

If it weren't for the garden feeding us all year round, we would not have been able to
pay the rent for some years now. We need the garden to feed us so we need to have
another garden set up over a transition period but, there is obviously no way that I can
afford to pay double rent while this happens. Having to move now makes our current
circumstances very fragile. We already go without so much but we have maintained
health and high standards of cleanliness and maintenance and still put hours of time
into helping other people.

This is why we said in the letter to you in December 2017 that we need 6 - 12 months
to move because we need to save whatever we can while we up the propaganda to
find someone with available land who loves what we are doing and what we are all
about. The garden that we have created here, along with the insights we share, has
been a huge inspiration to many who have now changed their lives and are creating
beautiful, productive gardens, either on their own, in groups, as community gardens or
however else. There are places in America that have started up small garden villages
because of what we have done here, and particularly with the insights we share.

We get more thank yous from people who have discovered happiness and joy in there
lives after recovering from depression or other issues, having gone through the Love
For Life (LFL) insights we share. Arthur is often on the phone talking to desperate
people who need help and our biggest satisfaction comes from knowing that we have
been able to help someone get things into perspective. We are not interested in
fighting "The System". We know how it really works and realise that the real interest is
in opening up MAN'S hearts. We take the peaceful path and, if it means we end up on
the streets later this year, so be it.

We do not charge any money for the LFL work we do and we are not interested in
being leaders or gurus.

The fact is, this region has massively changed economically since we moved here in
2005. The world has completely changed all the while we were involved in the intense
battles over the fraud and the aftermath. We have the volunteer man power to move
somewhere else locally (kids schools, my work, etc) and we are keen to move where
there is more space and long term stability ASAP, even this month would be great
because we can take advantage of winter to relocate all the trees planted before spring
and summer kick in. But then comes the issue that I don't have current savings to
spend on the moving which includes hiring a large tip truck and a bob cat. And we
need to save money to pay for a lawn and lay it with help from our volunteers. The list
of things impacting $$$$ goes on and on and on and on with us but we are ok with
that, we dream to make all this happen ASAP and give the happy space back to the
title deed holders to dream whatever they want to do with this property. As it stands I
don't see how we can move without living on the streets (so to speak).

We are writing an article about our overall circumstances and predicaments and setting
it in the bigger picture of how such a situation can arise that we are in this fragile
position despite not having committed any crimes, broken the peace or injured anyone.
There are many other families in the far wider regions in similar positions to ours but
most are too ashamed to talk about it. We do not see any shame in the matter and the
more people that speak out the better. We have been so deeply exposed to the reality
of what life is really like for many many people, including vast paedophilia, that we can
assure you, that the Titanic is already half sunk and it won't be long before all the true
horrific effects of this appears intensely on the surface, as in many people on the
streets, families starving and sickness and disease everywhere, riots, robberies,
crimes, and very few people knowing how to take care of their lives (full-responsibility
and not limited responsibility/liability) by growing food, building shelter, etc.

We will be circulating the article in the wider community and over the internet in every
way possible to inspire others who already know about us and those who don't but
know that things aren't right about "The System" which is a sinking Titanic with those at
the top shuffling their deck chairs to get the best positions. When enough men and
women realise that the only way forward is to completely walk away from "The System"
forever, then we will have a committed group to realise the Kindom dreams we are
holding. While your company will be named in the article, we will sanitise your name
and email address.




9/08/2018 6:52 AM

Hi Fiona,

There are currently 64 properties available for lease under $500.00 per week across
the Highlands.

It may be the case that you need to look for an alternative property or a home outside
of the Highlands within your budget.
Your rental ledger will be a good indication for Landlords / Agents that you do pay the
weekly rent on time.

We appreciate your situation however, we are also aware of the owners situation and
they will require their property back in November as per the Termination Notice.

Kind Regards

Linda Cairns
Senior Portfolio Manager LREA


Sent to numerous real estate agencies in the Southern Highlands by email or through
their websites.


