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1. Corporate presentation

2. Why GPM Solutions?

3. Solution Offering Overview

4. Technical Integration

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Corporate presentation

Depth knowledge
GreenPowerMonitor has a great depth of experience with renewable
energy plants ranging from 2kW to 350MW capacity across the globe.

Hardware, Software & services

We offer a market-leading integrated solution set for the management and
maintenance of renewable energy installations that includes
Hardware, Software and services unmatched in the industry.

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GPM: leading renewable monitoring and data management solutions

solar projects 140MW I Canada
larger than
200MW 133MW I Canada

211MW I USA 103MW I Jordan

120MW I India

10 350MW I Mexico

solar projects
254MW I Brasil
larger than
119MW I Chile
100MW 150MW I AUST

114MW I Chile 150MW I AUST

110MW I Chile

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GPM figures
4,5GW 2.5GW
Europe Europe
18GW Worldwide managed

2.750 Sites 2.8GW 10,5GW 7.5GW

+ 500 Customers
5 Continents 1,5GW APAC
LATAM 700MW North America

+ 60 Countries
Solar energy Wind energy

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International Presence

2 I Headquarters

22 I Offices

100 I Employees

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Selected customer list

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One Central Solution

GreenPowerMonitor is the solution provider that can integrate your entire portfolio of renewable energy assets into one
central platform to get you the actionable information you need.

More than 1GW of the 16GW A central platform for all your DAS, SCADA and Power Plant
under management are based data needs: Controller (PPC) Solutions
on other third party SCADA or - Flexible leading the industry.
DAS systems.
- Open
- Secure

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Integrated services

In-plant Migration & Customization

Commissioning integration services
Using our own We can customize and
Got data? We can configure for you our
datalogger equipment
migrate and integrate platforms according to
we can monitor any
data from other your portfolio.
devices or installations,
dataloggers or external
regarding their brands.
data services.

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Integrated services

Personalized Server Maintenance

customer support and Remote Back-Up
Data Storage

A personalized
assistant will take care Every 5 minutes data is
of your requirements stored in the triple
and help you master redundant cloud
the tools. infrastructure supported
by GPM.

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Architecture overview

In Plant Control. GPM SCADA

Asset Management. GPM Plus

Monitoring. GPM Portal

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GPM Solutions


Web based performance monitoring Asset Manager for renewable portfolios In Plant Controller for utility-scale facilities
A customizable web portal for A real-time monitoring program to manage A true supervisory control and data acquisition
monitoring and viewing facilities. every level of your entire portfolio. system built specifically for the industry.

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GPM Portal
Monitor your plants
from anywhere in the world

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GPM Portal. Main features

Empower your maintenance

• Prioritize maintenance events
Get the whole picture of your portfolio to resolve
issues quickly.
• Optimize site visits
For each alert, full activation data is provided to
make an early diagnose or discard a false positive.
• Preventive maintenance
Use a range of tools to detect abnormal events
before device failures.
• Easy alerting
• Receive alert notifications via email for fast
response times to plant alarms.

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GPM Portal. Main features

Manage your assets

• Automatic production reporting
Get your portfolio and project level reports directly
to your inbox at chosen intervals.
• Split into systems
Split large facilities in administrative systems for
better management.
• Knowledge on hand
Use your mobile device to access performance data
at a glance.

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Komono. Japan Sakuragawa. Japan Kamigori, Japan Somdej. Thailand
GPM Portal 1.5MW 1.5MW 1MW 1MW

Monitor your plants

from anywhere in the world

Tatsuno. Japan Fishman. Israel Vigo. Spain Albrook. Panama

1MW 478,8 kWp 187kWp 100kWp

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GPM Plus
Asset Manager for renewable portfolios
A real-time monitoring program to manage every level of your entire portfolio.

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GPM Plus main features

Asset management
• Custom business variables
• Profit loss calculation
• Budget dashboards
• Contractual exemptions

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Common features

Full Data Customization

• Monitored variables
• Industry standard variables
• Custom variables
• Full integration

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Common features

Automatic reporting
• Use your corporative look
• Automatic generation and delivery
• Template & custom reports
• Maintenance reporting

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GPM Plus. Selected Portfolio Integration References

343MW portfolio 371MW portfolio

130 installations 37 installations

463MW (and growing) 1044MW portfolio

55 installations 1003 installations

520MW portfolio
330MW (and growing)
41 installations
30 installations

233 MW 115MW portfolio

20 installations 67 installations

120MW portfolio 260MW portfolio

23 installations 9 installations

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GPM Plus. Success Stories

Kingston. Canada Cambridgeshire. UK Morton. UK

140MW 38MW 28MW

Solar farm. Thailand Shirakawa, Japan El Olivo. Chile

5MW 3.8MW 3.2MW
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In Plant Controller for utility-scale facilities
A true supervisory control and data acquisition system built specifically for the industry.

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GPM SCADA. Controls

VAR Regulation Voltage Control

Automated response to ISO/Utility commands Reduce variation at POI due to weather effects

Power Curtailment Zone Control

Manual reduction of output Shutdown at combiner boxes

Start-up & Shut-down Ramp Rate Control

Remote operation of assets Limit MW/sec of generation change

Tracker Control - start/stop Export to Historians

Storm lockdown based on met data ex. XML or API feed to OSI soft PI

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GPM SCADA main features

Control room monitoring

• Interactive one-line diagram
• SCADA layout
• Main alert grid
• Detailed device information

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GPM SCADA main features

Remote Controlling
• Power Plant Controller
• Manual remote command
• Reactive command launch
• Secure command control

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In Plant Control Asset Management Monitoring
Summarizing GPM SCADA GPM Plus GPM Portal

Real-Time Monitoring
Historical Analysis
Five Minute Data
Scalable from 2kW to +300MW
Customizable Alerts and Notifications
Customizable Automated Reports
Live Support and Monthly Updates
Easily Export Data/Charts
Fully Configurable and Customizable
O&M Management
Ticketing and event tracking
Tracking Financial Status
Control Room Display
Advanced Business Intelligence Analytics
Remote Command and Controls
Asset Management
Portfolio and Fleet Management
On-Site Control Room
Power Plant Controller (PPC)
Local SCADA Servers
One Second Data
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Technical Integration

The GPM SCADA monitoring and control system is capable of interacting with any 3rd party equipment or systems.

GPM has experience managing data from the following sources/methods:

• Standard Protocols: Modbus, IEC 60870-5-104, OPC, DNP
• Open Protocols: HTTP REST API, WCF (sockets or named pipes)
• Shared database: SQLSever, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, mongoDB
• Back office historian: OSIsoft Pi, Wonderware
• Shared files: CSV, XLS, XML
• Shared MMF

Additional protocols can be integrated with the GPM platform upon request.

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Thank you

Albert Carrera
+66 (0) 97160 8054
Skype: a.carrera.gpm

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