We are looking for a long lease. We have been renting in east bowral for nearly 13
years through highlands property but have been given a no reason termination (not
eviction) notice. We have been growing food on the property where we are and would
like to know if we would be able to set up garden beds that would return lawn when we
leave. We are on low income but we have always paid our rent in advanced as can be
seen on the rent ledger from highlands property. We are paying $460 per week.
Regards Fiona Cristian


17/09/2018 4:37 PM

Hi Linda,
I sent you an email last Monday 10th September 2018 with photos but I haven't heard
back from you so I'm sending it again, re-edited without photos.

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: Fiona Cristian 11 Roycroft St East Bowral
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2018 09:43:21 +1000
From: Love For Life Campaign <>
Organization: Love For Life
To: Highlands Property Maintenance <>
Hi Linda,
I have been looking around at the rental property market in the Southern Highlands
and, frankly, there is nothing suitable for my family that I can afford, or that even offers
some security in terms of a long lease.

As we have explained, we need to be able to move the garden and this is not a quick
process. I certainly cannot afford to pay double rent, nor do I have the money for a
bond, which will be far higher than the $1,160.00 bond I paid for this house in 2005. As
an average I earn $800.00 to $850.00 p/w and the rental prices to meet our needs
vacillate between $850.00 and $500.00, obviously the more expensive ones have
more bedrooms and land and are not too far from school and work, etc.

I have heard on the Southern Highlands Real Estate grapevine, from more than one
source, that the reason for the Termination Notice is because the owners want to get
more rent for the 3 bedroom property, between $500.00 & $600.00 p/w, as they are
now doing next door at 9 Roycroft Street @ $600.00 p/w for a larger house with 4

Because of my situation, my employers have upped my wages and have offered a few
extra hours work per week so that I can offer to pay $500.00 per week for this house
from the 6th November 2018. This will resolve the current issue until my family can
move, relieve the immense stress of the 6th November 2018 deadline looming ever
closer and enable me and my family to move forward peacefully and calmly from here
rather than having to rush into something totally unsuitable for all concerned.

I know the latest boom to the property market is quickly scaling off now and the rental
market is starting to stall and is dropping. I also know the Labour party want to remove
negative gearing to ease pressure on the rental market but this also is a massive
fallacy. And I have also heard on the grapevine, from a 3rd party, that the owners may
be looking to sell these investment properties over the coming few years.

Offering $500.00 per week is a fair price for this house, especially as the owners will
not have to spend money on new carpets or anything else they would do to freshen up
the house for new tenants. I would like to remind them that I have been a very trouble-
free tenant and have not given them any concerns but long term security and peace of
mind whilst paying off a very large proportion of the cost of the house/land for them.
I've paid around $250,000.00 in rent since November 2005 but it seems that the good
heart is forgotten when dollars are at stake.

I am currently still financially bogged down trying to get my old Subaru back on the
road as I can't afford a new car and I am having to juggle use of the other old car I
have with my daughter who also has commitments that she needs a car for.
My family still wants to move and I am going to put advertisements in the local paper
and at the Co-Op and anywhere else suitable to see if we can find someone who
would like us to take care of a property where there is space to garden, etc. Ideally, we
would like to move in winter as we will not have to kill so many plants then as the
garden is in a more dormant phase in terms of production and many fruit trees are
dormant, giving us more chance of being able to transplant them successfully.
Currently, the garden is teaming with life, blossoms everywhere, multi hundreds of bulb
flowers flourishing, millions of bees and lots of different native birds, many small and
big. Arthur is not prepared to murder this garden.

Please send the entirety of this email and my offer to the owners as soon as possible
as I am anxious to know where I stand in terms of having a peaceful and calm roof
over the head of my family.

Also, urgent requirements.... the rubber seals to the oven door need to be replaced,
the outdoor tap in the back garden needs replacing (leaking water), the master
bedroom door handle-lock is still jamming and the door is hard to open and close, and
the dishwasher is not working and needs to be serviced ASAP.

Fiona Cristian


18/09/2018 6:29 AM

Good morning Fiona,

Your email has been received and forwarded onto the owner for their instructions in
relation to the repairs however, as previously advised the owners require the property
for personal reasons.

They are NOT after a higher rental return and the property will not be re-leased after
you vacate. The Termination Notice has not been as a result of any works to the tree
removal at the property as expressed in a letter from one of your neighbours.

Once again, your Termination Notice stands and you are to vacate the property on or
before the 6 November, 2018.

Kind Regards

Linda Cairns
Senior Portfolio Manager LREA

15th October 2018

On the 22nd September 2018, a handwritten note was left with copies of all the email
correspondence at the owners house in North Turramurra. We knew where the owners
lived because of a 2016 water bill that had not been sanitised by the Real Estate
Agency. A friend of ours drove us up there, as two of our cars were broken down at the
garage and the third was not up to long drives as it showed us by breaking down a
couple of weeks later. We arrived at around 9.15am. The owners were not home so we
waited around until 1.30pm to see if they would arrive but they didn't, so we left the
envelope at the back gate as a neighbour had told us that they usually went in and out
that way.

The note explained that we wanted to see them to come up with a solution to the
situation that would work for everyone and that I had come to see them because of the
stress of the situation that has the prospect of ending with us being out on the street. I
repeated that I was happy to give their house back to them and that I was not making
any claim on the house, I simply need more time to find somewhere that I can move
the garden and the family that will suit us. I left our contact details and again invited
them to come and see us to discuss the matter.

Fiona Cristian


16/10/2018 8:58 AM

Good morning Fiona and Arthur,

It has been brought to our attention that you ( or persons on your behalf ) have
attended the owners personal place of residence to deliver an envelope to them.

The owners now have this letter and are extremely upset that you have disrespected
their privacy in this regard. This is not acceptable.

The owners do not wish to meet you. The owners do not wish to talk to you. The
owners have engaged an agent to manage their property and any tenancy related
issues. ALL emails that you have sent to our office have already been forwarded onto
the owners for their information.

Under NO circumstances are you to visit the owners personal home again nor attempt
to make any contact with them either in person, by mail, email or over the telephone.
You have been told repeatedly by our agency that the owners require the property for
personal reasons. The Termination Notice which is due to expire on the 6 November,
2018 stands. It will not be retracted or extended. If you fail to vacate the property by
5:00pm on 6 November, 2018, an application will be made to the NSW Civil and
Administrative Tribunal on 7 November, 2018 for vacant possession.

The Tribunal Member will also be made aware at this time that you ( or persons on
your behalf ) have breached the owners privacy by attending their personal place of

Kind Regards

Linda Cairns
Senior Portfolio Manager LREA


17/10/2018 2:06 AM

Hi Linda, and the "owners", Arthur here, it's very late Tuesday night and I've just
checked all the past three days of incoming emails.

We are currently unable to move without being forced on to the streets. This is not a
game of any sort and we have no intentions to harm anyone, past, present or future.
We are most keen to move but we don't have a clear way forward yet.

We are currently creating a free e-book called "Defining Magnificence Into Mediocrity
And Calling It Magnificence" that covers the big picture of our real lives in great detail,
especially all the deeply profound physical (spiritual) events (non-fantasy encounters)
that unfolded between January 2006 and May 2006 that completely changed our lives
for the better while living in this house and how these natural physical contacts inspired
us to really use our brains/senses to make sense of reality (nature) and fantasy ("The
System") so we can be able to clearly see a peaceful win-win do no harm way out of
this mess ("The System") IN THIS LIFE.

At first, we intend to circulate the free ebook throughout the Southern Highlands ASAP,
mostly across the net in the early stages, once the first edition is complete in the
coming weeks.

To move to a much larger piece of land in this region ASAP and shift everything of
Fiona's from here and restore everything back to how it was when we moved in, bar
large trees, leaving it in good condition, is what our focus is on.
Once the free e-book is out we will be placing adds in the local paper, putting up
notices wherever possible, going door to door, etc, and wherever possible, using all
media available to assist (inspire) what we are up for.

In the meantime, if the intentions are to throw Fiona and children and their things out
on to the street, then I will do everything within my power to protect my family and their
well being.

In good will, Fiona's rent will continue to be paid well in advance of due date, as it has
always been since 2005, and we will notify you the moment we have a way forward
and are able to move.

If the intent is made clear to me that you and the "owners" intend to harm my family,
then I'll make sure to have everything going on played out into mainstream as much as
possible, and with nothing kept in private concerning all parties involved in this matter.
Once you've read the e-book, you will see/sense the real power of TRUTH and the
very clear, going where the truth (do no harm) takes us all, is all that matters. This is
NOT a joke - this MAN walks-the-talk - always straight shoots in peaceful ways.

The deeply profound, wide and varied insights shared in the ebook will, IN THIS LIFE,
change everything for many across Earth, and all for the better. You (and the "owners")
will be one of the very first to receive a copy of it when the first edition is released and
if Fiona is drawn into a tribunal, she will also file the e-book in her defence, and in your
defence and in the owners defence and in the "courts/tribunals" defence too. This is
NOT a joke. You've never seen anything like this before and very few of MAN, past or
present, ever have. The e-book, when finally completed through its revisions, will be
full of simple illustrations and all together provides FULL-DISCLOSURE so that there is
no misunderstandings about the BIG-PICTURE TRUTH of our intentions and motives.

Also, and for the third time bringing it to you and the "owners" attention, going back
over the past 6 weeks or so, a) the backyard tap is still leaking and needs to be
replaced, b) the oven seal is faulty and can't be used, all the heat escapes, and this
needs to be repaired, c) the dishwasher is not working and needs to be repaired, and
d) the main bedroom door handle including lock is jammed up and won't close
requiring firm pushing to close and open the door - this needs fixing as well.

All the best to you and your family Linda and to the "owners" and their extended family
as well.

Arthur Cristian


17/10/2018 12:59 PM
Hi Arthur and Fiona,

Thank you for your email.

Whilst we appreciate your situation, please be reminded that you do not own the

The owner of a property can Terminate a Tenancy should they wish to do so in
accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act. You have been given the required ( 90
) days “No Grounds” Termination Notice which is deemed to be an adequate time
frame for tenants to find alternative rental accommodation. Unfortunately, when you
are leasing a property and on a continuing lease agreement, you can be issued with
this Termination Notice at any time.

This notice is legally binding and if you do not vacate by the required date of the 6
November, 2018, the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal will make an order for
vacant possession.

Neither our agency or the owner wish any harm to your family however, you do need to
understand that there are laws which govern owners and tenants regardless of
whether you choose to follow those laws. You were bound by the laws of Residential
Tenancies Act from the moment you signed the Residential Tenancy Agreement for
the property.

We are under the owners instructions in relation to this matter and we will proceed with
obtaining vacant possession in accordance with the law.

Kind Regards

Linda Cairns
Senior Portfolio Manager LREA


17/10/2018 2:22 PM

Hi Linda, You obviously have no real idea as to what you are getting into.

We've made no claims that we own the land and never will and no one can prove they
own any land, anywhere either.

Re-Presenting "Intellectual Property" copyrighted or not is NOT proof of ownership.
A fantasy is not proof of reality.

This is an incontrovertible FACT.

What is on a piece of paper or on digital hard drives, etc, IS NOT THE LAND or the
MAN on the land.

You are now dealing with a living MAN on the land who is clearly well above the law,
the rule of law.

As a Supreme Court Judge said to Fiona in 2016, "MAN is above the law but MAN
chooses to subjugate himself to the law so that there is order".

The living MAN, Arthur, not a contracted slave performing commerce, willingly and
consciously dropped EVERYTHING that subjugates a MAN under the rule of law. In
the fiction of time, its been like this since 2006. This living MAN, Arthur is not to be
found in any paper work or hard drives, etc, anywhere performing in commerce. No
commerce under the representation of the person ("NAME") has been performed since
that "time". There are no contracts existing where a paper trail can be seen to re-
present the fiction of a MAN, Arthur.........., performing in commerce. You need a MAN
willing to be subjugated to animate the commercial of the fiction of the "NAME" of the
person (SLAVE) in commerce.

All the courts and tribunals are commercial courts, private corporations/entities,
conducting business/SLAVERY as is seen by the in-corporation seals used in the
commercial vessel, the Commonwealth of Australia, a commercial entity overseeing a
system of slavery, and onwards throughout the State Governments, territories,
principalities, etc, and onwards through the local courts, magistrate courts, federal
courts, supreme courts and high courts, all commercial vessels overseeing SLAVERY,
including all the commercial Tribunals, etc. The living MAN, Arthur, is above all this, is
a not a SLAVE.

Interesting how we are being made out to be the "bad" ones here when we are the
ones willing to work out a peaceful, friendly solution to the problem that has deeply
compromised EVERYONE still existing/performing as commercial trading
slaves/vessels, DEAD CORPSE FICTIONS UNDER "NAME", that is only the branding
of a rank and file slave amongst herds (cults/sects) of slaves, seeing what the
"intellectual Property" "owners' intentions are and working with a "time" frame we
practically need to move peacefully forwards from this location.

Repeat: we do not want to claim the property or to stay here for much longer. We just
cannot get out in the time frame provided. Simple.
We are not the problem here. "The System" (of slavery) is the problem and all those
that support, condone, comply and acquiesce to it are the problem. Just because the
rule of law of the brotherhoods/priesthoods says that I can be removed from here after
90 days, does not make it fair or morally correct and is without ANY consideration for
the rent I have paid over the years and the comfortable security I have given the
"owners" as i have paid off most of the mortgage (mort means death and gage means
pledge = a contract to be a willing slave, the REAL MAN above the law being DEAD at
law) for them. And I am not griping about the money spent. They can enjoy the
proceeds down-the-line. I just want some generous consideration here and some
realistic compromise.

To lie is a curse and, when a MAN refuses to be under the lie of the rule of law, the
MAN who does not lie has the higher power to consciously and intentionally bring the
curse upon all those responsible for the lying because all lies do harm to a MAN who
has never injured them, never broken the peace, committed a crime, etc, or pledged to
be their slave, because Arthur....... is no longer processing the curse, the original sin of
committing fraud that allows jurisdiction and administration of the "NAME" by the
priesthoods/brotherhoods/etc within the Roman Catholic Church, the Church of
England, the Jesuits, etc, and deep into the bowels of the Freemasonic orders and
societies, etc, who are perpetrating this collusion with fraud to procure the benefits of
slave labour because they are all involved in overseeing the original sinners over
whom their rule of law (SLAVERY) is applied. This is why the invaded lands were all
divided into Parish lands to oversee the ORIGINAL SINners.

This living MAN Arthur holds a living dream that all liars throughout "The System" have
the complete freedom to fully experience the hellish outcomes of the processing of the
curses of their making in this life without respite or protection from the immense power
of this curse being processed throughout all their vessels, and from there, this horror
spreads, in this life, through the lives of all their loved ones and all the beneficiaries of
the commercial labour performed through slavery, no matter how far and wide they
may be, seen or unseen. This living MAN Arthur.....intends no harm upon any one but
does not accept the curse of harm coming to him and his family from others. If you
want to send in a mob to remove the living MAN, Arthur, from the land, he will go
peacefully, chained or not, whipped or not, but this will not change what has already
been set into motion. All this will be covered in the free e-book "Defining Magnificence
Into Mediocrity And Calling It Magnificence" so that no one can claim that they did not
know the predicament of the consequences of what has become of their real lives
trapped in "The System" of blatant slavery.

Fiona Cristian


Thursday 18th October 2018 3:50 PM
Fiona Cristian

Hi Linda,
As I lay awake last night at 3.00am, thinking about my situation, I started going over
the actual physical logistics of moving this household. Looking into the double garage,
we see it chock-a-block with a second household from the family home that was stolen
from us. We see all the bulk food in containers in racks to the ceiling that has been
bought in bulk with others to save living costs, all the garden/maintenance tools such
as drills, saws, etc, products that we use in the garden, a cupboard system from an old
kitchen that we brought with us that is used to store a variety of things, including paint,
car oil, etc. There are shelves to the ceiling with household books, papers, children's
school and art work, court case details, CDs, etc.

Then there are the two sheds we built, both easy to dismantle and causing no harm to
the property, storing garden tools, camping equipment, tarps, timber, bamboo sticks,
garden chairs, etc. Then there is the hothouse, easy to dismantle and causing no harm
to the property, with shelving systems inside, full of seed trays planted with summer
crops and some frost sensitive plants ready to come out for the warmer weather.

Inside the 3 bedroom house there is a mixture of two households so there is a lot of
sorting to do before the packing can begin, with items to sell on Gumtree or at a
garage sale and much to be recycled. Then there are the garden beds to be taken
down, as many plants as will survive the transition to be dug up and put into pots, the
front arbour to be dismantled, 30 + tonnes of soil to be removed and then the job of re-
turfing the garden, attending to any maintenance work in the house that needs doing,
such as touching up walls, etc, then cleaning thoroughly so that the house is left in a
pristine state.

Add to that the fact that I work and have a household to run. I am a casual employee
so, if I don't work, I don't get paid. Even if I had the money to pay a big bond and
double rent for a few weeks, Linda, it would not be physically possible to achieve all
this in 90 days! And yet, I have done nothing wrong. There is no law that says that I
cannot live as I have done in this rental property. There is no law that says I have to be
on tenterhooks the whole time I am living here because I might be asked to move at
any moment.

But there is a law that says that I, who have never come into your private life to cause
you harm, or into the private lives of anyone working at Highlands Property to cause
them harm, or into the lives of the "owners" to cause them harm, can be harmed just
because I cannot vacate this property in the time frame demanded.

Under the "title" of Property Manager, which has nothing to do with the living woman
that you are, you are entitled to come into my private, family life and cause immense
harm to me and my family and you have made it very clear that you have every
intention of carrying out the harm you are entitled to carry out under the rule of law,
backed up by the intention of the owners of Highlands Property to do harm to my
family, backed up by the intention of the "owners" of the property to do harm to my
family, backed up by the rule of law that sanctions and supports the harm you are
intending to do to my family.

So do not tell me that you "appreciate my situation" and then continue with your blatant
intention to do harm to my family. Presumably, once you have made your application
for Vacant Possession to the tribunal and processed whatever needs processing, you
will wash your hands and walk away, remembering it merely as an unpleasant
interlude in your career, while my children are living with the insecurity of not knowing
where they will live and even if they will have a roof over their heads in a few weeks
and I am wondering just what on earth I am going to do to be able to take care of my
possessions and the garden when I have nowhere to take them and no time to find
somewhere that suits my situation and move it all peacefully.

If you really appreciated my situation, you would not have anything to do with coming
into my private life and causing harm to my family.

The Love For Life insight and remedy work that Arthur and I have been doing over the
last 13 years is coming to an end. We are ready to move on to the next stage of our
goals which includes moving from here. But to do it in the time frame that you, the
owners of Highlands Property and the "owners" of the property have dictated to me,
sanctioned by the law, is an impossible task. My daughter tells me that in Germany, if
someone has been renting a property for more than a certain time, they have to be
given a longer time to vacate, in recognition of the fact that, when you live somewhere
for a long period of time, you put down some roots.

I suggest that you, the owners of Highlands Property and the "owners" of the property
come here to the property and I will walk you through everything that I need to do to
move my family out of here and then you can decide for yourselves if what you are all
demanding is reasonable. I am really not that frightening and what is happening here is
not that frightening either. We are not violent and carry no weapons and are not known
for harming others. You will all be quite safe.

Why is it, that when I have been a good tenant, paid off most of the house for the
"owners" and have no intention to make any claim to the property, as you seem to
think, I can be treated as if I were scum, a piece of shit to be scraped off the shoe and
forgotten about? Where is the respect, goodwill, consideration and compromise?

I have shown continual respect, good will, consideration and compromise, always
keeping the property at a high standard out of respect for the "owners" and their long
term interests, giving the "owners" full disclosure about who we are and our intentions,
even letting them know nearly twelve months ago that I would need 6 - 12 months
(actually 9-12 months) to move from here, and offering to pay more rent, thinking that
their reason for demanding that I vacate the property might be that they wanted to rent
it for more money, even though, if I pay more rent, it is going to take me longer to save
the money to move out of here.

This rule of law-sanctioned-harm carried out by men and women all across earth under
the 'title" of their jobs is why Arthur pulled out of "The System" - he no longer wanted to
be part of this disgusting and despicable harm doing going on day in, day out, with no
one prepared to take any responsibility for the harm they are carrying out. The rule of
law allows them all to be Pontius Pilates, washing their hands and walking away,
leaving the thugs to do the dirty work they have set up. I hope you have the guts to
show up when the bailiffs arrive to start pulling my life apart.

I am not someone who likes to cause a disturbance or make a song and dance about
things but, if you, the owners of Highlands Property and the "owners" of the property
are determined to carry on with your plan of intentional harm towards my family, the
only avenue I have is to make a BIG fuss in the local community, including the radio,
newspapers, fliers, etc, to make people aware of what is happening so that they start
to question this almighty power of the Real Estate Agent, sanctioned by the law, to
meddle in the private lives of men, women and children and do them harm. My
experience shows me that, if something is happening to me, it is also happening to
others, but many are too scared to protest or to question the rule of law.

Just how much harm are you causing in the private lives of others under the "title" of
Property Manager?

Do you realise that you are being paid to do harm to men and women who have never
harmed you or your family in any way?

In the system of overall health, when a man or woman intentionally does harm to
someone without reason, they are labelled psychotic and someone who is psychotic is
not competent, is irrational and has no conscience.

Can you show me how your current behaviour, the current behaviour of the owners of
Highlands Property and the "owners" of the property is not psychotic, incompetent,
irrational and without conscience? You are all admitting to having the intention to do
harm to my family without reason

Just to remind you, I have never broken the peace with or caused any harm to you and
your family, to the owners of Highlands Property and their families or the "owners" of
the property and their family and I do not have any intention to do harm to any of you in
the future. I have a conscience.
When we are conscious, we are gifted with magnificence that we pass on to the
generations to come, just as it was passed on to us by our conscious ancestors. When
we are not conscious and we are psychotic, we destroy everything of magnificence
around us, including the lives of our brothers and sisters who do not do this to the

Those who are conscious have the full responsibility to expose those who are
psychotic as threats to the wellbeing of the wider communities.

I trust that you will forward this email to the owners of Highlands Property and the
"owners" of the property, in its entirety, unedited.


Fiona Cristian


Below are links to a series of photo albums located here showing how a rental property
in East Bowral, NSW Australia, with a land size of somewhere between 1/10 and
1/16th of an acre around the house was transformed into a flourishing native and food
garden producing 1.5 ton of living organic food per year, soon to be 2 ton per year with
all the excess given away for free, and there is plenty of it during harvest times. All of
this has been done with very little money since 2011/2012. The land was mostly all
clay with rock and bulldozed work-site garbage underneath, with a struggling lawn that
could not get properly established because there was no humus or topsoil due to it all
being bulldozed away when the developers started building the new rural suburb of
East Bowral back around 1999.

1. How It Looked Before We Started

2. 9th & 10th January 2018

3. 12th to 15th January 2018

4. 15th Jan 2018 to 16th March 2018

5. Working Bee Weekend Preparation 5th April 2018:

6. Building New Garden Bed 7th to 13th April 2018 - 1/2 Way There:

7. New Garden Bed Update 17th to 20th April 2018:

8. Garden Update 22nd to 27th April 2018:

9. Garden Update 27th June 2018 to 13th July 2018:

10. Garden Update 17th July 2018:

11. Removal Of Leylandii Trees 28th July 2018:

12. Early Spring 2018 Love For Life Garden:

13. Love For Life Garden Early-Mid Spring 2018:


For those of you new to the Love For Life insight work, we suggest reading the
contents of this Facebook thread: Image-Labels: as they are part of
an ongoing sequence that may make things clearer for you so that you can get the big
picture of how this Grand Deception really works.

And all the most important Love For Life insight work since early 2014 is stored here in
these three threads (they are massive blogs) as material for the free Love For Life e-
book full of illustrations called "Defining Magnificence Into Mediocrity And Calling It
Magnificence" - the 1st edition/revision we plan to release by early November 2018.

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